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Why the Alt-Right Is Wrong | ContraPoints

[Accordian music] Hey everyone! Since Alt-Right identitarians value free speech
and debate so much, I think it’s really important that we keep an open dialo— [drone] So Nazis flagged my video, “Why White Nationalism
Is Wrong,” and it’s now in restricted mode and unwatchable in a lot of countries. Now it’s a year-old video, I’m the wrong
gender in it, and I would have been perfectly happy to let it just fade into obscurity, but they
had to go and flag it, and anything they want to silence I want to amplify. So I’ve reedited the video and removed all
hate symbols, and hopefully that will appease the censor. Otherwise, I’ve left the video unchanged. My name has always been Natalie, don’t you
remember? [drone] [Wagner] Proud sons of the north! My training is complete. So you may remember, in my video about alpha
males, I responded to a guy called The Golden One. Surprise flex! I’m ready to begin the training. [Heart, “Alone”] …today I want to discuss the Jewish question… You’re a goddamn fascist! In that video I said that I wasn’t going to
argue against White Nationalism. I just assumed that it was wrong. And of course that’s pretty irritating to
White Nationalists, who want to bait me into arguing with them. [reading onscreen text] So in this video I want to go through the exercise
of explaining exactly what’s wrong with White Nationalism, both to clear myself of the accusation
of relying only on “insults” and, possibly, to persuade some people who may sympathize with
white nationalist views. Now, the conventional leftist wisdom is that
you shouldn’t argue with white nationalists because it grants them a kind of legitimacy
when you give them a seat at the discussion table. But at this point I think a lot of people
privately or publicly hold white nationalist views already, and the public may never hear
strong arguments against them. Also, speaking as a [bleep], alcoholic transsexual
with less than a third the YouTube subscribers of the second largest channel about the lives
of ants, I think the danger of my being the one to catapult white nationalism into mainstream
acceptability is pretty remote. So, in this video I’m not going to use the
words “racist” and “Nazi” (even though those are completely fair and accurate descriptions). I don’t need to insult these fascist fucks
because I believe that reason will prevail. So, in this video I’m going to remain
at all times rational, calm, relaxing, soothing. [whispering] Why d on’t you just lie back
and relax and I’m going to crinkle this page I tore out of Mein Kampf, and we can
just have a nice, soothing conversation about the wave of far-right extremism sweeping through
Europe. Sk sk sk sk sk. Sk sk sk sk sk. Jews. Part 1: White Nationalism with a Friendly
Face The Golden One’s recent videos are all about
how to be a good representative for the nationalist cause, that is, how to tone down the, uh—can’t
say Nazi—the sinister, crackpot aspects of the program. And apparently that means wearing a suit,
not jacking off, and, protecting the racial purity of Skyrim. [The Golden One] “Skyrim belongs to the
Nords!” It also means trying to distance the movement
from idea that it’s based on racial hate, something White Nationalists have been doing
for a long time. Here’s the website of a group called the
Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, which seems to have been designed around the same
time as the promotional website for the 1996 movie Space Jam. The website promises to “dispel some of
the lies told about us by the liberal news media. Let me start by addressing the repeated falsehood
that we are a HATE GROUP. Let me assure you that nothing could be further
from the truth. We do not hate any group of people! We hate drugs, homosexuality, abortion and
race-mixing, because these things go against God’s law and they are destroying all white
nations.” So this sounds pretty similar to the The Golden
One’s bizarre cocktail of not drinking, not coming, not having sex with brown people,
and generally shunning everything worth doing. Minus the Christianity, plus a little light
High Fantasy Odinism. My Nordic masculinity has grown as firm and
robust as the hammer of Thor. Really? Has it? Stormfront admin Jack Boot, who’s definitely
not a Nazi, posts a White Nationalism FAQ from the 90s where it’s explained that “The
desire of White Nationalists to form their own nation has nothing to do with superiority
or inferiority…. In fact, formation of a White nation removes
any possibility of White dominance of other races, as well as the plausibility of the
accusation that Whites wish to dominate others.” So this is the standard White Nationalist
PR move. You say: “What? Hate group?” “That’s not us, that’s not what we’re
about!” “We’re just just a bunch of God-loving
folks who take pride in our own people, and where’s the harm in that? Part 2: Where’s the Harm in That So we’ve got the KKK pretending to stand up for diversity, Stormfront users with Nazi—I
mean, uh, traditional right-wing extremist?—symbology claiming not to be white supremacists, and
