Yanis Varoufakis – The Lib Dems have abandoned Liberalism

Yanis Varoufakis – The Lib Dems have abandoned Liberalism

The Lib Dems must be condemned
to being treated with maximum contempt forever. They are the ones that effectively allowed
David Cameron to impose austerity and to usurp even liberal
values So the Lib Dems, if there’s any justice in
this world will go nowhere near government
and especially, they would not go near government on the coat-tails of the Labour Party
and Corbyn’s Labour Party. Yes we do need a coalition
but the Labour Party is the coalition. The Labour Party is a broad church
That doesn’t mean that you don’t strike deals or you have good understanding with people
like Caroline Lucas here in Brighton, for the Green Party
with the Scottish National Party, absolutely. But, you draw a line somewhere
and I think that the line needs to be drawn on the question of austerity and on the question
of property rights. Anyone who challenges the need to reverse decades of austerity
and anybody who challenges the need to shift property rights from the few to the
many should simply have no place in such a coalition. So you’re reversing privatisation, the Liberal
Democrat’s disagree, you shouldn’t – They’re out! They’re out Let them hob-knob with Johnson. They deserve
it. But what do you think it says more generally
about liberalism today? Its dead!
I mean, not liberalism. The Liberal’s liberalism because they betrayed it. They introduced
Nick Clegg was responsible for introducing hugely anti liberal legislation. Legislation
that denied people their basic habeas corpus rights
Its a bit like Syriza in Greece. When the coalition
of the radical left cuts the lowest pensions there are, privatise everything, and imposes
huge stringent austerity, it ceases to be Its not that the left has failed, its not
that socialism has died as an idea. Its that this party is
no longer able to be counted as part of the left.
Similarly, I mean, I think that liberalism is always
going to be with us and I have a libertarian streak in me, and I think that Karl Marx had
one too You can’t be a believer in the emancipation
of the working class, of women, of blacks, of
minorities and not be a liberal. Emancipation is a liberal
and even libertarian project, but the Lib Dems
have abandoned liberalism a long time ago.

32 thoughts on “Yanis Varoufakis – The Lib Dems have abandoned Liberalism

  1. Nobody should ever vote for the lib dems again. They aren't any different to the tories and they lie just the same. Jo Swindon is the biggest con.

  2. If I had my way… I'd have all MPs tested in 5 ways, before they are let anywhere near our Parliament again…

    1 – IQ
    2 – EQ
    3 – Lie Detector
    4 – Drug
    5 – Drink

  3. LOL liberal once upon a time used to mean small government and maximum freedom of the individual citizen, giving out free stuff and redistributing wealth is not a liberal value, it's a socialist value. But at the end of the day liberalism is such a weak ideology it's no wonder progressives like this guy try to subvert what it is supposed to be all the time.

  4. It is clear that we need a new Ani- Establishment left all around the Europe. Which will stand for the ordinary people, fight for the human rights and emancipatory values.

  5. You're missing the most glaring reason of all… Their unwillingness to respect the single largest democratic vote in the history of this nation. They are neither liberal not democratic.

  6. Liberalism is pseudo-democratic and krypto-aristocratic ideology that relies on the myth of meritocracy, LibDems are liberal and their elitism is the proof. Yanis has a warped view of liberalism due his training as an economist. Economists have as deluded view of liberalism as they have of human psychology.

  7. I can't be the only one noticing NM's slide to the right over the last year..
    When I joined the show was critical of liberalism, not using it as a positive term.. Same with Social Democracy and holding up Norway style capitalism as at all left.. Michael asked if Aaron was a SocDem at the start of the last Tyskie as if that was something great and revalatory and the obvious improvment on his "Democratic" Socialist stance.

    This is a liberal show now that just pays lip service to the left. Soc Dems co-op leftist language to patch the holes in capitalism, they are not leftists, they are capitalists dressed in red.

  8. Due to years of "New Labour" becoming increasingly indistinguishable from the Tories, I decided to lend the LibDems my vote after being impressed by their manifesto – which they promptly misused by going into Coalition, and ended up making my life as a disabled person even more difficult than before! For that alone, I despise them with a passion – but that doesn't mean I spend my days attacking them, instead of the utterly despicable Tories who are wrecking the country! But the way Swinton's been carrying on though, is difficult to ignore – so of course we have to respond to her bullshit, and her apparent determination to keep the Tories in government… personally, I wish she would just get out the way, and stfu for once in her austerity-loving life!

  9. The Lib Dems occupy a similar position to the U.S. Democratic Party – they don't know what they're for, and we don't know what they're for. I guess at the end of the day the Lib Dems are for the Lib Dems and the Democrats are for the Democrats.

  10. Great, more snippet pieces like this please in the run up to the GE, great sharing material for people who will never watch a longer analysis piece.

  11. All fair enough, but what if Lab plus Greens plus SNP/Plaid isn't enough to get a majority in parliament?

    At that point do you hold your nose and talk to the Lib Dems, or form a minority government or what?

  12. But novara media is run by self proclaimed "literal communists", so why should any liberal care about any message they want to send?

  13. Legislation enacted under the Tory-Lib Dem coalition led to thousands of disabled people's deaths, the racist Windrush scandal, the hostile environment, further foreign interventions, austerity, poverty, homelessness, and ultimately resulted in Brexit. If you think that any of these things are 'left wing' or 'liberal', you lack the capacity to make rational judgements.

  14. I'm really saddened by the UK Green Party of late. I think they made some serious errors of judgement in aligning with the Lib Dems (the embarrassing women-only Remain thing being the first mistake, which Lucas took the flak for). It's forced their advocacy of an environmental agenda into the background and rendered them pointless, when they really should be on board with Labour's Green New Deal/Industrial Revolution.

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