Zelensky's Foreign Policy

Zelensky's Foreign Policy

hello and welcome you're watching how to had a Montenegro show with Yui TV Ukrainian president for demersal Lansky has discussed the current situation in Donbass was US Special Representative for Ukraine negotiation Scott Walker and US ambassador to the EU warrants on land in particular the process of the disengagement of forces and weapons near the villages then it's a luhanska also they were discussing the recent parliamentary elections in Ukraine and reforms as of now the United States and Ukraine continue to prepare for the visit of President Solinsky to Washington to discuss the priorities of the new president's foreign policy we'll welcome to our studio today – Tanika Duke she's a head of analytical projects at gentleman agency hello and thank you for joining us thank you for having me here so on July 25th President Trump called president zealand's can congratulate him on the victory of his party that people servants party at the snap parliamentary elections and they also the oval it's known that they had a little phone conversation they also discussed NATO what else was on the agenda of this telephone conversation yeah definitely president Rome congratulated his Ukrainian counterpart with fair and democratic elections in Ukraine especially with the stronger win of the presidential party servant of the people in the parliamentary elections the president also confirmed a continued support of the United States of sovereignty territorial integrity of Ukraine and president Solinsky in his turn thanked President Trump for US leadership in maintaining and strengthening sanctions pressure on Russia as far as I know the conversation was pretty long as US ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sunland who way before and after the conversation talked to both of the president said that that conversation has been pretty successful the presidents have found common ground actually here I have to say that at the initiative of Donald the whole pool of American diplomats are working on our so-called Ukrainian issues this issues are about fighting corruption rule of law and RG security issues and so on that's why I may assume that this issues were also raised in the question in the conversation between the two presidents and you know even if the subject of the conversation didn't go far beyond what was published later in the official site of the presidential office there were a couple of messages from the President Trump that made me feel a bit of alarming and I mean this confidence of American President that new Ukrainian leadership will make Ukrainian reputation and image of Ukraine in the United States better and then it will complete the investigations regarding some corruption cases that held back us Ukraine cooperation we'll talk about this in detail in detail a little bit later for now I would like to come back to the part where you've mentioned the US ambassador to the EU Gordon Sandland speaking to volmers Lansky and President Trump before and after the phone conversation while after visiting students elegance cahier in Ukraine mr. Soglin also spoke to you a TV and we have a sound byte so let's take a listen what he had to say well we're very optimistic that president Solinsky and his team are taking it seriously we've had conversations with Ukraine that part that far predated my tenure as US ambassador and it reminded us of Groundhog Day we watched the movie over and over and the same conversations would happen they were happy conversations but nothing changed presidents olanski was very mindful of that that's really one of the things he ran on and we're very confident that he takes these changes seriously he's going to implement them in record time and the u.s. is going to be right there with him supporting him you also mentioned that President Trump said that express his hope that new Ukrainian governance is going to boost Ukrainian image abroad and in the US as well in your opinion what should be done by the new Ukrainian government if I might say so to improve the image of Ukraine abroad on the international arena you know after the start of Russian aggression its Ukrainian authorities Ukrainian leadership understandably made security aspect a top priority in the relations within the United States but our partners in the United States put it clear Ukraine needs reforms not only its armed forces fighting corruption they're all eager heisting of the political system economic reforms reforming energy sector by unbundling the naphtha gas and of course a settlement around on bus now the Ukrainian leaders president Solinsky and his party has all the power in the country that is why there are no excuses why the reforms should be rolled back that is why we all looking forward for the first steps of Ukrainian administrations so not only the u.s. partners will strengthen their support of Ukraine but also the Ukrainians themselves those part who are still skeptical about the new leadership will feel much strong support for Ukraine in any case the wave forms the numerous reforms I would like to point that out the numerous reforms are underway in Ukraine some of them are very successful like decentralization others are a little bit lagging behind and it's no surprise my question is if the reforms are not fulfilled completely by let's say the year that has been estimated in the official papers does that mean that the support from the United States and even other international partners is also rolling back I believe so because we have to understand the next foreign policy we're facing with the support of international partners for Ukraine will depend less on Russian aggression as it was before but more on the Ukrainian success that it will be able to demonstrate that's why reforms are way too important to get the support the United States of America is not the only vital international partner for Ukraine there is also European Union and China and all of those countries need individual approach in order to build sustainable and strong bilateral relations in between Ukrainian those countries what needs to be done within your government to build the right kind of relationship with those also important international partners for Ukraine you know the current external conjuncture makes it possible for example to relaunch relations with the European Union for example almost from the scratch as Ukraine has a new president new Parliament will soon have a new government the European institutions also voted for the new leadership that is why the mean tasks for presidents olanski and his team now is to establish a good relations with EU leaders and to find allies and the EU institutions among the biggest expectations of not only of our foreign partners but also from the Ukrainian voters is for president olanski to prove his independence from Ukrainian oligarchs especially from kolomoyskiy who many believe has a certain degree of influence or the president do you think that's possible none of the president of Ukraine have managed to prove their independence from all of ours to his own decisions to make right appointments so that we will be at the first signal to our Western partners that he is independent now we don't see that speaking of presidents events get the fact that he is so-called no name and a new face in politics I mean and the fact that he openly laughs experience in politics is this a pro or contra for Ukraine on the list it's not easy to answer this because of course we see this appetite for new faces and of course we need that a man for such a position has to meet some basic requirements to to fulfill it so let's see well I guess we'll have to wait and see thank you so much thank you very much for inviting that well satanica though she is a head of analytical projects at human agency thank you so much for watching you a TV stay tuned for more you

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  1. " US continued Guarantor of Ukrainian Sovereignty"?! LOL I didn't know wagging your finger and scolding an invading power with no military support was guarantoring a nations sovereignty…

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