WOW! Rich Parents Financial Aid SCAM Exposed, Social Media Ban, & Brazil's Horrifying Problem

WOW! Rich Parents Financial Aid SCAM Exposed, Social Media Ban, & Brazil's Horrifying Problem

– Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you've had a fantastic Tuesday. Welcome back to The Phillip Defranco Show. And let's just jump into it. The first thing we're
going to talk about taday is another college scandal. So according to ProPublica
and the Wall Street Journal, there are wealthy families
in the state of Illinois that are transferring the
guardianship of their child at some point during their
junior or senior year of high school to a family
friend or a family member, so that when the student
applies for financial aid and scholarships for college
they can identify themselves as financially independent
from their families and thus, get more financial aid. And here's kind of an
example that was provided to show how it works. In one case, a family in
the Chicago area transferred the guardianship of their
17-year-old daughter to one of their mother's coworkers. That initial family had a
household income of higher than $250,000 and lived in a house valued at more than $1 million. But after their daughter's
guardianship was transferred the only income she had to claim was a little over $4,000
from a summer job. And she ended up going to a private school with a tuition of $65,000 and got $27,000 in merit scholarships and $20,000 in need-based aid. Now as far as the process of
transferring the guardianship, the family told the Journal
that it was actually pretty easy and mainly just paperwork. The coworker had to
attend one court hearing, the daughter didn't even have to go and neither did her parents. And at this point you
may have the question of, well is this legal? And well, the answer is actually, yes. Now that said, according to reports, several schools in Illinois are starting to take a closer look at the situation. With Andrew Boris, the Director
of Undergraduate Enrollment at the Uiversity of Illinois saying, "Our financial aid resources
are limited and the practice "of wealthy parents
transferring the guardianship "of their children to qualify
for need-based financial aid "or so called, opportunity hoarding, "takes away resources from
middle and low income students. "This is legal but we
question the ethics." No as far as how widespread this is, that's not known right now. But the Journal did
look at court documents and found 38 cases
where juniors or seniors in high school had their
guardianship transferred with many of those
families living in homes valued over half a million dollars. Also as far as the
specifics of the process in Illinois, even if a parent
can provide care to a child, a court can still transfer guardianship, so long as the parents relinquish care, the child and the new guardian consent and a court finds that it is
in the child's best interest. And regarding that last note. In most of the 38 cases, the language used to justify
why it was in the child's best interest usually resembled, "The guardian can provide
educational and financial support "and opportunities to the
minor that her parents "could not otherwise provide." Also regarding the moral question right, is this okay? Is it not? ProPublica spoke to someone
who actually became a child's legal guardian for this reason and he said that he wrestled
with the ethics of the matter because his wife works a college, so he saw the situation from both sides. Adding they were afraid that by doing this they could take aid
away from another family even though he was told that
this would not be the case. Saying, "It's one of these gray areas, "and my heart wanted me
to do it for the family. "But I also have a conscience. "I wanted to make sure we
were doing the right thing." And as far as how all these
families managed to do this, both the Journal and ProPublica
say that many families followed a path created
by a consulting firm called Destination College. The group is based in
college and says it works to make college more
affordable for families and their children with
their website saying, "Our team of tax, financial
and academic planning experts "specializes in creating
a customized guide, "making sure the students
are matched to the major "and school of their interest "and the parents can
comfortably afford it." Also claiming to save
students an average of $30,000 a year and granted no where on the site does it directly suggest
that families transfer the guardianship of their child. But they also do have
services listed that could be hinting at the practice. They offer three different packages, basic, preferred and premiere. And one of the features
in the premiere packages, "College Financial Plan, using
income and asset shifting "strategies to increase
your financial and merit aid "and lower out-of-pocket
tuition expenses." Now as far as the other side of this, Lora Georgieva, the founder
of Destination College has declined commenting on
these recent reports thus far. As of right now that is
ultimately where we are with this story like I said, it is technically legal, the education department
is looking into it. Some have also recommended
changing the language in the federal student aid handbook to something that would prevent this. Something like adding a note that says, "If a student enters
into a legal guardianship "but continues to receive
medical and financial support "from their parents, they
do not meet the definition "of a legal guardianship
and are still considered "a dependent student." And as far as my opinion
on this situation, I 95% hate it. If you come from a wealthy
family that is going to pay for your college, the fact that they would jump
through these ridiculous hoops to make sure that you get need-based money rather than someone that
actually genuinely needs it. That is despicable. But also there is that
