50 thoughts on “Woke Jokes: How Political Correctness Killed Comedy

  1. Maybe if Trump wasn't a dumb piece of shit and all you dumb motherfucker didn't vote for him, we wouldn't need to make jokes like this. But no, you had just had to own the libs. Fuck our future, fuck our children's future. Fuck the environment, climate and basic human rights. At least women don't control their own bodies anymore and trans people can't join the military. TRUMPS AMERICA.

  2. Is it just me or does it mainly seem women who are pushing these fucktard views ( hey snowflakes before ya get all bitchy im a woman talking about you pathetic snowflake females,maybe you silly bitches need to grow a pair,oh and whats up with those ugly soy boy hanger onners to these silly ugly cows,you guys need to stop drinking the soy crap and also grow a pair or at least take them out of ya bitches purse).

  3. I remember the Seinfeld interview, he was on Colin Cowherd (20 plus mins w/o a break) and he's not wrong

  4. Comedy is suppose to be a satire of whats happening in society, its suppose to be an exaggeration of reality, when we began to feel offended by a simple joke its a sign that society is turning to madness

  5. This is the tyranny of the minority. Shaming people to follow predefined rules about what is funny. Comedy is pain released. Comedy can help bring people together if we let it.

  6. But in the everyday REAL world no one really cares, only when u go on TV and Internet you hear all this shit

  7. Tbh not a day goes by I don't hear the black this white that comments on American news channels, its like that's all you care about. You brought them over there in the first place atleast stfu about it now

  8. PC killed Comedy,? Nope. White male Hypocrisy did.. Do a joke about how white males can only get laid, if they kill a girl first.No. thats not a joke, thats true. White males are the most "Desirable", so they say THEMSELVES. Jew males are always skittish because they fear hearing , Eww..youre a Jew, get out of my bed.
    MGTOW, who cares about White girls, only after Blacks began raping them on film. Why do white, jew males only chase Japanese females? because only Japanese males are as effeminate as they are..White Ninja-ism.

  9. This is why I prefer the old movies of the 80s and 90s. Better than any of the garbage that comes out nowadays.

  10. 11:08 Let's add these kinds of women to list of reasons why men are avoiding women. I feel sorry to the people in the past who believed we will have flying cars in the future. Instead we get these kind of shit.

  11. i can see it now:
    sat in a wetherspoons at dinnertime and some suit minding his beezwax is eating his dinner, a woman walks up behind him as she announces her presence, and his fight or fist instincs kick in, and without missing a beat or turning to face her in advance, he just pivots by the waist to the right landing a fast-five across the side of he skull dropping her to the ground.
    all because the lady (probably) loves meetoo, and a random snap-action of violence in the name of precognitive protection is fair argument to a liberalist AND against them…
    at least he'd get a fair shake legally in the hypothetical scenario.
    what would my reaction be to seeing it transpire?
    i saw nothing is my affitdavid. :p

  12. All you need to say to liberals to make them laugh is say “orange man bad” and they would all start laughing, clapping, and standing up.

  13. I used to say the world is going to hell in a handbasket . I think we've already arrived there without knowing it . Npc , sjw regressive left ruin everything .

  14. This video needs to be sent to the Patriot act. The whole purpose for that show is to take down figures and politics that Minhaj disagrees with, with a thinly veiled attempt at comedy, but no one outside their in-group are laughing

  15. Feminists being sexist… "If you fight monsters you should see to it that in the process you do not become a monster."

  16. The thing that gets me most about that stage belittlement is that she's strawmanning bullshit that DOESN'T HAPPEN!!!

    I mean, maybe someone has stuck their ding dong in a bouquet, or told someone to jerk them off in the middle of work, but those would be isolated cases. No man I know would ever do that, not even special needs handicapped people who can't talk or control their movements who would probably not know better.

  17. 1:14 cut to two and a half years later, and the economy is burning bright blue sparkling flames based on the protectionism and the tariffs that you utter fucking moron SJW's said would fail, you dumb cunt… the smart people knew that it was long overdue and would work– i.e.: not you

  18. "womxn" Seeing that for the first time, my first thought would just be that it's a typo. Having it asserted that it's meant to be a new word, my first guess at the pronunciation would probably be something like "wom-ex-en". I guess. Thoughts for what else it could be, though… "wim-zin"? "woah-max-in"?

    Reminds me of "latinx". I still don't know for certain how they ever expected that to be pronounced. "la-tin-ex" is the assumption that most readily comes to my mind. But maybe it's actually "la-teenks"? Or "la-tin-zzz"?

  19. Humour is when you say something in the uncanny valley of right and wrong. We are unsure how to respond, but most healthy adults respond with laughter.

    This is why political correctness is a big deal to these people. They don't allow wrong think, therefore, no uncanny valley. Humour requires higher thought. NPCs dont make jokes. They make (stupid) statements to push their opinion.

  20. People who actually religiously watch the young turks are in the high end of the autism spectrum.

  21. 1:15
    Honestly, it'll be more of a "yes we were fucked either way, but at least it'll be fast" party

    Unfortunately we chose to die slow.

  22. You know what actually worries me is that this is shaping up to violently swing back. Right now people are getting more and more fed up with being told how they should or are even allowed to act, and that's going to boil over in a few years. Ironically these people are creating some serious hate.

  23. Sometimes i just want to be entertained. I just want to watch something entertaining on tv. But these past few years i find it harder and harder to find anything remotely funny or entertaining. Everything is so political and toxic, even movies or tv shows that doesn't need to be. It just creeps in everywhere, and it's exhausting – i just want to be entertained and forget about everything. But i feel like i can't be left alone. I can hardly watch anything without it telling me how immoral, evil and wrong i am because of my skin color and beliefs. And i just can't watch it anymore – it doesn't entertain me or let me forget my troubles for a little bit, it does the opposite. So until something worthy is produced (tv, movies, comedy), i will just have to watch something old. Or go outside more 🙂

  24. I’m pretty sure most people don’t fall for that nonesense anyway. I have no problem with someone believing they are something other than biology says they are. I’ll even respect their pronouns. Whatever. But jokes are jokes and the most important thing every person can learn is to be able to laugh at themselves.

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