Xi Jinping May Be The World’s Most Powerful Leader

Xi Jinping May Be The World’s Most Powerful Leader

China’s President Xi Jinping is not as vocal or social media obsessed as president Trump He’s arguably the world’s most powerful leader, and thanks to a recent end to term limits he can now rule for life But few knew much about him before he became China’s president, as a longtime cog in China’s bureaucracy Xi gave little indication of the sort of nationalist leader he’d be until this comment he made as vice president Those 30 seconds of shade were nearly entirely scrubbed from the interwebs by Chinese censors But it did give the world a glimpse into how Xi might rule Way before he was China’s President Xi Jinping couldn’t even get into the Communist Party He came from a well-off political family, but after his dad clashed with the party he was turned away. As a teen he lived in a remote village for several years, an experience some say helped him relate to Chinese citizens He eventually joined the party, gradually moved up the ranks, and was appointed successor by party elders who thought he wouldn’t shake things up but that plan backfired. One of the signatures of his presidency has been a massive anti-corruption drive that punished nearly 300,000 politicians in 2016 alone The corruption hunt has been both praised for its effectiveness and criticized as a ploy to root out Xi’s political opponents Stoking Chinese nationalism has been a big part of Xi’s agenda, also known as the Chinese dream – the term he made popular in 2013 That means becoming a global leader on several fronts including the sciences, diplomacy, and culture. And parts of that dreams seem to be paying off. Under Xi, China became the world’s second largest economy and its influence is only growing. His ‘let’s all win’ rhetoric about trade is especially pronounced in China’s partnerships with countries in Eurasia, Latin America, and Africa “Our country is being killed on trade by China”. On the campaign trail Trump repeatedly blamed China for the US’s economic decline but he recently started giving Xi credit “I don’t blame China. Who can blame a country for being able to take advantage of another country For the benefit of its citizens, I give China great credit”. Still China’s heavy investments in Africa have been criticized as exploitative. A big part of achieving the Chinese dream is making sure all citizens are invested in what Xi calls harmony That everyone is singing the same tune so to speak which explains Why a 2017 law punishes anyone who distorts the lyrics or disrespects the national anthem It’s his unifying philosophy that’s allowed him to cement his status as the country’s core leader the highest honor for any Chinese ruler He’s built up a cult of personality with appearances in his own propaganda Cartoons and in mobile games a recent popular game lets players compete over how fast they can clap for Shi The app has registered over a billion claps The government’s online sensors also carefully protect Xi’s image after news of lifting term limits hit sensors Deleted critical social media comments and political memes of Winnie the Pooh meant to represent Shi China’s government also uses state media to promote an image of unity That’s where the so-called 50 cent army comes in They’re the government’s online foot soldiers who flood Chinese social media and forums with hundreds of millions of positive comments and stories a year Chinese social media platforms make sure they don’t ruffle any feathers Weibo – China’s version of Twitter – announced last September that it would hire a thousand censorship supervisors. Shortly after Freedom House named China the worst abuser of Internet freedom for the second year in a row The country’s poor human rights record has been among one of the primary stains on its global image Even so everything seems to be in step with the vision Xi laid out last year at his party’s 19th Congress. In that address he laid out one of his most ambitious plans yet: transforming the Armed Forces China is opening its first overseas military base in Djibouti and is increasing its presence in the South China Sea both clear signs of its military expansion With no successor and even more time to rule, Xi is getting closer to realizing the Chinese dream himself.

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  1. Chinese have very little politcal right but their human right/personal right has improved greatly compared to 1980s.

    Don't buy China devices! They will spy you! – Europe: How do you know ? US: Because I am spying you. rofl good & true🥱🤷‍♂️👍

  3. What a shrewd and genius leader. For China.

    It is best to speak or write or code with at least one breath drawn from the future's atmosphere.
    Thereafter, the air will be clear between the future North American UNION and China, rising high among Asia's developing transnational UNION, that
    President Xi Jinping is building for the future.

  4. As an American citizen I can clearly see that China was first, and China will be last.
    Strength in numbers, and power in true Gold reserves. Its only a matter of time before the American people realize that their monetary system is based on thin air and faith. A faith that the people don't have.


  6. This video full of misleading tools, arrogant imagination and stupid music. God damned these double standard western media.

  7. If God the Father wants him to be finished , he has to turn mad first. This is Xi Jin Ping the mad last emperor of the Chinese Communist Party !

  8. Democracy cannot eliminate poverty, votes cannot be turned into money, there are elections in the United States, but can the American people influence the decisions of the United States government?

  9. Meanwhile we are drone striking innocent civilians all over the middle east and funding our own enemies against our allies. the whole thing is ridiculous.

