43 thoughts on “Why Trudeau wants to bypass “hate speech” laws on social media | Ezra Levant

  1. Hate speech in the UK is nothing less than criminalizing ordinary folk for breaking Islamic blasphemy laws. Don't let Trudeau do it in Canada.

  2. "Racist", "White Supremacist", "Islamaphopia", "hate speech" …. all these left-wing buzzwords that were not in use 10 years ago, but now that the left has gone off the deep-end, these buzz words are all you ever hear now, and are being used so much now by people who are hypocrites, they have lost their real meaning and their shock factor, like the boy who cried wolf once too often.
    "Hate Speak" according to the UN does not have a defined meaning, so people are using it in a way that if you speak against any ideology or disagree with someones ideas then you are guilt of hate speech. "I am right, and if you say I am wrong, even if I am wrong, then you must hate me". NOOOO … I just don't think you are right. See where this is going?
    I call it the Muhammad syndrome … the Quran (Word of Allah) and the words of Muhammad are absolute and if you don't believe in Allah or in his prophet Muhammad then you're a Kafir and should be beheaded. Isn't Islam on the political left with all the rest? SCARY!!! Heads are gonna roll. The Beast System is on it's way.

  3. Trudeau sits as Prime Minister of Canada yet has multiple ethics violations, the only PM to have ethics violations while currently in office. The man is a complete fraud.

  4. Trudeau is selling the people of Canada to the global parasites. All his policies are not for the citizens of Canada but for his masters the bankers and royals to further keep the people enslaved.

  5. In the early 1960s, concerns were raised by various public groups (such as the Canadian Jewish Congress), by some media outlets, and by some politicians (such as John Diefenbaker, then Leader of the Opposition) about the rise of hate publications in Canada.[6] The federal government of Prime Minister Lester Pearson responded by appointing a committee in January 1965 to study the issue and make recommendations about legislation: the Special Committee on Hate Propaganda in Canada, commonly referred to as the "Cohen Committee" after its chair, Maxwell Cohen.

  6. Today, indeed to my shock mainstream media representatives supported independent media in England. Way to go, hope for the best for Tommy!

  7. Bush junior while playing golf was filmed saying that the despot leaders in North Korea knew how to govern a nation.

  8. I'm surprised that Trudork has to warn FaceCrook and other Social Stupidia platforms.  I figured he was the kind of guy Zuckertwerp and his ilk would be pals with!

  9. And what will happen your free speak ? It is different if it is a hate crime, if u cause bodly harm to a person because of there race or beliefs then that is a hate crime. Keep him from doing this. Stop this child from doing this, if his father was alive he would slap him silly for this

  10. This is all the 1st step to becoming a dictatorship. What do you think Hiter did to get elected. Does any one remmber what happened there when he did this Hmmmm

  11. but don't notice a certain tribal people always in every corner coordinating using their tribal laws of hatred towards out-groups they deem to be intellectual threats

  12. Tommy Robinson? Children crossdressers? Gov’t censorship?
    Openly corrupt politicians? WTF? No worries England, canastan is right behind
    you, “oh cuckcanastan, our muslim and sharia land”. Great job canastan sheep,
    all losers, scared to fight, scared of a trudum groping globalist, scared of a
    few brainless, BABY KILLING feminazis, scared of a bald [email protected] refugee,
    scared of turban wearing [email protected], scared of freaks named keith wearing a dress
    calling themselves Katie. Silence is compliance sheep. To all who let this
    happen, the women who think hair makes a leader, the potheads, the freaks,
    faggots and fairies trying to ruin childhood with their sexual deviance, the
    refugees and invaders demanding I change my thinking, my lifestyle, to
    accommodate their perverted and barbaric ideologies and cultures, go to hell,
    this is my nation and Alberta is my home. You will lose your unholy war, true
    patriots will stand and continue this fight against you traitors who choose to
    say or do nothing. You cucks happy to smoke a joint, blissful in stoned
    ignorance, you stupid women admiring a treasonous sack of [email protected], you clueless
    sheep are a disgrace to this once great, now decrepit welfare state run by
    fascists, perverts and 3rd world scum. Canastan deserves exactly
    what is coming. Have fun sheep.

  13. Trudeau said he gonna raise his two sons feminists!? So IF those boys become heterosexuals, they should hate themselves??? Great parenthood! 😉

  14. Try to imagine this scenario : social media being around during the butt boy Pierre's reign of terror! Oh the horrors!!!

  15. You love money you do I know how you offer to help patriots in the UK but say anything they raise money wise over the amount they need is yours. Stop taking from British working class people.

  16. Hi from Manchester, England 👌👌
    Why have you got a pic of that K.D Lang guy on the thumbnail? 🙂

  17. Justin Trudeau is afraid of the truth. Will he be named by Jeffrey Epstein? He has a lot of pedophile friends.

  18. Trudeau is a top high school dancer…I want to see him do the Michael Jackson 'Moon Dance' with The King of Saudi Arabia. It's about his mark.

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