Why the Right is Right

Why the Right is Right

Why are you Right? Yes, you, conservative
person. Can you answer that question? I think it’s so important that I wrote a book
about it — How to be Right: The Art of Being Persuasively Correct. Because if you can’t
be persuasive about why you are right, then we, the United States of America and the Republic
for which it stands, are lost. So, here is the simple answer to why you are Right: It
is a more practical, generous, and compassionate way to live. Let me explain: There have been a bunch of academic studies
on how those on the Left and Right approach problems. They pretty much all come to the
same conclusion. The Right tends to be risk averse, more concerned about external threats
like tyranny and terror. Conservatives — get this — tend to be conservative. They are
less likely to play with fire, in just about every sense: financially, artistically, sexually.
They are cautious about changing traditions (sometimes to a fault), which is why they
cling to that crazy Constitution they like so much — and to their guns and their religion. We conservatives also focus on what we can
fix, and accept what we cannot — which is one of the many reasons we’re not obsessed
over global warming. With Radical Islam we know what the threat is, and that it’s a lot
worse than a few missing polar bears (I know that makes me sound mean — sorry polar bears). Liberals, the research tells us, are generally
more outgoing, more likely to try new stuff. They are open to new ideas (though not school
choice, or flat taxes, or a market based health care reform), and are less likely to feel
threatened by unfamiliar things. This is why, in general, they seem to have more fun. They are more likely to try drugs, for example (which is fine, as long as they don’t end
up throwing up in my toaster). In short, liberals are pretty liberal. They feel free to take
risks that the risk-averse usually end up paying for — over and over. Which explains
the necessity for conservatism. We are the clean-up crew. Liberals may seem to have more fun (and many
do), but according to polls they aren’t as happy as conservatives. And with all the fun
they’re having, I’ve never quite figured out why the angriest people I’ve encountered in
my life have been liberals. Maybe it’s because short-term fun doesn’t translate into long-term
happiness. Marriage, families and religion do that and those are the things conservatives
most value. Liberals tend to live for now. Conservatives for later. A risk-averse conservative is more likely
to save money. He is more likely to protect his investments. He is more likely to protect
property, and advocate for rule of law and preservation of individual protections. And
he offers no excuses for looting. Instead, he empathizes with the Asian, Arab and black
small businessman whose convenience store, laundry or restaurant goes up into flames
during the riot that liberals reflexively endorse as an “understandable response to
injustice.” Of course, conservatives aren’t risk-averse
in everything. But they take risks with their own lives, not with the society. Conservatives
risk all to build businesses. That risk, however, is rooted in a fact-based belief (not faith)
in the free market. If people want the product or service you’re supplying at the price you’re
asking, you will succeed and the risk will pay off. Over time, it’s conservative risk-taking that
creates a civilization, by building families, businesses, and nations. All of which creates
more wealth — wealth that can then be used to help those in need. You need money to make
money, but you also need money to give money. Conservatism makes what liberalism takes. So, for example, for liberals to get their
minimum-wage hike, first we need conservatives to build businesses, to think like businessmen,
to sacrifice their own salaries in order to pay others; to sleep on floors if necessary
in order to break even. Then when they make a profit, and things are going great — when
the calm sets in — liberalism can appear and say, “How dare you not pay these people a
living wage?” Once the tables are full of diners, and bills are being paid, and you’re
thinking about opening a second joint, liberalism arrives to demand its cut. Think of it as
a protection racket. Sort of like the Gambino family, but without loyalty, job prospects,
and track suits. In short, conservatism doesn’t compete with
liberalism — it sustains it. Without conservatism, there is no liberalism. And so when a liberal
asks you, ‘Why are you a conservative?” simply say, “So that you can be a liberal.” I’m Greg Gutfeld.

100 thoughts on “Why the Right is Right

  1. Sorry I missed you guys at Asbury Park. But when you said that to meet you would cost extra, I felt better..

  2. What makes a conservative right? Well, its self explanatory, because we're conservative. We're not right because we're conservative, we're conservative because we're right. To be anything else is wrong.

  3. Nailed it…when ever liberals sprook there shit its always the government should pay for this and that but its not the government its every tax payer except liberals who don't have jobs and live with mum…

  4. This is so irresponsible. Be conservative whatever, who cares. Don't tell people global warming is less of a threat than Islamism. Yes of course terrorism is horrific but please – this won't actually end life on Earth. Don't equate conservatism with climate change denial either. It's only the US where this is the case. In other countries climate change actually helps unite people with different political views – it's a threat to us all that we need to work together to combat.

  5. Climate change is real, it's caused by us, and there's more than a few polar bears at stake. The rest of the video is a pretty sound argument, the polar bear part is shockingly ignorant, short-sighted and delusional.

