Wilders and Baudet: Fascism, but Make it Fashion!

Wilders and Baudet: Fascism, but Make it Fashion!

Hi, everyone. This was not the first video I wanted to make,
but it is the first one I felt compelled to make, for better or worse. So the Dutch provincial elections of 2019
took place last Wednesday, on March 20th. The turnout was around 56%, which was a marked
increase from a 47.7% turnout in 2015. The results represent what has been referred
to as the gradual disappearance of the political center. The VVD, or the People’s Party for Freedom
and Democracy, a centre-right party of which the current prime minister Mark Rutte is the
leader, lost one seat in senate. That is to say, they went from 13 seats out
of 150 to 12. Doesn’t sound too devastating for them,
right? But let me bring in some figures from three
other parties. GroenLinks, translated as GreenLeft. . .well, the name says it all. Their platform is based on left-wing and eco-friendly
“green” ideals, to lazily paraphrase Wikipedia. GreenLeft went from 4 seats to 9, meaning
they more than doubled their base of support. Again, we’re talking about the most left-wing
major party in the Netherlands. Now, the leader of the PVV, or the Party For
Freedom, is probably the most well-known Dutch political figure after Rutte. Of course, I’m talking about Geert Wilders,
our very own Trump wannabe. Usually when I talk about him with Dutch friends,
who already know what’s up, it’s with the intent to demean his existence. “Discount Trump” I say. “Great Value Trump if he had worse hair”. “Whimsical Wilders the pasty proto-fascist”. But to anyone watching this who’s never
heard of Wilders: I’m not going to waste time being cute or coy. Instead, I want you to take a minute and watch
this clip from a Party For Freedom rally in 2014. (as the video starts) So here, Wilders has
announced that he’s going to ask his audience three questions. The first was: Do we want more or less European
Union? The second: Do we want more or less of the
rival Labor Party? Each time his supporters bleated the word
“less”. And the third question. . .I’ll let Mr. Wilders pose the third question. Maybe you understand why I’m a little reluctant
to crack jokes. What you just watched is a roomful of people
screeching uproariously that they want “fewer Moroccans” in the Hague and in the Netherlands
as a whole. (sigh) In the elections of the following year, the
Party For Freedom, PVV, ended up with 9 seats, a decrease of one seat from the 2011 elections. Now, fastforwarding to 2019, the PVV’s support
has nearly halved since 2015. They now hold 5 seats out of 150 in the Dutch
senate. Why could this be? It’s not because fewer people voted; we’ve
established that the turnout was significantly higher this year. So where did those votes go, those votes from
all the poor disenfranchised citizens who wanted nothing more than “Nederland voor
de Nederlanders” and “minder Marokkanen”? Well, I have a theory. Het Forum voor Democratie, or the Forum for
Democracy, was founded in 2015. It did not exist at the time of the provincial
elections four years ago. Now, it is the largest party in the Senate,
rocketing up to 13 seats from effectively nothing. The leader of the Forum for Democracy is Thierry
Baudet. Baudet referred to himself in 2016 as “the
most important intellectual in the Netherlands”, so of course we were primed to expect great
things from this young stallion. Now the Forum for Democracy, like Wilders’
Party For Freedom, is anti-European Union, as well as anti-immigration. The FvD also opposes the current efforts to
combat climate change. Baudet likes to talk, too, about preserving
Western Culture, which by now is a dogwhistle so exhaustively blown that even Flo-Rida is
sick of it. In short, the FvD’s platform is very similar
to that of the PVV. So why did the FvD scoop up so many votes
which seemingly would have gone to the PVV? It’s our man Thierry. Of course it is. I compared Wilders and Trump before, but I
mean it: both of them represent the kind of geriatric fist-shaking conservatism that no
longer flies with young right-leaning white guys in the year of our lord 2019. Baudet is cool, he’s got that devil-may-care
Trudeau charm, and he values his image. As Dutch people, we like to say we’re very
sober-minded people, blunt, we’re good at “je gezonde verstand gebruiken”, or using
your common sense. This is especially common among centrists
who want to pretend they choose their party based on pure logic and reason and not any
misplaced fear of outsiders. So when Wilders screams about how islam is
invading Europe and crime statistics and tsunami of immigrants and how he feels personally
threatened by women who wear the hijab bla bla bla ad nauseam, people have stopped listening. They don’t want to throw in with him. But when Baudet talks about the beauty of
unique cultures and the need to preserve that beauty, he’s covering all his bases. The common-sense centrists go “well, yeah,
of COURSE we need to defend our Dutch culture. Good thinking, Thierry”. And the fascists go “FUCK YEAH, WHITE PRIDE!” That’s why in a lot of ways, the Forum for
Democracy is scarier to me. They’re the PVV, but sexier. They’re a cyanide pill in the middle of
a strawberry Starburst. And they’re the biggest party in the senate. God fucking knows what a mess we’re barreling
towards. Thanks for your time.

6 thoughts on “Wilders and Baudet: Fascism, but Make it Fashion!

  1. You need to reproduce, not make useless videos like this. Also, sighing in your first second of the video is a huge turnoff.

  2. Oof. I just went to the link in your video description and I have to say it might be a good idea to remove it. I watched through the creator's videos and a lot of video titles made alarm bells go off. I watched one and just noticed a bunch of dogwhistling about ethnic replacement. I continue looking and to no surprise I find TL;DR (Teal Deer) linked in his sidebar. A well known bad-faith reactionary. Looking over the other folks linked in the sidebar, most of the others appear to be similar types. Tread with care.

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