Why Male Feminists Are The Literal WORST

Why Male Feminists Are The Literal WORST

Hi everyone, I hope you’re all well. So, I have talked about feminists
and feminism a lot on this channel, on TV, in my writing, it’s always
been a large chunk of my commentary. Specifically third and fourth
wave feminism, you know, all the modern stuff that is largely
complaining for the sake of complaining by bitter, insecure women
who hate themselves and everyone who disagrees with them. But what I haven’t talked about a lot are
male feminists; men on the regressive left who, for some reason, buy
into an ideology that literally wants to deny them opportunities
by pulling women up, at the expense of men, via artificial social
processes. They also seem perfectly happy to exist in
an environment where, at least in the case of straight white men, they
are the only identity group who it is socially acceptable to denigrate
on the basis of race and gender. Why men would ever side with this kind of
movement has always puzzled me. Sure, some of the more well-meaning and weak-minded
of them have been brainwashed into thinking feminism is still just
about promoting equality, and that as the alleged oppressors, they
deserve all the pack criticism they get. To those men, I send my
deepest sympathies. However, there is a contingent of male feminist,
who, from my experience, is the largest contingent, who
latch onto the feminist movement for far more insidious reasons. Now, we’ve all seen
commentators make fun of male feminists for their apparently eager
subservience to women. And that’s very easy to do, especially when
we see tweets like this That last tweet had nothing to do with feminism…but
I just thought you should see it However, these puppy-dog-esque affirmations
are often symptomatic of a darker complex. A male feminist is a usually
heterosexual man who claims to support women. But by support, I
mean constantly telling them how oppressed they are by men, and
how insecure they should feel walking down the street because of
how predatory men can be, and what an unfair place the world is for
women, and don’t worry because I’m not like other men. I’m an ally,
and I’ll stand with you against the big bad patriarchy. In other words, these are men who like subjugating
women, and enjoy making them feel bad about themselves. And in feminism,
they’ve found the perfect way to do this without being called a
misogynist. Even though they are the true internalised
misogynists. With this behaviour, the male feminist can
make already insecure women feel even more insecure about themselves,
thus exercising a sort of power play over them with the eventual
goal being to…well On top of this; considering female feminists
vast hypocrisy when it comes to conservative women, the male feminist
also has licence to externally exercise his misogyny by calling
conservative women all of the most disgustingly quintessentially sexist
things you can possibly imagine. Since lady feminists believe, in their infinite
idiocy, that women who disagree with them are capitulating to the
patriarchy and thus enabling the alleged systems of power that
oppress women, all for the sake of obtaining male attention, they
are happy to admit that conservative women lose their intersectional
“woman card”. Therefore, as apparent traitors to their gender,
female feminists think it’s perfectly fine to harass and
disparage conservative women, using all the gendered, sexist insults they
would decry as misogyny if directed at one of their own. This is perfect for the male feminist, because
he can indulge his internal hatred of women by pouring it into
sexist trolling of right wing ladies, and be congratulated for it by
feminist women. When
you put it like that; it’s very easy to see why these types of men are
attracted to feminism. After all, modern feminist have strayed from
the female empowerment mantra of second wave feminists, in
favour of 1850s couch-fainting victim feminism. Rather than seeing women as every bit as capable
as men of exacting their autonomy, modern feminists see women
as fragile beings who need to be catered for by men, lest they intimidate
or offend women with a potential microaggression. As such, modern feminists infantilise women;
encouraging their insecurities rather than toughing them up. Of course predatorial,
quietly misogynistic men would be attracted to the movement. This
true internalised misogyny of leftist male feminists regrettably
extends beyond the pungent hallways of Twitter into the real world. Amidst the flurry of anecdotes about sexual
