Z NATION | Season 4, Episode 7: Where the Posse People At | SYFY

Z NATION | Season 4, Episode 7: Where the Posse People At | SYFY

Welcome to our humble home. And Dark Carnival of Mayhem. Whoop, whoop! Let the games begin! Games? I don’t think he means
Parcheesi. [loud music plays] And in this corner, we have the
Zuggalo Wheel of Sudden Death. For your spinning pleasure. [music continues] [laughing] [laughing] And in this corner,
Brain the Hippie. Oh come on, man. What’d this ole
hippie ever do to you? [thwap] [laughing] [thunk] You need to back up, tater tot! [thwap]
[yelling] [laughing] [groaning] And for those of you who like
your torture high tech, I give you Test Your Metal. [electric zapping] [yelling] I’m gonna kill you! Dude, it’s only set to Wussy. We
haven’t even cranked it up yet. [laughing] And for our Zuggalo pleasure! Whoop, whoop! Whoop. Whoop. All right. That’s it for round
one of Drink For Your Life. Now that we’re warmed up,
it’s time for Pruno! (all) Pruno! Yeah! Same rules as last round. Only this time,
for every wrong answer, you drink. And we zap
your friend here. Wait, what?
That…that’s not fair! [electric zapping] (all) [laughing] [yelling] (all) [laughing] All right. Here we go. Okay, I got it. What was the first joker’s card? That was the
Carnival of Carnage. 1992. Guzzle it. [groaning] [thwap]
[yelling] Oww! [clunk]
Hey, come on, dude. Really. [thwap]
[yelling] Oww! [yelling] Oww! Son of a bitch. No, no, no. Oh! [muffled] Oh! [muffled] Oh! Lucky guess. That was too easy. [music ceases] Okay. I got it. When did they release
Echo Side? That’s a trick question. It’s a Dark Lotus song. And it’s on the
Tales of the Lotus Pod, in like, 2001. Ha! Wrong. Drink. It was actually on The Amazing
Jeckel Brothers in 1999. That was a good try though. You were right.
It was on Dark Lotus too. But later. [electric zapping]
[yelling] [music resumes] [laughing]

46 thoughts on “Z NATION | Season 4, Episode 7: Where the Posse People At | SYFY

  1. The only reason why I live on earth is because of the show🤪🤪😂😂😘😘😍😍😘❤️❤️😘😘😍😍😘😘❤️

  2. Alot of znation people didnt like it. I think it was just too many inside icp jokes they didnt understand but that episode was 100 percent juggalo

  3. id like to think my juggalo family would be so much better than this, especially in a post apocalyptic world.

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