Why the West HATES and is DESTROYING itself: Nationalist History

Why the West HATES and is DESTROYING itself: Nationalist History

“and for the next 20 years, the continent
took the time to slowly build itself, but it was the baby boom generation born after
that conflict and beginning in the 1960s, well they began to reject all of the history,
morality and beliefs that had been bequeathed them by previous generations.” Fascinating
video folks, so stay with me and I’ll give you my views on why the West hates and is
destroying itself in my own personal views in this video. Love the message of liberty
and would like to learn more? Be sure to check out some of my other videos and don’t forget
to subscribe. So I agree with a large part of what the guy is saying, people despise
nationalism, they try to link it to that of national socialism. Between the early 20th
century to after the first and second world wars, people are obviously feeling sympathetic
and guilty: “I feel like we are watching the scurrings of fascism.” And therefore, they
blame themselves. From my perspective, it’s more to do with an economic time period of
history in relation to the Industrial Revolution. People’s view of capitalism is a very negative
view because of that period of history. Their view of the Industrial Revolution is from
a mainstream version of history, in other words, they believe that there was a collapse
of living standards in the first Industrial Revolution, they believe the common myths
about children and mothers, forcing them to work in the factories, they think that there
was all this child exploitation and then you’ve got the myths of how the rich became richer
and poor got poorer. People’s view of capitalism is largely based off that time period of history,
it’s not just a case that along came the second world war and people feel sympathetic and
they just want to destroy nationalism because as a result of what had occurred in history,
so many people lost their life, then all nationalism is evil. Yes, that’s true, they do think that,
but a large part of it actually stems from their view and hatred of capitalism. They
think capitalism is all about exploitation, they think capitalism means people working
endless hours for such little pay. They want to destroy it because they think it’s capitalist,
they think Great Britain is somehow this capitalist economy and they think that the United States
of America is this great big example of capitalism. So I don’t agree with everything that the
guy says, I think that the Holocaust had happened, however I greatly admire and respect anybody
with an independent thought and mind who can think for themselves, do their own independent
research and they’ve came to their own conclusion for why the Holocaust never happened and I
respect them for their own personal view. “In the post war world, Adolf Hitler is the
personification of pure unadulterated evil and it is he who holds the central position
in our world war 2 narrative. Instead of the sacred being that which is revered, venerated
and mysterious in nature, it is the Holocaust, a crime against humanity. Simply put, our
new world war 2 foundation myth is an extremely negative one and has poisoned the spirit of
western civilisation and it has caused it to lose all confidence in itself, its values
and even the reason for its very existence and given time, will destroy it.” People have
been indoctrinated to believe that individualism means every man for himself, that it means
greed and self-centredness. What they don’t understand is that individualism really isn’t
as simple as that and I will do more videos on that, you can obviously check out a video
in a playlist I’ve stuck together in relation to do with individualism if you would like
to learn more about it. That’s the thing, because when people are indoctrinated to believe
a certain view of things like individualism etc, then yes of course they’re going to then
favour things like collectivism and as a result, you’re putting the economy, (without them
realising it, it’s all subconscious) but, without them realising it, they put it into
the hands of government and the economy ends up going down the road of just an economic

7 thoughts on “Why the West HATES and is DESTROYING itself: Nationalist History

  1. You seem to have a fair argument though there is something that has been baffling me about you. I remember when I had watched some of your old videos back in 2014 and at the time, I was rather a leftist centrist that supported a mixed economy. I could have sworn that your views back then were rather extreme at the time especially when you clearly were against illegal immigration and you had nationalist views about Scotland.

    I don't understand how did you become rather curious about the alt-right very recently. Note that Black Pigeon is not exactly in the alt-right though I don't understand why as he seems to be a white nationalist.

  2. Hey Scotty! I think you should try to contact people such as Ryan Dawson, Styxhexenhammer666, Shane Killian, and Alex Merced and so on to share content and perhaps collaborate on videos with.

  3. Thing 8 – Capital has a nationality
    What they do tell you
    The real hero of globalization has been the transnational corporation…
    What they do not tell you
    ''Despite the increasing 'transnationalization of capital, most trans-national companies in fact remain national companies with international operations
    rather than genuinle nation-less companies. They conduct the bulk of the core activities, such as high-end research and strategizing, at home. most of
    their top decision maker are home-country nationals. When they have to shut down factories or cut jobs, they usually do it last at home for various political and more importantly, econonic reasons. This means that the home country appropriates the bulk of the benefits from a transnationalcorporation. Of course, their nationality is not the only thing that determines how corporations behave, but we ignore the nationality of capital at our peril'' — 23 Things They do not tell you about Capitalism by Ha Joon-Chang (reader u

  4. There have been plenty of Nationalist i'm sure who oppose both things. KMT which is now a political party is Taiwan was the Nationalist Movement that controlled mainland China until Mao took over. Now yes They were Anti-Communist and are Nationalistic but that doesn't mean they were Capitalists. Maybe they are now I guess since they've changed being a political party in Taiwan now although i'm 100% sure but KMT leaders such as Chiang Kai Shek and Sun Yet Sen were not capitalists if anything they were socialists maybe not Karl Marx theory socialists but they were socialists. And there's also the Polish Nationalists in the resistance and home army who fought against the Nazi's…….and the Soviets.

  5. Uhhhm, no it IS just that "along came the Second World War. But hey, youre entitled to your monotone, rolling r'd opinion.

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