Why You Can’t Be Afraid of Islamo-Fascism

Why You Can’t Be Afraid of Islamo-Fascism

why am i not afraid of a sum of cash
look as though badges if the actually existed would kill me first vivek okay let’s see what we set loose
evolutions that’s a good a place to start if you are islam all factions do we start with a mariners who said i
would not they always someone dies who used to be muslim within our bankers
i’ve now you know it’s i don’t %uh believe in
islam i made fun of islam i made for the prophet mohammed you think the %uh did look at the
islamic radicals play that game first on their list so i want to take it over halo man i’ve got more interested anybody else in
the issue resolved levels don’t they go that my number one work in the world now why am i not afraid of number one it’s not our realtor batman they’re not going to take over
clevelanders and even their budget and wellness there was a couple of hundred emma maybe
a couple of thousand of them in two thousand one the large enough exceed those of you
bush and his attack against %uh any islamic country he could spell and i know that was too short but it’s it’s somebody out with all the
ones who said he gave a broader abroad these guys looked in the attackers of course they
cannot so nine eleven are there will cut their refund for the
most guys that and what it was still in the nine months
before nine eleven happened not the spotlight is it done because of some deadlines as nothing i
had to say under threat you can block it out of proportion
doesn’t help anybody the threat is they might hit our interest weathers here the
u_s_ are brought again the fact is that big a role the armies into san diego in phoenix and take over the u_s_ and anyone who says that you gotta say i
i guess you’d you’re in the morning tech %uh yak at you need something going on met notice that like as if your right or not to sell then at that price guy comes up he says no the islamic
fashion thing over the world the deal for america note to self but that guy in the morning tender there is another two i’m not afraid of
the so-called as long is on the facts because they don’t exist what the hell that islam a fascist they made that up other islamic radicals implements normal once they are i_d_ bashes what are you talking about and fascism
the corporations in the states next together to come up with one big giant state
entity what corporations is kanika nagpal so i’m not aware of it is a lot making cars that are going to
take over at the statement that i don’t recall for czechoslovakia in germany and
austria talking about the budzyn the reason they made up the result that
is in the so they can link around the country when it sank max they
told us in the nineties we’ve been listening personally to run in the nazis in world
religion was they were in fact israel there the
holds medieval yet they attacked him before the attack us so let’s connect them how to reconnect
and islam is unfair audit is on the facts you think you can sit around one day the
weekly standard for the american enterprise institute and radical words islam or nazis islam or his rights guaranteed and as it did not go somewhere in the american enterprise institute is
amazing things that has three or four those across that in his novel fascist circle gas bill kristol denied needed invented
to work if they think it’s a good fit now it is
a one star second is that ought not afraid of them
because if they don’t know the word is lower prices is fake and that and he does not exist ferries and i’m not afraid of them because i’m not a coward these %uh you know ’cause i thought that
was just everything dot dot darkness they don’t realize how does this let’s
change everything this artwork for people but in oregon
station was something americans elicits act first first reichstag
possible or just like that doesn’t stop no now we’re different they’ll likely terms were not in terms
of i would be doing projection at all flashlights flashlights in the most
legal war crime in this room and cut that’s a start wars for us rights
disproportionately international law i’d started by to international law by those
law school no four strikes that stars wars you are allowed to do a preemptive strike well only half the bombers are in the
air what bratwurst can buy books but if they had they watch the socks around their subs in does iran have subs
they’re about to launch on seattle and portland what are we talking about helped
re-engineer this is not doctor preemption which is
also one of its up this adoption of aggressive war i’m not afraid of iraq are not afraid of al qaeda hiking we can
beat him by being americans o_j_ and being true we are having the courage of our convictions i don’t need to sell out the
constitution because i’m afraid of them arcade or on the new york times our prayer and this is with the democrats have to
do they have been pal missile at the calm was he said to calm whips
they have to say that these people are scared and their week and that hours and that’s why they want to change what
america is and become more like our enemies
top-line are antics this is the last thing the republicans
are standing on not capital x news of translating using a new
personally forty fifteen long years and because it’s true this are scared that all week were strongly believe in america if you believe in america in your true
american you would never change our constitution or the way we do things
or our principles these colors don’t run young turks

100 thoughts on “Why You Can’t Be Afraid of Islamo-Fascism

  1. The term Islamo-fascist makes no sense. The middle east, has a theocracy, and fascism is a government that supports business, and has a huge state. The term Islamo-fascist makes no sense.