  10. this dumb h**……how many children has CHINA bombed and killed in the last 20 years…how many has America…that's why women belong in the kitchen cooking something, instead of talking about MAN SHIT

  11. While you are going to watch this video , China is going to control all the Hong Kong beating people using thugs.

  12. China are fake ,no more then a thief,they’re need to learn how to play nicely ,they are big fat lier , communism is big huge jail for Chinese, don’t heard everything they said just look what’s their did

  13. fake news human rights never been better than now. the angle of this video is definitely wrong. the improvement in Beijing is much more than this. as a beijing citizen.

  14. Xi: we will take everyone with us to develop.
    Trump: I will build a wall to keep all those Filthy people out.
    We know who is gonna win in this regime lol. Unity is The Key to Development.

  15. 國父孫公中山遺訓:
    " 現在革命尚未成功, 凡我同志,務須依照余所著 "建國方略","建國大綱", "三民主義" 及 "第一次全國代表大會宣言", 繼續努力, 以求貫徹."
    你們這幫該被誅十族而毫不為過, 極其無恥邪惡, 道德淪喪, 孽罪彌天, 嗜血戾暴, 不學無術, 下等低賤, 偷盜竊剽成習, 猥毒野虐成性, 人品素貭鄙劣, 心靈境界骯穢, 售魂與魔幽蜮靈馬列, 賣身與酷殘詐貪蘇俄的共匪, 地痞, 土流氓, 三姓斯拉夫賤奴把我們優秀超越的中華傳統文化摧毀怠盡, 你們連正體漢字都不會寫, 古典文著都不能念, 傳統禮儀都不曉, 孔孟德仁都不知. 你們無榮無誠, 無廉無孝, 無信無忠, 無恥無德, 無義無仁, 無知無天! 你們以人為妖, 以妖為"人". 以良為寇, 以寇為"良". 以善為惡, 以惡為"善". 以正為邪, 以邪為"正", 以白為皂, 以皂為"白"! 你們通結倭寇, 破壞抗日, 銷毒謀利, 私印法幣, 冕媚勾汪偽為"敵后抗戰", 冠臨敵怯逃為"萬里長征", 借國難而蓄意謀反復辟以建邪惡無比獨栽封建之非法污腥赤朝. 你們喪盡天良, 出賣國土, 燒刹姦搶, 抹滅人性, 倒逆辛亥之精神, 背叛國父之遺訓, 欺壓殘害善良的中國百姓, 吸刮無力反抗同胞的血髓而自肥, 無處不盡其惡, 無處不用其極, 爛腐已達精元, 潰殘巳至膏肓. 你們這群五毒俱全當權的匪二代, 匪三代們騎在民眾頭上無惡不做. 無奸不為. 你們還敢極為厚顏無恥地到我們美國來生育你們的匪胚邪胎借以竊取我們的美國公民權, 用你們欺詐偷搶而得的不義之財—-中國人民的血, 汗和淚在此過著糟靡不堪的生活, 你們還有什麼臉面可以自稱是炎黃子孫, 還有什麼臉面可以自稱是人?!
    心向愛歸的, 生吾養吾育吾的, 偉大的美利堅合眾國萬歲!!!
    [Disclaimer:吾等本決無嘰嘲刺諷誠僕勤益良善的大陸民眾之意.然只欲略陳騎在百姓頭上欺剎奴勞中國人民的當權共䰣赤魅之所造孽之深, 為害之巨, 泛毒之廣, 逆天之甚, 實屬人類史上前所未有之!!!]

  16. Chinese election is choosing best in best candidates, all the candidates are graduate from Chinese best college is a good demonstration. However, western countries said China have no demcracy.

  17. Democracy is dividing humans. It saddens me to see that the advanced ones and God want us, in this century, to lift billions of people out of poverty to make people richer and the rich even richer, more exports and jobs and democracy is hiddering our ideas.

  18. Xi jinping. 무릅끊지 아니한자는세계철도ㅡ세계도로ㅡ첨단생물플랜트 사업권에 참가불가 합니다ㆍ아시겟는가 ?

  19. 1,100,000 people requested entry and citizenship into the USA last year. How many want to migrate and become citizens of Communist China? 0

  20. i support mister xi to block western media because its full of shit. he's doing great things to his country and i dont want to hear bad things about him. china is a global power thanks to him. i dont care about human rights if its overused

  21. China becoming the next super power is the scariest thing ever authoritarian dictatorship world wide that is what they want.

  22. At 1:24 dead penalty for those who was corrupt in China if they put that law in the White House I guess , nobody will be there for turn the light off ,

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  24. Oh resprected loved president Xi jinping sir don't compare with Contry blidies… living God's 💓 precious child soul in the creation humans can't imagine how who..

  25. China power is depended on US technology and money that they made from cheating on the trade with the US. Now all those things are no longer there. The fact came out. The US is a superpower for maybe in another century. But this may changes if China became a democracy country. People will not afraid to say, think about what they feel. China may become a superpower.

  26. I am Chinese, Mr Xi has been a great leader since he is in charge. We don’t need outsider like US or British to accuse any,.

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