37 thoughts on “Why politics is no joke | Al Murray | TEDxLondon

  1. The thing about USA is that the joke candidate won and is now making a circus of the whole country. The epitome of taking seriously someone who's not. Well, he pretends to be, but that is the whole point, isn't it?

  2. Good humour is the first sign of intelligence, same as one has bad humour to show idiocy- Al has excellent humour.

  3. in my home constituency of Doncaster North all labour need to do is put a red rosette on a monkey and it will be voted in as mp. Which is what they have been doing for several years now

  4. The Pub Landlord is meant to be a caricature, but that really doesn't matter. Most Englishmen either covertly or overtly agree with him.

  5. For what I was learning in History lessons and life, politics is no joke, it is mostly the crime, not leading country, but rather enslaving it…. I will not listen what you have to say, majority of people does not have high IQ and you also need EQ to be albe to do wise desicion rather than using cold logical tactics. So speak as you want, sheeps will listen, I won´t.

  6. Great talk. Loved the manifesto pledge on pitching up in A&E without it being an accident or emergency. And the good fellow responded to me on Facebook on a Harry Hill moment. Top man !

  7. Your problem sir was to run as a joke candidate. A laugh for sure, but when the country is crying out for engaging, intelligent communicators to make sense of the problem, why weren't you running for real?

  8. Kinda surprised he didn't once mention the Monster Raving Loony Party. They've been an institution in British politics for years, and they are one of the 'joke-iest' political parties ever! One of their leaders was named Screaming Lord Sutch, for gods sake lol

  9. Its easy to talk ideals from the outside but once yr a politician yr sucked into the corrupt greedy seedy world of power & money

  10. That was great. Even with the anechoic chamber of an audience, I was still giggling and nodding at his points.

  11. Maybe every constiuency should have a 'nonpolitical' candidate, with a compulsory voting requirement. That way there would be an opportunity for people who feel that 'none of the above' truly represent their needs.

  12. The audio editing in this is so bad. Disappointed as I love ted talks. Just makes it so hard to listen to what they are saying.

  13. More comedians should run for office … they're the only ones left that'll tell us the truth about difficult topics worthy of parody and satire.

  14. i didn’t realise his voice was so different!? didn’t realise he was putting on a voice for the pub land lord character! i thought it was his normal voice!

  15. Here… this is a good one.. you'll love this… I laughed my head off when I was told this very funny thing…
    Just after the UK referendum when most voters chose to leave the European political union, there was an election in Stoke on Trent.
    The Labour party won the seat and claimed this was a clear message to the government about blah blah blah.
    The Labour party won the seat but only 13.9% of the electorate voted for them. 86.9% of the electorate did not vote for the Labour party.
    For every vote Labour gained there were six electors who didn't vote Labour or voted for another party.
    Then the Labour party stated that this was a clear mandate to impose Labour policies in Stoke on Trent.
    Now don't you think that's hilarious?
    Now keep that in mind when some Labour Nutjob tells you that the vote to become independent from the European political union must accommodate those who voted to 'remain' a part of that undemocratic tyranny.

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