the more you began to investigate we understand where we came from what we
think we’re doing the more you begin to see we’ve been
lied to even like to buy every institution what
makes you think for one minute that the religious institution that’s the only one of the smell of
instruction religious institutions of this world are at the parliament the religious institutions of those for all they’re above the same people who gave
you your government help corrupt education who set up your international banking
cocktails because our masters don’t get paid damn
about you or your family all they care about is what they have
always here opm that’s controlling the whole we have been the best lead away from the
true and divide presence in the universe that men are called god i don’t know what guardians for that
nobody has an elastomer until you are prepared to look at the whole truth wherever it might go whoever it may lead
to if you want to look the other way or if
you wanna play favorites somewhere along the lines of a playa del
nebraska go too far and justice toward you educate yourself from what
you want to spare within a couple of the more obvious things to come and you begin to see why is everywhere
you have to know the troops have signature with them the truth will set
you free take pictures back at it so the truth when it comes to close it major-league bullshit you have to stay is paul protocols pol has it that way religion paperback religion has tacitly defense vehicle this is an invisible man in disguise watches everything you do friedman and everything and visible managers specials attended daisy does not want to do any of the fact that he has a special
place qualifier small and planning torture and anyway waitlisted usually soccer entirely its free enterprise a referendum w peptide right here on june a_b_c_’s my here hold on a whole somehow just can’t handle miami they fade out fill them all you talk about it orchestra please ship this is the son as far back as ten thousand bc history
is abundant with carvings writings reflecting people’s respect
confederation this option and it is simple to understand why as every morning summarize for an
invasion of one of the security experts say demand for the call blind prodigious of darkness of night without it the cultures understood
across would not grow life on the planet would not survive these realities with us on the most
adorned object of all time likewise there are also very aware of
the stars distracting to the stars allowed him to
recognize an anticipated fence which occurred over long periods of time such
as a criticism performance they in turn catalogs lester grouped
into what we know today as constellations this is the cross of the zodiac one of
the oldest conceptual images in human history it reflects the sun specifically passes
through the twelve major constellations over the course of the year it also reflects the twelve months of
the year the four seasons and the solstice is and he collapses in terms of the accolades the fact that
constellations we’re anthro put more finest fourth personified as figures or
animals in other words the early civilizations
not just follow the sermon stars that personified the labor-intensive
involving their movements in relationships the son with his life giving in saving
qualities was personified as a representative of the unseen creator or
god godson the light of the world the savior
of humankind likewise the twelve constellations
represented president travel for godson and we’re going to fly by names usually
representing elements of nature that happened during that period of time for example wariness the water they’re
who brings the spring rains this is for us jesus i’m not an agent of around three
thousand bcn give the sunday after a more five
students live is a series of al gore permits involved in the sun’s movement’s
sky commission hieroglyphics indeed you do we know much about the soul asylum
for instance horace king the sunlight enemies known as senate and said was the
personification of darkness one night and metaphorically speaking every
morning course would win the battle against seven while in the evening settles carpet
words and sending them to be on the road this important to note that dark verses
lights were good vs evil is one of the most ubiquitous mythological to allow
these ever known and it’s still expressed on many levels
to this day broadly speaking the story of course as
follows porous was born on december twenty-fifth of divergent lysis mary pittsburgh was accompanied by a star in
the east which in turn three kings follow to located to warn
the newborn savior at the age of twelve years a probable
child teacher at the age of thirty he was baptized by
figure known as a kind of and thus began his ministry chorus had twelve disciples he traveled
about with performing miracles which is healing the sick and walking on water course was known by many just chill
names such as the truth delight god’s anointed son good shepherd lamb of god
and many others after being betrayed by type on horse was crucified buried for three
days and dust resurrected these actually is a porous whether
original or not seem to permeate many cultures of the
world from any other gods of found at the same general mythological structure added suffragette born in the virgin
islands on the twenty-fifth crucified place that truman after three days was
resurrected trishna of india born of the virgin to baaki with the
star in the east signaling is coming he performed miracles with his disciples
and upon his death was resurrected di nyc’s increase whatever verging on
december twenty-fifth was a traveling teacher for miracles such as turning
water into wine is referred to as the king of kings gods
only begotten son the alpha omega and many others and upon his death he was resurrected mitra version point version december
twenty-fifth here twelve disciples and perform
miracles upon his death was buried for three days in those resurrected is also referred to as the truth
goodnight and many others interestingly the sacred in worship of
different the sunday the fact of the matter is there are
numerous seniors from different periods from all over the world which subscribe to these general
characteristics the question remains why these
attributes why the virgin birth in december
twenty-fifth why dead for three days the inevitable
resurrection y twelve disciples and followers to find out let’s examine the months
recent of the sort of science jesus christ was born the virgin mary in
december twenty-fifth bethlehem birth without hostilities treating them as i
followed to locate and adore the news thalia he was a child
teacher twelve at the age of thirty was baptized by john the baptist and thus began his ministry jews are twelve disciples artichoke
about with the full miracles which is still in the sierra club belvoir raisins
instead he is also known as the king of kings the son of god to lead the world
they often make atlanta ga that many many others practically betrayed by his
disciples judas and sold for thirty pieces of silver was crucified placed
into that for three days was resurrected descended from heaven first of all birth sequence is
completely astrological star in the east is serious the
brightest star in the night sky which on december twenty-fourth plans with the
three brightest stars in the world and spell these three bright stars arrives dot are
called today what they were called an ancient times three kings ministry team loose and the brightest star sirius all
point to the place of the sunrise on december twenty-fifth this is why the three kings follow star and he’s in order to locate the sunrise to prove to the side the virgin mary is the constellation
virgo also known as part of the virgin burrow in latin means virgin the ancient live for bergalis the
altered and this is my mary along with other virgin mothers such as adonis is
mother myra gore buddhism other maya began with an m burger was also referred to as the house
of bread and the representation of burgos
aversion holiness sheet for that week this house of brandon symbol of the
wheat represents august and september at the time of harvest intern bethlehem in fact literally
translates houseman grad and still some reference to the
constellation virgo a place in the sky nominate there’s another very interesting
phenomenon that occurs around december twenty-fifth for the winter solstice from the summer solstice the winter
solstice the days become shorter and colder and from the perspective of the northern
hemisphere masson appears to move south gets smaller and more scarce the short
end of the days in the expiration of the cross but approach in the winter solstice
symbolize the process of death to the engines it was the death of the sun and by december twenty second two sons
demise was fully realized for the sun having move south
continually for six months makes it to its lowest point in the sky here in serious thing occurs the sun stops moving south at least received please for three days and during this three-day pas the sun
resides in the vicinity of the southern cross or crux constellation and after this time on december
twenty-fifth disarmed machine one degree this time nor foreshadowing longer days warmth and
spring and thus it was sad the sun died on the cross was dead for three
days only to be resurrected reborn again this is why jesus and numerous other
song god’s sharing crucifixion three-day death and resurrection concept it is the sun’s transition period before
it ships its direction back into the northern hemisphere brain spring in the
south asian however they’re not celebrate the
resurrection of the sun until the spring kikwit months more easter this is because at the spring equinox
the sun officially overpowers the evil darkness as daytime thereafter becomes
longer in duration them tonight and the revitalizing conditions of
spring emerge now probably the most obvious of all the
astrological symbolism around jesus precaution twelve disciples there simply to twelve constellations of
the story and miss jesus being the son travels about what go and in fact the number twelve is replete
throughout the bible groups this tax is more to do astrology
anything else coming back to the crux of the zodiac
the secretive life of the signs this was not just nasty expression or
toward to track the sun’s movement there was also a pagan spiritual symbol the short end of which looked like this this is not the symbol of christianity is a pagan adaptation across the missouri etc this is why jesus early of course art is
always shown with its head on the cross for jesus is the son the son of god the light of the world delusions savior come again as it does every morning the glory of god he defends against the works of darkness as he is born again every morning and can be seen coming in the clouds in heaven refuse crown of thorns or sundays too many astrological astronomical
metaphors in the bible one of the most important has to do with the agents throughout the scriptures there are
numerous references to the age in order to understand this we need to
be familiar with the phenomenon known as the procession of the equal access the ancient egyptians along with
cultures long before them recognize approximately every twelve
hundred fifty years son in the morning spring equals current difference has had to do with the same and your wobble that the earth maintains
that rotates on its axis fiscal recession because the
corporations who’ve backwards rather than through the normal
year recycle the amount of time it takes for the
session to go through all twelve signs is roughly twenty five thousand seven
hundred and sixty five years this is also called it a great year an ancient societies are very aware of
this and they referred to reach twenty one hundred fifty year period from forty three hundred b_c_ twenty one
fifty pcs who was the age of poorest of her the truthful and candid into the
prepares graham confirm wanted to try and fifty pages the places ministers there consumer and forty one fifty creation chris now in the bible reflects broadly
speaking is symbolic movement usually ages twelve foreshadowing afford in the old testament mimosas comes down
mount sinai with the ten commandments is very upset to see his people worshipping
golden bull calf in fact he shattered the stone tablets
instructed his people to kill each other in order to purify themselves most biblical scholars which should be
this anger to the fact that he is realized worshipping a false idle or
something that in fact the reality is goldenthal supports the
ball and moses represents the new age of
carries the rent this is why jews even today still below
the rams for it moses represents the new agent carries upon the new age everyone must shed the
old age southern tds markets transitions as well
such as in the field hickory christian god kills the bill in the same symbolically now jesus is the figure who watches in
the age following aries the age of pisces for the two fish the symbolism is very abundant in the
testimony teases feeds five thousand people with
bread and to fish when he begins his ministry walking
along gallantly chibi friends too fishermen who followed him i think we’ve all seen the jesus fish in
the back of people’s cars little do they know what it actually
means it is a pagan astrological symbolism for
the sun’s kingdom during the ages of crises also jesus is assumed birthdate is
essentially the start of this age at luke twenty two ten when jesus is
asked bias disciples where the next passover will be after he is gone jesus replies behold when you are entered into the
city that shower and then meet you bearing a picture of water followed him into the house where he
enter ifn this scripture is by far one of the most
revealing of all the astrological references demand that there is a picture of water
s aquarius bowater bear grigory spiritualism and foreigner
teachers water he represents the a_t_f_ places and when
the sun dot sunday is the age of pisces jesus people go in the house of paris has
aquarius follows places in the perception of the equal access all jesus
is saying is that after the age of places for comedy showcase now we have all heard about the entire
dance in the end of the world cartoonish depictions in the book of
revelations sized the main source of this idea concert matthew twenty eight
twenty for jesus says i will be with you even to the end of the world however in the king james version world is in this translations among many
miss translations the actual wording uses beyond which means page i will be refuse even to the end of the
page which is true as jesus is solar place you
personification will end when the sun enters the ages of aquarius the entire
concept of ten times in the end of the world is a misinterpreted astrological
allegory let’s tell that to the approximately one
