Wie is Schild & Vrienden echt?

Wie is Schild & Vrienden echt?

Leftist rats.
– Call it quits. You can ruin things,
but what can you fix? Youth movements focused on identity
are gaining popularity in Europe. You will not replace us.
You will not replace us. One of the movements in Flanders
is Schild & Vrienden. Dries Van Langenhove
is their leader. Today, if you want to start
a healthy, traditional family, you’re seen as a freak. On camera,
they talk about family values, Flemish identity and a positive alternative
to so-called politically correctness. Be the best version of yourself.
Only then can we save Flanders. Thank you. In secret fora,
we read different stories. Racism, Nazi glorification, and denigrating comments
about women and minorities. Who is Schild & Vrienden, really? Brussels we are Schild & Vrienden Nearly one year ago. On Facebook, I see a video
that piques my curiosity. It’s a video compilation of attacks and protests
around the world. A demonstration gone wild in Brussels
and unrest in Antwerp. All accompanied by ominous music. Antwerp Is this it?
The future we want? I don’t want our streets
to be unsafe for women. I don’t want a society that has
forgotten our norms and values. I don’t want St. Nick
without Black Pete. I don’t want a Europe
in which Europeans are the minority. We’ve had enough. We want resilient, empowered youths. Honest media,
which tells the whole story. We won’t give an inch. We are Schild & Vrienden. I decide to contact them,
and Schild & Vrienden agrees to my request to let me follow them
for six months with my little camera. I want to know their plans. I first meet up with them
in early March, in a Ghent dorm
where one of the members lives. The only people there are young men,
in their twenties. Students. For Schild & Vrienden,
this is an important day. 500 meters away,
at the Gravensteen, people have organized a protest promoting
a more humane refugee policy. Schild & Vrienden wants
to disrupt this protest. Guys, listen up. As planned, we’re going
to the Gravensteen at 2:00. We’ll show our banner to the leftist
activists from the battlements. A plan is all good and well,
until it’s time to act on it. It’s no different today. The leftist activists are there
with an installation. Some of us will go to the top and use scissors to cut
the ropes they’ve installed. Then we’ll unfurl
our own banner there. Any questions? Dries. How about engaging
the leftists in a mild debate? Or are we going to keep away
from discussion? Of course, there can be
some calm debate. You can go and check it out.
They have a number of stands set up. Approach those people critically,
but keep things very calm, even if they seem agitated. They are living in a bubble,
thinking everyone wants 300 million illegal immigrants
to come to Europe. But that’s not right.
There are lots of us here. They don’t know that Flemish youths
oppose it, so they may get agitated. React calmly and debate
with them in a low-key way. Here’s the banner the leftists
have hung on our beautiful castle. This is 25-year-old
Dries Van Langenhove. He is a student representative in Ghent University’s
Board of Directors. He’s studying law and has degrees
in political science and plumbing. A healthy, balanced meal:
Lotus cookies, made in Flanders. I need three guys with free hands
to hold the banner up later. Three guys with free hands. Dries Van Langenhove is
the group’s leader and spokesman. He let us know in advance
that he’d be our primary contact. Guys, let’s go in
in groups of five or six at a time. I’ll join the last group,
since they’ll likely recognize me. Use your smartphone
to report what you see inside. The group wants to pull down
the temporary flag hanging here and unfurl their own banner. You’re sabotaging
a legal demonstration. What’s going on?
– He’s sabotaging the protest. Our protest is legal. Stop that. Hands off.
I won’t touch you, so don’t touch me. Did it work?
– It’s gone. Dries?
– Yes. You bastards. Fascists. The group is criticized and blamed.
I hear ‘fascist’ and ‘racist’. Are you racist?
– Of course not. When people say that…
There aren’t many. I always say: What did I ever
say or do to make you think that? They almost never answer,
or they just berate me again. The people who shout that…
It’s a last resort. The word is so hollow now that
it can’t be used sincerely anymore. This was Dries Van Langenhove
in April. Our first long interview. Months later, we find out there are
secret online Schild & Vrienden fora. Secret groups,
where members share posts disparaging people of color… …demeaning women and Muslims
and treating them inhumanely… …and glorifying Hitler,
Nazism and guns. Jewish Rolex Dries, too, posts
discriminatory messages in the fora. In total, we would read
67,000 posts and comments that cast Schild & Vrienden
in a very different light. those dirty Jews
with their stupid customs Leftist rats.
– Call it quits. Leftist rats.
– Call it quits. Our intervention worked.
We achieved our goal. We shouldn’t try
to take it any further. It was really great. Was destroying that flag necessary? Maybe destroying it wasn’t necessary,
but we did, and I’m glad. That shows that we can stand tall and Flemish youths
will defend their future. Let’s go back to the beginning. Schild & Vrienden originated online
in early 2017, on Facebook. At first, they mostly exchanged
cartoons, videos and memes. They portrayed politics
or current events, always with humor, since that often
lets you get away with your post. Last May, when Secretary of State
Theo Francken gave a lecture at Ghent University,
Van Langenhove called for action. Not long before that, Francken
had to cancel a lecture in Brussels, due to a protest. So, at one point,
we were all frustrated, because Theo Francken’s lectures
were being sabotaged. Refugees are welcome here. We decided to facilitate
a lecture by Francken in Ghent. I’d said: Take a fluorescent vest. We’ll meet at 6:00
at Sint-Pietersplein. There were tons of Schild & Vrienden
volunteers there. That’s when I realized:
I really have to do something with this capacity for mobilizing
people and this enthusiasm. Today, over 14,000 people follow
Schild & Vrienden’s Facebook page. Van Langenhove says
the movement has 900 members, but they don’t use
traditional membership cards. It’s hard to root out
accurate numbers. Sometimes, Schild & Vrienden
shows up with five or ten people. Other times, with 60. Here they are with members of
the Nationalist Student Association. Their website says that today’s
Flemish youths are indifferent, and that Schild & Vrienden
wants to change that mentality. They organize positive events that
promote the Flemish model of society. They want to be the voice
of the silent majority. Mobilization occurs primarily
through social media. Facebook is the means of doing this. Wow, guys. That’s awesome. Wow. Oh, my God.
That’s great, guys. Back to the Gravensteen. After the intervention there, Schild & Vrienden members
watch their videos. It’s vital for the intervention
to take place again, online. Especially on Facebook,
but also Twitter and YouTube. And that’s the point:
Schild & Vrienden wants its ideas to reach
as many people as possible, thus influencing
debate over society. But they aren’t a political party. They want to engage in metapolitics. We don’t want to be the leaders
of tomorrow or to draw up policy. But we do think that you can
only change leaders and policies if you can change the people,
their way of thinking. At the beguinage in Ghent,
