Why most adults are lactose intolerant | AJ+

Why most adults are lactose intolerant | AJ+

– This is me on the verge
of something explosive. It’s not comfortable. (fire blazing) And this is me observing
white supremacists on YouTube. – Hey all you non-Whites I can do this and you can’t. – [Yara] What do seriously
painful indigestion and white supremacists have in common? Milk. Let me explain. My name’s Yara, and
I’m lactose intolerant, which basically means
dairy products screw me up. Ugh milk. So avoiding them is actually
a pretty big part of my life. Relief from dairy. We’re eating dairy-free milk. I’m lactose intolerant
and I’m eating this still. But believe it or not, people like me are
actually in the majority. 65% of the world’s adult population is lactose intolerant to some extent. That’s most of Earth, including Cardi B. – [Cardi B] (beep) let me (beep) tell you how I can’t
drink whole milk no more. – [Yara] And the guy in this
viral Norweign music video. ♪ I can’t drink what you drink ♪ ♪ I’m different ♪ – Milk is super ingrained
in Western culture. We see it everywhere from the iconic TV ads to school lunches, to movies. – This tastes a little funky. – That’s because that’s from
Debbie’s left breast, Greg. – But these milk-chugging
white supremacists seem to think that only
white people can drink it, and that somehow that makes them superior. – Peak masculinity. – But that doesn’t make
sense ’cause my co-producer Tabish can digest milk. – You can’t beat dairy
ice cream, I’m sorry. – And he’s not even remotely white. (drum banging) So why do these white supremacists
think they’re so special? How did some people develop
the ability to digest milk? And what exactly happens when someone who’s lactose
intolerant drinks milk? So I’m heading to the
supermarket to buy cow’s milk, which I haven’t had on it’s own in years. You know it sucks being reminded of all the things I can’t eat. I’m going to drink a glass of whole milk to show you what happens when someone who’s lactose intolerant drinks milk. Don’t try this at home. When I was growing up I
used to drink a lot of milk at the behest of both my parents. It wasn’t until like my 20s that I really started to
experience this just awful, oh my God, oh my God. What I’m holding in my hands basically turns everything
inside me into molten hot lava. Oh it smells like my childhood. Awful and great memories at the same time. It’s so good. It tastes alive. So fatty. I feel fine. It hasn’t made it to my intestines yet. I haven’t had a milk mustache in years. I’m just gonna sit and wait, and see what happens. I’ve now been drinking milk for half an hour. It’s pretty similar to how I
would feel when I was a kid like after a nice morning drink of milk. And then maybe like later on in the day (beep) would go, you know, awry. (footsteps pounding) Ooh that one looks nice. (toilet flushing) I’ve been here for a while. No one else is in here, that’s why I feel comfortable talking. Yara, you just came back from the bathroom and now? – I’m going back to the bathroom again. (laughing) There’s the channel manager of AJ+. My intestines are about to explode. Literally, an explosion
is taking place right now. It’s almost like there’s an alien parasite stuck inside of the
underpart of my stomach. Hi Joel,
– Hey. – I have an alien in my stomach. – [Joel] What kid of alien? – Oh my God, okay. So. It’s very painful. Okay, well I’m just gonna go. I’m not gonna run this time. I’m gonna jog to the bathroom. So I wanted to know, what exactly is happening inside my body? Hi Mark! – Hi Yara. – Mark Thomas is a genetics professor who’s studied the subject extensively. – I’ve studied the subject extensively. – So, I have been lactose intolerant with hard cheeses I’m generally okay. But, milk, you know American cheese, cream cheese, ice cream, all these things just like either liquify everything
inside of my intestines or cause me extremely and painful explosive gas. What am I? What’s going on with me? – So what you’re describing is classic lactose intolerance. Milk contains a sugar called lactose and we have to digest it. Now, all babies produce an enzyme called lactase – [Yara] And that lactase breaks down the lactose sugar in their mother’s milk. – [Mark] But as adults, most people stop producing that enzyme so they can’t actually
digest the sugar in milk. But about a third of
the adults in the world continue to produce this enzyme lactase, and so they can drink milk and they can digest the sugar in it without any complaints. – [Yara] Unfortunately, I’m