the Golden One saying that poor maligned Hitler didn’t actually hate the Jews. [The Golden One] “Now a lot of mere mortals
with a pleb-tier understanding of the world say, like, ‘Hitler hated Jews.’ No, he actually didn’t. If you think he did ask yourself, why did
he have a Jewish chauffeur and bodyguard? Why were there so many Jews fighting in the
Wehrmacht? Hitler’s battle was against international
Jewry, international finance.” I hope none of you are buying any of this. Still, I think perhaps the Golden One raises
an important point. Namely, is the main problem with Hitler really
that he hated the Jews? I mean, I think just about everyone harbors racial animosity of some kind. In my case I happen to hate the Belgians. Fuck this waffle. But the point is not what your private emotions
are so much as what you do with them. So it’s not hate per se that’s the problem,
so much as the politics it produces. It’s what Hitler did and said that distinguishes
him. And what he did is kill all the European Jews. And why’d he do that? Well, in the name of purging Europe of all
non-Aryan peoples, which is precisely the goal of white nationalism. Now I know people are going to say, see, you’re
just resorting to talking about Nazis and the holocaust! Argument ad Hitlerum! To which I respond that when the subject at
had is ethnic cleansing inspired by anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, Nazis and the Holocaust
are pretty goddamn relevant, wouldn’t you say? And of course I realize that isn’t going
to be very convincing to White Nationalists, since most of these fucking people are holocaust
deniers, and if the overwhelming evidence described by pretty much every academic historian
who looks at the issue isn’t enough to convince them that it happened, I doubt that anything
I can say will be. When you’re so deep in a conspiracy theory
that all opposing evidence is immediately dismissed as some kind of Jewish hoax, well,
there’s not much arguing with you. Though I have to wonder why people whose explicit
goal is the ethnic cleansing of so-called white nations find it so impossible to believe
that other people with that exact same goal actually took a swing at it. Now, White Nationalists will tell you that
ethnic cleansing can actually be non-violent. After all, couldn’t non-whites simply be
peacefully banished from so-called white nations? Well, no. There are around 39 million African Americans
and 57 million Hispanic people in the United States alone. Where are they going to go? What will the people in the new places think
about welcoming oh, a hundred million refugees? I mean, even Nazi—uh I mean, Alt-Right Germany?—began
with non-violent methods of coercing Jewish emigration. It was only later that it escalated to attacks
on their property, ghettoization, mass incarceration, and finally extermination. So excuse me for not feeling very reassured. That Stormfront FAQ proposes that white Americans
could simply cede lost territory and move to uninhabited lands. And you know guys, I think that is a great
idea. Why don’t you all move to your little colony
in Wyoming, and leave everyone else alone. Don’t take your computers with you, and
delete your social media accounts. Because that is a Jewish invention. Part 3: Whiteness
Traditionally, Nationalism is a political ideology that places the communal identification
with a nation or people at the center of politics. National identity usually involves a shared
language, history and geographical locus. So, while, say, German nationalism or Japanese
nationalism are both terrible political philosophies, they at least kind of make sense, insofar
as there’s sort of such a thing as the German people or the Japanese people. White Nationalism on the other hand, is way
less coherent, because Whiteness is an amorphous and fairly recent social construct. At the time of the Roman Empire, different
ethnic groups living in Europe would never have recognized themselves as belonging to
the same race. To Ancient Romans, Gauls, Saxons and Celts,
the idea that all Europeans belong to one people would have been about as palatable
then as the idea that Africans and Europeans belong to the same race is to contemporary,
uh, meme-based alternative ethnocentrists? But the Golden One mixes Nordic, Celtic and
Greco-Roman imagery together as if all historical European ethnicities are interchangeable. But this is a fictional unification that only
makes sense under the relatively modern concept of “whiteness.” And if you unweave that fictional unity, it
becomes pretty hard to take seriously the utopian vision of a unified white nation. As recently as the 20th century, Irish people
were treated as a kind of racial underclass in England and the US. And Nazi race theory divided the European
race into at least five sub-races, of which only the Nordic were considered the master
race. So what makes white nationalists think that
these kinds of race conflicts won’t reemerge in a new white ethnostate obsessed with racial
purity? And all this is to say nothing of the fact
that having even the purest European ancestry is still not enough to guarantee your membership
in the category of whiteness. If you’re Jewish, you’re out. [Curb Your Enthusiasm theme] If you’re a race traitor, you’re out. If you’re a degenerate beta-leftist pleb-tier