assault that cascaded through the public realm from October 15th,
2017, the inauguration of the metoo movement, it seemed most of the
highest profile allegations were against powerful men of the
left, many of which claimed to be feminists. Harvey Weinstein was the most obvious example;
a lifelong donor to the Democratic Party who attended the 2017
Women’s March in Park City, Utah. He was accused of the most horrific systemic
sexual harassment and assault of women over a period
of several decades. He had used his considerable power to corner
young women into granting him particular favours, which were
often very much non- consensual. Now, let’s be real here, there are some
actresses who are happy to operate under the expectations of the ‘casting
couch’. That’s their
choice. However, there are plenty who aren’t, and
many of them suffered terribly at the hands of Harvey,
but knew they would be blacklisted if they spoke out. Louis CK was the next; a comedian who has
on occasion infused seemingly feminist rhetoric into his routines. He was accused of
sexual misconduct by five women, and eventually admitted to the
claims. Not to mention Joss Whedon, who, while not
accused of sexual misconduct, routinely cheated on his
ex-wife Kai Cole during their marriage, while singing the praises
of feminism and writing feminist themed scripts. In fact, Cole said she felt he used her as
a shield; so he could continue with his bad behaviour, with nobody
criticising his relationships with women, or scrutinizing
his writing as anything other than feminist. So how did he eventually excuse this bad
behaviour to Kai Cole? Well, in a letter he wrote to her when their
marriage was falling apart, he said, “In many ways I was the HEIGHT of normal,
in this culture. We’re
taught to be providers and companions and at the same time, to
conquer and acquire — specifically sexually — and I was pulling off
both!” Oh, how convenient! It’s society that’s the problem, not you! How
very left-wing. Then on October 17, two days after #metoo
went viral, there was an allegation made anonymously on Facebook about
Sam Kriss, contributor to the heavily left-leaning Vice
magazine. Kriss, a rabid
socialist who Tweeted that Chairman Mao was a “big softy” who had
gone easy on his victims, posited himself as a hero of the left and
advocate for women. However, the anonymous allegation painted
him in a very different light. The woman alleged he had groped her while
on their third date, forcibly touched her, twisted her head to
make her kiss him in a crowded theatre, and tried to force her to
drink alcohol, even though she insisted she didn’t want to. Sam Kriss apologised for his behaviour, and
while he admitted to it, he attempted to put some context around the
issue, insisting they had a prior sexual relationship. That old excuse. The author also
alleged that he had tried to get her to go home with him by
leveraging his parents’ big fancy house “When I returned I sat away from him. Then the various manoeuvres
to get me to go home with him began. I want to relay precisely how
he first suggested this because it demonstrates a willingness to laud
wealth (and thus power). Sam said, “so do you want to come back to
mine to see my massive house?” “Don’t you mean your parents
massive house?” “Yeah, but when they die I’ll inherit
it” Some socialist, amirite? The list goes on. On October 19, it was revealed that Rupert
Myers; GQ magazine’s political correspondent, had
his freelance contract with the publication terminated after allegations
of historical sexual misconduct by a number of women. Around the same time, Andy Signore, creator
of Screen Junkies and the Honest Trailers series, who owned the
suggestions that his show had a “feminist agenda”, and asked his
Twitter feed in April 2017 to defend a female contributor from the “hell
pit that is our YouTube comments”, was fired by Defy Media for “egregious
and intolerable” sexual behaviour. Former intern Emma Bower, who had worked for
Signore in 2015, alleged that he messaged her to tell her how
“hot” she was, and that he wanted come to her hotel room to behave
inappropriately towards her while she had a less than usual
amount of clothing on, to use YouTube friendly terminology, I hope. This was followed by accusations from Screen
Junkies fan April Dawn, who alleged Signore invited her to a
Screen Junkies party at the Chicago Comic-Con. However, the party turned out to be Signore
alone in his hotel room, who then tried to “force himself” on Dawn,
according to her. She also accused him of stopping by her hotel
