[Women’s Voices] Greetings from Kongra Star to the women’s resistance in Poland

[Women’s Voices] Greetings from Kongra Star to the women’s resistance in Poland

Greetings from the land of the goddesses, from the land of Ishtar, from the land of the revolution of Rojava Kurdistan, from the land of the women’s revolution. The heritage of women like Rosa Luxemburg, women like comrade Sara (Sakine Cansiz), are the reason why we are today in a position from which we can struggle. If it had not been for such pioneering women like these, the struggle of Rojava Kurdistan would not have been possible in this way. Now, everywhere in the world, women work towards organizing themselves. They struggle for the rights of women. Within the Rojava revolution, the rights of people were advanced with the leadership of women. Here, Kurdish, Arab, Syriac, Assyrian, Chaldaen, Armenian, Circassian, etc. have worked all together. This was done to secure a life in dignity and the rights of women. For years, this region has been devastated. For many years, we had no rights. Especially as women, we were systematically assaulted. It wasn’t possible to speak about the right of women and children in this community, and on these lands. However, thanks to a revolution, which truly became a global revolution, whilst the peoples of Rojava Kurdistan may have taken the lead, all peoples from around the world started seeing themselves as part of this revolution. Women like Legerin (Alina Sanchez) from Argentina, like Helin Qerecox (Anna Campbell) and thousands of other women, who joined this revolution with their work and efforts on all levels, even to the point of sacrificing their lives for this revolution. We see the revolution of Rojava as the continuation of all struggles and revolutions in the world in which women have been at the forefront. We see ourselves as the continuation of this legacy. In the revolution of Rojava Kurdistan women have taken up leadership in all spheres of life. Perhaps this is why the revolution of Rojava Kurdistan has become so well-known. It is a revolution that truly embraces all sides of life. Together, hand in hand, women and men developed this struggle. We led the same struggle as you. In Poland, in the cities and all over the nation, you have risen up against fascism and occupation. We led the same struggle in Rojava Kurdistan. Our struggle was successful to a great extent. It became known around the world. People expressed their support for it. However, at the same time, there are dark forces that want to finish this revolution and eliminate its people. All gang-like, sinister forces that neither like life, nor women, wanted to suffocate and destroy this revolution. However, resistance has been ongoing from the beginning and it continues to this day. In all spheres of life, women are rising up all around the clock. They have struggles against terrorist groups in the sphere of defense. At the same time, they are active in the political sphere. They develop their own diplomacy. Likewise, they labour in the societal sphere within their communities. All of this work is precious. As I previously mentioned, there is currently a violent war on Rojava Kurdistan and Northern and Eastern Syria. This attacks continue. These attacks express themselves in many ways. Economic attacks, military attacks, and in all other spheres of life, attacks against this revolution. However, the reality is that the current attack of the Turkish state on the lands of Northern and Eastern Syria is of a different kind. It wants to suffocate this revolution, as well as ethnically cleanse the peoples of this region. And the greatest victims of fascism and occupation are women and children. Right now, in this city, the city of Hasakah, there are more than 70.000 displaced people, many of them children. There are many women and elderly people. Despite this dire situation, all over Northern and Eastern Syria, there is great support and resistance. There is also tireless support and solidarity from all over the world. For Kongra Star especially, the most meaningful solidarity is the voice of women. Women’s organization that have joined our campaigns and continue to defend the Rojava revolution. Once again, our call is to women, who see us now in Poland, and everywhere else in the world: We must reach out our hands to each other. Because really, the gains of the women’s revolution and the leadership of women is the victory of all of us. Any attack on a woman is an attack to all of us. In the personage of our killed comrade Hevrin, – a leader of this revolution, who wanted to engage in democratic politics who wanted to work for the solidarity of peoples, and who wanted to create a new Syria, which could be a model for other countries in the world – in her personage, they want to kill and eliminate all of us. The pain of Hevrin, the pain of all of our comrades will be our determination to continue this revolution. We will bring this revolution to victory. All over the world, we will say: what has started in Rojava Kurdistan will also succeed in other places in the world. Once again, greetings and respect from the land of the martyrs, from the land of the resisting people, from the land of the goddesses, to all women of Poland. Our voice shall be one. Just as our victory shall be one. Jin, jiyan, azadi (woman, life, freedom)!

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  1. Thank you for your fight and sacrifice. All of you are very brave, you are amazing, you are example and inspiration for us. I'll pray for you.

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