subhuman dog, you’re out. Because being a good white person also apparently
involves doing squats and not taking drugs or masturbating, which is all part of what
the Golden One calls Race of Spirit. [The Golden One] “The Race of Spirit, as
it were. So all whites obviously aren’t equal, and
I don’t want anyone to think I love all whites so much just because the way they’re
born. There are subhumans of all races, to quote
Joseph Goebbels. This is all so convoluted and abstract. It seems like what White Nationalists really
care about is the idea of whiteness, not actual white people, most of whom they seem not to
regard very highly. [The Golden One] “There are plenty of subhuman,
degenerate, pleb-tier whites, such as this guy right here. You can see, oh, this is a white guy, but you
can also see on him that he is inferior when it comes to the spirit.” I fucked an Argonian. And this brings us nicely to our next topic. Part 4: How to fuck an Argonian… …as a trans woman [orgasm moan] Part 4: White Genocide So the central of idea of modern White Nationalist
theory is that white people need their own ethnostates in order to prevent something
called White Genocide. So what the fuck is white genocide? Well, genocide is usually defined as the attempt
to exterminate an entire ethnic or religious group. But white nationalists use the term to refer
to the immigration of non-white people into majority white nations. So you can see how that’s not really genocide, because instead of people being killed it’s just like, there’s more of a different group of people being… man this is so fucking stupid I don’t even know how to start arguing with it. Well look, one way we could think of this
is in terms of historical genocides that began with new migrants. So for instance the Europeans who settled
North America took over native land, they killed and enslaved native populations, they
forcibly imposed their own government and religion. And that’s what a genocide looks like. So the question to ask is, are Muslim or Hispanic
immigrants killing and enslaving millions of whites, are they forcing whites to convert
to their religions and speak their language at gunpoint? No. They’re not. Basically the fear of white genocide is the
unfounded fear that non-white people are going to treat whites as badly as they’ve historically
treated others. Now I want to reiterate that it seems like
what white nationalists are really worried about defending isn’t actual white people,
but the idea of whiteness. And things like race-mixing threaten that
idea. Miscegenation doesn’t muddy anyone’s blood;
that’s just not an actual thing. What it muddies is the already pretty sketchy
concept of whiteness. And I should say that if I really thought
that American or Swedish culture was dying out, I actually would be kind of sad about
it. If the English language, for instance, was
in decline, I’d say, yeah, we should do something to save it. But what’s happening is exactly the opposite. I mean, European, and especially Anglophone
culture is the most dominant in the entire world. English is spoken all over India and Africa,
it’s taught in Chinese schools, it’s the lingua franca of the Internet. So this whole thing is preposterous. You’re taking the most dominant, the most
imperialistic culture in the world, and you’re saying this is the one we really need to be
worried about. And that, I mean… goddamn. I’m 28 years old. I have a master’s degree in philosophy. Why am I arguing on the Internet with
this golden man? My cousin is out fighting dragons. And what do I get? Nazis. Part 5: Concluding Remarks White Nationalism is an affront to everything good about Western civilization. Ideas like individual freedom and religious
tolerance are the best products of European political thought. Though white supremacists in practice, the
founders of the United States designed a society capable of tolerating a diversity of thought,
speech, and custom, and a franchise that includes people of different origins and religions. White nationalism wants to tear it all down for the sake
of some communitarian ethnostate in which skin color is citizenship and dissent is treason. White Nationalism is therefore incompatible
with the values of liberal democracy, to an extent perhaps only rivaled by Political Islam. At least in theory. In practice, White Nationalist ideas are much
more dangerous to liberal values in Western countries, since they have way more influence
here over governments and institutions than Islamism does. So I don’t care whether you wear a suit,
if you insist you don’t hate other races, or if you veil your ideas in irony and memes. White Nationalism is wrong, immoral and nonsensical,
and it has no place in liberal societies except in the way that, say, Islamism does, as a kind of
fringe test of the limits of toleration. And, The Golden One, if you’re watching
this, we can’t really be friends as long as a you’re like this. And I don’t expect you to ever change your
mind, but I want to say that if you do, well, I’ll be waiting for you, in some faraway
tavern of degeneracy with a horn of mead. [Skyrim theme remix] I actually love the Belgians I’m so sorry.