  2. Islamonazi is historically sound term. Nazi had a few SS DIVISIONS made of islamist . Google "Jerusalem mufti". In '47 He send 800 mercs including bosnian from ss.
    Egypt use nazi in military and intelligence. Look at shouts from all palestinian supporters here.
    There is a term "casus belli" you can strike first and you dont have to wait for bombers in air. Israeli were perfectly justified to fire first shoot in 67

  3. 0:25-0:36
    "I made fun of the Prophet Muhammad. You think…Islamic Radicals play that game? I'm first on their list, so do I want them taking over? Hell no, man."

    lol Oh, Cenk.

  4. TYT – run this search on youtube: Christopher Hitchens defends "Islamofascism" (the term).
    You'll see that it is an accurate term.

  5. "I knew they were a real threat before the Bush guys did." Blowing the threat out of proportion doen't help anybody, except all those on the planes and dyign in the disaster. Dork. Wars are not uniformed wars anymore, warfare has changed.
    Douche alert on this guy. Waaa-eeeak!

  6. So many people afraid and willing to be suckered in by fearmongers and hate intellectuals, those who have a good education and preach that Islam is the greatest threat since the nazis, and if we strike back we can wipe out the Islamo fascism filth from the earth and drench ourselves in the blood of our enemies. Because it's not just Islamo Fascism, it's just a fancy buzz word neo cons use to seem smart and get people like Christopher Hitchens to validate it's usage. The terrorists, radicals

  7. and fundamentalists are the beginning, once they have been dealt with, the rest of islam is next to feel to pinch of anti islamic fury. Stop any potential moderate going radical and cut down the tree of the violent political movement posing as a religion, and you will have saved the world from tyranny and are a true patriot and all the jingoistic bullshit a conservative hack can muster on his website. Don't kid yourself there are people who want to wipe out Islam entirely don't matter what

  8. You turks are lucky to have Europe close enough to lifted the illusionary veil off of your face. Not that Europe has given you anything special but having the option to view other cultures gives you insight into your own. If Islam world domination is to be stopped turkey is a key strategic point.

  9. then why do christians/jews/muslims in the east all refer to god as allah. have u seen a arabic bible its says allah when it refers to god almighty
    if Islam is so backward then is it the fastest growing religion
    the 100 written by Micheal h hart ranked number 1 Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him study and know him then pass judgment

  10. What a dumb commentator – he should stick to announcing football games, since he seems to have no idea about current events. Ignoramus.

  11. @BigDJuggalo420 I used to be christian. I just commented that Islam translates as Submission, the people who truely follow Islam implement Sharia as government and believe unjust beliefs in regards to sexuality and women.

    Just like the real christians think gay is sin.

    Dnt judge a religon by its followers, judge it by its text. Both the muslim and Xtian text are fkd up man.

  12. Clowns like this guy fit right into the hands of the islamic extremists. This guy is a useful idiot. All he is doing is fooling people who don't have half a brain. I just hope he wakes up before he is made into a slave in the future.

  13. The United States does not need Mohammedans, Christian evangelicals, papists, Mormons, Zionists, etc. It needs a majority of atheists/non-theists and a policy of rational isolationism: end all foreign aid (especially to Israel), end all the imperialism and occupation, get out of the Middle East and get out of NATO.

  14. I'm becoming obsessed with how dull this dude is. He's like an 8th grader doing his 'adult' impression, and I can't stop watching. So much energy saying so little! I keep thinking that surely he's going to say something refreshing, or make an original argument, or just surprise me once…..but nope. Who told him he's good at this? Here's to hoping he'll improve.

  15. This is the only guy on the net who is saying he is NOT scared and he is making a big point of it….which means he is THE most scared out of all of them.

  16. @whyrate that makes sense. when people say no it always means yes and there is no exception. thank you, professor.