hundred million people in america who believe the end of the world is coming furthermore the character of jesus being
a literary an astrological hybrid is most explicitly appraisers asian of the
egyptian sungard horace for example inscribed about thirty five
hundred years ago owners terrible luxor danger cartilage is above the enunciation the
immaculate conception and the adoration the horse villages begin with soft announcing to
the virgin high-seas issue conceived works doing that for the holy ghost
impregnated version and in the virgin birth and the
adoration this is exactly the story that jesus is
miracle conception in fact the literary similarities
between the egyptian religion and the christian religion are staggering and the plagiarism discontinuous the story of noah and noah’s ark is taken directly from tradition the concept of the great flood is
ubiquitous throughout the nation world over two hundred citing claims in
different periods of times however one need look no further for pre christian
source in the epic pilgrimage living in twenty six hundred b_c_ this story talks of the great flood
commanded by god and marked with saving animals applauded
and even the release and return of it uh… all held in common with the biblical
story among many other similarities and then there’s the trader our story of
moses upon moses berg it is said that he was placed in the
basket considered rift in the river in order to avoid infanticide he was later rescued by a daughter of
royalty invaded by her as a prince this baby in a basket story was lifted
directly from the ms lists are gone doesn’t hide the of around twenty to
fifty bcn roads are gone doesn’t place to be bask
in order to avoid infanticide consent agenda river rd he wasn’t a rescue
raised by a tricky parole midwife furthermore moses is known as the login
giver of the ten commandments the mosaic law forever the idea of a lobbying house
from god for profit knock on my own is also very little of the people moses is just another one here for a
long line of argument in the political history indium and it was a great market increased me as a symbol of dexter was just gave him the synchronize
polynesia there was a nuisance carried stone tablets in a pond and the
laws of god were written ninos many scenes notices as far as the ten commandments they’re taking outright spell one twenty
five in the adsorption book of the day what the book of the dead phrase that i
have not stolen became pals shall not steal i have not killed became gosh i’m
not kill i have not told lies became gosh i’m not
bear false witness and so forth in fact the egyptian religion is likely
the primary foundational basis for the judeo-christian v ology baptism afterlife final judgment virgin birth death and resurrection crucifixion be
part of the covenant circumcision savior’s holy communion great flood
easter christmas passover and many many more all attributes of egyptian ideas maung creating christianity and judaism justin martyr one of the first christian
historians and defenders when we say that he jesus christ of art
teacher was produced without sexual union was
crucified and died and rose again ascended into heaven we propound nothing different from what
you believe regarding those who he was saying the sons of jupiter in a different writing just to marissa he was born of a virgin accepted some
comments what he believed loved her c_s_ it’s obvious that just another early
christians newhouse similar christianity was to the pagan religions however justin have a solution stars who is concerned the devil did it the devil had the foresight to come
before christ could create his characteristics in the pain balanced acidity este these people socially or itself out here
so cast factual costs he says plots here here test flight for a few the bible is nothing more than half
should be logical literary heading just like nearly all the just minutes before in factory aspect of transference of one
characters attributes to a new character can be found within the book itself in the old testament there’s the story
of joseph joseph was a prototype producers joseph was born of a miracle birth jesus was born in america joseph was about twelve brothers jesus
had twelve disciples josephus order twenty pieces of silver jesus was sold for thirty pieces over brother jude uh… suggests the sale of joseph disciple judas suggest the sale of jesus joseph began his work at the age of jesus began his work at the age of
thirty parallels gopalan on furthermore is there any non biblical
historical data density any person living with the name of jesus the son of
mary travel about what’s called followers healing people in the like
there are numerous historians who lived in around the mediterranean either
during or soon after the assumed blood of jesus how many of these historians document
disfigure not one however to be fair that doesn’t mean
defenders of the a store called jesus haven’t claim to the contrary for historians are typically reference
to justify jesus is existence clini younger sister connie isn’t acid test
for the first three beach weather entries consists of only a
few sentences and that’s not the only referred to creased us with the crisis which in fact is not a named title it
means the anointed one the fourth sources josephus this source
has been proven to be a forgery for hundreds of years sadly it is still
cited as truth you’d think that a guy rose from the dead ascended into heaven for all eyes to see can perform the wealth of miracles
acclaimed him we’ve made in the store record it didn’t because once the evidence is
wave there are very high odds with the figure
known as jesus did not even exist with all of the oncoming but we want to be factual we don’t want to cause hurt feelings but we want to be academically correct
and what we understand and known to be true christianity just is not based on true we find that christianity was in fact
nothing more than a roman story developed politically the reality is jesus was the solar dat
have been non-stick christian sect unlike all other pagan gods he was a
mythical figure it was the political establishment that’s often crystallized jesus media
for social control fantastic in the long history christian
bloodshed and spiritual form and for the next sixteen hundred years
vatican maintain the political stranglehold all of your leaders such chilliest periods but the
dark ages along with unlike the events such as the
crusades within the position christianity along with all of the
fiesta belief systems is the fraud but the each it serves to detach the species
from the national and likewise each other support wind submission to the floor introduces your responsibility to the
effect of god controls everything and turn them off for crimes committed us to
find mini design pursuit and most importantly in powers those who know the truth use the myth to manipulate and controlled societies the religious message is the most
powerful device ever created and serves as the psychological soil upon which
other inmates can flourish is an idea that while widely believed his thoughts and a deeper sense and the religious sense amir serves as a memorial being and
mobilizing story for people the focuses not on the stories relation
to reality it on its function the story cannot function unless it is believed to be true in the
community or the nation it is not a matter of debate if some people have the bad taste to raised the question of the truth of
the sacred story the keepers of the faith do not enter
into debate with them ignore them or denounce them as blasting it is wrong
blasphemous and simple for you to suggest the implied or help other people congregate coalition
that the u_s_ government killed three thousand of its own citizens it looks like what we’re seeing today if you have to get it infrastructure destruction is collapsing dismisses almost first hours abstinence dresses posts collapsed financially excuse dan detail this week drinks crossed the fiction much easier mentioned international firsthand the the play it down to the fight gunfire the had described pack the the planted in the building i don’t think anybody could have predicted that they would try to use an airplane
as a missile hijacked airplane is the missiles billion
argument lease and i don’t think the president conditions flying airplanes in
the buildings no specific threat involving with domestic operations
involving what happened cities uh… airlines beer were no warning signs that i’m aware of u_s_a_ today reports the denver two
years before the attacks on september the eleventh nowrap conducted exercises using
hijacked airliners as weapons one target was the world trade center continental documents from the for the
first time by c_n_n_ if time is clear he will be like any american commercial
aircraft controllers cockpit died at the c_i_a_ headquarters other context i did it and the world trade center security in counterterrorism was blinking red in the words of george tenet warnings of an imminent attack were so
severe the something dramatic should’ve been
done it was unparalleled uh… instead of president went on a
month long vacations skinhead of pakistani intelligence of
the i_r_s_ i mahmoud on hand requested elisha inc to wire a hundred
thousand dollars two hundred absolutely within the project hijacker mohammed hot
seat wire transfers via pakistan them and
sending the money to project is believed to be minimized site shake all my shake
admitted he was supported by the pakistani government intelligence
service italian style although we’re told that four or five of
the alleged hijackers running into the flight so their names should have been on the
flight manifest but the flight manifest that have been
released and sent me the names of the alleged hijackers gaurantee they remain
flexible enough to know supposedly the hijackers houses mars credit cards paid for money
with this problem evidence was also apparently planet passport of one of the hijackers on
flight eleven was allegedly found in the rubble close to one of the fireball
through the side of light that comes down the brown on the street if something happens for six months that
reportedly have this past or thought we’d talk we’ve got to find pastor was alive several of these
nineteen men are still alive courseware saddam hussein i mean i have
been locked me ccs jerry or to the other one ordered the f_b_i_ and intelligence
agencies to op investigations involving the been a lot of family including two
oh some of their lives around it who are living guess where in falls
church virginia right next to c_i_a_ headquarters when he was already america’s most
wanted criminal he reportedly spent two weeks in the
american hospital in dubai mistreated by an american doctor visited
by the local c_i_a_ agent we have not seen one piece of evidence battling so some
of the lot directly to the planning stages of september eleventh th this
very dignified proof was later said to be unnecessary because been ludden video
allegedly found in afghanistan admitted responsibility for the attacks this concession is now lightly side it’s
proof for the men in this video has darker
skinned for cheese and a broader knows with some of them on the role of the
videos weekend seem to have planted evidence in nineteen seventy six close i was all there was something that
while hired man in texas by the name of judah
to handle all the investments in the united states for that in a lot and
family gymnasts also happens to be a personal
almost lifelong friend and former air national guard hollywood george w_ bush connections between the bushes and
there’s been a lot needs become much more clear when george
herbert walker bush made trips to saudi arabia nineteen ninety eight and two
thousand to meet with have been a lot more family on behalf of
a company called the carlyle group how could anyone fly sixty ton one hundred and twenty five foot wide
forty four-foot tall plane through this obstacle course of the aircraft before
striking the pentagon reportedly executed twelve hundred and seventy
eight degrees downward spiral and yet honey on your was known as a
terrible pilot who cannot safely fly even a small plane no seats no luggage nobody’s nothing but brixton limestone the official explanation is that the
intense heat from the jet fuel vaporize the entire plane flight seventy seven
had two rolls-royce an engine status steel and titanium alec and waste six
times beach it is scientifically impossible a twelve
tons of steel and titanium was vaporized by jet fuel could also told that the
bodies were able to be identified he thereby their fingerprints thereby
the d_n_a_ so what kind of fire conveyed her eyes
aluminum and to this deal and yet leave leave him by intact from my close-up inspection there’s no
evidence of the plane having pressure they were
near the pentagon and as i said the only pieces left other you can see our are
small enough that you could pick up in your hand shortly after distract
government agents picked up to three can carry it off the entire long was covered with dirt
and gravel so that any remaining forensic evidence
was literally covered up but the videos from security cameras which would show
what really hit the pentagon were immediately confiscated by agents
of the f_b_i_ and the department of justice has to
this day refused to release them if these videos would prove that the
pentagon was really hit by a seven fifty seven most of us would assume the government
would release them it looks like there’s nothing there except for all of your own abreast of
whatever i don’t think it’s even where we were uh… was picked out in the area and
some broken trees decent people looking walking around in the area but from where we could see there wasn’t
much of any large pieces of debris adult that there was nothing nothing that you
could distinguish that a plane had crashed and take care according to which the fires while not
melting the steel heated it up sufficiently to cause the floors
weakened by the airplane strikes to break loose from the steel columns and
this started a chain reaction so you would expect and from that theory which
is the official theory to see a whole stack of floors piled up on top each
other and then a spindle of core collins tend to the core of each of the twin towers
consisted of forty seven massive steel columns if the floors had broken loose from them
these columns will still be in sticking up into the air thousand feet the plane did not cut although
scorecards redesign city back going since then archangel internal condition probably could sustain multiple impacts of jetliners from the top of the world trade center
bombing tempting force out there it would’ve taken eight to ten seconds to
hit the ground in calendar resistance whatsoever went
hours came down and nearly three-fourths speed two hundred thousand tons of steel
shatters explodes outwards over five hundred being this means that florist
shop where at an average rate about ten floors per second there is no scenario for a pancake