100 thoughts on “Why the Alt-Right Is Wrong | ContraPoints

  1. This is a reedit of a year-old video of mine, "Why White Nationalism Is Wrong." As I explain in the intro, that video was flagged into restricted mode, and is unwatchable in several countries. Since making that video I've done better videos on this same topic, but this is the video that got flagged, and I think there's something for the principle that whatever the Nazis want to silence, that's what we should amplify.

    So here's the reedit, with all hate symbols censored and a little bit of new content too. Enjoy!

  2. The idea of individualism is not a ''European'' idea, and it certainly had nothing to do with the US constitution. That is a vicious myth created by eurocentric nationalists. European countries are extremely homogeneous and collectivist. If you have actually lived in Europe you would know that. Americans are more open minded and tend to be less judgemental, but Europeans aren't like that all. Europeans are more like East Asians. There is no such thing as individualism to begin with. We all conform to established norms, the difference is that some societies have more social norms than others. America for example have less, largely because of its history of immigration, but European societies are homogeneous, and they have lots of social norms. They prioritize social cohesion to individual choice. That's why Europeans are also socialist, they prefer a system where all people contribute to a welfare state, and provide safety net. They put the group before the individual. In America, the predominant mindset is that the individual must be free to make its own choices, but in Europe, the well being of the group is central.

    Also, the US constitutions was written, scrapped, and then written again at least several times in the span on several years as different forms of government were tried. Some of the Founding Fathers wanted America to be an agrarian society with government that has no power, others wanted America to become like England, a centralized imperial State with powerful government. Eventually the two sides came to a compromise and established a system known as separation of powers, in which the government is strong but its powers are separated so they don't concentrate on one place. Such system did not exist in Europe, and it was strongly detested by European Empires for obvious reasons. The FF were influenced by their environment of living under an imperial tyranny, not by a book written 2K years ago. The idea that they took these ideas from Europe makes no sense since first of all these ideas were not implemented in Europe, and second, these ideas did not even exist in Europe to begin with.

    Lastly, the US constitutions is not based on individual liberty like people falsely claim, as the word individual is not found in the constitution. The constitution was based on collective rights of ''the people''. People is a collective term, and certain groups were excluded from ''people''. People referred to a certain group of people only, and they were given the right to vote, so that's a collective right, not individual like people falsely claim.

  3. 2:45 as someone who used to be a fascist/white nationalist debunking the ideas was never really the problem. it was rather when you feel like you've done something wrong by holding these ideas so instead of shedding them you defend them more and retreat further into the sunken place. if it no longer feels like you are the one being discussed that's when minds are changed.

  4. That comment at 2:22 is so goddamn gnarly. Easy highscore. "Femimonilith"; he must have got like, triple bonus points for that one.

  5. Whites living together after half a century of peace: bad idea, will never work, even if it’s not a wide variety of nationalities: will never work

    Muslims, gays, whites, Jews, and oompa-loompas: perfect and peaceful

  6. The argument that a white ethnostate is inherently wrong or unethical; not because of that only whites can be a part of it, is quite racist in itself.
    It assumes that black and hispanic people would loose something by not living in a white nation, and that they possibly can't create a functioning society on their own.

