Why protesters chant “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

Why protesters chant “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

When protesters interrupted the confirmation hearing for Trump attorney general pick Jeff Sessions, they used a chant you may have heard before. “I also want to thank my dear friends—” “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” If you were following the New York Times liveblog of the hearing, you would’ve seen this attributed to Green Day. “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” That’s Green Day performing at the 2016 American Music Awards. But Green Day didn’t come up with this chant. “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” This is MDC performing an updated version of their 1981 song “Born to Die,” a song about clashing with local Nazis in Texas. “The Richmond police, ten miles out of town. The cowboys, knocking off people.” The song popularized the original version of the chant: “No war. No KKK. No fascist USA.” “What the fuck is wrong with all them people?” No war. No KKK. No fascist USA. The chant has remained part of protest culture. But when Donald Trump started to rise to nominee status in the Republican party, and eventually become president-elect of the United States, the chant got a new life. “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” And it’s fitting. By now, we should all be aware of the many racist versions of Donald Trump. So the new iteration of MDC, reformed by its original lead singer with a new backing band, updated their song. “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” And Green Day covered it for an audience of 8.2 million on prime-time broadcast television. “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” Which brings us to Jeff Sessions. Sessions has also been accused of racism throughout his career. When he was nominated by Ronald Reagan in 1986 to become a federal district court judge, Sessions faced claims that he had used the n-word, that he called a black attorney “boy,” that he told that same attorney to be careful how he speaks to white folks, that he called the NAACP un-American, and that his prosecution of African Americans for voter fraud was racially motivated. Oh, and allegedly saying that he thought the KKK was okay, until he learned some of them were marijuana smokers. Jeff Sessions and others who were there when he made that comment testified that it was made in jest — a friendly, light hearted joke about organized racists being excusable for their targeted murdering of African Americans but not for their smoking of jazz cabbage. Sessions insisted that his real stance — when not yucking it up about lynching — is that racism and the KKK, are bad. “I am not a racist!” “I am not insensitive to blacks!” “I’ve supported civil rights activity in
my state!” But he was shut out due to the amount of evidence against him. “I advise publicly that this nomination should be withdrawn.” Sessions was subsequently barred from becoming a federal judge. Now, thanks to Donald Trump, the king of the Klan jokes is back on the confirmation hotseat with a new nomination: attorney general. But this time, despite criticisms from Cory Booker, John Lewis and others, things seems to being going a little better for Sessions. “I want to commend the democrats on this committee for, I think,” “showing admirable restraint.” “At the beginning of this hearing, I had concerns that it would turn ugly” “with accusations that don’t belong in this hearing.” So what was considered too much evidence of racism in 1986’s America may get a pass in Trump’s 2017 America. But despite insistence from Ted Cruz and other republicans that Sessions is not racist, citing his involvement in prosecuting KKK members for murder when he was responsible for enforcing the law in Alabama, David Duke of the KKK still thinks Jeff is pretty swell. “The most important appointees: Bannon as chief strategist,” “Michael Flynn as his national security advisor, and Sessions as attorney general,” “I believe, are the first steps in taking America back.” Which makes that chant from MDC suddenly very relevant again. “There have been racial charges raised,” “and indeed some of the protesters have chanted ‘KKK.’” “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” “And it is a particularly hurtful argument.” “I will say it has been very disappointing and painful.” Sessions was the first of Trump’s nominations to face a hearing, and like the chant, the protesters aren’t going anywhere. PROTESTER: “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.” “In the name of humanity, we refuse to accept a fascist America!” “We have to be in the streets starting January 14th to say ‘No’” “to this Trump fascist regime!” As for Dave Dictor, lead singer of MDC, he told Rolling Stone that while he used to think Trump would be someone he’d enjoy sitting next to on a plane, “Green Acres is the place to be!” he said that now: “No Trump. No KKK. No fascist USA.”

62 thoughts on “Why protesters chant “No Trump! No KKK! No fascist USA!”

  1. I'm glad Trump won. Anyone who think he's a fascist is just an idiot. Idiots deserve to lose
    The left turned into a the pussy party this election. This is such a whiny thing to chant

  2. That marijuana comment is obviously a joke. I don't like Trump and/or Sessions but liberals really need to learn how to laugh again.

  3. Funny how Hillary and Obama were much bigger corporate whores than Trump will ever be. Shame people aren't shown the truth.

  4. Just because someone from the KKK thinks that the new administration is going to play into their hands, doesn't mean that is true or that it is in any way orchestrated to start segregation again.

  5. What a great video. Objectivity is supremely important, and you nailed it. Whether Trump is "literally Hitler" as some seem to think or whether Sessions is a racist is hard to say. I don't think either is true. Also i don't really understand how Trump empower bullies. I guess he sets a bad example.

  6. greenday really dont give a fuck who they piss off. they stand up for what they call the "silent majority" gotta love those guys

  7. "by now we should all be aware of the many racist versions of donald trump" – no we are not all aware. please explain

  8. 1:28 am I the only one who cringed at the Hillary supporters (yes, the ones with those stupid irrelevant "Love Trumps Hate" signs) chanting that when their candidate was also the reason a bunch of white supremacists haunt the white house now? Smdh.

  9. God Bless MDC for starting what is still happening today and making their chant carry on in the crazy TRUMP world and Jeff Sessions world of today!

  10. And thank an overpass in Houston, Texas, for having it spray painted on the side! I was with The Stains (pre-MDC), when we saw it. Immediate brainstorming began right there in the van for a new song to include the phrase. I love David Dictor and Ron and MDC, but sometimes I get annoyed when David gets credit for creating the slogan. We saw it on the side of an overpass in huge letters that spanned the length of the overpass. HAHAHAHA! In my personal opinion, it was right there in that van, that MDC was born. Hah!

  11. 'Your authority and your power has turned us sick and sour, and your justice is a lie'. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6Qjo0kFRdQ

  12. I thought you were going to just describe the origins of the chant. Then you went on this whole tirade about why Trump and Sessions are racist. Wtf

  13. I used to like hardcore punk, but i never agreed with the anarchist lyrics of the majority of punk bands

  14. Libtards think anybody that disagree with them is a fascist nazi because they’re too dumb and narrow minded to think out of their own little imaginary world

  15. Jeff Sessions is a Racist Homophobic Shithead. He can die in a hole and then rot in hell for an eternity.

  16. Humans just aimlesley follow and copy what others chat or say. These people have no original thought. #NPC.

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