more videos are made, which will be spliced with
the footage from the Gravensteen to make a video
they hope will do well online. And everyone is happy, guys. We’ll liberate Flanders,
protect our cultural heritage. All with a pretty smile. Okay. And action. Several leftist subsidized NGOs
want to storm the Gravensteen today. To them, this castle symbolizes
Fort Europe. And it does well. The video has just been posted,
and tons of people share and like it. First, members and supporters. Soon, it goes international. That’s no coincidence. The video is subtitled in English
and has an English title: ‘Protecting our heritage.’ The video has been viewed
almost 200,000 times on YouTube and Facebook
and has been picked up by extreme right websites,
like Voice of Europe, The Gateway Pundit and InfoWars. Schild & Vrienden’s mission
is accomplished. We have two guests:
Dries Van Langenhove, a Ghent law student… Their months-long, noticeable
presence on social media has gotten Schild & Vrienden
and Van Langenhove into the papers,
on the radio and on TV. So, a wide audience
hears their message, not just on migration,
but also family values or, as here,
their views on transgenderism. So, what’s ‘normal’?
– ‘Normal’ is very hard to define. But changing one’s sex is not normal,
in any case. I think it’s dangerous
to normalize that. Everything we’ve seen so far, the Gravensteen intervention,
an online video hit, being invited to appear on media…
It’s no coincidence. It’s all part of a plan
in which Schild & Vrienden has far more radical ideas
than outsiders may know. We find out months
after our first meeting, as ‘Pano’ gets to read along
with a member of Schild & Vrienden in secret online fora,
on Facebook, among others. At the time, 847 members
have joined the forum. It seems no post is too crude. my parents are red,
but I’d rather be dead In public, as here at a lecture
with the Marnixring service club, Schild & Vrienden tells
the same old story about Flemish identity:
traditional family values, conservative ideas
and left versus right. Van Langenhove explains what the relatively new organization,
Schild & Vrienden, stands for. Today, if you’re normal and want to
start a healthy, traditional family, you’re seen as a freak. We must dare to stand up
to the political correctness police. The Internet has brought
the identity debate and culture wars, which are raging around the world,
to our doorstep. Those are subjects
youths worry about. Sometimes, it can be fun:
infiltrating the union, for example. I assure you:
militant union members’ faces, when you dump a pail of water
on their fire, is priceless. Schild & Vrienden may seem
like a group of rascals. What they don’t say is:
they go much further online. Sometimes,
they insinuate on social media that they systematically bully
people and organizations online. It’s called trolling. Abusing people,
posting hate messages or undermining
organizations’ credibility. On the way to Marnixring,
I asked Dries who incites the alleged
systematic attacks. Well, who do you think would give
a command like that? You. Or someone else. In the secret Facebook group, we read
that these actions are coordinated. A Facebook post in which a girl asks
for feminist song suggestions is used by Dries Van Langenhove,
with the clear order: Let yourselves go, friends.
Troll the living shit of out them. Who will help troll them? Dozens of posts call for harassing
people, organizations and even events and for posting hurtful comments
about them. Can we troll or derail this? One of the attacks targets
the Flemish Youth Council, and the group goes beyond
online trolling. The Schild & Vrienden network
is also used to infiltrate key positions
in institutions and organizations, now and in the future. We have every interest in ensuring
that key positions in society remain in the hands of our ethnic group.
Integration is infiltration. They call it the long march
through the institutions. Through the Schild & Vrienden
network, four members get elected
to the Youth Council, the official voice of Flemish youths. The secret fora show
that they want to influence the Youth Council’s work
any way they can. Okay… But they want to sabotage it, too. One of the elected members
calls on Schild & Vrienden members to forge surveys,
posing as minorities. They matter more for the results. Like a black, homosexual Jew. Someone on the Youth Council’s
website says they want to represent all Flemish youths
and fight discrimination, but posts degrading comments
about Muslims in the secret group. Another ghost has been spotted
in Brussel-Noord train station. In another forum, she talks
about the white population being replaced by a black population. It’s all the LGBT community’s fault. Schild & Vrienden also buys
fake Facebook profiles from a Brazilian ‘click farm,’
as it’s called. These fake profiles give
the Flemish Youth Council bad reviews on Facebook. They also want to infiltrate
political parties in the long run. …push N-VA further right
from within Good morning.
– Thanks. Dries Van Langenhove
is trying that at Ghent University. Here you go.
– Thanks. He’s a student representative
in the Board of Directors, the school’s highest authority. Now it’s May, and Van Langenhove
wants to be reelected. Here you go. Along with members
of the student group KVHV and his running mate, Louis De Stoop,
he hands out flyers and speaks in class
to drum up votes. Consulting one’s lessons online
is a basic student right. My second-to-last point is:
less bullshit. It may sound populist. Not the Board of Directors, but advisory bodies, committees
and student councils where hours are spent discussing
how many grams a certain cut of meat can weigh
at De Brug, or how many millions we’ll invest
in transgender restrooms. A week later, the results are in. Louis. Are you ready? Yay. It’s so exciting. Members of student group KVHV
attend the announcement, as do Schild & Vrienden members. He’s had a beer to take the edge off. Hello, handsome. You ready for this?
– Stress, stress. Extreme left youth movement Comac
and its candidates are here, too. The two groups are
diametrically opposed. They’re anti-capitalism, but they own
designer clothes and Apple laptops. But they say:
We must fight capitalism. Of course, they show
their disgust, as well. Van Langenhove’s election could
boost Schild & Vrienden’s legitimacy. Good afternoon. Welcome
to the announcement of the results of the internal elections. Regarding the Board of Directors,
the student representatives. Stijn Adams,
with Michiel Hageman as his backup. Dries Van Langenhove.
– Yes. Yes. With Louis De Stoop as his backup. We have twice as many votes
as the left. And it’s a great result. I got
twice as many votes as last time. So, I’m very happy. Where are your female constituents?
– Everywhere. Hidden away completely. We’ve got fresh leftist tears
right away, guys. Congratulations.
– Thank you. Meanwhile
Schild & Vrienden members in the secret fora are posting away. They post not only discriminatory
but also hundreds of racist messages and more. Not once. Not ten times. Hundreds of times. Every day for the past 18 months, members have been posting
discriminatory messages. Memes are more than just an image. It has become an Internet language
for saying what you think. Saying racist things
or inciting others to say them is punishable by law,
even if it happens in secret groups. Jewish Rolex Someone says: When you’re barbecuing