little voice in my head that says, "Well what about the person "that's having to put
themselves through college. "Or maybe the mom or dad or
whoever in the relationship "that brings home money,
they bring home a decent "amount of money but
they aren't contributing "to their child's tuition." So that student that's
trying to go it alone is being penalized because their parents, who aren't contributing, made money. That said, that situation
is not applicable to the $65,000 a year tuition example that was provided. Right, in that example not
only did you have someone from a well off family going
to an out-of-state college where they got a merit-based scholarship, tons of need-based aid. The rest of the money that wasn't covered was paid for by the grandparent. So it's not like they don't have money. But you know that's why I'm
mainly of one mind on this but there are, I feel like
people that are going to slip through the cracks. That said, I find this story fascinating, I'm also incredibly interested to know your thoughts on this. You feel like changing the language in the federal student aid
handbook to what we talked about earlier, that would do it. Also do you think that should be illegal, that it is a type of fraud. Any and all thoughts I'd
love to see in those comments down below. But from that I want to
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full versions of everything I just shared, the secret link of the day, really anything at all links as always are in the description down below and then let's talk about the senator who wants to change how you consume media. And specifically I'm talking
about Republican Senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley. He has announced legislation
called, the SMART Act, which stands for, the Social Media Addiction
Reduction Technology Act. It it would reportedly
look to ban things like Snapstreak, YouTube
autoplay and list scrolling. Right along with anything that's meant to incentivize continued use of a product. That said reportedly there
would be some exceptions for things like music playlist or things that are primarily used to stream music. We say Hawley say in a statement, "Big tech has embraced a
business model of addiction. "Too much of the
'innovation' in this space is designed not to create better products but to capture more attention
by using psychological tricks that make it difficult to look away. This legislation will put an end to that and encourage true
innovation by tech companies. Also I was intrigued by this act, so I actually dove into the legislation. Not it actually appears to
be even more heavy-handed than what was being reported. According to this in
addition to allowing a user to set time limits as far as
their use of applications, this legislation would require
that the social media company automatically limits the amount of time that a user may spend on those platforms across all devices to 30 minutes a day. And so that would be the default unless the user then elects to adjust
or remove the time limit. And if the user elects to
increase or remove the time limit it resets the time limit
to 30 minutes a day on the first day of every month. And so as far as my
reaction to the SMART Act is it seems like anything but. Is the stance here that Americans
are not responsible enough to be able to dictate
how they use their time. We already have social media companies kind of giving us the tools. Apple introduced screen time,
YouTube's introduced features that remind you to stop watching videos. Now I say that as someone
if you've watched me over the past four months, I
have a very rocky relationship when it comes to social media. But even there I have personally, because I'm a grown ass
person changed my habits. For example, I try not to
use Twitter on my phone and mainly use it on the
desktop because the phone app feels way more addictive. There's just something about
the pull down on the phone, where all a sudden, boom, you
get all this new information. And in general the SMART Act to me seems, it's weird because it appears to be two completely opposite things but at the same time. The government injecting
itself into my life and setting restrictions for some reason but also at the same
time doing so in a way that is easily sidestepped, probably has very little actual impact and mainly just gets to be a thing, where it's like, hey look we tried. We did a thing. It's called The SMART
Act, that's what I am. That's the story. A little bit of my personal takeaway on it and I'd love to know your thoughts on this in those comments down below. And then let's talk about
this just horrifying situation out of Brazil. So yesterday a prison riot
broke out in the state of Para, killing at least 57 people. The riots reportedly started
when members of one gang invaded the prison block
another rival gang occupied. Gang members then started
a fire which spread rapidly and prevented police from
entering the building for several hours. And once the riots stopped
and the damage was assessed, accordingly to reports, a
majority of those who died, died from smoke inhalation. But authorities also
reported that 16 people died from decapitation. Also reportedly two prison
guards had been held hostage during the riots but it's been reported that they were later released unharmed. In terms of why the riots started, the State Prison's Chief
said in a statement, "It was a targeted attack. "The aim was to show that it
was a settling of accounts "between the two groups,
not a protest or rebellion "against the prison system." And that statement isn't
wrong but it's also a little more complicated than that. At the service level it is
true that the riots were caused by rival gangs. Over the last few years,
Brazil's largest gangs have expanded and spread
