23 thoughts on “Yellow Vests Escalate, Experts Warn Populism DESTROYING The EU

  1. if anything soros says: "i'm disapointed because my puppets failed to gain power and that hampers timetables on my own plans".

  2. Europeans that love Europe and other Europeans HATE the EU.
    The EU is the enemy of any sane (non brainwashed or bought off) European person.

  3. If you care about your children's future you really have no choice but to try to block immigration. Look at who is voting left wing in demographics and then realize when the West started to decline due to the outcomes of those votes.

  4. Feminism is Cancer – every country with Feminism is dying – Crashing Birth Rates, Women Vote Left Wing and create Feminazi laws supporting Divorce Rape, Paternity Fraud, False Allegations, Baby Murder (Abortion), high taxation for heavy Welfare State and Mass Immigration population replacement. Women control voting majority as they kill men years early via stress, pressuring them to work harder jobs and longer hours to provide for them (monks and nuns have similar lifespans), husbands get destroyed by cheating ex-wives who steal their house and lifelong alimony, widespread Paternity Fraud (1/3 kids tested have wrong father, eg. MoneySupermarket.com founder Richard Mason), men are 80% of suicides and divorced men are 10x more likely to kill themselves than divorced women, False Allegations without due process protection (Title IX), institutionalized male gender discrimination eg. negative media stereotyping, affirmative action hiring practices, anti-male college culture, even 60% harsher sentencing for the same crimes (white vs black sentencing has 10% disparity by comparison). History will judge Feminism as worse than Nazism and Communism combined in terms of the long term damage and decline of western civilization. TFM was right, women's voting rights need to be revoked otherwise the West is lost.

  5. Populism just means putting your own citizens first. That is the job of every great leader. Too many western leaders are traitors to their own people, they just make the rich richer and everybody else poorer via immigration. If people don't rise up against them Europe and America, two of the greatest socio-geographies in the world will be lost to the dustbin of history.

  6. U can't declare yourself the leader of the free world to be the man u gotta beat the man and bring it o. France lol

  7. EU economy is utterly unsustainable. There is no competition. France and Germany are not capitalist but sociist

  8. Just like napoleon triggered German nationalism so did Hitler triggered Russisn nationalism. WE SEE THIS NOW CLEAR AFTER THE END OF THE COLD WAR

  9. Dear Tim, I would support your efforts more if I could afford to. I am 72, in poor health, etc. I started surfing the internet a few years ago and even though I thought your program was going to be about skate boards I clicked on and was pleasantly surprised. You have one of the most level headed and straight forward programs I have run across. Great work and true journalism in it's most basic form. Who, what , were, when. That's what it is all about. You mentioned George Soros twice in this episodes so I must comment. I have studied Soros for a few years now. I do believe he is a very dangerous person. I have watched hundreds of hours of interviews with him and a few poorly done docs about him. First, and importantly he is not Jewish. His grandparents were but Judaism is not genic which some people refuse to accept. His parents were atheists as was his brother. Neither he or his brother were ever involved in Jewish culture or religion. His father was in a Russian prison camp during WW I but spent most of his life trying to develop Esperanto as a world language. His father did protect him by aligning him with a Nazi stealing from Hungarian Jews until he was ale to ship him off to England to join his brother. He does not want to die with the label "wealthy capitalist". He thinks of himself as a philosopher and "economic activist". He believes totally that "Anarchy" must take place for the world to be renewed and rebuilt. In the past two years he has dumped 10 billion dollars towards this effort. Best !

  10. I'm french living in the UK for 20 years. I have been following the yellow vest movement via independent channels given that the official media are consistently distorting and covering up what is happening in the country. This is a historical situation which would be in the best interest of people outwith France to be aware of because it is linked international affairs especially the EU and this is probably why I am so amazed as to how little is said in the international press about this or at best it is very distorted to depict the yellow vests as a bunch of gallic trouble makers. The yellow vests are not nationalists, this is the 'official' version and governmental propaganda relayed by foreign media. The yellow vest are people, yes simply people, from multiple backgrounds, ethnic groups, political and religious views who are taking the streets side by side to reclaim their sovereignty, defend democracy and human rights. Among them are lawyers in particular, who are whistle blowing the corruption of the political, executive system in the Country, receiving their orders from abroad. Europe is dear to my heart and living between 2 countries, I have always felt like a European citizen and I used to be in favour of the EU until I found out more about it and noticed the negative impact of the Euro on people's life in France. But let me tell you that the European Union does not have, has never had and will never have European citizens' best interest at heart. It is a ruthless anti-democratic system in disguise, whose sole aim is to benefit a minority of international oligarchs. People really need to educate themselves about the history of the European Union, its treaties, its connection with the US and its ultimate agenda.

  11. It’s funny how centralized power is on the verge of collapse. Almost like if we looked to history this could have been predicted.

  12. European union is MAFIA AND EVIL EMPIRE should be shunned banned and dismantled by force. United Nation PARASITES of high order and Globalist should be shut down by President Trump . UN envoys from all countries be banned and deported.

  13. UK once ruled the Whole world but cannot rule it's own country and needs to be ruled by MAFIA i.e. EVIL EMPIRE ie unelected bureaucrats of EU. Shame on the British government to have become subservient and Vassal state of EU

  14. CANADA maybe next?

  15. Open door immigration has brought about the beginning of the end of Europe. Rich and "left" wanting more immigration BUT NOWHERE NEAR THEM.

  16. it's just that us french are fed up with leftists crap,in europe leftist are like a cancer,they tell you how to live to talk,who you have to love,when you give one month of salary for thoses who don't wanna work even just a little bit then yellow vest happen

  17. nationalism is saving Europe democratics country and distroying Bilderberg and trilateral globalism and new world order conspriration .

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