and the charcoal runs away. Then there’s a photo of a guy
with a gun chasing a black child. Or: If you hold a black baby to your
ear, you can hear the police sirens. Three K’s a day
keeps the minorities away, a reference to the Ku Klux Klan. Another member: You won’t die from
starvation if AIDS kills you first. Yet another person: Mumba is an 8-year-old black boy. It takes him three hours
to get to school. If you donate five euros,
we’ll buy a whip and make sure that the fucking lazy nigger
gets to school in 15 minutes. Or this video. Yet on Twitter,
members like Louis De Stoop, Van Langenhove’s successor in Ghent University’s
Board of Directors, that Schild & Vrienden doesn’t
endorse ethno-nationalism or racism. That’s not what we see
in the secret Facebook group. Louis De Stoop also
compares himself to Hitler. He recreates a photo
at the Eiffel Tower and says: Posing at the Eiffel Tower.
Who’s better at it? And he’s not alone. A New Flemish Alliance member
running for election in Aalst posts what he calls a parody. This is a portrait
of a Resistance fighter from the National Socialist Movement, the only party in the Netherlands
to have sided with the Nazis. Van Langenhove likes a photo collage
that portrays him as Hitler. And there’s a meme that says how joining
Schild & Vrienden changes you. before S&V – after S&V This morning, we confronted
Dries Van Langenhove with what we found. I don’t see many racist comments. Sometimes, there’s a joke or meme
that you could interpret as racist, but no, I don’t think so. When you’re barbecuing
and the charcoal runs away. I’ve never seen that before. It’s from your secret
Facebook group. Ferrero Rocher. I don’t think so. Sorry. I think I’ve seen this one. Not in our group,
but it’s been out there for a while. Okay, you could say
that that’s racist. I don’t think it’s funny.
Those people look miserable. But it’s a meme.
There are tons of those online. I’ve been in the Facebook group
from the start. I set it up. I have a good photographic memory,
and I’ve never seen these there. You deny it?
– This isn’t from Schild & Vrienden. We got to see all of those posts.
We read 67,000 of them. You’ve been duped.
I’ve never seen this. My parents are red,
but I’d rather be dead. Someone’s been pulling your chain. Before and after Schild & Vrienden. Give me one minute
and I can make one of those. You don’t need Photoshop.
Just find a picture and add text. They usually post it through 4chan.
They copy it and say: Look what Schild & Vrienden
posted now. It’s ridiculous. I saw it all with my own eyes, Dries. Impossible. It’s really impossible. You deny it.
– Yes. So why does Van Langenhove
warn Schild & Vrienden members never to share anything
from the group? To the outside world,
Schild & Vrienden is a movement focused on identity. Well, Schild & Vrienden translates
to Shield & Friends. It’s an independent,
metapolitical movement based on identitarian
and family values. Here, Van Langenhove is talking
to Red Ice TV, a channel on YouTube, among others, which thinks traditional media
spreads lies and fake news. Their videos advocate the creation
of all-white nations, for example. Identitarian youth groups
are gaining popularity in Europe. They advocate maintaining
national identities and a return
to traditional Western values. Schild & Vrienden is not the only independent movement
focused on identity. In France, there’s
Génération Identitaire, just like Generation Identity
in England. Martin Sellner is
head of the Austrian group and Van Langenhove’s friend. Together with French,
Hungarian and British activists, we’re preparing for an event. They put eye-catching interventions
on social media. With Defend Europe, they
symbolically defend Europe’s borders. They say they’re concerned
with social themes, but it’s almost always about
migration or anti-Islamic rhetoric. It’s never clear how many members
the groups have, but they’re reaching more and more
people, in part through social media. Schild & Vrienden is also inspired
by the American Alt-right movement. The photo of a black man
being intentionally run over in the Charlottesville riots is being used
to spread discriminatory messages. There’s a Flemish version, too. Dark humor, they call it.
So you get away with your post. In a secret group,
Van Langenhove makes it clear that this is about more than humor. Memes are a means, not an end goal.
Don’t lose sight of that. In another post: it starts with memes
and ends in a Flemish empire from the North Sea to Katanga. Katanga is
a former Congolese province. Antwerp, July Van Langenhove attends
July 11 festivities with the ethno-nationalist Voorpost
in Antwerp, where he’s scheduled to speak. Again, he gives an enthusiastic
speech with a moderate story. They say Flemings are inhospitable, but we take better care
of illegal immigrants than we do of our grandparents. They say Flemings are intolerant, but we’re tolerant
to the point of naivety, dammit. Expose these lies, people.
Every day, everywhere. Schild & Vrienden
and Dries Van Langenhove guard their words in public. There, they focus on Flemish issues, saying Flanders and the Flemish
movement need to be revitalized, that we need to pay more attention
to the environment and the elderly. Be the best version of yourself.
Encourage other Flemings to do so. Excel yourselves, Flemish friends, just as the Flemish people did
at the Battle of the Golden Spurs. Only then can we save Flanders.
Thank you. Schild & Vrienden wants more support
for their movement and ideas. Congratulations.
– Thanks. I’m Herman.
Really, congratulations. I’ve been at this since I was 15. Now, I’m 75, and it’s been a while
since I’ve heard such a speech. Thank you. That’s nice to hear.
– Sure. But Schild & Vrienden isn’t
transparent about its real ideas. In the secret groups,
their radical viewpoints are clear. In the spring, Schild & Vrienden’s
leaders started communicating in part over Discord,
also an online chat platform, which is mostly known to gamers.
It is less accessible. Someone says:
Extra caution is required. It’s only a matter of time
before Facebook gives us trouble. It’s better to be more moderate
on Facebook, to fly under the political
correctness radar as long as we can. This Discord group has fewer people. It’s mostly the loyal,
active members, 190 of them in total. We get to read this, too. Here, we learn more
about how they think. Various channels determine
who can read what. Schild & Vrienden uses
a kind of military hierarchy. Those who do more for the group
climb the ranks faster. The normies form the lowest rank.
There are 73 of them in total. Then there are 69 recruits. Then come the hardcore members: 43 so-called warriors
and four veterans. Dries Van Langenhove is
the head honcho. Higher ranking members
can access more threads. To climb the ranks,
you must participate in activities. Soon, there will be physical and
mental tests to climb to a new rank. soon, there will be a new rank, for which you’ll need to pass
physical and mental tests Meanwhile, the discriminatory
discussions continue. In March, the Colruyt Group
introduced 40 new products for Belgium’s Muslim community:
not meat, but other products. In the group,
Van Langenhove posts a Colruyt ad with the word ‘soumission’,
which is used to say that he thinks our society
is bowing to Islam. Someone from the warrior group
responds that he’d like to
‘shove a pork burger in her face.’ They bring up ragheads again. Girls on the tram
call him a racist, and he describes them as ‘kechs’,
