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  1. You can't have it both ways … to have your title and to eat
    it too.
    "Yaron Brook Show: Nationalism & Americanism". In this
    instance the two go together.
    "Yaron Brook Show: Nationalism vs. Americanism". In this
    instance the two are opposites.

    Its bad enough that you waffle on for over an hour, on a
    topic, the least you can do is get the title right so that it
    reflects the principle you are about to shine a light on.

    NOT that its going to stop you from confusing "Nationalism"
    with "Foreign Policy" and THAT AMERICA IS AT A CROSSROADS.
    Its about to go into the Socialist/Communist shit hole. Trump
    is addressing this precipice. "Trump's Nationalism" is an
    attempt to save America … which socialism is about to
    swallow up. Trump is not able to tie it all the way back to
    the principle upon which it is built- individual rights- but
    he does see that America is slipping away.

  2. Nationalist Populism is on the rise as reaction to the Socialist/Liberals who have been pushing their Globalist Corporatist and PC multiculturalism on us in the West for decades. A lot of us are sick and tired of the Elites in Entertainment, Media and especially the Leftists in our Education Institutions indoctrinating this Marxist Culturalism in our society. Nothing wrong with being a Nationalist. It's about time Americans started sticking up for America.

  3. Later in this discussion, Brook rejects "nationalist individualism" for Americanism, ie, individualism. Nationalism is more than merely valuing nations. Rand praised America but despised nationalism. I wear shirts but Im not a shirtist because shirts are not my highest value and I dont have an ideology of shirtism. Shirts are merely one of my many, non-basic values, like chocolate ice cream and the early Rolling Stones. Im not a Stonist either. One could, after all, be an individualist and value cities more than nations. Enlightenment thinkers regarded themselves as cosmpolitans, not nationalists. The American Revolution was basically about individualism, not about the American nation. But it was non-basically, for the American nation. One can be an individualist and value nations as a method of individualism that ended the medieval collectivism of towns. So I value the American nation and other nations with a significant respect for individualism. Words are not as important as ideas but they have some importance.

  4. Did not Ayn Rand herself pen an essay criticizing Britain's entry into the then 'common market' in '73? Wonder if Yaron is cognizant of it?

  5. Objectivist epistemology (Yaron's weakness )
    is based on empirical evidence. 
    Examples are required to validate one's beliefs. So I will give examples validating how the press is the enemy of the people. Remember Harvey Weinstein? When one of his victims complained to authorities she was smeared by New York Post's female reporters.

    Running cover for a sexual harasser.
    Don't worry this is just 1 example. 

    Fact checking the media — yes, the Clinton machine did start the birther movement

    Intellectual Trumpster 2
    Yaron 0

  6. This seems like a man who would prefer to live safely as a slave than dangerous independence.

    I also wonder where he thinks this inpulse for "freedom" comes in europe when every part he claims supports slavery.

    He seems like he would be one who would support the Ottoman Empire: sure, your children may be randomly taken, you have no say in your future, but hey, you can freely trade to Syria. So being irrelevent chattle of the state is fine.

  7. Brook is really an Israelist. He'll probably go back there when he needs to take advantage of Israel's free health care.

  8. Orwells distinction between patriotism and nationalism got me thinking about how Hitler said he was not a patriot, quite interesting.

  9. James Delingpole brought me here. You're my new favourite living economist. Consider me one of your groupies.

  10. The countries making up the EU are rather different in a lot of respects. Some would probably be more free outside the union. The north, basically. Maybe those should form their own NEU with internal and external free trade. Or just kick out the socialists (looking at you, France) from the existing EU and reform it.

  11. 4:20 – Nationalism
    8:38 – Yoram Hazony's book "The Virtue of Nationalism
    10:00 – history of the term
    25:05 – NY Times writer David Brooks on nationalism
    36:38 – how George Orwell viewed nationalism
    48:44 – "Americanism" the only rational form of nationalism
    51:32 – Abraham Lincoln on loyalty to the founding ideas
    58:00 – European Union
    1:12:54 – Military Service
    1:16:05 – AFD party in Germany
    1:19:45 – Libertarian Party as a stepping stone
    1:21:10 – Jonathan Haidt
    1:23:40 – Ayn Rand Student Conference 2018 Atlanta, GA
    on "Tribalism"

  12. WHY ONLY 1000 VIEWS YARON??!! . Ayn was the most popular philosopher in 20th C. What did she do that you're not doing? 
    Your heart's not in it.
    Reason why you don't take calls. I can refute anyone against my beliefs. I welcome debate. But Yaron cant take calls?

  13. I think that Donald Trump's definition of Nationalism is exactly Americanism in his mind. He just happens to be economically misguided about the benefits of trade and immigration. I think when Trump says he is a Nationalist, he means that he is a team player, and America is his team.

  14. Let me guess. Yaron gives no ex of Bannon’s nationalism. He quotes Orwell’s definition. I get it ANTS! But gives no examples to show how Bannon is different from a patriot.

  15. The only point that matters:(which I wish Yaron would have done)
    Distinguishing Hitler's Nationalism vs Trump's
    1. Hitler's – placing the Nation above everything. including the nation's INDIVIDUALS & other nations. Because it places the nation above individual it is by definition totalitarian.
    2. Trump's. Placing one's own nation above other nations( just common sense)
    But with a confusion that capitalism is not the best system for one's own nation as well as all other FREE nations. And thinking that countries are at war with each other economically. (ex tariffs etc)

  16. So you don't think the demographic change of US is problem? Most non-whites vote democrat. In other words, no nationalism = socialism. Just an outsiders observation.

  17. globalism=
    collective social engineered system that removes a democratic system,
    shifts populations to kill nationalism and sovereignty. Elites leading
    the gimps(poor)

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