affect the buildings following that allows them to follow the radar freefall
and what can do that but what can movements of the way explosives forty-seven huge steel columns going up
the core player interconnected how do you get and then to fail simultaneously so the
court is pierce it looks like those core columns workout the way we do this despite but most are looking at them open metal all three buildings dole’s powers in the
rubble in the basement areas and building seven macy’s pools of molten
metal w_c_ molten steel molten steel no intention but you have time voluntary layoff volcano mls steel was found three five weeks later one rubble was being
removed g_-seven molten steel was also found
underneath the world trade center seven from looking through the official
reports what do they say about the molten metal the same uh… this is important evidence without come from bear in mind soul hotmail just got through sealed
through structural steel resemble like a nice through better the products are molten iron and
aluminum oxide which goes off primarily as a blast knows enormous dust clouds you can imagine when u assembled these
chemicals on a large scale fourteen metal who will center both hours after the class and building
seven of them and said was the even hit and jack part of the problem is that most people
simply don’t know much about building summoned due to the extraordinary
secrecy surrounding this collapse and this was a forty seven story skyscraper this having hit five twenty
five it was not hit by a plane this building had fires on only two or
three fours and it was brought down by what we need was a controlled demolition malicious electives like that i think in the middle and in that building just come straight
down almost a free-fall speed they first blow one of the central columns so the
building falls down itself building seven had a classic crap or where central column was blown out
first so it didn’t structurally damaged buildings just a few feet away from office was on the b_-one level i was
talking to a supervisor at a forty six on all this other one yet next what else all i’ve been dot bushels and bob lorenz money came from the basement meaning
that the level and that the three-level i what i want to learn about life bro the impact of the plane without somewhat combining wait karta building
in the carter but when i got blown timing the impacts adult the explosion
political forum and that’s where it is not about the
started a big impact happen again and all of us feel and i was going down
the light bridges with wally you know you gotta go clear across the whole but
wondered wanted to world trade center and that always on in that have
delivered and sunbelt do this before writing to basically
velvet walls with david and everything was going on i mean i don’t people that got killed in
the baseline all people that got broken legs and at the end of basement people got reconstructive surgery
because the wall street in the face according to standard operating
procedure is an f_a_a_ flight control notices anything that suggests possible hijack controllers to contact
the superior the problem cannot be fixed within about a minute the superior
stress snoring north american para space command to
send up or scramble jet fighters to find out what it is going on norad then
issues the scramble order to the nearest air force base with fighters on volvo interceptions usually occur within
sooner so minutes in this case eight-years-old minutes had
a lapse before fighters were even airborne some mind-bending anomaly not a single u_s_ air force interceptor
burns a wheel until it’s too late there are no jets that all what if they
were so confused that had been so deliberately confuse but they couldn’t respond the reason that they didn’t know where
to go was because a number of conflicting and overlapping award game
exercises were taking place involve the insertion of false radar blips launder radar screens in the
northeastern defenses and i am i am not mountain air around it
command there was another exercise video and
warrior something suck speech one seventy two the u_s_ government has not been able to
determine the origin of the money used for the nine eleven attacks ultimately
the question is of little practical significance three and that the
republican not managed to trace resource of the funding and then they
must and mason disingenuous statement altimetry is that this little
consequence massive consequence doesn’t matter who paid for
nine eleven collapses building seven has been recognized as a specially
difficult to explain the nine eleven commission report
implicitly admitted that it could not explain the collapse of this building i not even mentioning it why are you in the vice president
insisting on a journey together before the nine eleven commission
because like commission by eleven commission wants estes questions as we
were meeting and i look forward to meeting with them answering your
questions wisner appearing together residence
after with which was their request because it’s a good chance for both of
us to answer questions determine eleven commission is looking for testing is and i’m looking
forward to answering them do you think they should not stand up n
and and speak down what’s responder visioning amc don’t you think that the families
deserve to have a transcript would be able to see what you asked that
question yesterday cactus a manchuria the final or was making and in this
report that means that there was a single
commissioner who had any objection about anything of that fact you dropped from the report we have found out hazard transition at least wrote track through the senate depictions change
national security council and he was an individual for strategy is warning track it’s a close friend this crisis reminds there’s literally nothing in my living
report that the bush administration did not we can understand therefore by that commission under zealot house leadership would have ignored all the evidence that
would point to the truth at nine eleven was a false flag
operation intended to authorize the doctrines and
phones needed for a new level of imperial mobilization harmonized harm biological character merlin september eleventh
killer member eleven terrace about at nuclear weapons nine eleven their people several other
several of the power of the september eleven or don’t you characteristic victor terrorist jared
terrorism several events terrorism terrorist terrorists the moral salad of terror error
september eleventh character pastor don’t have realized handwritten letter people heritage parents carriage house terrorism the words are hypnotic we repeated
terrorist terrorist terrorist threat and of course the believed to be linked to
elkhart it’s the so-called war on terrorism
that’s in our faces practically twenty four seven as the inescapable focus of
our existing one-day or grandchildren will look back on this time and ask how was the war on terror one the entire
u_s_ ruling class room in the lead comes to see terrorism as the preferred
means of the only means to provide social cohesion to providing
enemy image for the society to keep it together according to new york on theory
from caution that you have to have an enemy image in order to have a society very dangerous thing because now it
means that the entire social order the political parties intellectual life
politics in general all based on a monstrous smith monstrous myths scariest on in this country what they’ve
done dot just unbelievable low-cut for this year also of centering prayer their embassies in kenya the event won all three we had the u_s_s_ cold uh… we had uh… oklahoma city where
the world trade center nineteen ninety three the terrorist blockade world the are died informacion informant only salon forty
three-year-old rejection army officer it was designer gene obama get anyone cares supervisor set the ice
supervisors every member of the people on the right the f_b_i_’s inflation always worry
about the f_b_i_ actually carried out the attack on the world trade center in
nineteen ninety-three expired ahmad salah at eighty one million dollars
engaging real explosives detonator and telling the build a bomb had to give it
to the foolish people that he was controlling to allow them to attack the
world trade center complex fortunately for us they’re only six people killed not
enough to pass the legislation so what happened is cute later april nineteenth nineteen ninety five downtown oklahoma city umber of building hundred sixty-eight
people deal one year later the anti-terrorism leads they flipped over a
constitutional right and similarly is passed it was a hopeless non-smoking we may see
one in exercise first of a the computer thousand even on them based on simple tennis bombs going off
to some suitable way stations that happens morning so as to that that is in
the back of my neck standing on friday to discuss that you will running uh…
makes us to see what how you would favor this and it happened while you were
really exist precisely disposed to believe in some kind of
curing students there was also anti terrorist drill going all one seven seven and again just like nine eleven they were talking about attacks on the
same targets the center of change stations exactly the same time as the
actual attack happened providing some kind of cobbler uh… what must be operations
orchestrate in some way by the states absolutely which people in this country we aren’t given to understand that a lot uh… that uh… arabic ghari out there
in the upper level fight against the wall still operate
attack on this country but and what hope help but probably of eric is with carol that your cities and believing that site to look at this
point was uh… several job that’s uh… textbook operation both about the issues
that they could use that over and over i care america has been sucker down more tied i don’t have to tell you things of that everybody knows things about that the other vehicles were actually going bust your interested
character sorry has created an opening insisted i
want to do it has nothing to do it heroes and fit to breathe out through
designed for you watching on t_v_ spots some local
newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen publicize is sixty three five
tracks if that’s the way it’s supposed to be well you know things have been
system they’re crazy decidedly everywhere is
going crazy so we don’t go on anymore we see in the house since all of the
world we’re living in is getting smaller and always say is please at least
reversal livingroom still starlight t_v_ i still belted radios and i won’t say
anything just leave us alone well i don’t believe you i want you to get an alleged a protest are you going to
ride i don’t want you to write your congressman and i wouldn’t know what to
tell you to write idon’t know what to do about the depression in the inflation
and the russians are not trying in the street all i know is that fast you’ve
talked to get married you’ve got to say i’m a human being but in bed lol wouldn’t duit that one will help them and then you’d placing them in the very wary of secrecy is repugnant in a free and open society and we are as a people inherently and historically opposed to secret societies to secret outs and a secret proceedings for we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covet means for expanding its fear of influence on infiltration instead of invasion on subversion instead of elections on intimidation instead of free choice it is a system which has been scripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit highly efficient machine that combines military diplomatic intelligence economic scientific and political operations it’s preparations a concealed not
published if the stakes are buried not headline it’s just that is a silent not cranes no expenditures question so secretive revealed that is why the eff email on a pistol redeeming prime racism thunderbird i am asking your help recommended fair of informing and already the american
people alphabet with your help will be what he was born with it free and independent seventeen seventy five the american
revolutionary war became as the american colonies sought to detach from england
hence oppressive monarchy so many reasons are cited for the
revolution one in particular sticks out as the
prime cause that king george the third england
outlawed the interest-free independent currency the colonies were producing and
using themselves intern forcing them to borrow money from the central bank of
england at interest immediately putting the colonies in the dead and as benjamin franklin later wrote the
refusal of king george the third to allow the colonies operated on this
money system which freed the order and management clutches a money manipulators was probably the prime cause of the
revolution and seventeen eighty-three america won
its independence from england however its battle against the central bank
concept and the corrupt greenfield men associated with it had just begun so what is the central bank central bank is an institution that
produces the currency of an entire nation based on historical precedent to
specific powers are inherent in central banking practice the control of interest rates and the
control of the money supply for inflation the central bank is not simply supply
government economist money it loans it to them had interest then through the use of increasing and
decreasing the supply of money the central bank regulates the value of
currency being issued it is critical to understand the entire
structure of the system could only produce one thing in the long
run dead it doesn’t take a lot of ingenuity to
figure this can now for every single dollar produced by the
central bank this world at interest that means every single dollar produces
actually the dollar-plus a certain percent of debt based on that dollar and since the central bank has a
monopoly over the production of the currency for
the entire country and they’ll only each dollar alec with
immediate death attached to it where does the money to pay for the debt
come from it can only come from the central bank
again which means the central bank has to perpetually increase its money supply
to temporarily cut really outstanding debt created which in turn since that
new money is loaned out a interest as well creates even more den the end result the system without fail is slavery for it is impossible for the
government conducts the public to ever come out of the self generate
debt the founding fathers of this country well aware of this by the early twentieth century the u_s_
and already implemented and removed a few central banking systems which were swindled into place by
ruthless banking interests at this time the dominant families than
thinking in business world where the rockefellers the morgan’s the warburtons rothschild ps been in the early nineteen hundred’s