not one of those adults. I’m part of the two-thirds of the world that doesn’t really have the enzyme and can’t digest lactose. – [Mark] What happens is
that undigested lactose then moves through the gut and into the colon. – [Yara] And one of two things happen. – [Mark] One is it causes
water to come out of the blood and into the colon. – [Yara] Basically
liquifying everything inside. – [Mark] The consequences
of that is diarrhea. – [Yara] The second thing that happens is the lactose gets eaten by gut bacteria. – [Mark] And they produce
gases like hydrogen. – [Yara] And after all
that hydrogen builds up– – [Mark] It’s really only got one way out. (flatulence erupts) – [Yara] But what about the people who can drink milk? Where did they come from? Well, human beings first
started domesticating animals for dairy over 10,000 years ago. – [Mark] The first people to use dairy in their diets were almost certainly in the Middle East. – [Yara] And those people didn’t produce the lactase enzyme as adults meaning they would’ve all have trouble digesting milk. (flatulence) – [Mark] But here’s the thing. You can reduce the
amount of lactose in milk and we do it all the time. You can make yogurt, you can make butter, and of course you can make cheese. And the amount of lactose
in those milk products goes down and down and down. – [Yara] Over the next 4,000 years some of those groups and their animals spread out from the Middle East. But then, a genetic mutation appeared and the people who had this mutation gained the ability to
digest lactose as adults, which in science-y terms means they became lactase persistent. The thing is this mutation
didn’t just happen in one community. It happened in lots of
places independently. – [Mark] So they happen
almost certainly in Europe, they also happened in Arabian populations, and they also happened multiple times in East African populations. – [Yara] These mutations spread rapidly and that’s because this new
ability to digest lactose– – [Mark] Gave them a massive advantage. We know that milk is very
very nutrient-balanced and nutrient-rich– – [Yara] And milk helped them survive when there was a food shortage like when their crops failed. But that got me wondering about the clip from the white supremacists
that I showed all you earlier. I don’t know if you’ve seen
the video of white supremacists in America chugging milk. (laughs) – Hey all you non-Whites, I
can do this and you can’t. Milk nationalism now! (sighs) – It’s kind of reassuring to know that there is actually no
end to their stupidity. Lactase persistence is very common in many African populations. It’s evolved more times in
Africa than it has in Europe and it’s also common
in many Middle Eastern populations, in Southern
Asian populations as well. – So, just to reiterate your skin color has nothing to do with whether you can digest milk. – Your skin color has
absolutely nothing to do with whether you can digest milk. – [Yara] Even if your body can’t produce the lactase enzyme, you might still be able to drink milk without the violent diarrhea or gas. – [Mark] So if you have
the kind of bacteria that don’t produce much gas then you’re not gonna get
a lot of those problems of lactose intolerance. – [Yara] So if people like
me are in the majority, why do we feel like we have to hide or be ashamed of our lactose intolerance. I put a call-out on Slack to see if there were any other
lactose sufferers among us. – So, my name is Ben. – My name is Sana. – Jen – Cydney -Phoebe -Tarek – I’ve been lactose
intolerant for like 12 years. – 2 years – 15 years now. – I was that kid who
would literally chug milk all the time. – How did you realize you
were lactose intolerant? – I was trying to get fit. – I had a bone marrow transplant. – So I started drinking a lot of milk. – After the transplant… – So whole whey protein shake. – I became lactose intolerant. – I got really gassy. – A particularly traumatizing – Very gassy
– Trader Joe’s pizza. – Yeah, I just started admitting like yes that was me. (laughter) – [Yara] Then we discussed
all the foods that we miss. – Milk, – Milk
– Lasagna – I love ice cream – Cheese
– Pizza – Cream
– Ice Cream – Any kids of like dairy product. – [Yara] And then, we
shared horror stories. – Extreme gas. – I had to open my pants. – The worst is when you’re
having a conversation with someone and it’s like yeah its great and inside you’re like literally– – One thing to keep in mind is that we are actually the majority
of the human population. But it’s kind of weird
