20 thoughts on “Wide Angle, Episode 17: What is Hindu Nationalism?

  1. As per wire, india cannot progress with beef ban, lol and them they cry why hindus spit on this channel and call them slaves of khangress

  2. is development according to him only material development ,western idea of development , does development not include culture of specific region should also flourish. is development possible only when u do not concern much about your indigenous culture ?

  3. Nationalism is a different thing and Considering whole planet as one is another. Let it be lack of education or lack of Understanding we are bound by boundaries of Religion,Colour, Cast and Creed. Most of political party use the nationalism in the World to remain in Power. We should understand this that if you believe in some faith or Religion even if you are an atheist it is your own choice We need to understand accept that as it is. Like now a days situation in India is like extreme nationalism you can’t relate nationalism to a particular religion it belongs to every citizen of that country but if you focus on some particular religion as to get power because of the majority going with that would be a failure in the end the same thing was done by Adolf Hitler than at the very end what did Germans get from that nothing. Extreme religion politics will create hate among society it will cause division such tactics were used by Britain to rule in India over a long period same tactics are used by Indian Politics to be in power so important issues regarding development education and employment are being left alone as Democracy which gives power to the people is being used as a tool against them. Lack of education and understanding leads to this wrongful definition of Nationalism. This will lead to divide and Civil Wars internally and externally both that will lead to destruction. Focus on goals of Human Development rather than development of Businessmen and Politicians.

  4. So development is saying yes to western culture or sexual liberism …… Justifying valentines day haha

  5. It's hard to tolerate people who want to balkanise our nation and believe that killing me will give them 72 virgins. Hindus don't have jobs, education or healthcare. We have faced repeated ethnic cleansings. Yet the liberal elites never address our concerns. They just dismiss our concerns saying we are "privileged".

    We've had it. Give us a better life, tackle subversive and Islamist forces , give us security, jobs and a decent life. Or stop lecturing Hindus.

  6. We do not want a Hindu nation. We cant never accept RSS's Hindu nation. RSS is not a nationalist party. They are just a terrorist.

  7. Hindu nationalism is a misleading term; it is Indian nationalism. Nehru himself used to say that he was an Englishman born in India. Gandhi was very proud to sing British national anthem. These people do not represent us. They are people with the slave mentality.

  8. Nationalism be it Hindu, or German, or american, or israeli or russian or you choose the country .. is forms of facism. Also the same nationalists contain extreme inequality of sexes and also is an Exclusionist culture .. which actually always destroys societies, be it now or back in 17th century …

  9. Its high time we all start talking and practising Indutva. Thats the only way India can go forward as a nation.

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