Winning the Battle of the Mind: Conversation with Mohandas Pai

Winning the Battle of the Mind: Conversation with Mohandas Pai

Namaste! Before you enjoy this episode, please subscribe to my channel and share with your friends. We have been talking about the foreign invaders. Have the reasons for India succumbing to foreign invaders been adequately analyzed and understood so that the same mistakes are not repeated? Or do you feel today we are just as vulnerable? Because ISIS is like early invaders. Rajiv my belief is, as a country we are secure and no one can conquer us whether China or Pakistan or anyone else. We have a strong army. We love our country. We are patriotic, nationalist and united. If required people will volunteer to go fight. You can’t take over this country any more. Nobody will dare point a finger at us. Young people are nationalist, patriotic and love their country. But, it’s our minds that are getting poisoned. The battle is in the mind, of ideas. -Right. – And it is a battle of our identity. The leftists who wrote our history are now calling us intolerant, writing all kind of rubbish saying there is ban on beef ban on food. This group are fighting radical battle against all of us and fighting the battle for our mind. -Right. To deprive us of our identity because that is their route to political power for them by controlling our mind. They are beneficiaries of the previous regime. -Right. Suddenly they are out in the cold because the order has changed and that is the battle to be fought. They got foreign subalterns. People in US universities who have digested our faith and civilization. You have written about this Rajiv. They turn it upside down, reinterpret and superimpose their views on us and tell us their view of what we are. We stupidly accept this rubbish. The battle is for our mind because the people who come and do this are foreign educated. They beholden to them and do it. They are not doing service to us as Indians. The battle is not a physical battle. The battle is of mind, to retain our identity, to understand our civilization. To know the messages of our Veda and Gita, and to tell Indians that the solution for humanities is here. Our Hindu philosophy and dharma is the perfect answer for sustainability. Rajiv, culturally we are in harmony with nature. – Right. – We don’t conquer or master nature. – We take from nature what we need and lead simple lives. Okay? Individual aggrandizement And wealth is not our USP in life. It is about societal claims and family. We don’t seek to consume more and more. -Right. We don’t destroy or conquer nature. We worship nature and think of ourselves as part of it. -Right. -That’s the philosophy that we have to foster. We are an open system and believe that we are children of God and God is everywhere. Whereas we are fighting faiths Who try to convert us because they believe only if you follow their book you go to heaven. And if there is a God Rajiv who has made this world, do you think God will make people who don’t believe him? God will punish you and devil. It’s all nonsense put into our minds. – Every person born a sinner. – A child born is child a sinner? -Yeah. A child is sinner by birth? The idea of sinner is so absurd. They brainwash you. Then good news, somebody has died for you, so you are saved, This absolutely makes no sense. We have an open system which we need to propagate because we have never waged war. -Yes. Never killed people. -Even when we were stronger than neighbors. – Neither killed, nor waged war nor tried to conquer anyone else. We have lived in harmony with others. – No mandate from God to expand. -Or conquer and proliferate and make everybody what you are. This is a solution for humanity and we must propagate that. We must tell our children and every Indian. We have social problems like differentiation and discrimination which arose out of poverty and a static society. As society grows and becomes richer, many of them will disappear. -Yes. – Oppression will disappear when poverty goes and with a large middle class many things will be solved. Women education will lead to women empowerment. Rule of law is enforced for both weak and the strong. If rule of law is not be enforced, the strong will become stronger, and manipulate and use the state for their own personal thing. We have to solve these basic problems. We must ultimately answer the most important question in life. What is the reason for existence? What the purpose of life? Is it for acquisition of wealth or power? To dominate or kill? Or is it happiness of mind? Tranquility? We look at the great questions of humanity and try to answer them. We look at natural beauty and rejoice. And pass everyday of our lives in a way that makes us much better than what we are and leaves the world a better place for the future. And