50 thoughts on “Zaheer's Ideology

  1. Zaheer has a Thanos vibe to him. An ideal world that the audience would agree would be an amazing place to live in, with questionable methods of achieving it and not predicting correctly how everyone else would react to an attempt to create an "ideal world".

  2. Growing up im becoming zaheer, why do we need tyrants were having today when they stand by and do nothing while the world suffers.

  3. Interesting that Zahher only wants opressive goberments to fall. That meas a problem not with autorithy, but with how they rule.

  4. Think that Zaheer is an anomoly. This means that he was born to be what he is. His words may seem true but to try to force then onto people not in his position is tyrany.

  5. Zaheer: "Freedom!"

    "You keep using that word… I don't think it means what you think it means…"
    -Inigo Montoya

  6. I agree. I know it'll all end the same as today, in death. But It's better than having ranks and levels. With Zaheer's way everyone will be equal. Only the strength of heart ,body and will would survive. Not whoever has the most "smarts" or money. It's pathetic world we live in today

  7. Freedom = always looking over your shoulder. Fighting for your own survival.

    Peace = paying bills. Government in your business. Corrupt politicians.

    Can't have Both.

  8. We don't even know if Guru Laghima was talking about politics. There's plenty of philosophical talk about destruction and rebirth in Buddhism, Guru Laghima could've probably meant it philosophically.

  9. flawed ideology, not that every ideology is perfect… chaos and order are one in the same. People form communities and power structures form as a result. Sure, governments become stale and people abuse power but that's human nature. As for whether the spirit portals stay open or closed, they were created by vaatu, it's not like they naturally occurred so why should it matter if they stay closed. It's all well and good to try and teach humans to respect spirits but what about how spirits adversely effect humans and infrastructure? It's all just opinions

  10. This is very wrong no matter how bad the leaders are if we were to have freedom like he wants without no leaders everything will fall into chaos killing mass genocides mass Extinction mass destruction because humans can't control themselves if they are free don't be retarded and say he's right without leaders were just as fucked because stupid none reliable people exist

  11. To those saying that Zaheer is responsible for the rise of Kuvira, I'm just going to copy my response I made to a previous comment.

    The whole idea of power vacuums that can be filled by others who are just as bad is born out of the very structures Zaheer was trying to overthrow in the first place though. If the Red Lotus would have been able to continue its mission of ushering in a world without leaders and borders, maybe the problem with Kuvira could have been nipped at the bud or avoided entirely. She was only able to rise to power using the preexisting structures of military command, which in themselves are the executive extension of the power the Queen was wielding. If anything, Kuvira only proves Zaheer right, and it's weird the writing didn't acknowledge this more explicitly. Furthermore, the fact that after defeating the Red Lotus, the status quo of ruling monarchy gets reestablished, only exacerbates this issue. Ignoring the questionable decision to have the main cast just be content to prop up another vain, moronic, irresponsible dipshit as the ruler of an entire nation just because he's of the right "bloodline" without considering that this power might just turn him into another Earth Queen style ruler or worse, Kuvira is able to exploit the underlying trappings of monarchical rule to prop herself up as a better "stronger" alternative and ultimately take over. Hell, the Earth Kingdom had already experienced a sort of takeover like this in the original Avatar series, in which Long Feng basically ruled Ba Sing Se under his oppressive rule by using the secret police and military, kidnapping and brainwashing civilians and manipulating the then ruling king. And that was all without a Zaheer type revolutionary or anything, it was just a result of the inherently abusable and corruptive power structures. If anything, Zaheer was trying to break the cycle that would allow the likes of Earth Queens, Long Fengs, and Kuviras to rise to power ever again. That he wasn't given the opportunity to see this goal through, and that other forces pushed for a return to the same rotten status quo wasn't his fault.

  12. Anarchists always think chaos = freedom. But chaos actually means that the strongest are free to rule the weak through violence.

  13. "new growth cannot exist without the destruction of the old"
    "we must tear down oppressive governments"
    "there will be no more government"
    Couldn't you just overthrow the bad leaders and install better ones rather than spreading chaos?

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