in Los Angeles, where she was attending another screen junkies event. She said he pulled
out an adult toy, and tried to use it on her. He then threated to kick
her out of the hotel and fire her boyfriend (who worked for the
company at the time) if she told anyone. Considering these allegations, it’s no wonder
Defy Media gave Andy Signore the flick. But, interestingly enough, Defy Media had
been aware of the allegations against Signore for
months, but waited until Weinstein was ousted before they took any
action. Their statement
read: “In August, Defy’s HR team was made aware
of allegations made against Andy, at which time an investigation
was launched. On
Friday, new information became available and the scope and
magnitude of his inappropriate actions became apparent. We are acting swiftly to address the concerns of
the people affected, and that going forward, our community is free
of harassment or discrimination of any kind.” Is it too much to speculate that Defy Media,
a company that promotes heavily left-leaning contributors,
would still be protecting Signore if the whistle hadn’t been blown
on Weinstein? Who really
knows? Fast forward to 2018, to possibly the world’s
most famous male feminist; Canada’s very own baby-faced golden
boy of the so-called progressive movement, Prime Minister Justin
Trudeau. Trudeau is a self-proclaimed feminist. He is known for his alleged
advocacy of women’s rights, doe-eyed earnestness in his vehement
insistence on respect for women, and rampant support for the
#metoo movement. He also posits such woke phrases as He even invented a new word Considering all this avid male-feministing,
it stands to reason that in June 2018, it came to light Trudeau had, in
fact, groped a young reporter, Rose Knight, at a music festival
in Creston, British Columbia in the year 2000. Adding insult to injury; while Trudeau apparently
apologised for the incident the next day, he capped it off with, “If I
had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would
have been so forward.” When the allegations came out, the world was
waiting for Justin ‘Peoplekind’ Trudeau’s response. Would he issue a pleading mea
culpa? Would he resign? After all, Trudeau did suspend two MPs for
harassment allegations in 2014, surely he would put his money
where his mouth was? Not to do so would be the gravest hypocrisy
one would have thought. Well, as it turns out, Trudeau’s response
was simply, “Part of this awakening we’re having
a society, a long awaited realization, is that it’s not just one
side of the story that matters, that the same interactions could be experienced
very differently from one person to the next, and I am not going to
speak for the woman in question,” “I do not feel that I acted inappropriately
in any way. But I respect
the fact that someone else might have experienced that differently
and this is part of the reflections that we have to go through,” Now, I betcha Louis CK, Sam Kriss, Andy Signore,
not to mention the two MPs Trudeau suspended also felt that the
same interactions could be experienced differently from one
person to the next, and yet they were still cancelled, so to speak. Justin Trudeau, on the other hand, was very
quickly forgiven by his supporters, and the whole incident brushed
under the rug. Which is
ironic, since the attitude of “but I experienced it differently to her” is
one of the things the metoo movement was allegedly fighting
against. But, I guess, when it comes to its darlings,
especially Justin Trudeau, the progressive movement is very, very tolerant
of bad behaviour. Groping, blackface, or otherwise. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? It’s always those who
protest the loudest who are guilty of the most heinous sins. That’s
true of the regressive left generally. The most virulent anti-racist are
more often than not afflicted with the bigotry of low expectations,
and hold people of colour to lower standards of behaviour than they
do white people. The most outspoken heterosexual pro-gay advocates
are insistent on defining gay people by their sexuality, which
used to be a tool of homophobia that early proponents of gay acceptance
were fighting against. It’s called “projection”, and it is
rampant among the modern leftist movement. So, if you are a man who is concerned about
women’s equality in the West; please don’t be. We’re really fine. Yes, there are still maybe a
few societal kinks to iron out, but by and large, we have it really good
nowadays. So don’t ever, ever, fall into the trap
of calling yourself a male feminist. Trust me, it doesn’t mean what you think
it means.