not take from the future and consume it today because we are greedy. -Very good. –These are important questions which we must pass on. In this regard of knowledge and intellectual battlefield, one of things I am doing, you will be happy to hear is I am going to have a five part miniseries on Romila Thapar. – Brilliant. – Analyzing her whole work. She has five major themes and I am analyzing each one and giving my response. Like is India a nation? You must expose the bias and lies in the theoretical background for much of what is there in the society. -Yes. So, each week will be one topic. Her views on legitimacy of Hinduism, Whether India is a nation and Aryan theory. I have taken her work and organized them into these five major themes. I am going to take a point, present her views using video clips and then my rebuttal. We have to keep doing this kind of thing. One more thing Rajiv is the need to create centers for study of Indian civilization in top universities. In 10 universities we must set up a center for excellence in study of Indian civilization and also areas like comparative religion. Like in west where religion is studied in an academic manner, discussed and debated, without ideology. -Yes. Once we inject ideology and biases then it takes a different form. So we must do it using global standards with liberalized norms. Individual teachers may have biases, but we will have a greater body of knowledge. All of them should not be leftists with particular ideology. Because that distorts the thinking. India should invest like China is investing in Confucius Institute. Every country is doing it. You spoke about American exceptionalism. -Right. – Trump has exposed American exceptionalism for what it is. Americans for the last 15 – 20 years portrayed themselves as a very liberal nation, Open society, global trade, immigration and hotbed of great ideas. Trump has shown that 50-60% Americans don’t believe in that. They parochial, inward looking, anti-immigrants and racist. Rightly or wrongly they have been exposed. We are being vilified and people say We are a caste-ist, misogynist society, and bad society. We have this and that problem and all that rubbish. We must awaken to what we really are. -Yes. We are a great civilization with great philosophy. We have done wonderful things. We have been conquered by Islamists for 1000 years And then oppressed by the British. See Rajiv, I am a Konkani who are mostly settled in Goa. Till 13 – 14 years ago, I didn’t know my own history. Or of my community. I started reading and learn’t about an inquisition that went on for 200 years. – Yes the Portuguese. – A brutal Portuguese inquisition. My forefathers were killed, women were raped, temples destroyed, our gold was taken away, and unbearable atrocities done against us. Books have been written but I want a museum of the inquisition to be in Goa on the holocaust to tell our people. It is not about hatred but to face the truth. -Learn from it. – And say never again will we be dominated or conquered by external forces. Who want to suppress and kill us. I shed tears when I was told that my forefathers took the deity from the temple in the night, ran away, crossed the river and went to the other side Ponda to set up temples. My own family temple in Salsed was totally destroyed and razed to the ground. -Oh, my God! This is my family history. What am I to do? Believe that these are all great people? One of the priests Francis Xavier was supposed to done the inquisition. He is now venerated and his body is put there. The truth is we have been brainwashed. It is not about hating anybody but about facing the truth. Jews have done so for holocaust. -Blacks are doing it. -Blacks as well as Jews have done it. Like Jewish holocaust we must have a memorial. We have to evolve and overcome subterranean things in our mind. Future generation should understand good as well as bad aspects of history, and live as good citizens. – One of the conferences we are planning is on Hindu holocaust. Goan is part of that. My father’s generation came from Lahore. They suffered a lot and had to run away from Lahore. Many in my family didn’t make it. My father and few relatives were declared dead. My mother was in the India side and started mourning. But they managed to escape. My father miraculously made it. So these are stories we learnt. -Learn and you should keep these stories. In my state Karnataka the Congress government celebrates Tipu Jayanti. Tipu Sultan was a bigot, a killer, a psychopath, and jihadi. -He is like the Aurangzeb in the South. –Sandeep Balakrishnan has documented this. Tipu requested the Caliph to conquer Hindustan. He butchered the Kodavas. -Yes. He destroyed Konkani temples in many places in North Karnataka and Malabar. He killed the Nairs in Calicut. He butchered 850 Madhwas in Melkote. 