World War 1 Breakout – in a nutshell

World War 1 Breakout – in a nutshell

WWI – how did it all begin? Well, on June 28th 1914 Austrian Archduke Franz
Ferdinand was assassinated by Gravrilo Princip, a Serbian nationalist and WWI broke out! what, really? This war, unprecedented in scale and impact
was all the result of the assassination of an archduke from a crumbling European power
that didn’t even survive the war? No. Actually, people like Otto von Bismarck, saw
the war coming decades earlier. The writing was on the wall. So here are 4 leading theories of what caused
WW1: 1. The Rise of Nationalism: Nationalism – an extreme form of patriotism which expressed itself in many ways – became
the dominant ideology in 19th century Europe. Some even saw it as a natural stage in evolution. So many Europeans were actually eager to fight
for land, honor, and country. 2. Disturbance in the Balance of Power: The unification of Italy and of Germany in the mid 19th century
The crumbling of the 500- year-old Ottoman Empire
An unstable post-revolution France and an Austro-Hungary struggling to sustain
a multi-national Empire in an era of nationalism disturbed an equilibrium that had kept Europe
together for centuries. 3. A Tangled Web of Alliances That Went Haywire: In the decades prior to the war, many nations created a web of alliances. The result was that almost any declaration
of war or even mobilization of military power by a relatively small country could create
a domino effect, sucking more and more countries into conflicts they had no interest in. 4. Offensive Military Theory: Prominent military theories in the early twentieth century gave utmost importance to the side
who struck first. So, just the fear of being attacked began
an unstoppable “Race to War.” Whether it was one or some combination of
these reasons, it is pretty clear that Europe was already sitting on a powder keg destined
to explode. “The Shot heard ’round the world” was
merely the spark.

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  1. the hell is that 1914 map? its pretty bad guys, you even put what is now modern day Kaliningrad as part of the Baltic sea? what XD it looks like you just went ape shit on a modern day map in Photoshop with the bucket tool lmao

  2. Fantastic video folks! As a teacher of world history and world cultures, I enjoy using your videos in the classroom to help get students started. Keep them coming please!. Fantastic work.

  3. I'm glad you guys are back, please don't take too long to produce more of these video, I enjoy them and my kids are learning so much. Keep them coming….

  4. Fuck you, nationalism is grossly misrepresented. Nationalism is quite simply the belief that every nationality is entitled to a nation state of their own, e.g. Russia for Russians, France for French, Japan for Japanese etc.

  5. The deaths of millions of people are just said in one word "Nutshell"…… Come on millions of people died!! Its not a "Nutshell"

  6. Multiculturalism was a big reason why it started. You aaaalmost said it yourselves in the beginning. Nationalism is a synthetic part in our ethnocentrism, which is in our evolution. Multiculturalism strenghtens nationalism and the power to hold on to ones own national culture and values. Which most of Europe seems to have forgotten…

  7. Germany was pushing towards Baghdad to get to the oil fields the British were sent there first before being sent to France, it is the first real oil war. Look up the Berlin-Baghdad express the Ottoman Empire, what you see now it is nothing new.

  8. When it shows the map germany doesn't have prussia or the small portion of land that is now in modern day france

  9. I think that another cause of the WW1 was the industrial revolution, giving the countries capabilities of making weapons in a massive"and easier" way and the eager of "testing" their new capabilities

  10. The war actually lasted for 5 years but the war officially ended in 1919 with the treaty of Versailles so the really lasted for 6 years
    (WWI 1914-1919)

  11. So many things wrong with the map at 1:39
    Firstly, the main reason France was so dedicated to fighting Germany was that Germany took the territory of Alsace-Lorraine in the Franco-Prussian War. The territory is on the border of France and Germany, and this map depicts the territory as being a part of France in 1914.
    Second is the mess that is Germany. The map shows Germany with its 1991 borders, after German reunification. Germany in 1914 held territories in modern day Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, and more. Plus there's the aforementioned territory of Alsace-Lorraine. And I don't even know what you did to East Prussia/Kaliningrad. Why that region has been turned into a part of the Baltic Sea is unknown to me.
    Lastly is the United Kingdom. Ireland was not an independent country until after WWI, yet this depicts the post-WWI Irish state and Northern Ireland, the British territory.

    Something else of note is the dark coloring of Sardinia and Corsica, which were and still are parts of Italy and France, respectively. That being said, they should be colored orange and green, respectively.

  12. When you showed nationalism and the Scottish figure with the bagpipes and under that showed costumes, that's wrong it's called folk clothing because you know, Scottish and other Europeans (mostly in Eastern Europe) had culture so it's better to put culture or folk clothing.

  13. 0:21 if you look at the key it says France was an empire. I thought it was a republic. Maybe an error? Good video by the way!

  14. Excellent vid, my first vid ive watched on your channel and i think the animations are stupendous, keep it up!

  15. Gavrilo Princip was born in Bosnia and he was south Slav nationalist. He and other members of Young Bosnia declared themselves as Serbo-Croats.

  16. А reason that i think you missed to mention is the colonies.Germany wanted some from France Britain Netherlands and etc.

  17. Here is what I think caused WW1
    •Alliances against one another
    •Communication Faliure (Austria-Hungary did not even want to annex Serbia. However, Russia did not know that.)

  18. Finally found a video that explains the war simply to my students
    I’ve been searching for something isn’t complicated or too violent for them

    Thanks amazing video ♥️

  19. Hello but would it be okay for me to use only a part of your video? (It's for a project) I'll also be compiling other videos. I'll be sure to credit you. (Also it would be posted in facebook).

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