Why Russia Plays War Better Than Anyone Else

Why Russia Plays War Better Than Anyone Else

Russia is a patriotic place its military parades are truly sights to behold and as of last year Russian President Vladimir Putin had an approval rating of close to 90% many Russians speak of a sense of pride bordering on a sense of duty to their motherland and many learn that sense at a very young age these pictures are from a military camp for children a couple hours north of Moscow here kids from ages 10 through 16 or so trained for two weeks straight they learn military regimens first aid and some weapons training – according to photographer Anton Vinogradov the camp is a result of parents wanting to instill in their kids the patriotic traditions that they value in an email interview he wrote faded military service and want to pass on their knowledge to children older children like this camp but smaller boys come here at the insistence of their parents who want to make them more independent and brave there have actually been a lot of military camps for children in Russia over the years and it’s a story that the Western media frankly loves but it’s not a story unique to Russia not at all this for example is a picture of a camp in China this is hungry and this is a camp in South Korea what unifies all these places is a strong military tradition an extensive coverage by the press but what unifies all these pictures is a startling juxtaposition of children and war and that might be the crux of our fascination with these stories children and war don’t belong together and seeing kids playing war evokes something darker something like this these are Somali children who in 1992 got caught up in the brutal civil war in their home country or this this is a Syrian boy being trained to protect his home amid the ongoing conflict there these aren’t children playing games they’re soldiers at war now the kids at that Russian camp are going to war and neither of those South Korea nor Hungarian children for that matter but they are being raised with that sense of pride and duty toward their militaries photographer Anton Vinogradov wrote such camps reflect an ideological course of patriotic policy which is very popular in Russian society and that’s really what these stories are about the entanglement of patriotism and militarism it’s nothing new and for the record it’s something Americans are plenty familiar with just look at any Memorial Day Parade in the United States or even a presidential inauguration military celebration is in the DNA of America to Russia though takes military patriotism to a new level their parades put America’s to shame and that almost 90 percent approval rating for Putin pollsters argue that Putin’s numbers got a boost because he bombed Syria last year given all of that it’s not surprising that for many Russian children loving their country and supporting their country’s wars are one in the same thing to see another glimpse of Russian patriotism check out this episode on the ussr’s secret nuclear cities and the people who continue to live in them today the USSR didn’t want anyone knowing where they were building their bombs so they created cities that were at the time impossible to find and as always don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching you

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  1. how are these any real different than JROTC?
    it has land navigation, marching, even marksmanship teams and leadership camps. As long as you aren't sending these kids off to war, it can be just a good experience.

  2. USA is alvais ready to attack. Those states have to be prepared. Good luck Russia and others who fighting US imperialism.

  3. In russia there are army camps. Its like a normal camp but they train and learn to shoot. But kids love it couse they visit a lot of diferent places and learn a lot.

  4. I was always threatened with military school… now I wish they were serious. but they wouldn't have been able to afford it. kids playing war is natural… get over your post modern sentiment or the coming war will destroy you

  5. Syria and Somalia are not under civil war…it's under NATO vision….that's how simple it is….
    No civil war..

  6. H.G. Wells was a socialist big time supporter of the Anglo-American Establishment who was for the pending New World Order -One World Government. He wrote a book called "Open Conspiracy" where he talked about how the one world government planners loved pacifism and supported it everywhere they could as it aided their plans. Nice video stooge.

  7. You lost me on the children and war don't go together.
    Brits at 14 pop MDMA, Russian kids train to protect mother land.
    We have different values hierarchy thats all

  8. It is not as popular as it shown. And dont trust those who tell all the russians want the war… Some of us do…. But common sence exists in Russia

  9. You forgot to say that last war russians lost 27 millions. 20 were children , woman, old mostly. Kids of age 8 was working on factories making bullets and guns. Many who lost parents folows army and fought. Yangest i heared was about 12 years old boy fighting nazi. They were called sons of regiments. Yes. Kids and war should not be together. But tell this to the invaders. And russian boys have to know how in case of war. This will help them to survive and fight back.

  10. So what? They are having fun all the while getting prepared a bit.
    Nothing wrong with that, as only we can proceed as society and not as individual

  11. War is rooted into our history. War has defined our bodies, and mind. War is something that destroys but can create. Children who play: "War" are just the future of humankind that take notice to something that humans have done for millions of years. Expanding Empires, protecting their land from Barbarians, and even for a simple woman. War.

  12. USA has CAP, USNSCC, JROTC in almost all counties in every state, Young Marines, and numerous military middle/high schools. We have many military collages and summers trainings/boot camps for all ages.