Moroccan slang for whores. Two ‘dune coons’ listening
to loud Arabic music on the train are heckled on Facebook. Dries Van Langenhove responds
that, in two years, you can call
the Schild & Vrienden mobile brigade, who will be waiting for them
at the next station. To join Schild & Vrienden, you must
meet their physical standard. They idolize the body, as can be
seen on their public Instagram page. In multiple secret posts,
Van Langenhove says that he prefers members
who are strong, muscular men. If you don’t want to work out
to achieve a healthy body, you don’t share
Schild & Vrienden’s ideals. I can’t understand how you can be fat
and right-leaning. On Twitter,
Van Langenhove questions studies about gender equality,
among other things. He says we should abolish gender
studies: it’s ideology, not science. In the secret groups,
they take it further. Demeaning posts about women
are commonplace. A popular cartoon shows a woman saying she wants
to be taken seriously at work and is then taken
on the meeting room table. If, as a woman,
you see a Muslim being harassed, reward the harasser with sex,
because he’s a hero. Someone in Dries’s inner circle says: Fat chicks are nasty. Young women who are overweight
cast themselves out of society. Our society doesn’t
ask much of women: be a good mother
and take care of yourself, look good. Men are held to a higher standard,
of course. Only then can we make progress. A couple of weeks ago. Nine Schild & Vrienden members
traveled to Romania to build their international network. Van Langenhove spoke
at a political festival organized by Hungarians
living in Romania. I am here to give you a warning. Difficult times create strong men. Easy times create weak men. This is why, right now, we have
a weak generation in Western Europe and a strong generation
in Eastern and Central Europe. In Western Europe, this generation
has taken our identity for granted, and now we see the result. Since 1968, our roots
have been under continuous attack. Young couples don’t want
children anymore, because family values
have been almost destroyed. Our culture has been ‘enriched’ to the point that
nothing of our own culture remains. Our traditions have been wiped away, because they were branded
‘racist’ or ‘too Christian’. Our national identity
has been replaced with empty globalism
and consumerism. My friends, don’t let this happen
to Eastern and Central Europe. I have a provocative T-shirt,
if you don’t mind. Yeah, no problem. No problem.
– Okay. You mean that?
– Here, we do. In Belgium as well,
but we don’t dare to say it. That’s a big difference between
Central and Eastern Europeans and Western Europeans. This is Zsolt Németh, a confidant of
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and former Secretary of State
for Foreign Affairs. In my country, we had gulags. So, this the reality. My parents were not killed, but just… …totally marginalized. Németh grants Schild & Vrienden
an interview, which they’d like to disseminate
in a video online. While I read my question,
can you hold this off-screen? Then I can just read it.
That will be easier. Fidesz and the Hungarian Government
have said loud and clear: Hungary is for the Hungarians. They have said loud and clear that
they want to stop mass immigration. But the main goal is to meet
Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán, who is here, as well,
and pack a punch that way. Orbán stands for
a strict, harsh migration policy. He’s described as a populist
and is anti-Europe. He hopes for a cultural revolution
in Europe. He’s very popular in Hungary. Van Langenhove tells me there will be
no meeting with Orbán after all. A week later, this video appears on
their Facebook page, among others. Greetings, Mr. Orbán.
– Viktor Orbán. How do you do, sir? Awaken. As soon as possible.
Otherwise, you will be in trouble. We are trying to awaken.
– You know… Tendencies which are going on are not just unpleasant,
not just inconvenient, but are dramatically changing
the basis of our civilization. So, if you are not awakened
in time… The video and photos
are shown on traditional media, but especially on right-leaning
websites, in Belgium and abroad. Schild & Vrienden is pleased,
we read in the secret group. Though it was wonderful,
it didn’t amount to much. But in terms of PR,
we scored ten out of ten. Van Langenhove responds: Yes, we succeeded in making this
meeting seem like more than it was. Mission accomplished again. If Schild & Vrienden aims
to stay out of politics but spread ideas,
there’s a clear difference between what’s being said publicly
and what’s being said privately. Schild & Vrienden is two-faced. Like European identitarian
movements, they want to combat the so-called
replacement of Europeans, by founding an all-white nation,
no matter what it takes. You will not replace us.
You will not replace us. Schild & Vrienden is considering
a manifesto to clarify their aims. Van Langenhove asks if he and
Schild & Vrienden should tone it down and say that they support integration or say that integration has failed and that those people
don’t belong here. Someone says: Tone it down.
Red Pill people behind the scenes. Red Pill is a metaphor
from the American Alt-right. If you’ve taken the Red Pill,
you see reality as it is. So, Schild & Vrienden opts for
the hardline behind the scenes and the mild version in public. This answer says it all
about Schild & Vrienden: To realize our radical ideas,
we must communicate moderately. How far is Schild & Vrienden
willing to go? Posts in recent weeks show
that a member has made a shiv shaped like the group’s logo. Over the past eighteen months,
Van Langenhove has advised everyone to learn to use guns. Again, someone says it’s time
for a war between races. Though he did add a smiley. Another member displays
his weapons on the Flemish Lion and says he’s ready to fight. In Romania, members practiced
with automatic weapons at the shooting range.
They like posing with guns for photos. Aside from target practice,
which is fine, Van Langenhove denies everything
and says someone’s posting in his name
on Discord. Someone says: Totally ready.
And he displays his weapons. You can keep citing examples. Sorry, it’s not going to work. You can find all those pictures
online or make them yourself. I see that someone has taken
my Twitter profile picture, put it on there with my first name
and is saying things I didn’t say. Show me that it’s not you. You can make that yourself. Show me that’s not you in the group.
– I’d need my PC to open it. It’s a mobile app.
You can check it on your phone. What does Schild & Vrienden
stand for? I told you. We want to spark
a positive change in mentality among Flemish youths and citizens,
to serve Flemish identity and European culture. And those things you’ve gotten off
the Internet won’t change a thing. Screenshots show that the person
in the group really is Dries. He talks about when our interview
will be, and only he knows that. Another member, waiting outside,
says the interview is still underway. What now? Dries Van Langenhove said
the time will come when a Golden Dawn
will cleanse shops of halal and other
multicultural products. Golden Dawn refers
to an extreme right, ultra-nationalistic party in Greece, whose members,
one a member of parliament, have been convicted of violence. The day for violence is coming. I know which side will be prepared
and which won’t. Who is Schild & Vrienden, really? Where is this going?

