Will Trump’s Economy Crash And Burn?

Will Trump’s Economy Crash And Burn?


28 thoughts on “Will Trump’s Economy Crash And Burn?

  1. Not much because hes been fighting for the american people. Before him we were going to hell in a hand basket at least he tried.

  2. Trump is adding to the misery. By tax cuts, low wages and trade wars.

    Since 2008 the US added 63% of $87 tn in debt, to 85% inflating asset prices and the real (your) economy!

  3. Facts reasoning and logic are no longer a thing on the right wing they will blame everyone and everything but Trump somehow it will be Obama and the Clintons that cause it lol they are beyond help.

  4. 👽Trump’s economy will BuRn just like the Amazon! Take it as the Prelude to the Damage Report provided when Trump leaves office.

  5. Yes, and I hope some Trumpanzees literally starve because of it. They voted and support this bullshit and should receive NO governmental help in a crisis. I mean, don't be a freeloader, amirite? It's just food you animal.

  6. No matter what happens, a world reset is coming one way or another. War, disease, etc. We're overdue for he elites to hit that kill millions button and start over.

  7. I remember hearing that a significant number of farmers who are affected by Trump's tariff war with China still support the president, so it does seem like there's really nothing Trump can do to lose support from his base.

  8. The answer is YES , isn't crashes and BANKRUPCY his MO?world renown STUPID, IGNORANT unstable excuse for a human!

  9. Why keep saying he is good at scapegoating? His supporters are just too dumb to see through the bullshit. Because it's their absurd beliefs that he espouses. Trump just a mouth piece.

  10. We have a fool in office trump is completely a lunatic and our politicians are just as crazy. Clean the house on both sides of the aisle.

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