they sought to push once again legislation to create another central bank however they knew the government and
public very weary of such an institution so they needed to create a incident to
affect public opinion j_p_ morgan probably considered a
financial luminaries time exploited his mask influenced by publishing boomers
prominent banks in new york was insolvent went bankrupt morgan newsweek osg mass hysteria which would affect other
banks as well and it did the public in fear of losing
their deposits immediately began mass for france fingerprints were forced to call it that’s causing the recipients to
celebrate and the cease-fire bankruptcies possessions in turmoil putting the pieces together a few years
later frederick allen of life magazine wrote the morgan interests took advantage
precipitate guiding the truly as it progressed unaware of the frog panic of nineteen oh
seven led to a congressional investigation headed by senator nelson
alter who s internet ties to the banking cartels and later became part of
rockefeller family for marriage the commission led by older recommended
a central bank should be precluded such panic like nineteen oh seven could never happen again this was the
spark international bankers lead to initiate the plan in nineteen ten a secret meeting was
held at j_p_ morgan state and jeff foe island off the coast of georgia it was
clear that the central banking bill called the federal reserve excuse me this legislation is written by paintings
not warmly this in dealing with so secretive so concealed from government public
knowledge that the tennis of figures who attended disguise their names were en
route to the island after this bill was constructed it was
not handed over to the political front men senator nelson aldrich to push
through congress and in nineteen thirteen with heavy
political sponsorship by the bankers woodrow wilson became president having
already agreed to sign the federal reserve act in exchange for campaign
support in two days before christmas when most of congress was at home with
their families the federal reserve act was voted and wilson internment law years later woodrow wilson road in
regret congressman lewis mcfadden also
expressed the truth after the passage of the bill a whirl banking system was being set up
here a super state controlled by international bankers acting together to
enslave the world for their own pleasure the fed has usurped the government now public was told that the federal
reserve system wasn’t economic stabilizer and inflation and economic
crises listing of the past well as history shows nothing is for the
future of the fact is an international bankers and i had a streamlined machine
to expand their personal ambitions for example nineteen fourteen nineteen
nineteen the fed increases the money supply for nearly one hundred percent
resides in an extensive loans to small banks republic then in nineteen twenty the fed called
and asked for savages against any money supply thus resulting in supporting days having
to call in huge numbers of loans and just like ninety seven bank runs bankruptcy and collapse
occurred over fifty four hundred competitive base
outside the federal reserve system collapsed further consolidating the
monopoly and small international bank privy to this crime congressman linder
stepped-up and said in nineteen twenty one under the federal reserve act panics are scientifically created the
present panic is the first scientifically traded one worked out as
we figure about the medical equation however the panic of nineteen twenty was
just a warm up from nineteen twenty one in nineteen
twenty nine the fed again increase the money supply resulting once again
extensive loans for the public and tanks there was also a fairly new type of loan
paula margin limit in the stock market very simply the margin loan allowed an
investor to put down only ten percent of stock’s price with the other ninety
percent of the loan through the broker in other words a person who’s on the
thousand dollars worth of stock it’s only a hundred dollars down this
method was very popular lloyd nineteen twenties as everyone seemed to be making
money in the market however it is attached to this month it could be called in anytime and had to
be paid within twenty four hours this is termed a margin call typical resolve
margin call is the selling of the stock purchased with the loan so few months before october nineteen
twenty nine jadi rockefeller bernard iraq another insiders quietly exit the
market animate over twenty fourth nineteen
twenty nine the new york financiers to furnish the margin loans started calling
them in en masse disappointing instantaneous massive sell-off in the
market for everyone had to cover the marin lands it did trigger mass bankruptcy the same
reason intern collapsing over sixteen thousand banks innately misfiring
international bankers to not only by a rival banks at a discount to our survive
whole corporations and companies in the dollar it was the greatest robbery in
american history but that didn’t stop there rather than expanding the money supply
has recovered from his economic collapse the fan actually contracted it feeling
on the largest depressions in history once again outraged congressman lewis
mcfadden a long time a part of the banks and
hotels began bringing impeachment proceedings against the federal reserve
board saying of the crash in depression it was a carefully contrived occurrence
international bankers sought to bring about a condition of despair so that
they might emerge the rulers of the soul not surprisingly and after two previous
assassination attempts mcfadden was poisoned at a banquet before he could
push for the impeachment pat introduce the society the squall and
the federal reserve bank has decided that the gold standard should be removed
in order to do this we need to acquire the remaining gold in the system so under the pretense of helping defend
the depression came in nineteen thirty three gold seizure under the threat of
imprisonment for ten years everyone america was required to turn in a mall
gold going into the treasury essentially robbie the public and what little wealth
they have left but at the end of nineteen thirty three the gold standard
was abolished if you look at a dollar bill from before nineteen thirty three
it says it is redeemable in gold you look at a dollar bill today it says
it is legal tender which means it is backed by absolutely nothing is
worthless paper deleting the gives our mind value just how much of it is in circulation therefore the power to regulate the
money supply it’s also the power to regulate its value which is also the
power to bring entire colonies and society’s to its knees it’s important to clearly understand the
federal reserve is a private corporation it is about as federalist federal
express it makes his own policies and as a new virtually no regulation by
the u_s_ government it is a private bank that loans all the
currency that interest to the government completely consistent with the
fraudulent central banking model that the country sought to escape from but
declared independence in the american revolutionary war now going back to nineteen thirteen the
federal reserve act was not the only unconstitutional built push through
congress they also pushed the federal income tax it’s worthwhile to point out that the
american public speakers towards the federal income tax is a testament to
help come down in the movie is the american population reviews first of all of the federal income taxes
for police fun constitutional says it is a direct by the portions tests false
direct taxes have to be a portions of the legal based in the constitution sexually required number of states no to
ratify the amendment to allow the income tax was never next furnaces is excited
and more important is this third at the present day roughly thirty
five percent of the average worker’s income is taken from the indians taxes
that means you were four months of the year to fill this tax obligation and guess what that money goes he goes to pay these interest on the
currency being produced by the fraudulent federal reserve bank a system
that does not have to exist at all of the money you make working for months
out of the year feels almost literally into the pockets of the international
bankers scoop on the private federal reserve bank and four th even with the fraudulent
government claimed as to the legality of the income-tax there’s literally no
statute no law in existence that requires you to pay this tax i really expected courses along that you can party in the log book coat the requires you to file a tax return
christopher’s times at that point where i couldn’t
find the statute clearly paper so i won’t uh… lease not be and uh… most people
i know and i had no no choice in my mind except
to to resign based on recess so that did throughout the year two thousand and
then still doing and that’s our and ask for congress will
best a lot of people in the i_r_s_ iris commissions helpers they can accept because if they can
serve the american people don’t know at this whole thing as a final i haven’t filed in federal income tax
return since i laughed n_f_l_ texture since nineteen ninety nine the income tax is nothing less been the enslavement of the entire country now to control the economy special
robbery of wealth is only one side of the rubik’s cube the
bankers hole in their hands the next tool for profit and control is
war since the inception of the federal
reserve in nineteen thirteen a number of large and small winners have commenced
with the three most pronounced when world war one world war two in vietnam
world war one in nineteen fourteen european wars broke
out centered around a feeder and in germany the american public i had nothing to do
with wharton intern president woodrow wilson publicly declared neutrality however under the surface u_s_ administrations looking for any
excuse to get find inteqnet great another observation by secretary
of state william jennings the large take an interest with deeply interested in
the world war because the wind oppotunity to large
projects it’s important to understand that the
most lucrative thing that can happen to be international bankers ford forces the country to borrow even
more money from the federal reserve bank adventurous woodrow wilson’s top adviser and mentor
was colonel edward houseman man with internet connections with the
international bankers wanted in the war in a documented conversation between
croat house wilson’s advisor and certain edward gray foreign secretary england
regarding how to get america into the war parade inquired what what americans do germans to go to
london with american passengers on board house responded i believe that a flaming indignation
sweet united states pinned down by itself to be sufficient to carry us into
war so on may seventh nineteen fifty-nine
essentially the suggestion of certain edward gray they ship called the loose
it anyways deliberately sent into german controlled waters for german
military vessels were known to be and as expected german u_-boats
torpedoed the shipping exploding stored in the nation killing twelve hundred
people to further understand the deliberate
nature of this setup the german embassy actually put advertisements in the new
york times telling people that if they boarded a
looser tenia they did so at their own risk by such a ship sailing from america
digging into the war zone that would be liable to destruction intern in as anticipated the sinking of
the lucent a near cause the wave of anger among the american population an
american entered the war a short time after the first world war cost three hundred
and twenty three thousand american deaths jadi rockefeller made two hundred
million dollars off of that not to mention the war cost about thirty
billion dollars for america most of which was borrowed from the federal
reserve bank that interest further in the profits of the international bankers world war two come summer seventh nineteen forty one
japan attacked the american fleet pearl harbor triggering our entry into that
war president franklin d roosevelt declared
the attack was big day that will live infamy but they’re going to mean to you could not because of the legs surprise
attack on pearl harbor after sixty years of service information
is clear that not only was the attack on pearl harbor no weeks advance gives
outright landed and propelled roosevelt and his family
had been new york bankers since the eighteenth century who spoke with program was on the original federal
reserve very sympathetic to the interests of the
international bankers and the interest was to enter into the war as as we’ve
seen nothing is more profitable for international bankers war in a journal entry by roosevelt
secretary of war henry stinson dated november twenty-fifth nineteen forty one
documented conversation had with roosevelt the question was how she will move again
to fire in the first shot it is desirable to make sure the japanese he
wants to do this so that they should remain no doubt as to who with the
aggressors in the months leading up to the attack
on pearl harbor roosevelt had done almost everything in his power to hang
with the japanese showing a posture of aggression p halted all its apparent
imports american petroleum he froze all japanese assets united
states he made public loans the nationalist china supplied military aid
to the british both enemies of japan’s war which by the way is completely in
violation of international warlords and on december for three days before the
attack castrillon intelligence told roosevelt about a japanese task force moving
towards paul harvey roseville ignored it so has hope to allow the on december
seventh nineteen forty one japan attacked pearl harbor killing twenty
four hundred soldiers before pearl harbor eighty three percent
of the american public wanted nothing to do after pearl harbor one million men
volunteers for the war it is important to note nazi germany’s war effort was largely
supported by two organizations one of which was called by g farming by
the farming produced eighty four percent of germany’s explosives uneven is like
one bees in the concentration camps to kill millions one of the unspoken partners of i_d_ for
them was jadi rockefeller’s standard oil
company in america in fact the german air force could not operate without a
special additive patented by rockefeller’s standard order the drastic bombing of london by nazi
germany for example was made possible by a twenty million dollar sale of fuel
tidy far but by the rockefeller stand-alone company this is just one
small point on the topic are merrick and business funded both sides of war two one other treasonous organization worth
mentioning is the union banking corporation of new
york city not only did it finance numerous aspects
of hitler’s rise to power along with actual materials during the war it was
