Why the Daily Show had to change

Why the Daily Show had to change

So the Daily Show and the Colbert Report were
both responses to the Bush years. They were about this alienation liberals felt from their
country at a moment when Fox News seemed the authentic expression of the American psyche
and George W. Bush kept winning elections. But then what happened is that liberals began
winning elections. “Did you guys hear? It looks like the Mets and the Tampa Bay Rays
are in — they’re in some trade talks. Oh! by the way, did you guys hear about this?” The
constant crises of Obama’s early presidency gave the shows a lot to work with at first,
but as the Obama era quieted down, I think it put the Daily Show and the Colbert Report
in a pretty strange position because Colbert and Stewart became the voices of the dominant
political coalition. Punching Fox News kind of became punching down. “Your distortions
and lack of fact footholds against mine. To start us off, here’s 50 of yours in a 6-second
Vine.” Their replacements — Trevor Noah at the Daily Show and Larry Wilmore in Colbert’s
slot — are both talented black comedians. They have a real skill for taking on America’s
complicated, often really frustrating racial politics. “Yeah I just flew in and boy are
my arms tired.” “Ok, alright there, oldie but a goodie. Very nice.” “No, no seriously,
I’ve been holding my arms like this since I got here.” And so their takeover is a recognition
of one of the lessons of the Obama era, which is that American politics isn’t moving past
race. It’s moving into it. This political scientist at Brown University, a guy named
Michael Tesler, he goes and shows how in the 80s and 90s, when you polled racial controversies,
you didn’t see a big partisan split. So the number of Democrats who agreed with the O.J.
verdict was 50% and the number of Republicans was 41%. But now you look at any controversy
that has even a hint of race in it, like say the verdict with Zimmerman right, around Trayvon
Martin. 68% of Democrats were angry about that. Only 20% of Republicans were angry about
it. There was a poll about whether 12 Years a Slave should win an Oscar, and 53% of Democrats
thought it should and only 15% of Republicans agreed. That isn’t the kind of thing we’ve
seen the political parties splitting on before. Tesler’s book, “Obama’s race” describes an
inconvenient truth about the 2008 election: It was the most racialized election in modern
American history. There’s been no recent campaign in which racial attitudes did as much to drive
political behavior and it’s continued on. You even have racial differences in how much
people like Obama’s dog. If you show people a photo and you tell them it’s Obama’s dog,
folks who rank as having a little bit more racial resentment, they tend to like that
dog less than if you show them the same dog and tell them it’s Ted Kennedy’s dog. America
is sort of at the end of the Obama era, working through its attitudes about race in a way
it sort of hasn’t had to for a very very long time. And you’re seeing these shows try to
update for that. “I thought that Barack Obama was post-racial.” “Yeah. He is. We’re not.”

100 thoughts on “Why the Daily Show had to change

  1. I wish OJ would visit a few of the people on TV. Maybe he could take care of some of the few people left working for VOX, LOL.

  2. How do you stop racism and inequality in America?
    Stop talking about it,
    I’ll stop calling a white man,
    And you stop calling me a black man.

    Morgan freeman

  3. So saying that not as many Republicans care about racism, means that they are racist? That's forcing me to pick sides. Maybe Republicans dont care about every black and white crimes they see on tv, and they are busy doing other things. How many Republicans you see holding signs all week long on the sidewalk? None, so you could even say that because more Democrats are on the sidewalk complaining about stuff, means that they work less… that's not a fair agrument. That's you giving me a choice between red and green, but my favorite color is actually yellow.. nothing in the real world is a yes or no answer.

  4. post racial, emphasising the need to construct your identity on other lines. It's sort of more interesting from a right wing perspective.

  5. nothing to do with the race of the host, i love trevor noah's daily show as much as when john stewert was on. but can we not all agree larry wilmore's show was complete unthought out garbage, consistantly feilded a panel that had no right to be there, and was overall not informative or funny… he also constantly whined it was everything elses fault his showed sucked, and the ratings agreed.

  6. When Democrats win power they lean on identity politics including race to distinguish themselves. Obama's ACA was a Republican healthcare plan, when it came fracking ,TPP, immigration, drone strikes, and bailouts he was right wing. The daily show changed because it is very depressing and jaded to admit both parties are run by the same set of donors. They had to find new hosts who will push the identity and race narrative instead.

  7. the daily show was so exceptional because of jon and his team's ability to point at sensationalism and absurdity in the news cycle, fostering a more informed, common sensed no bullshit viewership. trevor noah is fine but he doesn't have that special jon stewart sparkle of "REALLY?!". with respect to trevor, i don't think anyone could do it as good as jon

  8. imo
    I'd say good vid, but…
    You actually call Obama—a moderate, corporatist Republican—a liberal?
    He's a liberal and Vox is Fox.

  9. They actually started out during the Clinton administration. So they were always used to making fun of both parties, and even made fun of the Democrats when they weren’t in power!

  10. Also is it just me or is it a bit stupid that liberals/lefties only start caring about politics when they're is a republican in charge? When bush was in power and with now trump, people only now start to care about our government?