because we live in a world that’s designed for the
person who can drink copious amounts of milk product. How do you guys cope? – There’s like brands like Lactaid. – [Yara] Lactaid is a brand of milk that has the lactase enzyme added in. They also make pills
containing the lactase enzyme. – I tried Lactaid before, it didn’t work, so I just stopped using it. You just use bathroom after you eat. – Cause it’s just like
really hard going into places and saying you’re lactose intolerant not only do you feel like boujee and extra but also like people
will still give you dairy so sometimes you have to
just be like “I’m vegan.” – I always know where the bathroom is. – I don’t necessarily vet
where the bathrooms are but I vet who I’m going
to be with that night and whether I’m going to
be in an enclosed space. (laughter) I was actually pretty surprised that there were so many
other lactose intolerant people in the office. It’s nice not to feel so alone. But I guess it’s not all the surprising. We are the majority of Earth after all. It’s the people who can drink milk that are in the minority. I mean the statistics are staggering. 90% of East Asians are lactose intolerant to some extent. as are 70% of Italians. 70% of people of African descent, 50% of Latinos, and the vast vast majority of Native Americans. And the people who can drink it aren’t just one ethnic group. It’s true, people who can digest milk are more common in some
places than others, like here and here. But it doesn’t make them superior or more evolved. After all the lactase persistence gene evolved more times in East Africa than it did in Europe. So, sorry white
supremacists. You’re wrong. Plus, there’s so many different ways for us to get our nutrients these days. We don’t need milk in adulthood. Can one live a healthy lifestyle without consuming the
milk of other animals. – Yes, in the past they
would have been dying from regular famine. Things would have just been harder. When things are hard, having that very slight competitive edge makes a big difference. Today, it makes virtually no difference. – So milk isn’t necessary
but it can be delicious and yes, nutritious. This is good. And clearly, some of us will go to great great lengths to enjoy its taste. (hip hop beat) ♪Pop it pop it ♪ ♪ Then I drink it ♪ ♪ Pop it pop it pop it ♪ ♪ Then I drink it ♪ ♪ Pop it, pop it, drink it, pop it ♪ ♪ Drink it drink it ♪ ♪ Poppin them pills cause I’m tight ♪ ♪ Downin milk, drink that right ♪ ♪ Pop that top, drink all night ♪ ♪ Drink it, drink it, drink it ♪ ♪ Drink that right ♪ ♪ Drink that right ♪ – Keep your eyes open, I’m gonna redo it ♪Pop it pop it then I drink it ♪ ♪ Pop it ♪ – Pop it, break, pop it then I drink it ♪Poppin them pills ♪ – No it’s poppin them
pills cause I’m tight – Oh … – Poppin them bills, beat. – [Yara] Yeah, I know, I
did I paused that right. – No you didn’t pause, ♪Poppin them pills cause I’m tight ♪ – Let the music run through you. ♪Pop it drink it pop drink pop. ♪ – Let’s stop recording. – Poppin them pills cause I’m tight. – Now that was the last one. Let’s stop recording.

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  16. Estimates for lactose intolerance vary by race. African American and Asian races see a 75% – 95% lactose intolerance rate, while northern Europeans have a lower rate at 18% – 26% lactose intolerance.


  17. SO you called white people in the beginning white supremacists, without giving an example of how they are, and nowhere was it said that because they drink milk they think they are superior, you said that. It is true most the world's population is lactose intolerant, but when you divvy it up in cultures and countries, you see that the majority of China, for example, can't digest lactose, I think around 90%. But, when you take a look at Northern Europe and North America, it ranges only from 15% – 30%, and yes, majority of the population is white descent, but when you said the phrase the colour of your skin does not have anything to do with you being lactose or not is B.S. I can say the same about being good at basketball, but if you look at the NBA majority of players are in fact black, STOP preaching to these people about your political agenda with white supremacists just because majority of white people can drink milk compared to others! terrible facts and terrible channle if this is the way you run things

  18. I feel like in the future we'll just be able to trigger lactase persistence with crispr, so this won't be such a divisive issue.
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