Wygrałem ze ZŁODZIEJAMI i FASZYSTAMI – Divimove, Nicole Grzeda

Wygrałem ze ZŁODZIEJAMI i FASZYSTAMI – Divimove, Nicole Grzeda

*Karel Goldbaum snoring in the distance* *music from previous episode playing in the background* *loud snore* Hello, how is it going bros and sisters, my name is PewDiePie. Voice behind camera: No, fuck no, man. We are doing another show. *Karel Goldbaum snoring in the distance* *music from previous episode playing in the background* *snort* Hello, how is it going bros and sisters, my name is PewDiePie. Voice behind camera: No! Fuck no, man! We are doing another show. Karel Goldbaum: Why can’t I do the PewDiePie show today? Karel Goldbaum 2: Because. He is a neo-natzi officer and you are a Jew talking about fascist YouTube network, which is taking down videos, they are ignoring copyright law especially “fair use”, remember? KG 1: Can I speak Hebrew at least? KG 2: No, you live in Poland, and that YouTube network is from Germany. KG 1: Can I sp- KG 2: Do you even read the script before making any video on this channel? Yes… I say ,,jewish gypsum plastering mortar” all the time. *disorted Mefedronowy Baron beat in the background* OK crusador, just make the silly video and start talking Polish, nobody understands you. *,,Jest już ciemno” and ,,All Star” mashup* voice in the background: Hello and welcome yyy Shalomkah both voices: this is Knauf Goldband – jewish gypsum plastering mortar on the Internet Shalom. voice in the background: eey listen, I need to I need to change- need to take of those clothes because it’s so hot today we are moving to Egypt, Warm land of kidna- KG 1: Allow me to, croutzee, undress myself a little bit, because we got now over 30 (Celsius) degrees there at night, and I have to record wearing those outfits of Knauf’s and Goldband’s. In today’s episode… intentionally made I intentionally accumulated jokes from this episode in the opening sketch, and I made this sketch because this episode will be quite serious. The title is not a clickbait. I really was robbed of my intellectual property, off my right to that intellectual property. By German YouTube partnership network –
Divimove and a youtuber called Nicole Grzeda, whose intellectual rights are mananged by this network. I’m making this video because I’d like to help people dealing with the same problem or people who on the other hand want to report videos like that, to find out how works YouTube processing of such claim, such copyright report and on whose side the right side is actually right. Which should seem obvious in 2017 but for some it still remains a mystery. Long story short – I made a video about some other youtuber, it was Nicole Grzeda, seen few of her videos before, I noticed that she just didn’t know what she’s been talking about in her videos so I used it for the title. Included parts of her 2 videos that I commented on in my video and to which I referred, I used them in form of quotes, showing original occurance of given video straight outta YouTube – screen recorded with other web elements (like video titles, channel names), so you could now how to get to the video, how the feedback seems to be (likes, dislikes, comments) etc. Video on my channel received good feedback, there was a lot of thumbs up, a lot of comments. About 2-3 days later my video was reported to YouTube by Divimove network and blocked. Obviously I instantly reported back hm… how is it… The first thing is called some appeal form or smth like that. YouTube sends it to the network which was reporting copyright claim. I wrote there that my video was quoting other videos based on “Fair Use” (“Prawo cytatu” in Polish copyright law) etc. I also wrote emails to Divimove and Nicole, that I would like to clear things up and find out what they want, you know like, I don’t know, maybe I don’t get something about Fair Use, maybe they don’t get something right in this matter, I wrote that we should settle this amicably (not sure about the exact word, like just solve this off YouTube without pointless sending each other automatic YouTube forms every few days) Didn’t get any response for couple of days later, beside Divimove extending further their claim after I had appealed few days earlier. So I made a video about it, writing obviously you know, partly ironic “Nicole G virus is deleting videos on YouTube” because there were some two common and popular viruses at that time encrypting the data so it was like facetious ha ha reference to what was happening at the time. After recording that video – my first response, I have now received an email from Divimove, from Alexandra. I still didn’t get any response from Nicole, she has not contacted me yet even once. She didn’t respond any email or Facebook message. I was contacted by Alexandra (Divimove) who were telling me, or rather forcing me to accept that I have no right to make a video like I did, that my video will be deleted and because of that my account will be warned, If I do not apologize to Divimove, if I do not apologize to Nicole, if I’m not going to deny everything that happened, if I don’t explain to my audience that there was a misunderstanding of my fault – she demanded that all without presenting any arguments, (if I don’t accept everything they demand) then they will also report my second video, which I recorded in order to explain to my viewers what happened with the first one blocked (at that time) they wanted to delete the second video for persuading people to (make “unhappy jokes”) some hate or something, while I just wrote down some ironic comments and 1/5 stars reviews on their fanpage that since they were taken over by the Third Reich and they became Nazis or Fascists, network lost it’s shine of the former glory. BTW this quote was