  6. We need to ask Democrats what happened to their favorite President's Dream? "Do not ask what your country can do for you, Ask what you can do for your country". JFK

  7. PragerU is just a propaganda delivery machine to take advantage of dumb people who cant think for themselves. We actually should be obsessed with global warming. Heres why. Surely it is better now for all of us than it was 20,000 years ago when so much land was trapped beneath ice sheets. Perhaps any point between the recent climate and the extreme one we may be heading for, with tropical forests inside the arctic circle, is as good as any other. Maybe it鈥檚 even better with no ice caps anywhere. It doesn鈥檛 matter. The critical issue is not what the temperature is, or may be, or will be. The critical issue is how fast it is moving
    Rapid change is the real danger. Human habits and infrastructure are suited to particular weather patterns and sea levels, as are ecosystems and animal behaviors. The rate at which global temperature is rising today is likely unique in the history of our species.

    This kind of sudden change is rare even in geological history, though perhaps not unprecedented. So the planet may have been through similar things before, that sounds reassuring, right? Not so much. Once you look at the impact similar changes had on biodiversity at the time, the existence of historical precedent becomes anything but reassuring. Rapid climate change is the prime suspect in most mass extinction events, including the Great Dying some 250 million years ago, in which 90% of all life went extinct.

    What we know about ecosystems, and what geologic history demonstrates, is that dramatic climate changes up or down or sideways are a tremendous shock to the biosphere and cause mass extinction events. That, all in all, is not likely to be a good thing. So yeah not a good thing…

  8. I'm a Classical Liberal i belive in the free market and personal liberty, so everyone does as they please as long as they don't bother others, even if it leads them to pain or bad times I think individuals' freedom is a gift of God, I belive in the spontaneus order of society, but if conservatives want to persuade people with their values let them do so, they're part of the society so they're part of that natural order.

  9. Contrary to the dogma of free market capitalism, a nation鈥檚 most valuable asset is its racial blood 鈥 i.e., its human capital, and since only fertile women can give birth to this capital, they are by nature the most valuable members of society. As such, a truly sane nation would invest in its young women by creating the optimal environment for them to get married and create large families so as to extend the lifeblood of the race. This is the only 鈥渞ight鈥 that young women of good stock have any business demanding, and consequently it is precisely this right 鈥 call it the right to family 鈥 that is the most systematically ignored, stunted, and degraded by the alien and parasitic gatekeepers of the modern West, including those who call themselves 鈥渃onservatives鈥.

  10. Boomer Conservatives Are Always Wrong

    Boomer conservatives are not mentally healthy. They have wandered off into a psychological/ideological space that is so dysfunctional, so contrary to their own best interests, and so utterly disconnected from reality that they have become a danger to themselves and to all the rest of us who have somehow escaped the mind-virus that has them in its grip. They are so far off the tracks that I believe it is safe to say that they are wrong about everything

    Boomers were sold on the idea that responsibility for the future of their race was 鈥渟quare,鈥 鈥渙ppressive,鈥 鈥渨rong,鈥 and, worst of all, pass茅. They were taught that racial conflicts should always be viewed in a 鈥渇airness鈥 frame (is it fair to keep 4 billion non-Whites out of our country?) instead of Nature鈥檚 real frame of reference 鈥 that of survival. (Does allowing hundreds of millions or billions of non-Whites to cross our borders with impunity help or hinder our survival as a race?)

    When many of the boomers later rejected the hippie counterculture, and developed a nostalgic yearning to return to the traditions and sense of community of the America they grew up in, they still retained this utterly false moral framework. This has made them totally ineffective at fighting the degeneracy they claim to oppose.

    They are incapable of defining the problem (because 鈥渞acism is wrong鈥 it can鈥檛 be a racial/biological problem, they think); they are 鈥渕orally鈥 forbidden to conceptualize what a healthy future would be like (racial-nationalism, the only possible way to ensure a future for our children, is the very thing they have been taught is 鈥渢he very definition of evil鈥); and they are fanatically opposed to naming the real enemy. (Because that would entail 鈥渞acism鈥 and the 鈥渦ltimate sin鈥 鈥 鈥渁nti-Semitism.鈥) The very best they can ever do is complain that 鈥渋t sure was better when I was young鈥 while piously denying the reasons why it was better. Such people cannot win, ever 鈥 except in a fantasy world inside their fevered, crippled brains.

  11. The problems with these statements is that while they are the truth they don't tell the hole truth. I always loved debating and logic and facts are the most important factors that I use when I present my cases. Although I tend to be more on the left side than on the right I still do consider that we made progress in our society due to liberal thinking. For me the difference between left and right is that left tends to be more aggressive because they think that we should cooperate to solve the problems that we will face, while the right tends to overthink and not accept change and deny facts that they are not in their favor. The problem is that we as a society we became divided because we were always like this馃槶 Humanity is not gonna change unfortunately cause it never did.