  13. yes as a south korean im proud of my country and will also never attack my brothers from Russia

  14. They don't want war they are only worried by western countries threats… left them in peace and you will see that tey will become more pacific…

  15. If your country is at war, but can comfortably keep their children out of the way. It means you are not defending your country. You've attacked someone else, and that someone else is a weaker opponent who can't even reach you.

    This is why I would like to call a load of bullshit on this "war and children don't belong together" line. You are speaking for imperialist, expansionist politics. And you don't even realize it, you are too busy telling Russian's how bad they are compared to you.

  16. propaganda… russia hasnt bomb syria, they have bombed isis in syria at the demand of syrian government , that's pretty different, the US with coalition however, are not allowed by syrian government and are illegally bombing syria , not just daesh but the syrian army and civilians, without any authorization by local authorities violating syrian space everyaday and international laws.

  17. its basicly Army cadet force tht we have here in the UK i been in it for 5-6 years, we get battle training first aid and so on its really fun to learn new stuff do new stuff n we do get to go out with weapons on ranges with live ammo or out on fieldcraft with blanks

  18. Something good this is why Russia doesn’t have school shootings and kids that don’t run around in their diapers at wallmart

  19. Don't let this distract you from the fact that as of the time of this message, the video has 7.1 likes and 1.7 dislikes.

  20. Military camps are also done in America if anything its even stricker in American military camps and its not 1 program but their are many Seacadets, Civil Air Patrol, and Seascouts. Seascouts are a bit mellower and Cap but in Cap they will start traning you as a pilot and when you are above the rank of an airman you are technically the property of the airforce because Cap is classified as the Axillary of the Air force Cap also uses thes cadets in rescue missiins. Sea Scouts is similar but no training camps and are not classified as an auxiliary branch however they do have their own identification on the ocean and when the ship is running the scouts will be running it someone wpuld be in the engine room, wheel house, radio room, and maybe the stern depending on the ship type.

  21. I dont know what the fuzz is about? The US has these private owned military camps for kids, and so does even UK and many other

  22. or just that pledge of allegiance to the flag and state…. how more fascist could one possibly go? Ok maybe the same but with blood sacrifices.

  23. Наши дети учатся силе и чести. Ваши, как выбрать сексуальную ориентацию. Не удивительно, что ваших женщин насилуют варвары, а ваши существа мужского пола молчат.

  24. Childhood is the age to absorb and learn not just how to handle a weapon but the responsibility to defend your family, home, and country. But I know for a fact that Russia more than many other nations knows the cost of war. They remember every year. They will also teach this lesson to their children. No one wants war LESS than Russia I can assure you.

  25. Obummer did not support or military but he got what he wanted. Nobody givrs a crap he was our worst president . News flash Putin sends weapons to all our enemirs anyway LIAR. INDIA U LIKE CHINA???

  26. RuSSian conscript military full of vodkalky drunks and homosexuals who pimp and prostitute one another. Pooty poots little bitches "play war" because they dont know how to do it for real. In Syria U.S. Marines blew the living shit out of 300 plus Ivan's. In Ukraine ivan rapes women in Donbass and the Ukrainian military kills more vatmiks every day. What a bullshit video.

  27. Tell this to Chechens, Dagestanians, and Georgians: while Russians are generally feared in Western World, Caucasians are feared and respected in Russia in a similar fashion.

  28. Third war will be soon and Russia knows it so they want to be prepared logicly. Third war in my opinion will be the last war and worst than second ww and people will understand that in wars both side looses and i hope that tgey will stop with war. Also i think that a lot of people from problematic countries will die and there will be less reasons to start another war.

  29. Russia, best country on wars.
    Oh really?
    defeated by ski farmers?
    the people who say ''russia won every war'' nononono….. you're wrong

    Russia is weakest

  30. Author you really make people dumb and think that we are idiots! That’s a disgrace and dishonor to us, PUTIN NEVER BOMBED SYRIA! Putin only bombed ISIS! Who really is bombing Syria it’s America! No one invited America to Syria, not government, not UN, they just came and started bombing civilians! Remember DRESDEN when western allies burned whole city, Laos, Vietnam and other countries! Russia believes and respects War rules, they don’t bomb civilian constructions, only military! Americans, brothers, I’m so sorry that you are living in such a lie and propaganda, and you really think that America is the best place for democracy, for money maybe, but not democracy! Please don’t believe in such a propaganda things! Btw I’m not Russian! 🇹🇲

  31. Russians are war mongers. They are stupidly addicted to war and the trappings of war.. They are uncivilized as a people.

  32. I can provide an answer as to why the Russians do this: twenty-five million dead the last time they were invaded by a Western Power, Nazi Germany.

    Provides a strong incentive to make sure it does not happen again, don't you think?

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