WSWS Chairman David North speaks on fight against fascism in Leipzig, Germany

WSWS Chairman David North speaks on fight against fascism in Leipzig, Germany

We now live in a world where literally a
few dozen people have more wealth than half the world’s population. Massive social inequality in the world on a scale that has not existed since the era of the French Revolution. We are dealing here with an international phenomena
and if in the United States we are very, very excited that comrade Christoph will be
coming, it is because we feel that what he has to tell us about the situation in
Germany is profoundly relevant to the situation in the United States. When a small portion of the population controls such vast amounts of social wealth and where the maintenance of that wealth
requires ever greater levels of exploitation of the repression of social resistance democracy becomes unviable. The moment of fascism arrives. Germany is a country which was profoundly traumatized by the events which occurred between 1933 and 1945. The professors may want to forget about it! Baberowski and his clique at Humboldt University and the lackeys in the administration who endorse him may think that he can relativize the crimes of the Nazis that everyone’s going to
forget what happened but that’s not possible. Almost overnight to the extent that people become aware in this country of the threat they face
we anticipate an enormous growth of social and political opposition. That will not be lacking. But what will be required is a very high level of
political and historical awareness. The visit next month of Comrade Christoph
to the United States is simply the application of a strategy of
international organization of the working class against the fascist threat. They will not conquer again! We can be certain of that. There is no way that the experiences of the 1930s will suddenly be erased from memory. So I hope comrades that you’ll
draw lessons from this meeting that you’ll study carefully the book that has been written
by Comrade Christoph Vandreier that you’ll study the works
of the International Committee and work with us in building the German
section of the International Committee of the Fourth International and this
time making sure that the German revolution as part of
the world revolution succeeds. Thank you very much.

6 thoughts on “WSWS Chairman David North speaks on fight against fascism in Leipzig, Germany

  1. There is no fundamental difference in the ideology of fascism and socialism, both depend on re-writing laws and enforcement with penalty provisions, both utilize control over human behavior, endeavors, wealth distribution, productivity and the labor which supports it. Neither of these control systems are compatible in a free society.

    The liberty message offers something much more inclusive and sustainable.

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