Why the Lib Dems and Tories are Constantly Lying

Why the Lib Dems and Tories are Constantly Lying

The general election is less than 24
hours old and already we’re seeing lies galore. Earlier this week we saw the
Conservative Party launch an attack video, citing an interview on Good
Morning Britain with Keir Starmer the Labour MP. The thing is they completely
misrepresented what he said. Well Piers I have been talking to the EU, to political leaders across the EU27
countries for three years… And then there are the Liberal Democrats with their
leaflets going through hundreds of thousands of letterboxes across the
country citing polls which are entirely misleading of course that was entirely
indefensible nobody would dare to say that this is okay….unless they’re Jo Swinson
on Sky this Sunday. I mean this is entirely misleading isn’t it? It’s embarrassing… Politics has changed since the 2017 election… Oh come on, you know this is embarrassing. And then there was the
Tories who chose to launch their general election campaign through The Daily
Telegraph comparing Labour’s proposals to increase the top rate of income tax
to levels last seen under Margaret Thatcher to Stalinism and the death of
millions of people in the former Soviet Union. Around the same time the Liberal
Democrat’s Luciana Berger was all too eager to defend the Liberal Democrats
pretending that a quote from them in the Guardian was in fact an endorsement from the Guardian…does that make any sense? It looked at first glance
as if you were quoting the Guardian but actually you’re quoting your own leader
in the Guardian who says that you’re doing well. And what she said is a fact. Yeah but why suggest it’s The Guardian saying that? Well it’s from The Guardian Newspaper, that’s what it says underneath it… I understand that but the point is you are potentially misleading. So why, almost as soon as the general election
campaign started have the Liberal Democrats and the Tories seen themselves
being defined by lies, half-truth and generally speaking defending the
indefensible? You might say it’s because they’re bad
people or they’re simply talentless politicians I wouldn’t care to comment
but I do have a theory which I think generally underpins why both parties
are behaving in the way that they are. You see what we’re seeing is a
convergence of the collapse of centrist politics more generally, which is a
global phenomenon, converging with an economic crisis in this country which
has remained unaddressed for the last 11 years. On wages we’ve seen stagnation
since 2008, a similar story with both productivity and GDP per capita.
Importantly home ownership in Britain is at its lowest level since the mid 1980s
now if you’re a conservative that matters because twentieth-century
conservativism was built on a simple promise: ever wider ownership of private
property – the only thing being over the last 10 years that’s going backwards. And a crisis more generally of political legitimacy and defending the centrist
status quo should be understood from that economic vacuum. Liberal Democrats
are simply unable to break with neoliberalism and the same is true of
the Conservative party despite their often unhinged positions on cultural and
social values and on Brexit. You saw that in a bit of a bust up between
Dominic Cummings and Sajid Javid in Boris Johnson’s brief tenure at Number
10, simply put the Tories don’t want to spend the kinds of money on the climate,
on high streets and on public services that are needed. You see Britain’s in the
middle of what’s been called an organic crisis: there’s a crisis of its cultural
norms, like I say of its economic model, even of the Union which may potentially
fragment over the coming years. Liberal Democrats and the Tories don’t have a
solution to that, Labour do but because of Brexit that was put on ice for the last
two years. There’s a reason why the Conservatives didn’t call another
election since the summer of 2017 because they had the instinct, which is
now being proven correct, that this would happen that we’d talk about the precise
issues that matter most to people: flat lining pay, crumbling public services,
homeownership and having a sense of optimism and a future that might be better than today. Whatever happens in this general election, and for what it’s worth I think Labour will win, the Tories right now remind me of Tony Blair’s Labour in
2005: vacuous, bereft of ideas, no future talent coming through the ranks. Which
means something very important: the future, if we choose to make it, is a
socialist one and the longer this general election goes on the better Labour will do. At the same time we’ll see more and more lies and
mischaracterisations by the other two leading parties. After all, what else have they got to offer?

69 thoughts on “Why the Lib Dems and Tories are Constantly Lying

  1. First and love you guys <3 .. always supported the Channel … look how you've effected the national debate … thank you forever

  2. Just seen Ian Austin pour out his bile. What the devine Laura K forgot to mention is the Austin is a government EMPLOYEE promoting trade with Israel. The BBC also failed to mention that Ken Clarke has said he won't be voting for Bojo…surprise, surprise…not featured on the BBC.

  3. Live in one of the safest seats for Labour,.
    The local Labour Party have just chosen a candidate.
    I'm a bit confused as to why there was a woman only shortlist.
    JC4PM Vote Labour

  4. "What else have they got to offer?"
    Tories = Brexit
    LibDems = stop Brexit.
    Labour will lose this general election because no one wants Brexit to be dragged out any longer.

  5. I would define the Labour party as Neo- Liberals led by Marxists. Labour will lose the election but the Consevatives may find themselves once again without a working majority. In my opinion i think the election will be won or lost on the question of Brexit, all else is a distraction.

  6. Why are the Liberal Democrats and Tories always lying? Simple they can't help themselves it's part of their makeup it's in their DNA!

  7. I'd rather no a lying politican. Than look aghast at how incompetent labour and especially its front bench cannot disguise. It's frightening these virtue signalling left wing nutcases could actually run this country.

  8. a Corbyn government would be a lifeline to the dying conservative movement and a major setback for the liberal progressive consensus that currently dominates our political system. socialism is the lifeblood of conservatism.