also a nazi money-laundering thing which was eventually expose for having
millions of dollars of nazi money response the union bank inc new york was
eventually sees for violations of the train with the enemy a guess who the director and vice
president of the union bank was prescott bush our current presidents grandfather and
of course her former presidents father keep that in mind when considering the
moral and political dispositions of the bush family vietnam the united states official declaration
of war north vietnam in nineteen sixty four came after an alleged incident involving
two u_s_ destroyers being attacked by north vietnamese p_t_ boats in the gulf
of parking this was known as the gulf of tonkin
incident this single situation was the catalyst the pretext from massive troop full-fledged one problem however the attack on the
u_s_ destroyers by vietnamese p_t_ boats happened it was a completely staged event to have an excuse to enter the war former secretary of defense robert
mcnamara stated years later that the gulf of talking incident was a mistake while many other insiders in officers
have come forward and lame that it was a contrived forests a complete line once in the war it was business as usual
in october nineteen sixty six president lyndon johnson trip to train
restrictions on the soviet bloc knowing full well that the soviets would
provide upwards of eighty percent of north vietnam more supplies consequently
rockefeller interests finance factories in the soviet union which the soviets
used to manufacture military equipment incentives north vietnam however the funding of both sides of
this conflict was only one side of the court in nineteen eighty-five vietnam rules of engagement with classified this detail what american troops were
and were not allowed to do it included absurdities like north
vietnamese anti-aircraft missile systems could not be bond until they are known
to be fully operational no enemy could be pursued once they crossed the border
of laos or cambodia and most revealing of all the most critical strategic targets were
not allowed to be attacked unless initiated by high military
officials apart from these imposed ludicrous limitations north vietnam was
informed that these restrictions and therefore could basin tire strategies
around the limitations of the american forces this is why the war went on so
long on the bottom line is this the vietnam war was never meant to be one
just sustained this war for profit resulted in fifty
eight thousand american deaths and three million dead vietnamese so where are we now september eleventh was the jumpstart for
what is now accelerated gender by the ruthless elite there was a staged war
prejudged no different than the sinking of the lose tenia provoking a pro harbor
illegal talking live in fact it’s not eleven wasn’t implant
warm pretext it would be an exception to the rule it has been used to launch to unprovoked
be legal wars one against iraq and one against afghanistan however no one was a pretext for another
war as well door again patriarch homeland security of the
military tribunals act and other legislations we’re all
completely and entirely design and to destroy your civil liberties and limit
your ability to fight back begins to what is coming currently in the united states on
announced a most brainwashed americans your home can be searched without a
warrant without you being home he can turn the arrested with no
charters revealed to you detained indefinitely with no access to
a lawyer and legally torture all under the suspicion that you might
be experience if you need to paint a picture of what
is happening in this country let’s recognize how history repeats
itself in february nineteen thirty three hitler’s staged a false flag attack going down his own german parliament
building the lifestyle communist terrorists in the next few weeks he passed in
denver that which completely rat the german constitution destroying
people’s weapons give him a series of preemptive wars all
justified in german people as necessary to maintain homeland security terrorists every supports next time to wake up the people in power going out of the way
to make sure that you are potentially misled manipulated majorities perception of reality is
specially in the middle of the union is not their own shrewdly imposed upon them that didn’t even know it for example the public at large actually
believes the invasion of iraq is going to happen hasn’t and violence doesn’t seem to
stand what the public fails to see is that the
destabilization of arash is exactly with the people behind the government bond
this war is to be sustained so the region can be divided up domination of
the oil maintained continual profits read for the defense contractors and
most importantly permanent military bases established to be used as a
launching pad because other oil bearing non-conforming countries such as iran
and syria for further implication that the civil war destabilization is purely
intentional in two thousand five to relieve british s_a_s_ officers were
arrested by iraqi police after being caught driving around in their car
shooting at civilians while dressed up as arabs after being arrested and taken to jail
in boswell the british army immediately requested the release of these men when
the boswell government refused british tanks came in and physically broke out
the man from the bosnian prison if you wish to destroyed an area how do you do it letter wages and growing involvement and so forth but that does not very
efficient but you do is you try to get the people
who have area children and destroy their own territory cool farmers and that’s opened up area either way in which you destroyer discontent scrawny by dividing his ranks against one
another when you see both sides u_s_ agents feeding both sides is laying off
site we can lead to the roth and this time as some of us woke up to this reality to understand the people try to maintain empires and
great empires by manipulating the people they’re
trying to conquer you might want to ask yourself by the
entire culture despite early saturated with mass media entertainment from all
sides while the educational system in america
continues its to define downward slide since the u_s_ government decide to take
over and subsidize the public school system point your government pays for it gets when we understand that then we look at government-financed institutions of
education and see the kind of students in the kind
of education has been turned out by these government finance cools for one ship will tell you that if what is being turned out in
those schools was not in accord with what the state and the federal
government wanted then it would change here the bottom line is that the government
is giving what they have or hurt they do not want children to be educated they do not want you to think too much that is why our country and all world
has become so pull liberated with entertainments mass media television shows amusement parks drugs alcohol and every kind of
entertainment to keep the human mind entertaining so that you don’t get in the way of important people by doing too much to thinking you had better wake up in understand but
there were people who are guiding your wife and you don’t even know what the gods cal state hi sixty bills but in other american’s
are listening to me right now file dot fascination but i dont frostbite dot it’s like to get over this town hawkesbury halls terrorized candidate hills show at the golf balls thalidomide revelation vista perfect albright no brian versus estero card hello poet dot roundtable block this company and the lord author doctor placard pause agarwal
acquired kid for example at that point so you explain less than a day stopped dot that i haven’t talked exercise have all topic terrible
back-to-back story health access they type dot does socho bracelet ballplayers daily basis principal state baghdad today i play carrying what kids which they have capabilities
reality but for strike acute like you are a
character like a kid killed as castaway picked up the hill one of the real thing the last thing the man behind the
curtain wont is a conscious informed public capable
of critical thinking which is why they continually fraudulent
zeitgeist is output via religion the mass media an
educational system they seek to keep you extracted naive
bubble and they’re doing damn good job of it in two thousand finding arrangement
between canada mexico in the united states was made
this arrangement unannounced to the public regulated by congress merges the
united states mexico and canada into one entity be releasing all borders it’s called the north american union you
might want to ask yourself why you’ve never heard of this in fact there is
only one mainstream reporters was actually heard of them is have the
courage to cover this issue the bush administration’s open borders policy
answer decision to ignore the enforcement of
this country’s immigration laws is part of a broader agenda president bush signed a formal agreement
that will in the united states as we know what and he took the step without approval
from either the u_s_ congress or the people of the united states it’d
be alot few have even heard a it’s being down again mary kay people at the very top on
behalf of the investment plath but the working class that people political officials the craft our
country from community contemplating help what they don’t know
anything about this decisions some trade agreement it is a total removal of sovereignty
from these countries which will also result in a completely new currency
colby amara pile apart from that i think one thing people who have
elevation to focus on the field that’s the one thing that i was talking about
happens to have a big impact on uh… everybody’s life in canada usn that mexico nellyerazo ko kasi
verbally north american community which is being developed right now between
canada the u_s_ and mexico connected within this community much like the e_u_
and that the dollar million dollar u_s_ then mexican peso a place that you know
of the screen the american constitution eventually be obsolete you would think that a situation like
this would be on the cover of every major newspaper that is until you realize the people who
are behind this movement by the same people behind the mainstream media and
you are not told what you’re not supposed to know the north american unions the same
concept as the european union the african union is suing the d asian have seen people on the high and all and time is right the north american union the european
union data communication and the words
together bombing the final stages plans and and and sixteen and one one bank one army one center power if we have learned anything from history
it is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely this is erin russo a filmmaker and
former politician to his left is nicholas rockefeller of the infamous
rockefeller banking and business dynasty after maintaining close friendship with
nicolas rockefeller erin eventually ended the relationship appalled by what
he learned about the rockefellers and their ambitions kiko it you you you it you you unit you you unit you you you you u you hideaway go where u you you uni you you but you microchip in two thousand five congress and the
pretense of immigration control and the so-called war on terrorism past
the real idea under which it is projected by may two thousand and a you
will be required to carry around a federal identification card which
includes on a case campbell barcode with your personal information however the spark rosilene intermediary
step before the card is equipped with a very chipper or f i_d_ tracking module which we use radio frequencies to track
your every move on the planet if this sounds forms you please note
that they are fighting tracking ship this party in on new american passports and the final step is the infected ship which many people
have already been manipulated into accepting unconfirmed pretenses we don’t know who are family we were
really pioneers in the brave new world and i wanted to be the first ever who have microchip identification
devices implanted into their body denial and then i will add-on like online goldmine and family planning family and
i are ordered and primer in the end of everybody will be locked
into a monitor control group where every single action
performance documented and if you get out of line they can just turn our future for at
that point on every single aspect of society revolve around interactions with
a chance this is the picture that was painted for
the future if you open your eyes to see it a centralized in one world economy
everyone’s moves in everyone’s transactions attracting unmonitored all
rights reserved the most incredible aspect of all these totalitarian elements will not be
forced upon the people the people will demand them for the social manipulation of society
to the generation of fear and decision has completely detached
humans from a sense of power and reality the process which is going on for
centuries of not millennia religion patriotism race class and every other form of arbitrary
separatist identification does concede i serve to create a controlled
population utterly malleable in the hands of the few divide and conquer is the model and as long as people continue to see
themselves as separate from everything else they lend
themselves to being completely insulated the man behind the curtain though this
and they also know they’ve people ever realize the troops of their relationship
to nature and the truth of their personal power the entire manufactured zeitgeist a prey
upon will collapse like a house of cards beaujolais that we live in drills into this that were powers that
we need in our society is devoted to buy the demand severance of one of these all
the big power strongly there is no reason why we have an
understanding leads through your we’re going with there is no reason why
parish individuals usually howard we own vending columns and beams you know i haven’t heard in my life for certain trying to become something one of the company no one would have been an unusual and
uh… you know everything i can tell you that not only the way lined up linda and in the long mainline only one one one one one now and how do you believe in the rain for u deal with her needed writer dahmer over
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more than a human being and i learned this home businesses why haven’t let voter badder the handler and one lol the only ones initialing nationalist fervor roaming around the world then we’ll just listen to only missing
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this like them does already let me tell you how much and they didn’t
have the wheel little wind literally dozens of linens let alone non-government iran millions and
millions and lolz label lives in the morning short right now between

