Why Nofap Destroys Social Anxiety-Nofap and social Anxiety

Why Nofap Destroys Social Anxiety-Nofap and social Anxiety

36 thoughts on “Why Nofap Destroys Social Anxiety-Nofap and social Anxiety

  1. Thank you so much guys for watching the video. I'm So glad you guys are finding this Video and Channel very helpful!
    Comment below on what videos you guys want me to do next.

  2. That feeling at 3:42 when you tryna be on NoFap, but sexy girl in glasses with some really awesome DSLs slides by your screen…

  3. I have a question and everyone can answer if he knows the answer.

    How does it come that masturbating multiple times a day causes social anxiety yet having sex with a woman multiple times a day does not. I mean on a biological level with the chemicals it's quite the same isn't it. What causes the difference? If you know let me know because I'm curious!!

  4. Kinda understand, but I have read that masturbation can be a way of self medicating some very stressful situations in a family life or abusive situation. Unfortunately i guess it does become a loop and can make it worse. When you are young you have no out in a abusive childhood. As an adult I guess you have to realize you should not repeat the cycles and bad patterns started in childhood or dysfunctional family. Easier said than done…

  5. I made to day 3 I was out fishing with a mate he bent over in front of me and I could help but try to put my cock in his stink hole. No fap turned me into a poofter

  6. hello dude i addictted porn and masturbation for past four years with every day routine i m started my nofap and compleated thirty days.i can understand my level of confident, memory and concentration. but i want to know how long it will take to clearly wipe out and entire rewire of my brain and start to function as normal guy.please answer me

  7. what about masturbating without porn? I stopped watching porn about a year ago because I found myself watching all typed of porn! and i mean all TYPES ! things I would never do in real life. I also found that my orgasms became less intense and well I felt kinda of an "eww" feeling after finishing. I'm just now hearing about this nofap thing now within the last week or so and I'm new to it. So does it only have to do with porn or does it include masturbation without it as well? because the longest I've gone was two weeks without masturbation and let me tell you BLUE BALLS is REAL and it HURTS LIKE HELL ! so if someone sees this comment. PLEASE PLEASE enlighten me on the subject.

  8. SOCIAL media causes Social anxiety
    That's why u gotta fucking let go of it and feel the real nofap experience
    Trust me.

  9. Guys I’m currently struggling to keep a streak alive I am a trucker but I also work out a lot .plant base diet ..but my harmones be raging 😤 like high testosterone uncontrollable.i have a girlfriend only see her on the weekends maybe once during the week days .but I can’t stop watching porn any advice

  10. Irk the facts but I feel like this is 100% true and I'm living proof. I used be so confident but after I started couple years back it ruined my life and I don't know if this is the reason. I'm just shy now. And I would never tell anyone this but I'm behind a screen so…

  11. So if I got married tomorrow and we have sex everyday, does it have the same effect on my body and mind? I have been trying to find out but haven’t found anything. I could just be bad at looking

  12. Day seven or so was the hardest for me. Literally felt an intense ache for release. I fought through it though and had to sit on hands hands lol. On about day 30 and no issues, very easy. Can vouch for all the positive benefits especially the social anxiety. I have a Confidence decisiveness now that I just didn't have before. It is NOT placebo, trust me. The woman that I get ahold of next has no idea whats in store for her. She'll need a long nap and maybe a couple ibuprofen, ha! Anyway guys let's all go no fap and take back our manhood!!!

  13. Bro school ain’t teach us shit. Imagine how much better we all would treat women, each other and ourselves if we were taught the harm of self pleasure.

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