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  1. Als Dries Van Langenhove,
    Tegen mij als journalist zou zeggen dat ik (wij) FAKE NEWS brengen.
    ZOU IK ZO EEN PERSOON NOOIT MEER OP DE ZENDER VERTONEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Link of rechts, ze deugen alle twee niet. Haat voor je medemensen en de amen van deze wereld is afschuwelijk. Hoop dat er ooit een faschistische groepering zal herrijzen die het communisme en het kapitalisme te lijf zal gaan. Ik bedoel een derde positie ideologie, niet wat wij nu zien, maar echt fascisme. S&V is gewoon een extreem rechtse háát organisatie, niets waard.

  3. Ongelooflijk hoe de marginalen op hun discord kanaaltje massaal haatreacties en dislikes proberen te beïnvloeden. Blijf in jullie echochamber, walgelijke psychopaten.

  4. Wat een bekrompenheid toch alweer. Net zoals vele reacties op deze post. Zoals Van Peel goed uitdrukt worden we steeds meer in 'rechtse' en 'linkse' kampen gestoken zonder dat we er naar vragen. Ben je niet eens met schild en vrienden? Linkse ratten. Begrijp je sommige standpunten van schild en vrienden? Extreem rechts. Het moet maar eens gedaan zijn met deze polarisering. Ten eerste heeft schild en vrienden racistische en seksistische uitspraken gedaan. Deal with it. Ten tweede is dit NIET de mening van de 'Vlaamse jeugd'. Het is zeer gezond om verschillende meningen te hebben. Een diverse, gebalanceerde centrum Vlaamse jeugd is gezond voor Vlaanderen. Zowel rechts als linkse argumenten kunnen samen gebruikt worden. We MOETEN heus niet kiezen voor één van de twee extreme kanten.

