Will Brexit lead to a political revolution?

Will Brexit lead to a political revolution?

29 thoughts on “Will Brexit lead to a political revolution?

  1. Wow an intelligent and surprisingly polite and honest conversation about Brexit, with both sides represented evenly and an unbiased host… the first I have seen, ever!!

  2. Tom Tugendhat is my MP in kent and we voted out, he is another Remainer politician trying to keep us in with Teresa May on her treasonous deal, and betraying Brexit he will never get my vote again.

  3. They should just give the power back to royal family, the Queen should decide what to do and since Britain is still a imperial country in reality the Queen can do what she wants, but choose to do nothing hopefully the next King will do something

  4. Of course it will lead to a political revolution, the electorate will not tolerate a remainer parliament trashing their vote with the open audacity they are attempting to crush democracy. They will rebel, they will trash the Tory party for its collective treachery, they despise and will dump May into the toilet of history and ignominy for her outrageous demagoguery, shameless lies and her astonishing incompetence. Brexit will never be crushed and the EU is next on the target list. Juncker, Verhoefstad, Tusk, Merkel, Macron, Timmermans: they will face justice.

  5. Every Prime Minister stands down and they still get paid the same salary all their life . Just like Maggie Thatcher did and we paid for her funeral also many are unaware of sadly. So much is easy to work out in the UK.David Cameron now wants to emigrate to the USA .Many resign in Parliament .Those that have worked hard have all paid taxes for their salaries.

  6. The fundamental purpose of the conservative party is to maintain and grow wealth inequality through class system of worker exploitation!

  7. It’s hard to believe England used to be the most powerful nation in the world. Im watching this fiasco from Australia, and quite frankly, it’s farcical!!

  8. Two brain dead remainer politicians. Whatever happens all you turncoat politicians will be history. Say one thing & do the opposite, against the will of the people totally unacceptable.

  9. NO! The damn decision has not been taken! Do your job. Take responsibility yourselves as elected representatives in a parliamentary democracy, instead of just shunting the blame on to the public.

  10. Nothing whatever there about being European, having roles and responsibilities beyond their own bailiwicks or at most England. And post-Brexit issue characterised as merely a matter of trade. Badly done.

  11. let's be honest the EU made it very clear at the beginning that this is the deal and the only deal has members of Parliament got a hearing impairment it was made very clear by the EU on several occasions some might look at this as a warning to other eu countries and use Britain as an example for others but the EU had no choice they could not allow Great Britain to cherry-pick and must stand firm on their decision and should we retract article 50 it will only show the rest of the world that Britain has got no backbone and spineless and God help us all in the future especially when they take over the British tax system and we pay the same taxes as the EU in their countries or when they have a EU army. if we stay in the EU members of Parliament might as well resign and it is very difficult to change EU regulations whether the British likes it or not we would be stuck with it and there is nothing the MPs can do about it . thank you so much members of Parliament for giving Britain away and making people of Britain the laughing stock of the world

  12. 2: The real mess = toppositions bunch of boys clinged together , powergrab & moneygrab yhat leads to revolutions ! Narcist selfish behaviour !

  13. 1: Will moneygrab + powergrab the rich parliarment boys lead to revolutions ? pm may lady have other purposed ; remarkable dude !!!

  14. Come on Britain, just stay with us. We love you, more than you know. You might be stubborn, and missing your former huge empire. But we enjoy your 3 lions penalties and your gin and tonic. And so much more. We should be one Europe. This is important…..just think it over. Dont you see we would just love you to stay.

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