  17. @UberTankred That makes absolutely no sense at all Hitler was a dictator interested in total government control where republicans, conservatives and libertarians all want smaller government. Lets look at liberal socialism they want more government programs, a nanny state to include more government control so you tell me which is closer to nazi'ism

  18. Words like fascist communist and nazi are thrown around so indiscriminately now that they have pretty much lost their original meanings; they're just words used to elicit a gut strong negative reaction in people.

  19. Its not about being afraid of Islamofascists, its an intense wish to have them wiped from our planet.

    Saddam Hussein killed 1 million people in peacetime (outside of the two wars he illegally started, one invasion and one complete removal of Kuwait, a member state of the Arab League and the UN).

    One country (Iran) has said he wants a member state of the UN (Isreal) to be wiped off the face of the earth and is seeking WMD's.

    Bin Ladenists continue to kill Muslims, Christians and Jews.

  20. For a progressive, this guy has a decent personality, and I do watch his show simply for "know thy enemy" purposes. But when it comes to the threat of Islam he is clueless. Sharia will be imposed one step at a time. And it is happening right now.

  21. @TimurTheConqueror Yeah, how's that going? Which southern states have adopted Leviticus-type rules of law? They can't because we have the Constitution. Our military swears loyalty to the Constitution, not any politician. Have you ever sworn loyalty to the Constitution?

  22. Progressives – I know the truth and you don't. You live in your friggin' fantasy land. Well, you can have it. Your sorry arses would not know the truth or reality if five tons fell on you. You can live in your la-la land, if you want. BUT, I will speak the truth. No matter how that upsets you.

  23. @anuhind123 O my bad u r the civilized people ??
    where was ur civilization in Bu Gharib's prison
    where was ur civilization when you lied about Iraq's nuclear weapons
    man for people in the middle east we dont know who is Osama Bin Laden
    he was an American version of Ali Baba they made him & then terminated his services

    look man the world aint dumb so please dont insult us with the world civilized
    P.S at least u wont find pornstars or swingers in Saudi Arabia my friend

  24. For people that are afraid of sharia law taking over our democracies
    In Democracies number of votes matter ,,,,
    % of Muslims in America <1 %
    % of Muslims in Europe less than 5-6 %
    fraction of them are eligible voters ,many of them came over to run from sharia law, so there is no threat of take over by Islam/Muslims . It's all to scare us in to paying them for protection and begging them to take away our rights and also to have an excuse to take over the resources of OIL rich Muslims ME.

  25. I absolutely love how non-Muslims, all of the below, thrive on engaging with other non-Muslims about Muslim laws, etiquettes and culture…I am a practicing and believing Muslim, and I absolutely agree with Cenk on just about every point he's made, except for making fun of religious leaders because that's just childish, personally…Muslims and Fascism? Really? that's a new one, akin to commies, commies…Muslims are scapegoated, that's all, because of their growing numbers in the world…

  26. "If they actually existed" Then he goes on to explain to us why the Islamofascists want to kill him. Wait…I thought they didn't exist?

    He's not afraid of them but wants to stop doing things like protecting East Timor or Kuwait because it upset Islamofascists. He wants to stop doing things such as that out of fear of bombings by "non-existant" Islamofascists. Who is the one afraid again? It sounds like you.

  27. My country is the oldest buddist country today. +2500 years of buddism. We do have had similar war with Hindu fascists… that is 2m of 20 milion population. We do have around 1.5 m muslims that came as traders for +800 years ago. from mainly iraq and yemen. They have there own sharia courts, they can use them or go trough the general courts, They can go with burkas, they can do whatever they wants… See we had a war with hindus for 30 years..facism you have in all religions. Sri Lanka

  28. Radical Islam is a threat to the world. Regardless of what this clown says, these people aren't stupid. They are using our rights and Constitution against us, and are slowly infiltrating the culture of nations around the world to eventually convert the whole world. It's time for people like this guy to stop apologizing for radical Islam.

  29. Blowing the threat out of proportion may well help raise awareness to the issue. It may sensationalist to an extent. But that may well be necessary.

    Islamization may not be an immediate threat in America RIGHT NOW, but who's to say it won't be in 25-35 years?

    It's better to educate ourselves on the 'theo-fascist' ideology of Islam now, so that doesn't happen. Better safe than sorry, especially on an issue this important, imo.

