9 thoughts on “Working at a National Park – Jobs and Volunteering

  1. Never volunteer. Never work for free. If you are a high school graduate with some experience, you should qualify for the equivalent for a GS-4 job, at about $12.40 an hour.

  2. A career with the park service is pretty much attained by being ejaculated our of your NPS working father

    I consider it to be a criminal orginization the way it is run- especially in Yosmeite

    I worked with several people who should be in prison for the crimes they continuously commited while employed by the park service in Yosemite

  3. If anything, the woman is understating the sometimes horrific conditions found in NP concession facilities. She's just telling it like it is (and I'd love to shake her hand), but there's a lot more to tell that she's left out.

  4. This video is very negative. The person speaking needs to smile a little because she sounds very grouchy….

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