100 thoughts on “ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE | 2007 (HD)

  1. 29 /4/19 watching again, 3rd time, important movie imo, I'm refreshing my memory that I may pass it on.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm……………. There is a lot of misinformation in this doc. Be careful what information you fill your head with, and question anything that sounds too good to be true. Look up horus, and try to find a Resurrection story.

  3. I'm not even religious, but the day December 25 didn't exsist in Egypt. I don't think they were tracking dates the same way

  4. This video will be taken down by YouTube very soon. I had it on my channel and it was taken down by YouTube because someone got their feelings hurt by the content of the movie. This is the message I sent to YouTube after they took the video off my channel because someone couldn't handle any other truth but their own.
    You taking down the video I uploaded called Zeitgeist the movie is laughable, being that Zeitgeist the movie is a movie that is all over YouTube. But I'm sure you already know that, being that you work for YouTube and it is your job to know. Furthermore I believe you took the video down simply because it is not making any money on my channel, and everything is about money, and it is on YouTube everywhere and people can watch it for a fee. Also, you saying that this is a case-to-case basis is also laughable. Well, you're going to have to go to every single Channel that has Zeitgeist the movie on it, and take it off of that Channel as well. And I find it hard to believe that this is a case-to-case basis, being that YouTube has a new algorithm system. You know what you want on YouTube and not, based on that algorithm. So, moving forward, this means you can take down any video that someone feels threatened by, intimidated by or hurt by. There is no freedom of speach, I see. YouTube should be called whatever doesn't hurt someone's feelings tube. Because that's what is turning into.

