46 thoughts on “Why New York isn't the Capital of the United States

  1. That photograph of people walking into the pond at the world war 2 memorial is fucking disrespectful to all the soldiers who fucking fought and died in that war

  2. I see less and smallest amount of power state and Bronx new York low energy and new technical problems .looks like and weapon. cars. and new. Evil (Installed programs tools and towers look like. weapons not real.)

  3. Paris is the ninth largest city in Europe and London is the third, also Istanbul is definitely in Europe but mainland Turkey isn’t

  4. You should put in Brasilia in here, Ankara (old Angora) does not fit the pattern here in terms of being a newly created city.

  5. Guys half of the country should revolt all of the high schoolers getting taxed with out representation… 2:35

  6. It used to be the capital… Also no that is so wrong the South did it so they had more influence… On the topic of slavery moving the capital closer to the South… 1:50

  7. Nyc is not the capital of USA, not even the capital of NY state 😂 they are probably just no capital of anything

  8. I always thought Sydney was Australia’s capital. : ( that’s my name. i always joked around saying Sydney was named after me good times I later learned (not from this video) that it wasn’t

  9. Whats so great about being the capital? They won't have representation but they will be taxed to death. Thats how fucked up it is for DC.

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