    Zou u het dan aanvaarden dat een gelovige groep racistische memes over blanken en niet-gelovigen zou verspreiden in een geheime organisatie? Nee. U zou moord en brand roepen. Dus stop met alles in uw eigen voordeel te willen beslechten, alles dat tegen schild en vrienden en het Vlaams belang ingaat als 'linkse ratten' te bestempelen. Stop met alles dat voor punten van het Vlaams belang en Schild en vrienden te bestempelen als extreem rechts, racisme en haat.

    Misschien kunnen we dan beginnen met communiceren van onze angsten en noden en deze SAMEN aanpakken.

  5. Wanneer gaat de VRT de echte agenda van moslims eens gaan onderzoeken, & die waarheid aan de Belgen duidelijk maken, maar ze schieten liever op de boodschappers! Wanneer gaan ze eens zeggen wat moslims met ons van plan zijn, maar de linkse media zijn zelf de nieuwe Hitlers die een alliantie zijn aangegaan met de moslim nazi's! Ze hebben het over haat tegen moslims, maar zwijgen de haatboeken van moslims dood! Massas teksten met haat tegen de kuffars of niet-moslims! Het enige doel van moslims is de boel overnemen door een kalifaat & de kuffars uit te moorden! Stop de leugens maar VRT, hef die klote zender maar helemaal op, schone opruiming! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TAt_UFtTPxo&list=PL1m4hVykWOx41J8VPueHKoYYk2pFTRfU0&index=61&t=60s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3WgVa3VRFb4&list=PL1m4hVykWOx41J8VPueHKoYYk2pFTRfU0&index=73 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCUpgZaClZA&t=0s&index=66&list=PL1m4hVykWOx41J8VPueHKoYYk2pFTRfU0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp1OGOZ1sSw&t=71s&list=PL1m4hVykWOx46pS8bbY0fWDXhI42_YR3h&index=141

  6. Julie laten ook zien de slechte beelden zien, bejaarden helpen, soep uitdelen? Daar zie ik hier niets van😒 linkse ratten

  7. Ik dacht dat die jongen die geen sinterklaas zonder zwarte piet wilde erin gemonteerd was door de Ideale Wereld maar hij bleek gewoon in het origineel te staan.