  11. Both the Daily Show and Trump are a result of our collective inability to escape the gravitational pull of the Oliver Stone verison of Vietnam. It has been a seesaw battle between liberal Fascism and conservative Fascism, the problem being that liberal Fascist are growing up to be conservative Fascists and both are fighting for control of the Tory Socialism of Reaganomics.

    The future is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the Democratic Socialism of Eisenhower's 1956 Presidential Platform and the Nixon-Carter "Affirmative Action-MAGAFirst" domestic program that financed the Trump Tower.

  12. Lmao, most Black people I know just want to be left alone, and dont like there blackness being used as a poltical weapon. I voted for Obama because I thought he was qualified and Black. But we past that, so now when the media is pandering our Blackness thinking that we gonna vote blue. It's creates this feeling of go f yourself. Idk that's just me.

  13. Anoying background music. The voice-over has a soft an monotone voice, as if he's trying to sound mystical. Those are the reasons I stopped watching at 1:49. Too bad, the topic is quite interesting.

  14. America's racist therefore, Comedy Central needed to replace their white hosts with black hosts. I figured going into this stupid video that that's what it would be about. At least it's only 3 minutes long.

  15. This is dumb to suggest that they HAD to leave because their replacements are black and only they do a good job identifying racial issues. I think they left because Stewart wanted to support his family, and Colbert got a better job offer. I like vox,but this video is a lil dumb. Maybe if you went more in depth and explained ur argument it would make sense. However on the surface it just seems as if y’all are saying that they had to leave cause they aren’t black.

  16. The Daily Show had to change because Jon Stewart is partly responsible for our distrust of the media. Somebody once said it was “like laughing at old people slipping on snow”.

  17. I can agree with this a lot actually. I think one of the reasons Obama's presidency kicked up so much racial tension was it was the first time an African man assumed a position of absolute and unquestionable power in our nation's history. I am white, and I remember after he got elected hearing several people I knew, also white, saying things like he's not my president… There was something more to this statement than just political opposition. There was a genuine disgust at the fact that a black man was now our leader, a person who not only should be looked up to, but was expected to be looked up to. The rabbit hole of thought trains on this matter runs deep and long, but in the end Obama's presidency highlighted something much darker and real for white people than anyone ever previously knew existed. Their fear that they are becoming a minority, and are losing power in a country long thought to be their domain.

  18. Wow this video really misses the point. No wonder white supremacy remains a powerful force in US politics. Most media can't wrap their heads around it

  19. I think it’s funny when one propaganda show calls another propaganda show a propaganda show. Stewart still has some of Obama on his chin.

  20. Obama did nothing but give black people a bad reputation. Race baiting and writing incompetent federal memos. (Yes, I read them personally and the logic is that of a drunk college girl. So many contradictions you would have thought he was trying to be an idiot.)

  21. I think if this video was published a month or two later it'd probably have some pretty different thoughts on the matter…

  22. Yeah, America moved INTO race with the white conservative population not understanding a damn thing about racism on a deadly level.

  23. I had to stop the video at 2:16, what are you saying. We’ve never seen the political parties split on race? What? What was the civil war vox?

  24. Opinions about the OJ verdict show racism?! This is the man who wrote the book If I Did It just to rub it in that he got away with murder. The truth is the only color that matters in America is green for money. If you're "white" and poor, you are screwed, too. It's just convenient for those with the real power to set poor people against each other–as in divide and conquer.

  25. I’m sorry did VOX just argue that John Stewart and Colbert had to leave because John couldn’t represent some kind of emerging partisan divide on racial issues in the two major political parties?

    That’s really stupid.

  26. Jon Stewart was brilliant, Noah has taken the show and removed a lot of the charm and intrigue. It went from the most important show on tv to being irrelevant drivel.

  27. I used to love the daily show, I don't really care for Trevor Noah. I really wish they could find someone new to remake the Colbert Report.

  28. Wtf? This was about the Daily Show and then it was about race. Which, of course you made it all about race and didn’t make an actual point. Typical Vox bullshit.

  29. The whole dog thing should be shown to every Republican every time they say the parties hate for him has nothing to do with his race.

  30. Too bad Noah ended up being a dnc puppet instead of speaking his mind after a few slaps on the wrist. Real bummer there.

  31. Except black lives matter issues really picked up during Obama's administration. Many black Americans feel let down by Obama's leadership.

  32. I seem amazed on the similarites b/w US and India.

    The issues with my country are quite similar, if not exact.

    And the Republicans behave exactly like the BJP supporters here.

  33. I learnt loads willingly from Trever Noah of Daily when I return from 10 hours of work to stay connected with outside world 🌎

  34. As good as Trevor Noah is I miss Larry Wilmore. He gave a perspective that is more difficult to find on the tube. It appeared in my waspy view to me to be a more authentically black American perspective. Perhaps that is why he is no longer there (but still needed). Sometimes you need a second opinion.

  35. Um, you use images of the Zimmerman trial and the Trayvon Martin tragedy after stating that even issues that contained “slight hints of racism” caused a greater partisan split among polled citizens who identified outwardly with a particular political party? I’m afraid that may be a mis-step in editing, as some of those viewers who see Trayvon Martin’s death as being ‘Robert Zimmerman’s great tragedy’ might mistakenly think they can find a way to prove that you too agree with them…

    R.I.P. Trayvon Martin

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