    Sorry for my english.

  7. Came here from a article about alt right extremeists and youtube in fear that i may have fallen down the same rabbit hole as the person the article was about, glad to say though that i am not a white nationalist and agreed with basically everything. Honestly those people who try to rationalize racism are destroying the image of conservatives and the Republican party. Same with the left and the feminazis too though (i dont call them feminists because they do not want equality, they want female superiority.) Sorry about the censorship though, i hate it in every form. I think the best way to fight people such as these white nationalists and feminazis is to make videos that completely destroy their logic, of which there is none.

  8. At 14:01 that guy is flying the union flag/Union Jack 🇬🇧 upside down… probably voted for brexit too haha 😂

  9. "White nationalism is an affront to everything good about Western civilisation. Ideas like individual freedom and religious tolerance are the best products of European political thought… White nationalism is therefore incompatible with the values of liberal democracy, to an extent perhaps only rivalled by Political Islam (at least in theory). In practice, White Nationalist ideas are much more dangerous to liberal values in Western countries since they have more influence here over governments and institutions than Islamism does"

  10. There is still a peaceful way for the former white nations to regain themselves- Viktor Orban in Hungary is close to what an Alt Right govt. would look like- so where are the pogroms ? How many people have been sent into concentration camps in Hungary ? The Alt Right does not embrace 30's style party politics, is not imperial, etc…Equating the Alt Right with Nazism is ridiculous.
    Whites now have to think internationally in a sense due to our shrinking numbers or lower percentile of the population, the smothering of identity by globalists, consumerism, hi tech etc. This is why the new way now is to incorporate Romans into Celts, Slavs , Nordics etc. When a negro thug mugs a white person who wandered too near the edge of the hood, he isnt thinking "Im gonna get that Mick ( or WOP, etc.) he is thinking "Im gonna get that white boy"…All whites have been targeted, we are one. But white nationalism is still mainly a US thing.
    Mass immigration, combined with abortion, drug abuse, homosexual promotion, miscegenation…are all part of white genocide. We see leftist Jews and multinational cartels as prime elements behind these trends, this cannot be denied.
    What is essential is that others recognize that whites are real, have value, and have rights as a group. Organizations that are pro white need to crop up, similar to the NAACP or the ADL.

    The problem which is feeding the rise in the Alt Right or the far right is the war being waged against whites by hostile elites. End the war, and everything will be much better for all.

  11. I like you contra-points but you didn't argue this in good faithful attempt to understand there reasoning. Thats a shame cause thats what we need now, everyone to be understood including jews as yourself.

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  14. Hi comrade. Your videos are excellent. Keep up the good work. Here in the 'UK' we have many ignorant people who don't understand how easily they could slide over to letting the Fascists come to power. thing is when they do their idiot marches they are vastly outnumbered by a mix of Liberals, Socialists, Communists, and many others including me and my Anarchist comrades. They are just 'thick' people who only understand violence (Thugs), ignorant people who don't know what they are getting in to or members of the rich establishment who attempt to intellectualise their evil ideology (which as we know is impossible). Keep it up. No Passaran!

  15. 6:04 Lmao he's literally making the "I'm not racist because I have a Jewish friend" argument for HITLER. How fucking dense can you get?

  16. I'm currently living on a mid sized town in Italy, with a proud story of over 1000 years killing people on wars with the nearby town (by nearby I mean less than 25 km) and the funny thing is that that's the normal story of Europe. How delusional is the idea of a "white nation" hahahah.

    Also, the only Superior race I'm willing to acknowledge is the PC Gamer Master Race.

  17. Some idiot Christians: "all white nationalists are Christians too!"
    Some white nationalists racist demons: Literally practice Odinism because Jesus is too much of a pussy for them
    Some idiot Christians: "Sorry I don't speak what you're showing me."

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  20. One remark tho – you showed some trupm pence photos. None of them are exactly alt right. And I think even marie and othet far right european parties are not alt right since they do not advocate for ethnic cleansing of europe. The most important thing imo what distinguishes alt right from other far right or conservative groups is the belief in racial realism aka pseudo scientific racism

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  25. One of the delights of ContraPoints' videos is that the more you absorb the thinking and the arguments, the simultaneously funnier they become; thereby become both more informative and more entertaining.