across the country as they develop lucrative drug routes and form alliances with the smaller gangs. That has also led to more
violence between gangs and those clashes do not
stop when gang members or even the drug kingpins are put in jail. In fact, according to
reports, many of the gangs actually consider prisons to
be a sort of command center or home base. Now Brazil's government
has long moved gang leaders to prisons that are far
away from their homes with the hope that it will
weaken their criminal networks but that seems to have
actually completely backfired because it basically just
allows the gang to create a broader national reach. Once in jail, gang leaders
are smuggled cell phones to continue to run their
criminal organization, sometimes across multiple states. And these gang members end up
being so incredibly powerful in Brazilian prisons that they end up kind of being recruitment centers. Other inmates are often forced
to join gangs to survive. So yes it is true that it
is the rivalries between the gangs that prompted yesterday's riot. But, this kind of mass violence isn't necessarily inevitable. In fact, it's exacerbated
by more structural issues like overcrowding and lack of funding. Brazil's prison population
has grown in recent years but the funding and investment
hasn't matched that growth. And in fact, according to reports
Brazil's prison population in just the last 10 years alone, going from about 500,000 to 800,000 making it the third
largest inmate population in the world after the
United States and China. So obviously overcrowding is an issue. In fact, the National Justice
Council said in a report that the prison where
Monday's riot took place, it was built for 163
detainees but holds 343. That report also described the conditions inside
the prison as terrible. But on the other side
of this the Prison Chief said it is not overcrowded. Saying in a press conference,
"We consider overcrowding "when it exceeds 210%." Right okay but some of these facilities are reportedly so overcrowded
that inmates are forced to sleep standing up and
their hands are tied to bars so that they stay upright. And also because of the
lack of funding that means that the prisons are short staffed. And so you have these experts
saying that the combination of overcrowding and a lack of funding has a direct connection
to increased gang violence in the prison. Experts also believe that
this kind of violence will not only continue but
it's going to get worse. And you know this is something that we're already seeing happen. This isn't the only riot
that's caused mass fatalities in just the last few months. Back in May we saw 55
people killed in riots that broke out in four
separate prisons all in the same state of Amazonas. Again, those riots stem from
power struggles between gangs also in early 2017, more
than 120 inmates died when rival gangs fought over
drug trafficking routes. And with that one specifically violence lasted several weeks and
spanned multiple states. And so as far as well
what are the politicians and the government doing. Well, you know we have
President Jair Bolsonaro there who has elected last year on the promise that we would crack down on crime. In the past he's said things like, he planned to stuff prison
cells with criminals. Right so just on the
surface level it seems like that's just going to make your overcrowding situation worse. Which actually regarding
overcrowding it's also complicated by the fact that many of Brazil's prisons are run at the state level. And while Bolsonaro's
administration has called for states to build more prisons. The lack of funding makes that unlikely. And even the prisons that
have been built recently aren't enough. According to report space
for over 8.650 inmates has been built since 2018, but the amount of new inmates
has risen by more than 17,800 during that same time. Others have also proposed
sending gang kingpins to federal prisons but experts have argued that
the violence is a product of an inherently flawed system. And in general it also appears
that there's not really any political will to
fix the broken system. In fact, one congressman
in Brazil whose recently elected on the promise
to curb violent crime, responded to yesterday's
violence by saying, "In these fights between
criminal factions, "I root for the machete. "The truth is no one
is going to miss them. "They won't commit crimes again." You know ultimately that's where we are and whenever you have
a situation like this, right it can go one of two ways. One, a light exposed a horrible situation and reforms are made or you just see it more
and more and you become apathetic to it. Which, I mean when you're
talking about people and prisons, specifically
people being referred to as gang members. In general I think a
lot of people are going to be less sympathetic even though they are also human beings. But also on that note according
to Human Rights Watch, nationwide, 40% of the people in detention are awaiting trial. According to one expert who
spoke with the New York Times, "Unfortunately, most Brazilians
will shrug off this latest outbreak of violence, numb
as they are to the ritual of bloodletting in the country's prisons." But of course will that
said, like with everything on this show, I would
love to know your thoughts on this one in those comments below. And that's where we're
going to end today's show. And of course, I'd love to hear from you on any and all of the topics
in those comments down below. But also there's a new
way you can interact by using the poll click in that little eye button right there. We've been putting four
poll questions in each show. It's been very interesting to
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to watch either of those. But with that said of course, as always my name's Phillip Defranco, you've just been filled in. I love yo' faces. And I'll see you tomorrow.

