Why We Do NOT Volunteer

Why We Do NOT Volunteer

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  1. i feel so bad that i've never clicked on this video until now?!? i really wish it had more views though 🙁 kudos to Team NOC! This has reminded me that I not only subscribe for the hilarious and awesome content on your main channel but also this kind of content on your sub channel as well!

  2. I don't even care that this video may be commissioned by the Youth Corps, I think the experience changed Zijie, Nina, and Aurelia a little.

    Their sharing was very authentic and heartfelt – coming from someone who doesn't volunteer on the regular too I felt that they genuinely learnt and were humbled by the experience, and that is amazing on so many levels.

    keep doing what you do NOC. Even if I don't eventually become a regular volunteer, I'm sure you'll have changed the perspectives of people who have never, ever seen the social sector before, making them more appreciative of the unsung heroes who do this work. Maybe, just maybe, someday I'll look back and remember this video and feel motivated to volunteer 😀

  3. Dear NOC team,
    Not sure if you read the comments after a week of your videos, but I will like to share the site Giving.SG. It is a 1stop portal to donate, volunteer and fundraise that is backed by National Voluntary and Philisophy Center (NVPC).
    It is very user friendly, and on top of donating to NGOs and volunteering weekly with many NGOs, I also managed to raise funds for the NGO of my choice! (Singapore Children's Society).
    It is totally free and it takes maybe just 1 hour to set up a fundraiser, and perhaps at the end of your videos, you all can provide a simple URL to direct fans whom are interested in contributing to a good cause to a NGO that NOC backs!.
    You may check out the raiser I made (I am a poor designer and I just threw basic templates and pump a ton of effort to reach people on LinkedIn to donate to my cause). over here https://www.giving.sg/campaigns/Dum_Spiro_Spero.


  4. I've volunteered before and I'm only 11 dude like its to the elderly LAH so I think it's easier I'm not trying to brag OK when I left the grandma was also breaking down but I think she will forget me one day so ya

  5. Volunteering at first seem like we are helping other.. But actually it like the other way cos in the end we also gain alot.. For those who never try. Pls give it a shot n you will understand. There a saying.. By giving then you will receive 🙂

  6. Too cringe to watch.Volunteer should only be done by the willing heart. Why force people who have no such intentions? It is obvious from the video that some of the cast are doing so just because they have to.

  7. Here's a challenge for everyone, do charity not for the camera but out of sincerity. Good for zijie, nina & aurelia.

  8. Kudos to you guys and thanks for the reminder because I used to do volunteering with a friend at Chinatown area first giving the elderly food and company

  9. I cried when i see Mdm Goh break down 😭 i feel guilty when i watch this video bc i have nvr volunteer b4 (i rly want to do it but i just nvr have the chance to do it) this video rly motivates me to start volunteering ❤️😭 thanks so much for making this vid ❤️❤️

  10. Well, the title slightly upset me on a personal level, but I stuck till the end of the video. And, I am glad the end made me feel better.

    I have been working as a volunteer for over 14 years. I pretty much had all of the same reasons to quit my volunteer work after just a few weeks. I was living in a high cost region. I had to take a train ride, a tram ride and a boat ride to get to the destination. And, I was (still, am) terrified of boat rides. It took me more than 1.5 to 2 hours each way. The transportation fares and lunch money (for a good meal to replenish energy from labor work) do add up over time. I was basically allowing myself to give up over these issues. After some thinking into the purpose of my being, I decided to stick with it. As time moved on, probably after two years, all of these no longer became my obstacles. Money, no problem; Time, no problem; Rainy days, no problem; Rocky boat rides, hmmmm…

    Right now, after years of establishment, I am glad people are appreciating my work (our work). My point is, stick with it for a little longer, it may change the way you see volunteering.

    By the way, this week is National Volunteer Week in the U.S. Happy Volunteering!


  12. I wanted to join and be a volunteer but I cant find a group to join into..I wanted to do it for free I mean totally free.. I will cover my own expences no problem..🙂 can suggest me any group where I can join? Thank u

  13. I watched this video I realise that not everyone In the world are bad so heart touching ❤️❤️💓💞

  14. This video is very touching, i hope this video could make awareness to everyone so that they could appreciate each & everyone of the people who are going throught different situations.

  15. In secondary sch my class volunteered at an old age home n I rmbred that I promised an old lady I wld go back to visit her but I didn't but I was so glad I met her but now I really miss her n I feel so sad tht I didn't go back coz Idk how she is doing now.

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