20,000 Mangalore Catholics were captured and marched from Mangalore to Sriranagapatna and 10,000 died. He was a very brutal man. Yet ignoring the Kodavas, Konkanis, and Mangalore Catholic Christians who are all part of Karnataka Our chief minister and Congress party celebrates Tipu Jayanti saying that he is a great freedom fighter and secularist. Can a Jihadi be a secularist? Apparently he gave money to Srirangam temple Or Sringeri or some temple. He gave the money for some political reason. We know horrible stories of how many women he brutalized and put in his harem. Yet we are told he is a great king like Aurangzeb. We have to forget his brutality. -We have a kind of collective Stockholm syndrome admiring the oppressor. -No Rajiv. Leftist historians have put this in our mind. As part of the national integration campaign of Indira Gandhi when she came to power, that we have to remove all this history and make these figures look good. To avoid a relapse of hating Muslims or loving Hinduism. Okay? They believed in remaking this country without the threat of communalism. -So, they feel that Hinduism is a problem. -Yes. -Getting rid of it is not a problem. -Jihadi is not a problem. For example, I had a fight with journalist in Delhi on twitter He was trying to glamorize Burhan Wani. Burhan Wani was a proud killer who went and killed Sarpanches in cold blood and made a video. Yet this journalist wants to glamorize that person by portraying him as a wronged, son of a school teacher and a young martyr popular on social media. The same Urban Naxalite who glamorized Maoist. Maoists are killers and there is no room for killers in our society. There is no room for violence in society. Anybody indulging in violence should face the consequences of law. We can have debates and violent disagreements, but no violence. They pardon the violence of the left and jihadis because they believe that they must save the country from the evil Hindu community. I don’t understand this distorted logic. – That’s the complex we have which keeps us from being a nation. My next books is on the Indian grand narrative. -Yes. This is important and I will discuss more with you also offline because that’s where I talk about our past narrative. How it got destroyed over thousand years, the state of confusion and chaos today, and projects we need to undertake to develop a futuristic narrative. This book will provoke controversy because I am going to be very honest about these things. -You are going to be evidence based and factual. -Yes. Let people criticize you based on facts and evidence. -They have not been able to critique any of my books properly. They always attacked me as a person. That is good news as it means they do not know the subject matter. – They side step facts. – Avoiding the subject matter and making me the bad guy. -And attack the person. On Twitter, when I say something or criticize them, they call me a bigot and abuse me. -Rather than addressing the issue. -Yes Because they don’t have data or facts. They only have a conjecture. I will tell you another thing. Sri Sri Ravishankar took hundred acres of land And build on stilts a platform to celebrate an event on the banks of Yamuna. So-called environmentalists went to court saying that Sri Sri destroyed trees. But there were no trees. They said he destroyed the ecosystem and the plants. But there was nothing. And that because of the structure the water course would change. The NGT bought into all this rubbish. And filed a case and penalized him. Yamuna goes about 50 – 60 kilometers to Delhi and is 1 kilometer wide. 60 square kilometers of land. Okay? Hundred acres is inconsequential. Second, these are all the flood plains with low water levels. When the floods come everything gets washed away. The whole land is covered with 10-15 feet of water for 10-15 days a year. Where is the question of any plant being there? Can you divert the water of the Yamuna? – Its unscientific. – Unscientific and madness. They also said something was put in the water and the water is spoiled. Water goes away. It gets cleaned up. In South, the Christians in Kerala, celebrate an annual festival on the banks of a dried river in the summer. In Varanasi, on the sand of the Ganga, when water level is low, people celebrate. It is normal on the flood plains in the summer to have a celebration, or human activity or growing vegetables. Just because he is Sri Sri Sri, all environment-terrorists and JNU types went after him. And they used the NGT. Some professor claimed Rs 130 crores was required to remedy this to get a bio park. A very silly thing. Another said 50 crores. They are not able to justify it. They attacked me on twitter / social media for pointing out their lies. Where is the intellectual discourse in this country Rajiv? Where is the data