  8. Grappig dat de VRT S&V de kop in wilde indrukken, maar juist het omgekeerde. Dries is veel bekender geworden en ik ben kritischer de media gaan bekijken. Danku Dries, hoewel ik je niet altijd volledig steun, heb je de ogen van mij en velen geopend.

  9. Waarom zijn er altijd mensen die linkse ratten en globalisten zeggen tegen mensen die gewoon een andere mening/standpunt hebben. En wanneer andere mensen iets zeggen over rechtsen gaan ze weer klagen en als slachtoffer voelen terwijl ze ons uitschelden met linkse ratten en globalisten. En het zou me niet verbazen dat er dan mensen weer zullen klagen omdat ik dit bericht post. Weet je, dit soort mensen zijn een van de grootste redenen dat je je mening niet wilt uiten. Een keer een mening zeggen en je wilt doodgaan op de snelheid van licht. Is dat een maatschappij dat wij willen. Een maatschappij waar mensen elkaar uitschelden terwijl ze zelf amper iets doen om het te ‘verbeteren’. Wel in hemel noch hel ga je zoiets niet vinden hoor.

  10. 11:33 So scheinheilig, dieses rechte Pack: Großartig das eigene, flämische Kulturerbe schützen wollen, doch sich dann der englischen Sprache bedienen. Komisch, den angelsächsichen Einfluss scheint die rechten EuropäerInnen kaum zu stören.

  11. Wanneer een afrikaan fier is op zijn cultuur dat wordt toegejuicht.
    Als een moslim het suikerfeest viert of het offerfeest, dat wordt toegejuicht en we zetten er zelfs onze eigen wetten voor opzij zodat kindjes niet naar school moeten.

    Maar als ik opkom voor mijn volk cultuur, taal en vaderland..dan ben ik een nazi, fascist, rascist..

  12. Wel straf dat iedereen die gast blindelings volgt. Als Dries zegt dat er niets aan de hand is met het klimaat, is er niets aan de hand. Als hij zegt dat de vrt fake news brengt, dan brengen ze fake news. Als hij zegt dat hij taksen gaat verlagen, gaat hij ze verlagen.. Kortom, als Dries ne scheet laat, hangt iedereen aan zen fronske. Maar niemand die zich eens afvraagt of hij zelf wel zo eerlijk is? Hij zegt gewoon wat de massa wil horen. En iedereen gelooft dat. Net zoals de doorsnee politieker doet. Zeggen wat jij wil horen, om dan hun zin te doen. Waarom zou het bij hem anders zijn? Wat 100 den wetenschappers te zeggen hebben over het klimaat, doe niemand zelf de moeite voor om het te geloven. Nog erger we schijten allemaal iemand van 16j uit omdat ze het gezicht is van die betogingen. Maar ne 26 jarige snotter, die uit het niets met wat rechtse praatjes afkomt, geloven we allemaal zonder nadenken. Als het thema maar navenant is.. En versta me niet verkeerd. Ik besef ook dat er een probleem is met migratie. En dat die klimaatmarsen maar weinig opleveren en die jeugd daar maar al te graag gebruik van maakt om ni naar school te moeten. Maar wat meneer Vanlangenhoven ooit gedaan heeft om zo op handen te worden gedragen, vraag ik me wel af. En even voor de duidelijkheid, ik ben niet links en niet rechts. Er zijn voor mij persoonlijk raakvlakken met links zowel als rechts. Als zoiets nog kan tenminste..

  13. "Wij willen eerlijke media, met het volledige verhaal" daar heeft die reporter niet veel van geleerd hoor…

  14. Mensen betichten van fascisme door enkele memes, is geen gegronde reden om Van Langenhove / S&V van een extreemrechtse ideologie te beschuldigen. De memes waren inderdaad ongepast, racistisch en seksistisch.. Van Langenhove had dit beter niet toegelaten in zijn groep. In het begin waren vele Facebookposts helemaal niet racistisch. Ook werden er regelmatig zeer vage citaten aangehaald. En dan de posts op de zogenaamde geheime website. Dat is niet 'geheim', maar 'privé'. Wil ik daarbij zeggen dat hij zich niet bewust is van deze memes? Ik vermoed van niet. Ik krijg vooral het idee dat volgens deze reportage iedereen die Vlaams-nationalistisch is, per se racistisch en islamofoob moet zijn. Dat is geen objectieve journalistiek.

  15. Schandalig hoe de media iemand met een andere mening zijn mond wil snoeren.
    Mooi knip en plakwerk VRT! Graag nu de onvervalste beelden!