  5. Some fella in a cave in a country that hasn't got even mobile phone coverage got 22 Saudis with legal passports to fly commercial 747s into buildings.. And then Iraq gets attacked. Fool me once.. AAA I mean you can't fool me again. Classic American mindset..

  6. P.s not one person of the Jewish faith died on that day.. Not one.. Just lucky they were told not to go to work that day..

  7. The Jesus debunking has been debunked as based on false evidence lol. Also it was irrelevant from the start. For people Jesus will remai way more real than Zeitgeist, which is good material, just not divine (absolute good for all)

    Emergent universe? Give me a break. Everything is based on causality, God included. Emergent for me means everything is unavoidable, meaning everything that can happen, will happen. So say both the Bible, and entropy

  8. funny that another word for banker is charlatan, since money is debt, and debt is slavery

    Yet people also out of ignorance don't regard " psychiatrist" as charlatans, who in fact never did as never can cure anyone of fictive mental diseases, with brain destroying drugs – mercury, cocaine, heroine, opium, fluorine, chlorine, or electroshocks, as they never did. They are used however by the "state" as another weapon of control, through state terrorism and political repression, breaking into homes or arresting illegally dissidents, locking them up in "psychiatric" charlatanry gulags and murdering them (if one day decades before his time due to poisoning, it's still murder) and chemically lobotomizing them. "Psychiatric" charlatanry "hospitals" are nothing more than disposal facilities ( facil = easy, meaning easy disposal of indesirable persons)

    Real Romania:

    ECHR https://www.scribd.com/mobile/document/352597506/Raneti-vs-Romania-at-ECHR


  9. How do you get a bunch of guys into cellars of buildings with high security? Pull work permits upstairs and take the elevator.

  10. sooo many lies and errors in this documentary everything about horus for example is false, non of the gods were crucified 3000 bc, the romans practiced that method of killing it did not exist 3000bc period! The resurrections of the different gods mentionend in this video is false, it never happened ,so sad that they are lying is this one. Wont watch again, and i hope everyone watching this does some research about the claims iin this film!

  11. No a myth is the presence of supernatural in history, don't be fooled by the people you are talking about. What you are looking for is a lie.
    Christianity comes from the Aryan not Egyptian culture, Egypt got their culture from the aryans.
    Behold a false prophet.
    Religion has been corrupted on the face but in it's depth lies the truth, the divine essence.
    Behold the cult of science which has stolen realities of religions and history.
    Avatars of Kris. Cross is earth. There are thirteen if Orion is added who opposes scorpio and threatens taurus the first fixed heavenly General. Jesus is not Surya who is the sun as is Apollo.
    The fish is the duality of christ and the universe.
    Daughters are sold for 30 pieces of silver.
    Christos means the adorned.

  12. You know that this is a spiritual war got nothing to do with money and wealth it relates to cultivation of demons and evil spirits.

  13. No they don't want wizards to counter their demonic magic, not straight thinkers since straight thinkers follow their cult of science, who are aethists and don't believe in God, or the created world. Watch there are no forests on flat earth.

  14. This blacksmith video has 11.5 million views, and Zeitgeist has only 4.6 million views. But, the blacksmith's metal was not molten or cut at an angle that resembles a professional demolition… https://youtu.be/FzF1KySHmUA

  15. Why are all videos now anti God ?
    No God, no morals.
    No morals, complete anarchy.
    Thou shalt not kill, Thou shalt not steal etc.. these are good commandments right ?
    Imagine society without these laws.
    Your soul is the most precious thing you have so don't let videos like this take it.
    God/Christ is love. He became Man and died for love of you.

  16. only 4 million views dam, either youtube is censoring view counts or we still have a long way to go as a people 🙁

  17. Atheist
    Because God sending himself to sacrifice himself to himself to save us from homself is a bit much for any logical person.

  18. i remember watching this back in 2008/9 and at that time i was just started UNi… good old times.. i forgot about this even though i live today trying to 'question everything' every time. the liberation of money, i believed was going to be through BITCOIN but now i realize that LIBRA is the RFID chip, that will track all of our transactions. Iran is on the verge of being invaded by trump and get their oil stolen. i fear not the future but i have little hope that others will as well open their eyes and start questioning everything soon enough

  19. If they are all just fictional characters…are demons too fictional characters? Some Humans have fear of evil but don't have love for God…ya all continue with your "knowledge" God's wisdom is the ultimate of all, feel God you'll know he's alive but think God and confuse yourself I just wonder how an ant can study and understand a human…

  20. "the truth will set you free" EXACTLY. please please please do not believe what he says on this video. he is not supplying you the truth, he is not setting you free.
    if you spend 5 minutes researching you will see it is not all truth. there is some ideas and theories behind what he says, but so much false statements.
    if you respect and value this film so much then do research and understand what is real and true and what it is not.
    see this video for what it is: it is questioning our world, questioning the ideas that we believe and where it comes from. but what he says is not factual, not even close.