and evidence? – The need for an honest and open intellectual discourse is very important. -Not there. They make personal attacks. They attack you for something. The judge who settled this is also retired. Media had been sent to sensationalize unnecessarily. Finally 5 crores was the fine imposed on Sri Sri Ravishankar and he told them he would fight it out. -And that’s what he should do. -Yes. Now I want to discuss the jati structure which we had talked about earlier. I went to Nagapattinam during the Tsunami and spent a few months with different villagers. And I learned a lot. I learnt that the jati that deep sea fishing and shallow-water fishing are done by different jatis. -The demarcation on duty. – One jati catches fish by hand. Even the infrastructure and boats are different for each jati. Nets and all that. Their entire business model is to kind of break down the activities and not have a competition. Whereas the western modernity model is that more competition is better. -No. subjugation of nature. Ours is live in a sustainable manner. Don’t give domination to one single person. -Yes. The Brahmin community are knowledge seekers and not supposed to be rich. – They are not supposed to be rich nor have political power like Kshatriyas. The reason is if you have both knowledge and political power, you become rich and dominate society. -We have different forms of capital kept under different communities. There were checks and balances in the society for particular reason. Rajiv, when a society becomes static and doesn’t grow, they all become rigid. Discrimination happens which is wrong. It has happened in India and will go when we become richer. Ambedkar makes a beautiful point. He says, villagers are cesspools of communalism. Why? Because a village is static society with static economy. Everybody has got his role, and there is caste and power structure, not a class structure. Everybody wants to dominate somebody else down the line. The people at the bottom suffer He told his people, the so-called depressed classes to leave the village and go to the town. In the town nobody knows what you are. Leftists and evangelist … one evangelist from Delhi who comes on TV, they went to Durban to say, caste is race. Which is stupid and intellectually dishonest. Race is visible physically. You can never escape it. Whereas caste is not visible. When both of us sit together, can our facial features tell our caste? It cannot. Nobody knows what caste one is. One can declare anything. – Yes and nobody knows or verifies. But race is evident on your face. So they tried to equate caste and race in order to convert Poor people. – I think those Kancha Ilaiah and John Dayal. – Yes very dishonest people who made dishonest arguments. -They are funded. -Yes -It’s a business. – I was told that John Dayal went to the US Congress and gave evidence against his own country. -And wanted to have sanctions. -Wanted sanctions against his own country. Yet he lives here. He comes on TV and pontificates against the Indians. Kancha Ilaiah did the same thing. 65 Indian MPs wrote to US president Obama to not give visa to Narendra Modi. -Yes. It is ridiculous. -Yes. -You are a sworn MP, supposed protect the Indian constitution. If you dislike somebody, fight a political battle, but don’t go to a foreign power. -But fight it internally. These are all Jaychands and traitors. You can’t go against your own countrymen. How can you write this? That’s the tragedy we have. -They are all Mir Zafars and Jaychands. -Yes, yes. What does Mohandas Pai think of the Modi government? That’s what he discusses in the next segment.

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    This man mohandas pai is preoccupied with fake history written by Brahmins.
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  35. I can deeply feel the pain of Rajeev ji and of Mohandas Pai.

    This is because I come from a community which fights within itself in a way Hindus fight amongst themselves in India.

    Our community is divided into 2 sections. 1 section is a Hindu section and other section is a Islamic section, but in the past 30 years it has morphed of itself and now wants to call itself as true Hindu section. For an intellectual academic it is really interesting to know how these things are happening on the ground. This section which follows Islamic religion has managed to fool Hindu religious leaders and Hindu religious organisations and today it has successfully penetrated Hindu organisations. You will not believe that it has penetrated Akhada Parishad, Kumbh Mela, Acharya Parishad et cetera. All these organisations have become vulnerable and unfortunately people behind these organisations do not know that the attack is coming. Rather they are under attack.

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