  9. Native Minds know full well future climate luckily natives tan, two much liberal/socialism slang in these videos sometimes, I found today's paper front very amusing Jeremy putting his offer to the North

  10. Are you saying their campaign strategy is to lie their way through it?
    Or are you saying their campaign strategy isn't working the way they want it to?
    I find it unbelievable that they think that lying is a good way to go, and also that they are so inept that their campaign strategy is flawed.
    I keep looking for a real reason for all this 🤔
    Is it that US trumpism is not working in UK politics?
    🌹🌹🌹I support Labour and want a socialist future, so I hope your theory is right Aaron

  11. When a billionaire is giving money away, that means he or she has taken too much from their workers or from other people.

  12. I must admit to sensing as never before a real panic in Conservative politicians. This is because the know an increasingly social media aware savvy public can see straight through their lies and their constantly repeated vacuous sound bites. After a decade of economic stagnation, the Tories have nothing left to offer.

  13. Imagine if Turkeys were told what really happened at Christmas.

    The turkeys think they are guests at the feast when they are the feast.

  14. In effect the Tories and Lib Dems are like children caught stealing cookies:

    "Wasn't me" or " She made me do it" are the only moves they can conceive of, let alone be competent enough to pull off.

  15. We have had a Conservative/LibDem coalition government and saw what a disaster that was so it seems that the only way they are going to get back into power is Lie Lie and Lie and see if that works, thinking that the British voting public will fall for it what they did not realise was the New Media is a treasure trove of information so that we can see the truth and actually make up our own minds how we wish to vote.

  16. The lib dem parliamentary party has been infiltrated by tories, and has been for decades now, not so much the rank and file, many of whom are decent people!
    Just like new labour, the activists didn't spot the takeover of their party, i suspect many still haven't but are becoming suspicious.
    The libdem conference showed signs of discontent that rebel tories were being welcomed with open arms, no matter how disgraceful their voting records, which is unsurprising given Jo Swinson is more hard line in her history of voting for austerity than even Boris Johnson, perhaps the penny will drop during this unquestionably dirty campaign to come, i hope so at least 🤔

  17. It is almost impossible to distinguish between the Blue, Yellow or even Red Tories (the Blairites – Turncoats), as they are all are habitual lairs.

  18. Labour lie too, Aaron, all parties have liars in them but I'd agree with anyone who says the "per capita" is lower and that the Blairites are the most shysty red-tie-wearers. I think the Lib Dems are intentionally lying in this campaign, the Tories are naturally lying, the Brexit Party think they're telling the truth, the Greens are lying to themselves and the SNP……want another independence referendum.
    EDIT- Spelling.

  19. But labour have said loads of lies too. They are all lying, they all want your vote and will say anything to get it. I Lost a lot of respect for Corbyn when was caught on train cctv lying.

  20. You know the tories are evil corrupt and liers but the yellow tories pretend they are much nicer when in fact they are just as bad!!

  21. Funny how they've gone full Stalin. Maybe because it's a December election, and Cuba sounds pretty appealing this time of year.

  22. My fella, who grew up in a working class Tory household, says he hates working class Tory voters more than upper class Tory MPs, because the voters enable the innate psychopathic tendencies of the MPs. The analogy he gave me is the MP is like a tiger in a cage, and the voter is the person who goes up to the cage, reads a sign saying 'WARNING! THIS IS A FEROCIOUS MANEATING TIGER! DO NOT OPEN THIS CAGE!', then says "Oh that's all scaremongering, I bet it'll be good! I'm sick of experts! Look, the tiger is so friendly, he's smiling at me!"

  23. I agree with your theory but am not as optimistic about Labour's chances this election. It's gonna be a hard fight if we want to win

  24. For as long as anyone has been alive today, conservatism has only been buoyed by lies and bigotry. Nobody else has wanted it.
    But lies work.

  25. Last night I had a vision: huddled masses on Dover beach, bankers, entrepreneurs. A fleet of small boats, very expensive yachts, came in to rescue them under Ire from Jeremy. Many of them escaped to Dunkirk to form the nucleus of a Neo-Liberal invasion force from Germany.

  26. Spot On. They have to lie. It's all they've got. They would never win an election if they were honest.
    But please TURN OFF THE BACKGROUND 'MUSIC'. It's just annoying and a huge distraction.

  27. It's reassuring to know that Labour aren't telling any lies. I mean if they were you'd do us the decency of pointing them out right? I'd like to hear your views on Ian Austin – could somebody point me to where they are?

  28. Every party lies. It’s the biggest issue with democracy. A popularity contest encourages all people competing to twist the truth to increase their popularity. Sadly no system is better so you just have to get on with it.

  29. Why?
    Quite simple really.
    From a very early age they are taught that every time they exhale they should Birth a falsehood upon the World.

  30. Ask Jo Swinson if her husbands company gets grants from the EU. I want to stay in the Eu or if we have to leave with a deal the let it be Kier's deal. Ask the tories if it is of benefit, financially, to them to leave with no deal so they can all get into bed with tRump then pillage this country. These duplicitous malcontents have a vested interest in what they are pushing.

  31. It's never ceases to amaze me, despite all the superficial messaging and propaganda, how many organisations just can't charge with the times. This is true for corporations – think Kodak & Nokia, for example, and for political parties, as you point out.

  32. Yes, they are lying. But are you suggesting that the Labour Party is not similarly lying? They are all lying. You don't say a word about the faction of Labour that is sabotaging Corbyn. Labour MPs want to be reelected themselves, but many are hoping that Labour loses big so they can use that as the basis to kick Corbyn back to the back benches.

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