Why You Should Stop Appropriating Gay Culture

Why You Should Stop Appropriating Gay Culture

– Hello, I’m Aaron Jackson.
– And I’m Joel Kim Booster. – And today we’re here to speak to you
about a very important issue.
– Gay people. What’s the first thing you think
of when you think of gay people? Culture, gay culture. Yes, thank you bitch. So we are pleading
with our allies, please stop co-opting
gay culture. Words like queen, bitch,
girl, woman, female, little girl, girls, and Cate Blanchett are
off limits to those who do not
share in our struggles and trials. And I know what
you’re asking yourself. What if I am a woman,
or a bitch, or Cate Blanchett? Too fucking bad. I know what
you’re thinking. Didn’t gay men appropriate
language from black women? Yes, this is true,
but black women first
stole it from gay black men who stole
it from a combination of
God and Dolly Parton. – Goodbye Felicia,
I’ve got the receipts.
– Exactly. So stop watching
movies like Carol, Beaches,
Crossroads, Die Hard, The Bourne Identity, The King’s Speech,
Love and Basketball, Castaway, Sully, Big,
Saving Private Ryan– These are our movies. And don’t even think about tuning
into RuPaul’s Drag Race on HGTV. OK, speaking of HGTV,
no more home makeover shows. Mm-mm, no more
clothes makeover shows. No more face
makeover shows. – How are you gonna do it?
– Make it work you bitch. Another thing people are stealing
from gay culture is our food culture. A desire to be thin
stems from gay culture. Dieting is ours,
please stop doing it. Also particular cuisines
are for gay men only. Stop eating cheese. Cheese was
the only food fed to gay people
during the Spanish Inquisition. Do not eat chocolate
or any other dessert. Desserts were a luxury
not afforded to gay people
during the Spanish Inquisition. Bread and water
belong to us alone. Bread and water were forced
down the throats of gay men while they were being
burned at the stake during
the Spanish Inquisition– – Read a book!
– Read a book. You are a bigot if
you look at grape. Ann Coulter once threw
a grape at a gay man. Hello! Also, homophobia, racism, sexism,
ageism, body shaming, transphobia, windows, sands, cloud– These are all
things we started. They’re not all good,
but they’re ours. – Sorry, what?
– What? OK, so that’s
our message. Women, our straight allies,
especially straight white women, please stop co-opting
our culture. It’s ours and it’s
not yours bitches. Yes, so stay the
hell out of it. – Hey guys!
– Oh my God you look so fierce. [overlapping chatting] – [girl] You make me feel so
good about myself.
– Yeah. [dance music] [ding]

100 thoughts on “Why You Should Stop Appropriating Gay Culture


  2. Sometimes, the guy with the long hair reminds me a bit of the great Rik Mayall (known from "The Young Ones", "Bottom" and "Blackadder"). It's his facial expressions.

  3. gays need to stop appropriating traits like lisps. They knew better than to claim it as their own, didn't they?

  4. Like obviously some gay people are over the top about shit like this so I see what they're taking the piss out of, but cultural appropriation of gay culture is a real issue…

  5. Right gay worked at Deals Deals Deals on Broad City. BROAD CITY IS GAY CULTURE DO NOT WATCH IT UNLESS YOU GAY!

  6. When they listed off the movies, that's when I realized this is hilariously sarcastic. I love this skit!

  7. The awkward moment when Gay men also appropriate Black culture while simultaneously shunning black men and viewing them as less desirable.

  8. The use of Kate Blanchet is highly offensive and must never be used in a sentence unless you are gay. It’s just a fact, read a book.

  9. what is the point of the video? i understood it was ironical so far, but about what? there is indeed an lgbt culture, but heteros are too afraid of it to appropriate it to them so??? furthermore this culture has never been mainstream, and you are the first persons i heard speaking of cultural appropriation… so it wasn't funny and i'd rather die indeed.

  10. i exclusively see comments correcting people by saying this is satire but ive yet to see anyone who hasnt gotten that its satire.

  11. I'm Bi…. can I still say queen? Do I have to actively date a girl to say it or can I say it while single? I know Joel is single too

  12. All culture is gay culture; all art, is homoerotic created by sexually societal repressed gay men during the renaissance. Everything beautiful that exists is gay, and created by gay men. Also, lesbians. Naive gay men, don't even look at them, a d stat the hell away from straight men. The nicer you treat them the more they will question their sexuality, and an urge to destroy you will arise; go straight to HR.

  13. Look….Now… I DON'T SEE ANYWHERE anti-LGBT's…I only see supports

    Sorry but some people just don't like them.. sorry

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