Wildlife Volunteering Abroad

Wildlife Volunteering Abroad

yeah Thank You Island back kick your face this magazine Jackie's a spider monkey I wanted to experience these things and got my comfort zone a little bit after a few emails a few months later but the flights and I just came ahead I thought it was a nice idea but different to another holiday I wanted to learn more about wild animals we are traveling around South America and then we are making our way across to Southeast Asia and we are doing a few volunteering projects together with my wife and we got an animal rescue center a conservation program our aim for the rescue center is to be able to help these animals and give them as a good life as possible we team make central respite Center was a wonderful idea in our project is how the animals free no indication Anthony on arrival yeah okay break no no it's experiencing loosening things that we like it's a good opportunity to learn something it gets narrowed your culture and your language they're cheaper then trouble without volunteering it's a really good sense of community as well because know everyone's gathered to get the same thing it is kind of crazy sometimes because so many people everything you living in the community you are you have to be another guy like without the other one you are lost you see good where I live out here definitely sure I would say everyone on I was going to fit from being here for a couple of weeks for me I went to because I learned a lot about animals and some time to relax it it's amazing now it's amazing I love it but I can never get bored it is not like everything it is amazing and it's given me the opportunity really to you know work of all these amazing animals in their natural habitat I'm staying these amazing countries for less than what it would cost to live in England it's in a way it's rewarding because to see what you do you can work with animals you can help them they trust you if you let the animals you can do great things for him we need volunteers for the daily work and to help us without any volunteers we will be able to really attack get any progress the villagers is very better for us I hope I hope we can have more volunteers here we go they are helping us always nervous about this I've never done anything like this before and it's it's beyond my expectations is perfect I invite the advantage from to come here please help us because the animals they need need you and also the one bug the jungle again you

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  1. Today we launch our International Wildlife Volunteering Network:
    – www.thewildweb.org 

    Which enables travellers to connect directly to amazing volunteer projects all over the world.

    In the hope to inspire others to 'Live the dream and make a difference' we have created this video which shows why people love to volunteer when travelling and most importantly why these projects need our support.

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