10 thoughts on “Why Most People Fail at Financial Planning! It's not what You Think! | Mo Hasan | TEDxAshburnSalon

  1. brief …
    solutions :-
    1- do the minimum(get involved in monetary operations ) .
    2- hire a team to help.
    3- be responsible (self development).
    then u can start investing ur money

  2. Mo is such a great speaker. I get mesmerized by his talks and always walk away with new insights and useful tools that can be implemented immediately. Learning under Mo has been an honor and because of his teachings, my financial abundance is guaranteed.

  3. The most common issue with touring bands is money management. When you're on the road for 30+ days, sleeping in a fully packed van and making sure you make it to the venue on time, the last thing that's on your mind is BUDGETING. Mo really has brought new insight and effective money management tools that has absolutely changed the direction of our growth! Our new financial stability has created the opportunity for us to tour even longer and PROFIT. Thanks Mo

  4. Incredible!! I’ve had the privilege to watch Mo speak on several topics. From organizational development, emotional intelligence. Great to see him incorporate the same knowledge into retirement planning. This man is very very smart!!

  5. 1st like !!! & 1st comment !!! Yayyy !!!
    Great information! Monetary Wealth is nothing without holistic wealth i.e financial, relationships, spiritual etc thank you for this video

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