28 thoughts on “Yanis Varoufakis: Socialism, Populism, Nationalism and Independence

  1. As a Scot l feel much more European than British. The UK ( England ) is far to right wing. It has lost its place in world standing and is now becoming isolated in the world. Scotland had an educational and trade history with Europe before we were conned into joining the UK.

  2. Yanis, your (real world; not the Marxist voodoo) economic analyses are usually both cogent and coherent. Your assessment of the repulsive sham that is the EU in its current and it seems increasingly immutable form, is bang on the nail. Yet your political agenda, as outlined here is no more than a 'more-than-averagely-earnest-but not too-bright' adolescent zealot's hotchpotch of parroted clichés and embarrassingly obvious self-contradictions. Furthermore, both of us know you're far too bright to really believe a single word of it yourself, and that it leaves you looking indistinguishable from the snakeoil-peddling professional politicians you so rightly despise.

  3. Exciting to hear, in the news – not in the interview – Varoufakis teaming up with Bernie Sanders on Progressive(s) International launch Nov. 30th in Vermont. (:-) Hoping Corbyn will join.

  4. For here "I lost my land" is changed; a cell is split
    and from its splitting grows the thing you hate–"We lost our
    land." The danger is here, for two men are not as lonely and
    perplexed as one. And from this first "we" there grows a still
    more dangerous thing: "I have a little food" plus "I have
    none." If from this problem the sum is "We have a little
    food," the thing is on its way, the movement has direction.
    Only a little multiplication now, and this land, this tractor are
    ours. The two men squatting in a ditch, the little fire, the side-
    meat stewing in a single pot, the silent, stone-eyed women;
    behind, the children listening with their souls to words their
    minds do not understand. The night draws down. The baby
    has a cold. Here, take this blanket. It's wool. It was my mother's
    blanket–take it for the baby. This is the thing to bomb.
    This is the beginning–from "I" to "we."

    If you who own the things people must have could understand
    this, you might preserve yourself. If you could separate
    causes from results, if you could know Paine, Marx,
    Jefferson, Lenin, were results, not causes, you might survive.
    But that you cannot know. For the quality of owning freezes
    you forever into "I," and cuts you off forever from the "we."
    The Grapes of Wrath, chapter 14

  5. Without a SINGLE exception, self-proclaimed conservatives preach against VAGUE UNSPECIFIED "elite". Yet in PRACTICAL REALITY, EVERY SINGLE TIME, conservatives ALWAYS SUPPORT the STATUS QUO, WEALTH INEQUALITY,
    ALWAYS support the WORST industries, the MOST POLLUTING industries & corporations.

  6. Extremist nationalism BY ALL NATIONS needs to be stamped out just like ALL RELIGIONS – especially christianity & islam & scientology.
    If ANYONE defends people breeding, popping out babies, without the new people giving their prior consent,
    then they have NO right to complain about what political & economic laws the new people demand.
    So breeders & anyone defending breeding SHOULD be forced to take care of EVERYONE EQUALLY. If that's a Marxist or Communist or Socialist system, great.
    And NO laws against what DRUGS a person consumes. One of the NEGATIVES about Marxists & Communists has been their anti-drug
    anti-gun anti-pornography laws. If you are anti-drug or anti-pornography, then you & Communists are on the same side. Hence, you have no right to complain about Communists or Communism or Marxists or Marxism.

  7. I am very astonished, that he even mentioned the post 30's and compared them with today. I finished reading 'Road to Serfdom' a few weeks ago, and few things Varoufakis mentioned remembered me of that book. For those who do not know it: It's by Hayek, the Austrian economist, which was released in 1944 or 1945 in England, where he warned the British people from socialism and describes, how socialism can end up in fascism.

  8. Varoufakis has described himself as a Marxist and as a Keynesian at the same time! He is not stable in his beliefs. National economies are not Gamble theories as Varoufakis thinks. So. as a finance minister he was unsuccessful. Because of the prolongation of his "negotiations" with the EU and the impotence to reach an agreement we had the capital controls and the posibility to leave the eurozone with trementous consequencies for the Greek people. Greece is not the UK, is a weak economy that needs to be transformed. Urgently!