  30. This guy's uninformed.

    The 'fascist' part of Islam comes from the Quran itself and is implemented in society through Shari'a (Islamic law), which he seems to be completely oblivious to.

    All true Muslims (ones who follow scripture devoutly) are essentially fascists seeking to establish a theocracy (rule by Allah's Shari'a) throughout the entire planet.

  31. @snaforfun Islam forces conversions, plus they execute people who convert from Islam to other religions. Radical Islam is intolerant as we in the US allow mosques, but Islamic nations don't allow churches. Plus your saying you want Sharia Law to rule earth contradicts saying Islam never forces conversions. So much for the "religion of peace."

  32. The guy in france looked also like a "moderate" muslim. What about apostosy in islamic countries? Stop being naive!

  33. How about this: christianity and islam are both stupid religions. Both ought to and will go the way of the dinosaurs. Christianity is being replaced by secular humanism throughout Europe and in North America, is that happening in Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, or Afghanistan? No, it's not. And THAT fact is the reason why the Islamic world is a problem area for humanity's survival. Do you think we can venture to the stars with that kind of backwards religious thinking still kicking around?

  34. Well sharia law will not rule the earth. As long as Muslims behaviors coincide with the laws of the secular western countries they inhabit, there will not be a problem; that's really no different than how muslims expect us to act if we were in an Islamic country, is it?

  35. It's pretty telling how the people raising cain about Islamofascism are more often than not fundamentalist Christians who also want their religion to be in charge of government.

    Gotta stomp out that competition.

  36. you are worried about the wrong people:

    “It should be recalled that Judaism, especially in its classical form, is totalitarian in nature. The behavior of supporters of other totalitarian ideologies of our times was not different from that of the organized American Jews.” – Israel Shahak PhD, Professor Emeritus at Hebrew University, "Jewish History: The Weight of Three Thousand Years"

    We mustn't forget that some of greatest murderers of modern times were Jewish” – Sever Plocker (Jew)

  37. But the Communist soul is the soul of Judaism. Hence it follows that, just as in the Russian revolution the triumph of Communism was the triumph of Judaism, so also in the triumph of fascism will triumph Judaism."
    (A Program for the Jews and Humanity, Rabbi Harry Waton, pp. 143-144).

    Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power. – Benito Mussolini

    Corporations are Jewish!

  38. Fascist are Jews. Our whole history is one staged event after another. Jews did the WW2 charade to create the state of Israel.

    “I'll close with the following: Through the first decade of Fascism in Italy, hundreds of Jews joined the Fascist Party including generals and professors, there were even Jewish members of the Fascist Grand Council, and why not Mussolini's mistress was a Jewess and a leading theorist of his movement.”
    *The Orientalist, Tom Reiss, 2008, P. 318, Random House.

  39. “In Italy, Jewish fascism was a real ideological movement, a mass phenomenon as much as that was possible in Italy's tiny Jewish population of 47,000. In 1938, at the beginning of the racial laws, more than 10,000 Jews – about one out of every three Jewish adults – were members of the fascist party.”
    – Alexander Stille “Benevolence and Betrayal: Five Italian Jewish Families Under Fascism” By pg 22

  40. LMFAO, At first Bush was like…. WQe cna't bomb that afgan.. afgurn…. afkinstanan place, I can't even spell it!!!

    Dammitt who the hell cn we bomb!!?? (Cheney yells from the bacck ground) Bomb IRAQ!!!

    Bush: Iraq? Is that some sort of new iPhone app?

  41. Don't be scared of Islamist fundamentalist, they are nice people, but attack Pat Robertson. He is our biggest threat. Big Islamic Propaganda Machine.

  42. Radical Islam will not take over Europe because even if they are trying, sooner or later some nut will try to ban alcohol in Germany or England, causing the entire country to go up in arms and from then on it will be political suicide to support Islam in those countries.

  43. So what, would you prefer the term Islamic-Totalitarianism? They still want to stone me to death or burn me alive for being gay either way.

    When Islamists start putting up signs like "gay free zone" and calling for the fear of Allah in, free, secular East London, pardon me for being, well, a little afraid of where it might lead.

    …Millions of people are trying to fight oppressive theocracy in their own countries in the middle east, but I guess Islamofascism only exists if it is in America.

