Žižek at Intelligence Squared – Ideology's no joke

Žižek at Intelligence Squared – Ideology's no joke

13 thoughts on “Žižek at Intelligence Squared – Ideology's no joke

  1. Some big GMO apples have way to much sugar in them. I eat them sometimes as a desert, not as a fruit.

  2. These specific media examples are outliers. Dan brown and quantum of solace are trying to play a different note that a sex scene looks forced into. The books are exploring an interesting idea. They're here to make you think and imagine. Sex to excite you is a distraction and take away from the books. Same with the emotional power of the movie. James Bond getting the girl is superficial on that bigger context of working together and bonding non sexually. The sex isn't there because they're contradictory themes. And his Starbucks thing doesn't fit either. It's integrated in the product as Part of the feeling like you're better than other ppl. You drink cultured coffee that's made better and more sustainable and socially conscious. His interpretation feels forced. He's better other places.

  3. this dude is bullshitting you to sell you the cheese resulting from his mental masturbation, for profit…
    Read Nietzsche's Master-Slave Morality, Karl Marx' Alienation from the Self, and Freud's Life Drive and Death Drive.
    "Love without sex" is actually Mental Castration. The Slave/exploited is being dehumanized by the Master/oppressor. The Master develops techniques to remove the Sex and Violence from the exploited, turn him into a passive asexual drone without initiative, desire, or courage. The exploited is to "desire" whatever the corporation is selling him.
    There's plenty of sex in cinema, but it is increasingly specialized. Movies like Bond et comp. are designed for the already mentally castrated individuals, while pornographic cinema is for the individuals who still retain a functioning libido.

  4. So, if I'm interpreting hm correctly, ideology at its purest, Starbucks, is so pure because it manages to cloak the ideology, consumerism, which allows itself legitimacy to the point where it is almost invisible? In other words, its functioning is both the yes and the no of itself, and thus, transcends any sort of vert, domineering ideology? 

  5. The contemporary left's fascination with Zizek is purely aesthetic. A scruffy, shaggy Socrates of the virtual age. A gadfly wondering the TV studios of Europe and America. Which all belies our obsession with the reality principle. We wish Zizek to represent the real in our hyper-real world, but in fact he's a little too perfect, a hyper-real simulation of our desires. Like that U2 song – 'Even better than the real thing'

  6. I read all the comments in Žižek's voice and it makes everything a whole lot more enjoyable.

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