  12. They try to act like roits have never happened in history.roits have started wars, new governments ,new laws,ended civil abuse in the past.they act like they are oblivious to the definition of roit.really they brainwashing you on limitations if you ever have roit in the future.To there list of choices , they are genius's. White folks u have roited plenty of times so u not exempt and will in the future.cause government don't care about your problems.quit faking like u on the government side just cause u speak a word. Your words or Dreams don't benefit u when police on you or killing u or CPS taking your kids.they Know who fake like they own the government side too.. lol

  13. 0:54–1:00.; Exactly what Barack Obama said in the spring of 2008…

    I've never forgotten it, since then because I happen to be on of those "Angry, white Conservatives who shows antipathy towards people who disagree with them & clings to their God, guns, Bible & religion.".

  14. Didn鈥檛 FDR, the liberal, act as the cleanup crew when conservatives screwed our economy with tariffs in the Gilded Age?

  15. As a Hindu and Indian I love American right they are pro good laws like gun rights, jury system, tax reform etc. Family values and nationalism.
    This huge but
    American right have lot of people who are anti Hinduism and are racist as hell.
    Hope they will not be like this in future if they want to spread their ideas worldwide and survive against left because left exploit their racism against them.
    Peace and love 馃嚠馃嚦馃嚭馃嚫

  16. Interesting video. The funny thing is that the angriest people I've encountered are almost always conservatives. Liberals seem to be more engaging and more intent on listening, rather than attacking an individual and labeling them a God-less socialist if one disagrees with them. I guess in the end it's all about personal experience. 炉_(銉)_/炉

  17. This is one of my favorite PragerU videos.

    Remember my fellow conservative Americans: Never apologize for being RIGHT.

  18. If you research classic liberalism vs socialist liberalism, you find that a liberal during the time of our nations founding, was identical to a conservative today.

  19. This portrays republicans as conservative money generators…WRONG. The deficit=stealing money from citizens+next generation and BOTH parties do it nearly equally.

  20. But I thought the Left is totally different from the Liberals
    I see that this presentation compares the Left with the right and says the left is the Liberals
    Pls help me understand this well.
    The Liberals and the Left, are they same??

  21. Yeah the Koch Brothers, deconstruction of the environmental laws and the biggest polluters on Earth and all the bankers responsible for derivatives and corrupt markets and predatory capitalism while bailing themselves out are lib…I mean conservative. Elon Musk sleeps on the floor of his shops and is one of the hardest working men in the industry yet he's liberal. You can be a hard working liberal. Liberals are just fed up with the corruption. Like Amazon raking in billions of profits and paying no taxes. Or other Corporations that can run deficit for years and still drive stock value up by stock buybacks. How does a small liberal busi compete with that? You cant. Republicans seem to be all for big business even as big business takes hundreds of billions in bailouts, tax subsidies, accounting fraud, hedge funds like Bain destroying the value of companies to keep for themselves. If conservatives ran the entire system we'd get what we have now. A failing system where the rich socialize their profits and externalize the costs onto the taxpayers. With the way things are going due to Republican policies, this country will have two classes. Rich and poor.

  22. The Elites have used propaganda and think tanks to methodical turn the liberal establishment into LEFTISTS, in order to grow the Republican base by swinging traditional liberals to the right. And 10s of millions are falling for it. They'll have you believing that the billionaire class is morally right and not corrupt, taking their tax breaks and handouts and subsidies and then blaming the poor for not working hard enough or the working class for not working hard enough. People are fooled so easily. Although the scheme is getting more and more complex by the day. Frankly I thi the Elites are doing absolutely everything the can muster to keep civilization from a full blown collapse. People are sheeple.

  23. Btw, liberal policies set in motion by liberal president FDR and his new deal helped build the world's greatest middle class. Reagan's policies toward corporate socialism and capitalism on steroids for the working class have transferred the wealth from the world's greatest middle class to the rich in the past 35 years. If you don't know this fact, you don't know shit. Those damn middle class takers! Serves them 'right'. Now to complete in business you literally have to compete against Amazon or Walmart. The middle class in the 50s through 1980s didn't. The distribution of goods has been completely controlled by the rich. Oh, but the opportunity of the internet… boundless! Conservative ideology works fine WHEN government policies protect workers from Predators with law degrees and legalized monopolies.

  24. THE left is nuts….free healthcare to illegals, 70% tax rate, etc.聽 IF AMERICANS DON'T QUIT VOTING FOR DEMOCRATS, AMERICA IS DONE. KEEP IT UP, AND AMERICA IS GONE. YOU WILL MISS HER!