also in this e-mail from this woman. Well, of course I later recorded another movie in which I have read all this email publicly because in the email from that woman (were mentioned also my viewers), it was the third video in this subject. “German network threatens me to delete my channel” I explained there… I mean, first of all I referred to what was happening earlier, of course, I read this e-mail, read my e-mail reply, I sent that reply and explained what’s going on in all this and I just wanted to get from Divimove the information how specifically did I break the copyright law because they were just putting on more theses (with no argumentation), We have sent you a copyright infringement notification, that means we are right. No arguments. While new comments continued to appear in the comments section even from some people who claimed to be lawyers knowing more about copyright, that I could have published this film that I’m right, I also consulted this case with lawyers, lost lots of time. Anyway, in the last video I said, that if really there is no option, to somehow restore it, well then I will have to acknowledge their claim, because I do not want them to delete my channel. I wanted to wait one day until Friday. On Friday I planned to remove this claim (on my side) – Friday deadline been made by Divimove and admit Divimove right, although I thought I was right from the beginning and so far, as well as YouTube thinks so. Anyway, (tired of wasting time) I even wanted to withdraw this claim (remove the video), but what did Divimove do? Immediately after I published the third video, they extended the claim for the first video (=first warning from YT) and reported my newest video for privacy abuse, where I read their email official response That was the title of the email from Divimove ,,Official response (…)”, so I read the official public response. Well then may somebody explain me how this can be understood as a violation of privacy? What Divimove was doing was just “after the corpses to the goal” strategy, just to win with me, so just, you know, using over-granted opportunities provided by YouTube, just to throw me out. You don’t wanna do as we tell you, you made a nasty video about our youtuber, you do not want to delete it, so we will report your other videos and we will take down the channel After they did so they reported my 2 videos, well then I started to resent. Since even if I say that, you know, being right, that “Okay, fine, there won’t be my video on YouTube, you don’t want it, it’s a shame but fine, I don’t want to expose my channel to be deleted.” but they behind my back (without any email reply, acting like some blackmailers or smth, they reported my videos again), not waiting (for my decision)… THEY made the Friday deadline for me to decide. I published the (email-reading) video on Thursday and I said that on Friday most likely I would be accepting their demands not to have the channel removed. And since they submitted another reports on my videos on Thursday, before the deadline they made and before I sent them my final decision And you know, they just wanted to remove me as soon as possible, retaliate, it looked like… most likely only Aleksandra from Divimove network is working with Polish youtubers, it is probably the only person to represent this company in Poland, because she even lives in Germany (and Divimove has no branch office in Poland). Such info she has listed on her fictitious Facebook profile. Because, Alexandra, you are not called Divimove, because you presented another surname emailing me, so this is a fake account, in addition a business one. Not a trolling account nor other type of account created with fake info because of privacy just business – you represent the company on a personal account, it means breaking the rules of Facebook. Alexandra, probably acting alone, you know, wanted to cover up the whole thing, So it does not reach, you know, the headquarters in Berlin. And there had appeared those negative Facebook reviews, because Divimove already had 1.8/5 stars on Facebook, before they removed the reviews and before they removed Divimove Polska (Polish) fanpage, Because after they removed the Facebook reviews, some time later they removed Divimove Polska fanpage as well, because apparently people wrote negative comments there all the time. Alexandra probably tried to cover it all herself – it did not work, you failed, Alexandra, because I know my rights. I sent a copyright counter-notification. YouTube declined privacy complaint, submitted on my 3rd video about Nicole and Divimove, saying that “German network is threatening to remove my channel”. Of course YouTube after several days rejected this complaint made by Alexandra of Divimove, because, I just read there an email that someone sent me. In addition titled “Official response”, well… Really, this is not privacy. The official response of the company is not related to any privacy. The official response, in which my audience was listed as a party, (due to Alexandra’s demands) I had to inform them that I was not right. It’s not… It’s not private, it’s not addressed to me only, it concerns us all (in the meaning me and my viewers) And that’s obvious. This [privacy complaint] of course was rejected by YouTube. On August 10th, the video returned. YouTube for the last time analyzed for 4 weeks, I guess, what Divimove sent back, because obviously after Alexandra/Divimove tried to delete my channel, “give” me 2 warnings (actually YouTube gives warnings, not YouTube networks) not knowing that i have to get 4 (or 3) warnings for that having a verified channel, but it’s no longer significant. They tried to remove my channel, I filed a counter-notice for that first video. And