47 thoughts on “WOW! Rich Parents Financial Aid SCAM Exposed, Social Media Ban, & Brazil's Horrifying Problem

  1. 1. Hi! Hope your Tuesday isn't horrible. 2. Timecodes: College 00:06
    – TIA 4:56 – SMART 6:28 – Brazil 8:52

  2. Utterly disgusting how the ultra rich become greedier and greedied every day.
    That financial aid is limited and could have been used for lower-middle class family's that actually needed that money.
    Those people should be absolutely disgusted with themselves.
    Drinking your own piss is also legal,but we still call it disgusting……
    Because it is and this is as well.
    Fuck those people.

  3. Dear Government, don't tell me how too run my life, or tell me how long i should consume media. Because if you send me a fat paycheck to handle my debt. Then you have my permission to tell me what too do but until then I'm gonna do me. With that said i don't look at media too much but when i do its mostly background noise while work my stuff.

  4. please cover the men in canada who are wanted of murder and on the run. they are known as the b.c teens. its a really interesting and important story

  5. As someone who's parents together made about $60,000/year while I was in college, I got zero need based aid. Unfortunately they weren't able to save money for my college tuition and I have thousands of dollars in student loans. It's disgusting that people who can afford to send their children to college basically refuse to pay for it and take away money that could be given to people who can't afford it. It should be very illegal because it is most definitely fraud.

  6. another case of the wealthy looking for ways to exploit a system meant to help low income family's. its disgusting.

  7. While I understand the ethical dilemma of upper middle class families getting financial aid this way, I also sympathize. They work hard and tuition has more than doubled since I graduated a 6yr program in 2007. The grad yrs were 30k, now some undergraduate is more than that. For someone whose parents fell a little under that 250k mark, you also have to account for the facts that they have bills to pay and often still have a mortgage as well. And then FAFSA doesn't account for multiple kids in college at the same time, like my parents had with my sister who is only a yr behind me. If you have 2 kids in a 65k/yr school, that's half a 250k income, largely not tax deductible in any way as many deductions end if you earn over 75k. Let's not forget, state, local and IRS, likely already took a similar sum, leaving many parents with nothing left after taxes & tuition and no choice but to take high interest loans to pay if the child doesn't qualify for merit based scholarships or grants.

    The price tags are ridiculous. It was too high when I was there. I've heard many comments since the previous college scandal about how govt aid has helped to increase tuition over the years because the school knows that uncle sam will provide it if kids can't afford it, leaving them with no qualms about steadily increasing costs. It's been considered a form of corporate welfare and I think I'm going to have to agree with that.

  8. Love hearing about rich people stealing resources from those who need them. Reminds me of my senior year when my mom had to cash out her 401k in order to save our house, and so I didn't qualify for financial aid as my mom had "too much 'income' this year" and the expected family contribution was too high. Because every one ruins their retirement for some spending cash.

  9. 3:42 Phil this is a perfect example of why equity practices which prop up specific groups of people don't work. It's the same with WIC, Social Security, and Medicare/Medicaid. Saving money is something EVERYONE wants to do, even the wealthy. And as such the wealthy can hire people to find the loopholes to jump through in order to save that money. The more complicated and accommodating laws are, the easier they are to work around. We need simple financial policies for college that apply to everyone across the board and aren't so easily manipulated.

  10. Maybe college shouldn't be so expensive then. My gf & I both make about the same, although she is in major debt due to college while I never went.

