Why Right-Wing Populists Are WINNING Everywhere!!!

Why Right-Wing Populists Are WINNING Everywhere!!!

42 thoughts on “Why Right-Wing Populists Are WINNING Everywhere!!!

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  2. While The Right wingers are winning it is also very necessary that there are also many core Right Wing issues for which we need a global new right wing world order such as being prolife being pro capitalist genuine gender equality promotion of heterosexuality rewarding achievements through fair means

  3. ISLAM IS CULT AND CURSE ALSO CANCER. Muslims refugees ARE coming to only gangrape the European female and also enjoy the free welfare and housing benefit without doing any work.

  4. The state will wither away (Marx's border security). Tradition is reactionary (Mao's cultural revolution, not much security). Breadlines are good (Bernie Sanders economical security). All bourgeois people should be exterminated (Polpotcare). But, if the left wins your gender will not be mispronounced (by bigots like you).

  5. It is commonsense that the invasion from another country in the name of refugees is not popular. End globalism !

  6. Why do whites make excuses for the jew colored in our nations? Is that brainwashing by the jew controlled media? πŸ™‚

  7. india is a racist hindu vegetarian second world shithole. They have a racist class system five levels high. Over 250 million of them still shit in the streets and wipe their assholes with their fingers. πŸ™‚

  8. The four horsemen are the jews, colored, liberals and globalists. πŸ™‚ They are the root cause of all problems in white European nations. πŸ™‚

  9. I'm tired of forced diversity being crammed down my throat……does Merit matter anymore? This is a darn good Prager.

  10. People are rising up for the right reasons, basically the increasing inequality due to the fact that income from capital grows disproportionate compared to the income from labor. However, they turn to the wrong people offering overly simplistic solutions for complex problems. This is the rise of populist nationalism.

  11. Australian protests have begun. Mostly anti-immigration crime themed,but it's protest against the government more than the African/Lebanese gang criminals.

    All but a small handful of politicians have condemned the Australians protesting as racist Australian Nazis,The churches and the Australian anti defamation league have both called the National Patriots antisemitic and abhorrent. The media has come out punching with the usual Extreme Far Right racist,Nazi,bigot propaganda and straight out lied about Nazi insignia being carried by the Patriots. It was antifa and carf carrying their usual signs that the fake news used to try and defame the National Patriots.

    At least one organizers facebook was shutdown and the government have promised to tighten there Surveillance on all National/Patriot/populist organizations,individuals and media,they have called for social media to tighten their censorship on Australian "hate speechers". While the main stream media hasn't had a complete ban on overseas Nationalist,populist or Patriotic type world news,it's filtered aggressively and presented as Far Right Extremeism,sometimes reported as being linked to Racist,Neo-Nazi,fascist movements.

    Australia yellow vest movement begins on the 19 January ..

  12. You have a well presented interesting show . Many concerns of the EU public have been repressed or and brushed under the political carpet .The sense of freedom is building and the shackles are snapping breaking pulling from the walls.

  13. Perhaps George Soros could donate some of "his" money to help the hungry in socialist Europe. No? He won't? What a surprise.

  14. The EU, UN Federal reserve theses are all criminal organizations. Unelected criminals thier mission is one world government, bancrupt all countries through scams like climate change massive welfare migration and many other scams its time the world gets rid of these globalists

  15. Pastor John Kilpatrick Jan. 2018: Globalist World leaders will lose control of their populations! They will seem completely insignificant.

  16. I think the rise of Nationalism is human nature reasserting itself after decades of "re-education" leftist propaganda.
    It is a return to our true nature and the dogma is being vomited out all over.
    Exciting times

  17. London is the real center of Globalism for the last 300 years, more than Brussels, Belgium. The British Empire & the British Royal family needs to be identified as the center for Globalism-Fascism. Carroll Quigley's "Tragedy and Hope" exposes these international gangsters, despite the fact that Quigley was promoting them with his book.

  18. Trump is not only an American president. He is a president to the millions and millions of proud hard working law abiding free thinking nationalists and conservatives all around the globe who have been shit on for the last 40 years. He is the patriots president. He is the president of law and order.

  19. Because the libtards have pushed their idiocy way too far, stuff like the tranny agenda, or unlimited immigration from the 3rd world, especially muslims, the attack on free speech, etc. the world has reached peak libtard bullshite almost everywhere except in lost causes like sweden and canada

  20. your videos are great but your webcam is often focused on the mic and not your face. in case you where interested

  21. Maybe people don't want sharia law shoved down their throats by those that won't integrate into their culture.

  22. one has to ask the question why won't the left wing establishment embrace populism?
    the answer is very simple
    the left used to be all about the working class and getting them a better deal and it was a powerful movement, so the elite set out to infiltrate and co-opt it, which they did extremely effectively.
    so, in short, the left won't embrace populism because it is the movement of the rich elite and its purpose is to keep the working man down and in his place.
    his place being (as far as the elite are concerned) serving every whim of the psychopathic warmongering super-rich elite.

  23. Immigration, immigration, immigration ! That's why we don't fuckin want them ! Fuck off and make your shit hole country great!

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