8 thoughts on “WOMEN RISING: Political Leadership in Africa

  1. Women make better leaders because they are maternal. Leadership is mainly about looking after people, feeding, sheltering and clothing them.

    A man has no clue in this area.

  2. i do not think that women should be in leader ships in country's because when it comes to leader ship women can be weak on that just saying

  3. When women ask to be empowered and to be treated as human beings before they can be looked at as women; they are not asking for too much. They are asking for equal treatment as any other human being. Women in leadership are an inspiration to the aspiring woman. This Mini-Documentary brings the most outstanding women on the Continent to other women's disposal. Getting into these women's thoughts; having the privilege of sharing their wisdom is more than rewarding. Kudos FEMNET. My humble request though is to have this Documentary reproduced with subtitles in various languages tat speak to the different women on the continent.   

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