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    Sure sounds like you hate the gays by your own admission. hate to tell you this, guys, but the gays are a group of people
    On the subject of the gays, I'm an aryan dude and I don't like being on top of the racial higherarchy, I often find myself below black, latino, and asian men, and I quite enjoy that.

  27. I think we should deport all the people who want a white homeland to the middle of the sahara desert, don't send any food or water with them, they're right wingers they can pull themselves up by their bootstraps. I'm sure they'll be fine. Obviously build a wall around it so that no innocent camel herders make the mistake of entering into this new white nation, most people making the dangerous trek across the Sahara are non white after all. I don't see any local governments objecting, what are they going to do with those sand dunes anyway. I would suggest sending them to Antarctica since that's technically not under any governmental control, but I think Camels and dung beetles are more likely to be able to defend themselves against some angry virgins with pent up sexual frustrations than penguins are. After all, penguins have only ever met human scientists, who may be virgins, but are not angry, they're rather zen virgins, where as African desert fauna have survived wars and angry white men that were fighting the people they live near.

  28. Sweden will be minority Swedish in around 20-30 years. Around 25% of Sweden's population is either born abroad or of two foreign parents right now. The same destiny will follow other European nations, just slightly later (Britain, France and Germany being the next) unless something radical is done soon.

  29. No-one should stop you from speaking. What you fail to understand is that in Europe the Left is openly celebrating the day when native Europeans cease to exists. If you don't believe me do a google search. When questioned on this issue the liberals in Europe agree with the Left. If this was said about any other RACIAL group it would be decried as genocide but not apparently for native Europeans. The Alt Right and the Dissident Right is the natural response to this. You make the totally false argument that Germans do not exist as a racial group. So, you must think that when they are eradicated in effect nothing has happened, yet in the same breath you vilify Nazi's.

  30. So normally I think you're pants on head retarded, but I'd agree with you on the point you made about whites not necessarily getting along with one other. However, when you bring up the example of what happened to the Native Americans, you completely miss a fundamental point. Excepting the Spanish in Latin America, it didn't start with mass murder. The original Jamestown and arguably the Roanoke colonists didn't start immediately murdering their new neighbors. It really ramped up when the new population reached a sort of critical mass. Minority populations aren't a problem on their own. The problem comes when that group has a fundamentally different way of life, hates the other one, and then gains power either through sheer numbers or gaming the political system. See South Africa and Tibet for modern examples. Tibet especially, as the Chinese government is moving Han Chinese to the region en masse is order to dispossess the native Tibetan population.

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  41. You're forgetting that our liberal democracy was at one point what enabled slavery. In fact that's the entire reason why America was founded in the first place – to enable usury and other such things that the Church had banned. In other words, the freedom to have slaves, and in modern times the freedom to have debt slaves. America is not a country. It's a surrogate colony to be filled with slaves from the countries destroyed by its own foreign policy. I don't blame white nationalists or Islamists for that matter for wanting to destroy it.
    Also why don't you bring up Israel and Palestine? That would turn so many centrists off from wanting an ethnostate but I guess you don't want to get demonetized.
    Next time pick on somebody your own size like Richard Spencer. The Golden One is a walking straw man and Spencer disagrees with him on a lot. Suppose even that he does want to forcibly kick a lot of brown people out. What does that compare to the brown people getting kicked out of Syria, starved in Yemen, and shot to death in Palestine on behalf of the US government? Or do you only care about brown people that live in first world countries?

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  44. The only thing wrong with your argument(s) is that white people of western nations are being systematically taught in their universities that their culture is bad or not authentic simply because it is the dominant culture.So what happens in the future when it is not the dominant culture?Do universities suddenly denigrate the new dominant culture?White nationalism is a direct response to white people being told their culture is bad.Therefore to stop white nationalism the practice of undermining a cultural or subversion of a culture even for so called perceived good reasons has to stop.

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