  16. 🎶Eeeeen vaaaan🎶 Links naar links naar links🎶 naar links naar links en 🎶naar links naar links 🎶en naar links 🎶

  17. Ik denk dat het goed is om groepen te vormen met normale burgers in iedere stad. Fit blijven, elkaar motiveren, het beste uit je zelf halen, broederschap. Voor je rechten opkomen, strijden voor wat je zelf wilt. Dat hebben westerse mannen lang niet meer gedaan!

  18. Vreemd dat een Vlaams-nationalistische organisatie haar uitspraken zo doorspekt met Engelse woorden en zelfs complete zinnen.

  19. Haha Driesje, Islam is here and will stay and multiply. Sit back and watch the horror. Long live Belgistan hahah

  20. Met een glimlach kijk ik terug naar deze reportage, hoe zwaar kun je niet falen als politiek gestuurde en gesubsidieerde media.
    Laat deze verkiezingsuitslag het bewijs zijn dat minder en minder mensen VRT geloven. Als er iemand disciminerend overkomt in vlaanderen is het wel de VRT.

  21. Dankzij jullie won VB en Vanlangenhove, het Vlaamse volk dankt u
    Wanneer gaan jullie reportage maken over politici die de verkiezingen verliezen maar aan de macht willen blijven dmv van dictatoriale particratie zie VLD en CDNV hiervoor nu

    En dan komen bleiten hier op youtube dat VB en Dries Vanlangehove massaal de verkiezingen nu gewonnen hebben
    Dankzij jullie leugens won eindelijk de Vlaming in dit landJullie zijn om te kotsen hoe jullie HAAT hebben tegen alles wat Vlaams is
    Het is de Vlaming die alles betalen ook jullie de ANTI VLAAMSE HATENDE VRT die constant HAAT brengen over ons Vlamingen.ONVOORSTELBAAR HOE JULLIE ONS VLAMINGEN HATEN

  22. Let op hun taal gebruik!.ze zijn heel Orwell' lieaans.Waarheid en leugen doet er niet toe,het is the masage dat moet aan komen.

  23. Nooit gedacht dat België een Hitler kon laten winnen tijdens de verkiezingen… en neen ik heb het niet over Tom Van Grieken. Mijn ogen zijn alvast open gegaan!

  24. Linkse VRT dacht eens, we gaan die jongens eens mooi de grond inboren. Resultaat, Dries Van Langenhove verkozen in het Federaal parlement. Great jobs guys, great job.

  25. Ge kunt zeggn wa ge wilt ma van 20:18 tot 20:43 zijn de beste memes op zo n korte tijd na mekaar die k ooit al gezien eb

  26. Geachte VRT, ik hoorde op radio 1 vandaag dat De heer Van Langenhoven was opgepakt door de politie en ik dacht laat ik dan toch ook maar eens kijken naar o.a. die Pano aflevering. Die onsmakelijke memes konden jullie goed gebruiken voor flink wat framing. Gaan jullie nou nog eens een keer wel de ware problemen benoemen of moet ik het dan echt allemaal maar op internet opzoeken? Prima hoor. Ach het is uw broodwinning (ons geld). Wie verkoopt zijn ziel tegenwoordig niet? Het zal niet lang duren eer u ook een kennis heeft die is verkracht door een Sahara Afrikaan. Of uw eigen dochter?…. Uzelf?… Wij, ik, zoveel goede mensen die zo graag loyaal wilden en willen zijn, maar we zijn in de steek gelaten door onze overheden en u, de media (in heel europa). Het is jullie doel dat wij ten onder gaan. Wij mensen van vrede. Het is geen fictie. En velen krijgen eindelijk door dat de EU genocide aan het plegen is wegens een andere ideologie. Iedereen die de ogen sluit voor deze funeste waarheid, iedereen in de media die hier aan meedoet en ons en tevens zijn eigen kinderen indoctrineert is als een landverrader in een oorlog. En ons maar nazi of racist blijven noemen! Ik denk dat die prachtige zwarte dames achtergebleven in de Afrikaanse sahara blij zijn dat hun beesten van mannen opgerot zijn naar een ander land. Waarom konden we niet echt, echte vluchtelingen helpen? Ook zij zijn straks de dupe in ons voormalig veilig Europa. Niemand is straks meer veilig, ook u niet… Waarom moeten zonodig die gevaarlijke geindoctrineerde IS kindertjes weer naar ons terug? Met mijn hart wou ik dat het kon, maar ze zijn al gevormd voor het leven tot moordenaars om ons ongelovigen of andersgelovigen straks voor Allah om te brengen. En zo brengen we onze eigen kinderen in gevaar. En diens kinderen, want als wij dood zijn ziet ons voormalig Europa er heel anders uit. Maar nu een ander onderwerp: het klimaat ! Ja, dat is echt een groot probleem.

  27. Ik ben ook rechts maar ik vind dit een beetje overdreven. Ik ben tegen vandalisme en geweld. Ik probeer mijn activisme altijd netjes te houden


  29. Niemand:
    Belgen, Walen en Vlamingen samen, op de Belgische feestdag in de 18de eeuw: onafhankelijkheid van Nederland.
    Belgen, Walen en Vlamingen samen, tijdens de wereldoorlogen: Duitsers verstaan

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