  25. This is the worst PragerU video I鈥檝e seen. What fairytale land does this guy live in? This guy is living in a land of make believe if he think there is an actual free market out there. If self monikered Conservatives believe in the Constitution then they would be against the government socialism that hand outs to specific business and industries via direct subsidies, targeted tax breaks and favors. How many times have We the People bailed out supposedly private free market business or given them the means to survive?
    I鈥檓 a fairly conservative person but this guy is ridiculous. Does he not realize the founding fathers were quite Liberal for their time for creating Republic devoid of monarch or aristocracy? That the Constitution of the United States and Bill of Rights were quite Liberal documents. If you take a Conservative approach why not conserve finite natural resources and develop ones that are not as wasteful? His analogy to terrorists and polar bears is ridiculous. One is an immediate threat and one is an indication of an eventual threat. If you are prudent and cautious you will address both. If you believe in hard facts then why do you not believe the hard science of 97% of climate scientists that say humans have effect on climate? This is hypocritical. If it was a 97% chance of rain would you assume it wasn鈥檛 going to rain because you just don鈥檛 believe the meteorologists because it鈥檚 a big scam to sell umbrellas?
    This video is full of simplified ideas. Conservative and Liberal are not football teams you can buy a jersey and root for and feel 鈥減art of the team.鈥
    They are tools that can be used depending on the situation. Be a citizen first.
    Stop putting yourself into one make believe camp or another. It鈥檚 the way the elites control our options and rob our tax dollars. Division is the way the elites rule. The founders created this more perfect union to promote the 鈥済eneral welfare.鈥 Not to promote specific business hoping they will promote the general welfare. It should be Of the People, For the People and by the People.
    If you want to be a real Constitutionalist then go by the Constitution.

  26. In PragerU v YouTube, he said that PragerU was center-right. Joking about liberals throwing up in toasters.. ummmm


    I love the right

  28. soooo many salty liberal tears, crying because the truth hurts.

    it may be an opinion piece, but his opinion is FACT.

  29. I AM RIGHT!!! But it's not so much that I'm conservative to the extreme which I'm not but rather that I'm not left liberal progressive in any way shape or form!

  30. Oh god, this stupid made-up discussion between right and left… If you labelling not only other peoples but yourself I have some bad news for you – you are an idiot.

  31. So basically, liberals are children and conservatives are the adults. Got it, that's what I always assumed but MSNBC and CNN keep telling me I'm wrong.

  32. The republican party is beholden to donors. And literally destroy the normal person. The dnc isnt much better. But atleast we have a few ok ones

  33. He says liberals focus on short term fun, but at the same time says conservatives don't care about global warming. Also this channel is fascist propaganda.

  34. That "throwing up in my toaster" is such a weird thing to say that it must be true and the reason he made this video.

  35. and we all know how the owner treats its employees, Liberalism came because of the harassment by the conservative people to the weaker section.
    According to me, both Ideas should/are relevant to reach a compromise to minimize discrimination.

  36. Great video, discussion starter! 馃槂

    It raises a lot of questions I would like to see solved and answered.
    So, here we go.
    Who causes the fires in the Amazon? Left or right? And for what? Is it because of the hunger for power or the lack of left wing counterparts to debate with in order to gain the best results (in order to get others aboard to verify the fires?)

    How come that the KKK still exists and is a typical right wing traditionalist secret society build upon a scottisch freemasonary branch? Is it because of the survivalist root psychology of the Europeans? A system to fence of the intruders (mostly romans and their Christian missionaris) of their society in order to maintain their culture and tradition?

    Aren't you protectionists instead of pure right wingers? They have their function anywhere in every society. They can be found left, right and in native societies and are very helpful and effective people, as long as they know their place. Do you know the place where your talents can shine the most?

    Aren't right wing people only rising up when right wing gouvernements succesfully cause a crisis and when there is a scartcity of assets, bulk and supplies?

    Why are right wing people get so upset when left wing people try out new things and are succesful with it?

    Why there are patents to protect the original makers of certain medicines that could help the human race as a whole but are kept under wraps?

    And my list of questions go on and on.

    Now, this might be because of my idealist attitude which may be too much fun for most of you… I know, but I am genuinly interested to get some new views on these questions/issues. For in the end we eventually have to do it together! 馃槂

    As always, I try my best to write as coherent and faultless as possible, but the english language is not my native tongue so excuse me for that…

  37. I have a lot of liberal views and quite a lot of conservative views I鈥檒l just vote for anyone who鈥檚 policies I agree with

  38. I agree with everything on this video except for the climate change denial. Perhaps conservatives should also be more conservational.

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