Why you should delete your social media accounts

Why you should delete your social media accounts

41 thoughts on “Why you should delete your social media accounts

  1. I never had facebook nor instagram,nor twitter,nor snapchat…I only am on youtube,thats my biggest problem,binging on youtube videos lol….but I only use internet on wired computer and refuse to have it on my smartphone ,otherwise I would take internet with me everywhere and I dont want that overload of not important information with me constantly

  2. I do use social media but very passively (no friends on them/everything private used just to learn /for reference).

    Don't use Google to preform online searches (switched to Duck Duck Go a year ago). Keep your searches private. Just thought I'd plant that here… Back to my hole I goooo

  3. All those people we think are friends with on Facebook are actually superficial,something we tell ourselves in order not to leave. Try leaving and see how many people will contact or miss you

  4. We’ve literally lost almost an entire generation to this addiction. I’d compare this to the opiate addiction that swept China in the 18th century because of the British empires unfettered sale of Opium. When the Qing dynasty ordered the British to stop, they invaded. Dont trust the Tech giants they are
    An empire that doesnt own land or sell drugs, but the very reality that we perceive the world: information.

  5. Social media elevates degenerate people/accounts into e-celebs or brands and those filthy accounts seduced a generation into accepting disgusting behaviors

  6. Because of social media now most teenager want to be a model , or make up artist , or look like the Kardashian’s

  7. Had to log off from Twitter and my old YouTube account because, the internet did nothing but, tank my mental health and my ability to interact with my family. All it did was give me bad Anxiety attacks and headaches. More and, more i stayed on, the more open i was to ignorant disgusting, toxic, and, just downright nasty people. You know what they say: If you can't handle the internet, stay off of it. Which is exactly what i'm doing from now on.

    People don't realize that Social Media and, the internet in general is the reason why people are upset, depressed, angry, isolated, mean and, horrible, and is being pent up against each other. Which is why its best to get away from it.

  8. I don't like Facebook but keep it going as all the decent forums that used to exist online have moved to Facebook groups. This is the only reason I keep it, the rest of it is actually depressing, clever move for them to encourage groups to migrate there, keeps many of us plugged in.

  9. I have like 5 friends on my Facebook and Im OK with that. I use it to talk to family that lives far away and that's pretty much it. I don't even check it once a week. Lol. So for me, it's OK. I don't have other social media, just YouTube.

  10. Like a coin , there are two sides. If your a negative person everything is processed negatively . Of course if your positive in your thought process it’s outcome will be positive . For example a person with a spiritual conscience often is ridiculed . Negative people go beyond just having a personal opinion . Walk away . Social bullying is everywhere . I agree with this interview .For most it’s a negative experience .

  11. Yes this stuffs is 90% good with people selfishness, porn etc. But case you put on point at some problem in society you become invisible. It is obviously. Bye bye.

  12. Deleted my Facebook and twitter account 6 months ago made the world too small for me. I have no doubt social media creates more hatred and division. I find it funny now seeing people stood there fixed on their phones while the world passes by. Delete your accounts you’ll feel better!

  13. Never joined Twitter and have stayed off Facebook since the madness of 2016…. I don't miss it and I think Mr. Lanier is right. Handle with Care if you do it at all.

  14. If you want to know how your friends are doing go call them. Better yet, go visit them as we did 20 years ago.

  15. Came ogf all social media 5 years ago. Do not have a TV, radio…i am not on face book or twitter or instagram or any other…what i do have is a life of authenticity, peace and full control of what i allow into my life. I have never looked back. I highly recommend you to try it !!!

  16. Is YouTube considered as a « social media »,?
    If you do not broadcast your own channel the only part where you « interact » with other people is the comment section. Or did I missed something?

  17. I have deactivated my facebook for nearly a year. Alost immediately those who had my phone numer called if everything was ok.I was never mega active on there. I came back to facebook and once in a while I post a picture . I never have time to go through the feed anyway. I never felt compelled to do so. I also always loose my phone as I barely use it and my laptop is for Netflix, games and youtube 😀 I think it's up to a person how social media "work" on them.

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