  11. The way the that I see if the parents are well off, they should make it a law for a well off family to pay for the student's schooling and if the income, proven income with no transfers or unethical bull, is small or low for the student, then they should receive assistance. They're not willing to give students free tuition but are definitely interested in playing the system to get their students all the benefits. GFY!

  12. I DONT GET WHY RICH FOLKS GET HAND OUTS are'nt you rich pay for your kids school and let someone who cant afford it as easy get the aide

  13. Although I think is it disgusting that very, "well off" families who can more than afford to send their kids to college, are taking advantage of the system. I say with a back hand to the face, "good for them". It irritates me to no end that yet again the far wealthy are finding yet more loopholes for their money, however, does that not mean other people can take advantage of that as well? You didn't address that so issue so I hope maybe some people might be doing the same that are not so fortunate in this horrible education system we have. Where a financial degree will be the chain you owe for life.

  14. "Is the stance here that Americans are not responsible enough to dictate how to use their time?"

    Yes. That is exactly the stance. You even said that these companies have given people the tools to manage it themselves but people in general still have issues with it – even you have a problem with the "pull-down to refresh on twitter so you don't use it" – but obviously other people do and "aren't responsible enough to break their own addictions".

    So, yes, the stance is "impose and reimpose limits that help people manage their addiction better, because managing addiction is f***ing hard". Let people turn those limits off when they want more, but quietly put them back every month, so people who turned the firehose on, get another chance to turn it back to a dribble.

    You may be personally offended that someone thinks YOU are not responsible enough to fight your own addiction – but kindly can your offence – the people of the country are not strong enough to fight their own addictions – that's why they call it addiction!

    "I can stop anytime I want – whatdya mean I've been scrolling for 3 hours?"

  15. How is it legal? It's fucking fraud. No matter how you paint it it's fraud. At the same time you have to put some of the blame on the colleges. Tuition is ridiculous. That and they need to change how they do business. They force you to take classes that have jack all to do with your major or field of interest, just to get more money out of you. That needs to change.

    Criminals do bad things, but that doesn't remove their right to be treat like a human being. That is unless the crime was horrendous. Then they deserve it. But for drugs? Theft? Crimes less than murder and rape? No, they deserve a bed and healthy living conditions. One of the problems with treating them like animals, or worse, is fostering the idea that it's them versus the world. Which gets in the way of rehabilitation and their ability to change on their own. Some people are just rotten to the core but others do bad things to survive. That is more the governments fault than theirs. Runaway cost of living. A lack of jobs. It's a sad state of affairs that some gangs treat their members far better than the government treats the people, which is probably the biggest reason people join them. Why starve and suffer when you can prosper, even if it requires you to do bad things now and then? It's like giving someone this choice. Either bust your balls all week for money that'll barely get you by, if at all, at a normal job or stand on the corner and peddle something that can make you thousands a week?

  16. Parents might be rich but kids have no money either way. A lot of wealthy parents wont help the kids pay.( I knew a few people like this). By not helping the kids but making a ton makes it nearly impossible for those kids of rich parents to get assistance. I think the only issue here is that college cost so much.

  17. I work full time, live on my own, and pay for college myself but I still count as a dependent for financial aid. It is ridiculous

  18. I really don't understand how rich peoplr have the nerve to do this. I come from a pretty well off family and my parents pay my college( although it's way cheaper here in Europe, but still, a big expense nonetheless) and I have never applied for aid because I know that might be stealing the chance for someone to afford college. It's so unethical and selfish

  19. I love how rich people are the ones feeling entitled to college education for cheap, and yet us middle class, or near-poverty citizens, are scraping by every day just to afford our loans for doing things the honest way. Love that for this country.

  20. Given that colleges have risen their tuition costs by roughly 500% since the 80's while average median household income did not see comparable growth, I'm not upset at someone working the system against colleges where college loans have crippled an entire generation. I label this more as being fiscally responsible and I'm not mad at it. It's not illegal, it's a loophole.

  21. I love when politicians try to mess with webdesign. Can't wait to have pagination in discord because "infinite" scroll is banned and then lose all of my friendships because I can only talk to people for 30mins a day if we even manage to have overlap… oh and my server's going to need approx. 46 new moderators, so there's someone there at any time… fuck off.

