Wilders (Predictable) Loss Is Still a Major Increase for Populism

Wilders (Predictable) Loss Is Still a Major Increase for Populism

21 thoughts on “Wilders (Predictable) Loss Is Still a Major Increase for Populism

  1. That fact they celebrate populism being "defeated" says a lot. Populism, by its definition, is to be concerned about the ordinary people.

  2. I'ts…..not……happening……quickily enough……..Start reading the Koran….You will have to anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. how about the new anti-establishment part FvD, completly new to the parlement and took 2 seats, its litteraly a thorn in the sight of the Partijkartel and the Mediakartel (politicalcartel and mediacartel)

  4. This guy makes some very good points I had not considered: that the policy proposals of Trump, Le Pen, etc are just things that would have been considered common sense 50 years ago – yet the media is dishonestly (for the sake of fighting some imaginary Nazies) painting it as about Good vs Evil (themselves as anti-Nazi heroes).
    But it's not Nazi – it's just the normal standard of all countries for centuries, & still is in most of the world. He puts it well at 12:10 + 1 minutes

    People are afraid of the Islam of the prophet Mohammed & the goal of conquest, theocracy, anti-free speech & the idea that religious claims should not be questioned (all Mohammed's teachings, as far as I know).
    Have the debate, include "radical Muslims" & non-Muslims instead of silencing them.
    And don't do things like quote sura 5:32, but leave out the violent part of the peace verse.

    That's the issue that people are afraid of: face the fear, with Love, but not well-meaning lies for a good cause.

  5. He tried to stop the Dutch tradition of "not bother anyone it´s OK" and ban the Amsterdam Coffeshop making it a crime to smoke weed, sick And he is a Counter-Jihadist and Israel Lover so Geert Wilders are not the Savior many thinks.

  6. It's really not a major increase seeing he was predicted to gain around 4 seats more. It's a loss and this video is damage control.

  7. DEATH BLOW: When someone tries to blow you up, not because of who you are, but for different reasons altogether.

  8. ah how should i put it. you are stupid. The pvv had more votes in 2010 so he is losing the momentum

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