  9. I hope we can leave the chains of left and right behind us and take steps forward towards a future together

  10. I think the Problem is mainly “People take everything for granted ! “ People don’t know or understand how Consumption functions! ………. No one asks him or herself how comes we have access to so many Products and astonishingCheap in any town and village within EU?

  11. Wow hes so wrong about scotland. The Spivviest banks in the UK were based in Edinburgh, it was RBS that required the biggest bailout and was run by the biggest spiv of them all, Scotland over the last 4 decades has been getting by on North Sea oil, and it was a pair of Scots called Brown and Blair who spivified England…..this guy is way off the mark,…

  12. Other bit he's missed is that Salvini is actually in coalition with the far left, also 36% of the SNP voted for Brexit

  13. Yanis was a failure as finance minister and is a terrible commentator.
    The sovereignty movement is not xenophobic fascist or even particularly right wing. We just want out democracy back. If you believe in high low skilled migration then take a bill to parliament and argue it out, democratically in public.

  14. Is he an idealist, or a dreamer? Is he oversimplifying real problems, that stem from traditions and culture? Everything IMHO begins with education, based on facts only! Then the generations that follow will be influenced by their parents, while fact based education remains strong. There must be a consensus created among all people, that all of them will benefit, not just a few percent! Democracy is just a word, that needs to be filled with meaningfulness!
    2 to 3 generations (about 60 to 75 years) are needed to achieve, what Varoufakis wants to achieve ;-), the problem will be, that he will not be around to see real change and ultimately success! So WHO will be there to oversee and further the democracy, e.g. in Switzerland (which is not perfect, but better than anywhere else… or Costa Rica, or Finland, even Chile to some extent? If one does not have the power, even the best, most idealistic ideas, will not come about!

  15. You may not agree with everything he says, but isn't it good to be able to understand it so clearly? In fact, I find nothing here to disagree with. And may I also say thanks to the interviewer. That is the sort of interview I like to hear: give the bloke a chance, ask sensible questions, and let him get on with it. None of your interrupting, putting down, arguing, all the reasons I gave up radio 4's today prog. Very refreshing, and well worth sharing.

  16. It's interesting how a mainstream journalist wasn't squeamish here about descriptively using the term 'neoliberalism' – I very much doubt that would have happened even five years ago, when everyone was pretending they didn't know what it meant. That said, this interviewer appears to be unrepresentative – he seems quite fair-minded and gives his interlocutor the chance to flesh out their argument; he asks challenging questions, but with a tone of civility rather than the usual, cheap and pugnacious adversarialism that invariably degenerates into a brouhaha.

  17. We must change Europe Mr. Varoufakis!!! I would say we are heading to the 1930s but we are also heading towards 1984!!! The left are censoring everything. Where has debate gone? We must protect the demographics of Europe or we will see Enoch Powell' 'Rivers of Blood'. The growing popularity of the nationalists is the fault of the left wing and Brussels. The demographics of Italy have been changed forever!!! Matteo Salvini is becomming a god strikingly similiar to Mussolinii (only more desirable) and his popularity is through the roof😁

  18. He has the nerve to call himself a socialist!!! Greeks are still facing capital controls and his administration in government added another 200 billion euro debt. Low life academic that has never worked in his life.

  19. The consumers always loose…. the auto manufacturers/exporters to the US will increase the prices….. its like Cities giving a tax abatement for a few years on a purchase of a property…. the contractors raises the price of the property a few thousand $$ extra since the buyer will be paying a low tax for the early years…. lol…lol… consumers always lose…… FOOLS….. lol…lol….

  20. This guy is just another greedy coward…. just out there racking in money on interview…seminars….selling books…. if he really cared and was that good… why isn't he running for office….. offer is so called expertise to good use….. another Mr. know it all and in the end doesn't know crap…..

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