  21. 12 years later and I laugh how stupid I was to every believe this trash 🙂 Though I was 14 so I guess it doesn't count.

  22. Most of the religion bit is BS he's giving Roman calendar dates for religions that don't even use it…

  23. Gross error correction: Income tax money does NOT go into the pockets of the F.R. bankers; only the interest does. The rest pays bills. How obvious is that? Or course in today's world the interest payments will soon equal the defense budget.

    Had to get that out, every time I watch this, I remember how infuriated i should be with so many aspects of our existence. – The only way to stop the corruption is through truth. – We need more whistleblowers.

    I really wish people would use their brains, if people thought for themselves instead of trundling along with the pack, these atrocities would be so much more difficult for them to orchestrate.

  25. 7:00 "…Horus… he is THE sun god of Egypt". Only if you completely ignore Ra and the solar nature of a bunch of other deities, but OK
    7:25 "…Seth was the personification of darkness or night…" Nope. Power, aggression, loud noises, extreme sexuality and foreign territories, among other things but not night and darkness.
    7:30 "… every morning Horus would win the battle against Seth…" BULL. SHIT. Seth is actually the one that wins every morning because he is part of the crew on board the solar boat of Ra. He defeats Apophis who is basically the representative of ANTI-creation. Seth literally SAVES the sun. Book of Am-Duat. Amateurs.
    7:35 "…while in the evening Seth would conquer Horus and send him into the underworld." Seth kills OSIRIS, not HORUS. It is OSIRIS the father of HORUS who gets sent into the underworld. Seth killing Horus goes against one of the most popular mythological cycles in Ancient Egyptian religion.
    7:50 ABSOLUTE BUUUUUUULL SHIIIIIIIIT. Nowhere does it say that Isis was a virgin, quite the opposite – she resurrected Osiris to have sex with him in order for Horus to be born. No star in the east and he was hidden by his mother in the swamps so fuck that three kings story.
    8:10 Baptism ?! Ministry ?! 12 disciples ?! Walking on water ?! At this point they are telling the story of the bible just calling Jesus with another name. None of this shit is confirmed in egyptian sources.
    8:23 "Horus was known by many gestural names … " absolute bullshit. You can see the names of Horus for yourselves every time you walk into an Egyptian temple, if you know enough hieroglyphs. They have nothing to do with anything this stupid movie tells you.
    8:30 "After being betrayed by Typhon" … thats the greek name for Seth. Seth killed Osiris before Horus was even born. Safe to say they were not friends so how can there be any betrayal ?! Also that shit about being crucified and resurrected… nothing to do reality.

    This is movie is pathetic.

  26. Where are all the references for this movie? I can not find any sources buttressing these claims…

  27. Merica, media, 1% ers ,military industrial complex on and on so full of shit it's frightening!! If u are stupid enough to join military or sign off on your children doing so in 2019 after all the CONFIRMED false flags since WW1 then they deserve to die. Smh you simply cannot stop ignorant sociopath people misled by corporate structures for corporate gain from their own weakness and stupidity in the name of "patriotism ".

  28. Just remember everyone… there are NO heroes in war not just cause u served anyhow just Victims . For those forced people who serve are enslaved aka "drafted" you are a victim and in a different category.

    For the idiots who signed up…
    You are misled, dipshits, or sociopaths who want to kill. With that said certain soldiers can be deemed heroes those who go above and beyond to save lives or a whistle-blower who speaks truth. Rest of you don't mean shit!

  29. knowing the truth will only shackle you to a global demon occupied earth. so the more you know, the more suffering you'll be faced with

  30. Why has there not been an independent high court civil action investigation into the "911 investigation commission", from the very beginning there has been overwhelming irrefutable evidence that this act was orchestrated and covered up by agents of the US state actors to instigate war against the Middle East, and indirectly the world with its ensuing totalitarian servalance apparatus, the world knows it, Sadly the western populations have habituated to a Disney world fantasy land mindset, bereft of critical thinking to long have our leaders lied and patronised the masses in a grade school manner. they fear no reprisals or accountability acting with impunity. The truth needs to come to expose the sham of government.

  31. "The attack is aimed, of course, against "capitalism", which means the present government of the world by the Gentile. The true capitalists of the world are Jews, who are capitalists for capital's sake. It is hard to believe that they wish to destroy capital; they wish to obtain sole control of it, and their wish has long been in fair way to fulfillment." -Henry Ford, "The International Jew"

    Don't be deceived by the Marxist billionaire establishment.

  32. Wow. The comment section on this video is astonishing. Full of nazis and religous kooks. 🙂 I would not have expected that. Downright poison. Dont read it! It will just stupify you.

  33. No myths here, …

    1. And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."



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  34. Jesus Christ IS THE PERSONIFICATION OF A MARRIED MAN who sacrifice his life for children and family.! St.Mary is the PERSONIFICATION OF THE WOMAN WHO BECAME A MOTHER! ….religion is about us humans…with god invention in it…god is the PERSONIFICATION OF GOOD>….the way humans understand it!

  35. MONEY is not THE ANSWER OF LIFE….IF YOU SEARCH ONLY FOR MONEY you are a slave without a chance….BE FREE! V I C T O R Y

  36. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnRPrJcRdkk Capel Green is a powerful, independent feature length documentary film about the myriad of strange occurrences which took place in and around Rendlesham Forest, close to the twin US Air Force bases of Bentwaters and Woodbridge in Suffolk, England during 1980.

    Numerous US Air Force personnel witnessed UFOs in the sky, strange spheres of red light floating above the ground, beams shone down from UFOs into weapons storage areas, landed unidentified craft, and unusual entities which were observed in a farmer's field known as Capel Green.

    This is NOT a science fiction film, these events actually took place and affected real people and their lives. The film also centres around the original military whistleblower in these incidents, Airman First Class – Larry Warren who has fought for the truth and justice in these matters for almost four decades! Featuring re-enactment scenes of the incredible events plus interviews with witnesses who have never spoken on camera before, this film will genuinely shock many people with what will be revealed through its thorough research and corroboration. This is an amazing part of our history which has never been fully researched or investigated in the mainstream media… UNTIL NOW.

  37. the religious comparison is such a joke. 15% of the egyptians are Christians. Do you believe that you know more about their history than they do themselves?

  38. Question everything? Ok, I question some of the claims made in this movie. 9/11 truthers are the worst. Embarrassing they would quote a skeptic like Carl Sagan. I remember this crap was popular with the tinfoil brigade back in the day.

  39. Europeans, free Arabian and African SS legions, Indian SS legions, Cossack SS legions, Asian SS legions and others who fought for National Socialism and for a better world, need to come together once again and fight against the International Jewish bankers and their Communist friends who have killed well over 200 million people in the past 100 years alone, and the piles of death bodies keep getting higher.

    Communist propaganda and Cultural-Marxism is designed so that it appeals to narcissistic, jealous and selfish people. These people betray their own people and country for their own sick pleasure, and the Jew-supremacist billionaire elite thank them for that.

    The truth fears no investigation. Watch: "Adolf Hitler – The Greatest Story Never Told"

  40. They try to rewrite history. but not until I breathe. After I die, they can do what they want.
    Wait, someone is at the door. brb…..

  41. If this is true, one day I will be dead & be able to rest……I win, they lose. 9/11 analogy bullsit though. It was muslim attackers, not "everything" is a false flag.

  42. 9:16 he says Dionysus performed miracles such as turning water into wine haha sounds like his people were alcoholics. Any alcoholic would find such a gift as turning water into wine as a miracle.

  43. the astronomical part is total bullshit. modern age Dec 25th sun is always in Saggitarius, nowhere near Crux. 2000 years ago it would always be in Capricorn, also nowhere near Crux

  44. I'm back, todays date: August 10, 2019. After seeing it for the first time about 10 years ago, it change my life! And I came back because a christian person, family member, told me I dont know Christ. This christian asked me to read a book about supposed evidence that Christ really performed miracles and all the other things the bible sais. So I told him "ok I will read this book you speak of if, and only if, you watch Zeitgeist." His response: "is it satanic?"

  45. This documentary was BLASPHEMOUS

    Watch real Trurh exhuming documentaries like ' The Greatest story never told' and ' Communism at backdoor'

  46. this is the best common sense and logical and thought provoking documentary. Sadly most of the world have been indoctrinated and brainwashed by the modern church institutional dogmas that most people will dismiss and reject reality based information and hold on to a belief that they can't even prove.

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