I been waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting… After 4 weeks I got, yesterday… I mean yesterday… well… 10th of August, the day before yesterday, or 3 days ago, YouTube response that the video has been restored, someone sent me the info earlier on my Facebook fanpage, commented [on one of my posts] that the film is already restored. So I added a funny meme with the info that the video is back. And now I’m just shooting a video with a summary. With a summary of which the credo I would like to be – first is that you should not disregard the copyright law and Fair Use, Because YouTube still protects justice there At least in relation to the bearded little Jews. The second thing is – I would like you to know what you’re signing up for joining such network. Well, it’s a network that uses just unfriendly rules to our [creators’] environment. The fact that they will be friendly to you as you join this network does not mean that this network will not be by managing your copyright law breaking the law simply by managing your copyrights. Therefore, if someone, for example, came to this video to find out something about Divimove, I do not encourage. I do not encourage you to be [with your channel] in Divimove because it’s just an unprofessional business. This is an extreme lack of professionalism – threats, threats to remove the channel to uncomfortable people, or I don’t know, to the people they treat as enemies? They probably treated me like that, didn’t they? They wanted to remove me. So I’m just encouraging you not to join this network, in order not to help develop such creatures ilke it, Because it is… sorry – this is no longer a joke. This is just a strictly fascist creation. These people lied, these people lied to me. In the literal meaning. They threatened me, in the literal meaning and they robbed me of one month of my video’s publication. They stole [unlawfully blocked] the development of that video, viewers did not have access to that video, and YouTube stated that the reported video has the right to be on YouTube. That is why, and for all the reasons mentioned earlier – that Divimove is robbing, disregarding creators and law, lying, threatening, I urge you to break any relationship or to not form any relationships with this network. My viewers, I encourage you to send this video to Divimove, because this video has subtitles and now at the end of this video I’m demanding from Divimove an apology. You asked me via e-mail, your worker… your employee Aleksandra of Divimove demanded an apology/rectification from me. She even threatened me that if that rectification would not happen, they would remove my channel, they would delete my videos etc. that’s why I’m asking my viewers now please send this video to Divimove. And from Divimove I expect rectification and apology. It was not in any sense friendly conversation, friendly exchange of ponits of views/information, you know, objective, constructive. It was just threats, extortion. Unfortunately YouTube does not know about this, but partnership networks in this way they can use extortion. If I did not go on with it, if I was afraid, you know that they would remove my channel, if I did not have enough courage in my action, I probably would not have brought it to an end. And this is how partnership networks can intimidate other youtubers. Well, not everyone, I don’t know, not everyone has just such strength in themselves, courage to, you know, fight others, to spend so much time consulting lawyers and viewers. And some cool channel that presents, maybe not some fucking, I do not know, some super charisma, courage with a long sword. Someone is not cutting heads of the infidels but runs some cool channel just, is not a Witcher, but is running some nice channel and it’s up to the individual to make this channel without having some content network threatening the individual. Well, actually that’s it. Thank you all for watching my video. Quoting Jurek Owsiak [ironic paraphrase of Polish public person] – if you ever meet Divimove, ccccchhhhaaasseee those bastards, because that’s a bad television this is… this is a bad content network, it is… they are bad people, manipulators. Not allowed. Not allowed. If you mee… If you meet somewhere Divimove – chase them. Chase those bastards. Chase them. Don’t confuse it with Krzysztof Gonchararz [poor joke about similarly sounding words]. No, let’s stop, ok. It was Knauf Goldband – Jewish gypsum plastering mortar on your internet. Thank you for watching and I look forward to see these apologies from Divimove. Alexandra, remember – send me some, you know, emoticon kisses. You can draw a self-made greeting card. Proposal number 1

-emoticon kiss (:*)
-self-made greeting card (drawing must be nice and handwritten)
-post with apologies on Divimove’s Facebook fanpage and publication on the site Divimove.com containing a photo of or
scanned image of self-made greeting card with emoticons :* You have to come up with some creative way to apologize to me, because well, I’m just using your rules, right? That now the thing must be rectified by Divimove because otherwise what, I guess I will have to remove your company. Proposal number 2
– it would be giving you [Aleksandra] two warnings. One based on threatening me through E-mail, second based on Copyright infringement [false claim].
You are certainly aware of the resulting consequences of such warnings (Art. 190 of the Polish Criminal Code – up to 2 years in jail).

[Aleksandra in her email sent me 2 analogous proposals – first to delete my video and publicly apologize, second one that they will delete my 2 videos and my YouTube channel as well.] *♪Karel Goldbaum – Let Me Die♪*

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