  22. I went to college for 5 years. I did 5 courses. I completed 3 of them.
    I spent about £500 total. I had no clue what the hell I wanted to do, I was forced to abandon one course I was doing well in by my dad moving house, whilst another I was bullied out of by a tutor. It wasn't a good 5 years, but I badly needed that extra time to study and work out what I wanted. I got to do a mix of things I wanted, and things I was told were "surefire ways to land a great job!" that ended up being bullshit. I didn't have to choose between them, I did both.

    I don't have many good stories from this time, it was a rough moment in my life. But it always blows my mind to know that had I been born in America, I wouldn't have gone to college at all. I would have lost out on those 5 years of self-discovery and working out what I really wanted to do in life. Because I never would put myself into all that debt.

    In short, scamming the system like this is not immoral. The system is immoral. Scamming it is the only right thing to do.

    "Do you think this should be illegal, that it's a type of fraud?"
    That colleges say their courses lead to a 90% chance of getting a job in the industry and then you find out all your friends who did go on to get jobs are now unemployed? That they all went to McDonalds and then were mistreated until they had to leave? Yes that sounds like fraud to me. Colleges making you pay for bad courses. Worst thing was going into this one course and the tutor outright said "You're here because you're good at the subject, so I won't worry about the basics." like they forgot we were here to learn. But no, college is all about getting a diploma with the least possible effort on the behalf of the staff. No wonder every single job asks for experience rather than diplomas these days. A college diploma isn't worth the paper it's printed on. It is a very depressing time we live in where Education is just a business. Still, at the end of it all, I'm not in debt. I had a shit time, and I'm one of the lucky ones. That's just more depressing.

  23. I personally had to start developing strategies to pull myself off of social media. Youtube is a little harder. But I don't let it invade my schedule entirely.

    We just need to spread awareness of various tactics to reduce the likelihood of a user staying attached to their screen once they've started. Definitely not agreeing with the SMART act though. That's just ridiculous. Sounds like a parent of a five year old who doesn't want to share current day technology to their kid. Jesus. Social media has done some good, and having unlimited access to it is important, but we should create a way for users to empower themselves for stronger self control / restraint.

  24. My fiance went to college for two semesters and had to drop out because her parents make soooo much money. They obviously don't help her pay for anything and we have been on our own for two years. The college sent a debt collector to our home with a paper that said we had to pay 14,000 dollars. If someone on our situation tried to cheat the college like that, I honestly would understand. But the well off people doing this are cancer.

  25. I know people who did that to get financial aid. They were middle class but still wouldn’t qualify for any financial aid without doing it.

  26. I don't understand why my parent's income matters at all when applying for student loans and scholarships. They aren't paying for it… I am…

  27. Oh look the rich fucking over poor people again. Man it’s almost as if I can hear mobs sharpening the guillotines.

  28. I may be by myself on this one but I really just dont care about Brazil and their prisons I'm worried about the USA and the issues we have here. Let them figure it out I'm so sick of us going to help these countries when we have places like Miami Detroit Baltimore Hawaii I swear to God if they give money to Brazil and not to our own country to help OUR own people I'm done caring and done donating to causes.

  29. I think we can be mad at both problems. College should be cheaper, but there will always be people who honestly need aid; we should be of the mind to help these people. The money aid should not go to people who can afford it but are just frugal. In this case it's quite unethical, kind of immoral, to take needed aid from the people it's designed to help.

  30. How is property so cheap over there? Half a million dollar house? If I wanted a half million dollar house I'd have to move to some rural town 3 hours from the nearest capital, or choose some crappy little apartment with no private land.

  31. In my first year of college (at a local state university), a professor was explaining that her close friends were holding off marriage so their child could claim to live in a single-parent household. I come from a single-parent household where both my mother and I had to make many sacrifices so that I could attend college and the thought of two people choosing to game the system was abhorrent. Especially worse was that a professor was bragging about this like it was an amazing idea. Universities need to look into these situations and put a stop to people changing their situations when beneficial because all it does is take resources from people who are not 'lucky' enough to be in a situation that can be exploited.

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