  44. Fuck Islam. Don't need that shit fascist ideology as my neighbor. This guy is a moron. He has no clue about history or Islam.

  45. Sorry Mr Cenk, but you were wrong on this one: you should see what's happening in the UK today with indoctrination in some schools and gender segregation in universities. Or hate preachers in mosques gaining support among the muslim youth. Or antisemitism and homophobia. And no amount of moral outrage will change the truth. 

    Then again, this was 8 years ago: perhaps now his attitude has changed a little since he has found himself reporting more and more atrocities committed by islamofascists like Boko Haram, the Sudanese government etc. At the very least he may not be quite as naive as he used to be.

  46. Losing respect for you with that analogy, Cenk.  If you made fun of the prophet in Pakistan, you could be sentenced to death.   If you left the faith in Saudi Arabia, well, you fill in the blank.  We call it facism, becuause of their unification of scape-goats as an underlying cause, rampant sexism, controlled mass media, disdain for intellectuals and the arts, and intertwining of religion and government and their obsession with crime an punishment.  With Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, sharing these views, we should definately fear this ideology, as much as we feard the Nazi's.  It is the entire ideology and the broad spectrum between moderate, radical and fundamentalist that we fear, not Bin Laden.

  47. I am not affraid of being attacked by a terrorist today, but I am affraid of this huge religion, with an enormous growth rate, and a terribly backward ideology, inching towards its professed goal of global ubiquity.

  48. I think Cenk confused Syndicalism with Fascism. Though Fascism did arise from Syndicalism, it is erroneous to categorise fascism as just an economic ideology.

  49. Not a real threat, oh dear cenk, fast forward 9 years, they really are a threat, especially to fellow muslims who don't share their hateful ideology.  Whether its bombing innocents [including children], slaughtering gays, stoning women for talking or leaving the home, shooting women wanting to educate themselves, or surreptitious military attacks by pretending to be part of the system. What's even more worrying is the far more frequent stealthed jiahd, by the likes of CAIR, which do financial and institutional banking and would satisfy your own flawed and illogical understanding of fascism.

  50. Cenk is still full of shit! After more than 10 years!

    A decade later, you PUSH for the Islamofascists that poses as "migrants" to come in the country and spread their Sharia and Wahabi reactionary BS in the west!

  51. Cenk is a moron. You should go to an Islamic country and then say what you said. They will kill you firstDon't sit in America and say this now. If you keep doing this, America will not going to be safe for you as well

  52. Fascism is not about taking over industries and companies. If religion and state are not separated, then the religion will be a giant corporation. Idiot, grow up

  53. You are only young turds. If you not do anything haram you are not an infidel. You are just a poor kafir.

  54. Islam is anti anyone not islamic how do you not understand that the koran calls for the death of non believers that is fascism. We have its disease spreading through the uk right now and throughout europe. They have built sharia courts and created their own state within a state, groom children then gang rape them. Create no go zones (islamic ghettos) not a word of english on the signs in the town. Force all women to cover up in burkas. And they attack and murder anyone who dares to criticize their fascist ideology.

  55. To me islamofascist are simply a reinterpretation of the morals and dogma of the environmental liberation foundation and Turkish dinners come in a small price to Martian enthusiastic 72 virgins eaters

  56. If the Palestinians stop selling alcohol we know their leaders are pushing for Christian idealism they told me the reason they left Israel is because of the fact they weren't allowed to make money

  57. Islam translates to peace most people who drink get violent islamofascist equals peaceful transhumanists

  58. oppose abortion because they want more workers and soldiers fascism is a cure to Communism… The Republicans are fear-mongers I know

  59. Iran and North Korea are the last in line to receive 5G so we can preach the godspell the tech companies are God's the very same gods the semites beard Gog and Magog and Vikings would steal your women if not before veiled isis truth

  60. Islamic Jihad began LONG before that thing call USA ( Bush inc ) ever existed. Mohammed tried spirituality at first but didn’t have the integrity to continue, so just went full on devil mode. That’s fine but all the rest of the following monkeys are equally broken.

  61. lol they're probably waiting for a chance to take you out. If you lived in an Islamic country..you would be a gonner

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