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  1. ALSO: To be clear about Andy Signore; he has recently come out with a rebuttal to the claims against him. He does, however, admit to behaving very inappropriately with a number of women while he was married; putting them into “horribly awkward and uncomfortable positions”, as well as “inexcusable infidelity”, despite his feminist posturing.

  2. These effeminate male bitches should be calling out womens rights abuses in Muslim and other third world cultures……they'd be kept rather busy.
    As Daisy said……Western women are doing just fine thanks.

  3. Men promote feminism because they want to get laid, period. Guys, how many times have you told a woman what she wants to hear just to try and get some? If you say never, your either gay or a liar. Truth is truth ladies, sorry. And we all know justin hasn't come to terms with his homosexuality.

  4. 57 seconds into the video I was watching the captions on the screen add words to what u had said. Is this normal?

  5. Yep, male feminists are shadow men who are the worse possible leaders, after women of course! See Sweden if you think I'm joking.

  6. I love you miss daisy! You are a classy lady and a scholar!<3 "feminist" dudes are pathetic….dont "fight for my rights" thanks but no thanks, real men and women from our countrys past already achieved that. Whatever the hell you guys are doing nowadays is a bunch of pandering bullshit. stop patting yourselves on the back, yall aren't achieving anything besides being incredibly obnoxious pests lol

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  9. I agree with a lot of what you say Daisy, I really do. But as a Canadian yes, Trudeau can be pathetic at times, but to be honest, I'd rather have Trudeau as Prime Minister than Scheer, Singh, or the crazy Green Party lady who played identity politics without having an actual platform to try and sway the votes here. The amount of stupidity that has bled up to Canada from Trump's stupidity in the States is definitely frightening. Both far left and far right here are absolute sheep to their respective side, while the people in the middle suffer. I don't agree AT ALL with Bill C-16 here put forth by the Liberal Government that limits free speech, but I can't also condone the cuts to health care and education a Conservative government would put forth. Even if he is a male feminist, I would rather have someone open-minded represent Canada, rather than an idiot that mirrors Trump's careless rhetoric.

  10. Definition
    1) Women who wish to be treated as equals to men. Once they are treated as equals then they complain about it.
    2) Women who find fault in every single situation.
    3) A person who is unable to obtain happiness due to their own faults.

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  13. Well said. Ignorance is not bliss guys, it’s dangerous to you and to all men. You won.t get laid more or get anything for supporting the enemy, except a kick in the balls and attempted rape accusation sooner rather than later by a green haired, deranged, entitled lez.

  14. Soycialists . Thankfully I got lucky with my wife. She is very traditional. Theres mens work and women's work that needs to be done, she understands that, and we have a great relationship since we arent busy pretending to be progressive. #Trump2020

  15. Former male feminist here. I'm sorry for the wrong i did lol
    My family told me women don't like being flirted with so I should wait until one of them comes to me. I am now 30 and know better, but it's much, much too late for me to compete for any affection and I will be alone until the day I die 😂 Thanks family, you really know how to raise a kid.

  16. That's what the majority of these far left do project on others what they feel accusing people who has a different opinion of being racist homophobic and transphobic it's like being in a bad relationship where your partner is constantly accusing you of cheating so it makes them not feel bad because they are doing it and when I was in school we had one of the bullies he was so anti-gay yet he know what gays do and what is gay and what is not later on down the line we found out that he was having a secret love affair with a man it was his way of of telling us that he was gay and it the same with the far lefties projecting what they really are on others

  17. Great video, never seen any of yours before. You right, the male feminist are the worst people in society. They are like chameleons

  18. Weinstein had something the chickies wanted (parts in movie) they had something he wanted (dirty sex) sorry those chicks are not victims they are prostitutes.

  19. Here in Sweden, we had a high police chief named Göran Lindberg. He got the moniker "Kapten Klänning" – "Chief Dress" after talking a lot about feminism, and raking in lots of dough doing so as a "motivational" speaker. Then he got caught preying on underage girls. When he was arrested, he was going to buy the sexual services of an underage girl, and he had with him a bag containing a ball gag, condoms, lube, and various BDSM stuff. He got 6 years in the slammer, but is out now. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6ran_Lindberg

  20. Trudeau is a “feminist” until somebody defies him.. especially women. He ditched THREE female members of Parliament when they did not obey & do what he wanted. At the same time over the years, he ass-grabbed a female journalist; and recently paid off a woman he was mysteriously engaged with whilst he was a teacher.. for which he was fired. He’s a predo.

  21. For whatever reason, I'm usually always skeptical of the claims made by women about sexual harassment/assault. Especially when its revealed to have happened years/decades ago and when also taking into account the timing of the accusation. It just seems like a lot of them are strategically planned to achieve a desired outcome, which isn't always the application of justice.

    Speaking for myself, I've done things that could be considered sexual assault if we're talking about strict adherence to a legal definition. My intention was not to assault or cause distress. The intention was to elicit a sexual response, which worked multiple times by the way.

    Some of these accusations are the equivalent of buying a nice dress, wearing it out on the town, then trying to return it. You went in looking for a dress, found it, bought it, wore it, flaunted it…but now you don't want it. Not only do you not want it, you want the dress maker ruined and bankrupted.

    Unless its a clear case of forced rape backed by sufficient evidence, I'll remain skeptical. Maybe I'm a misogynist and don't know it.

  22. Hey Daisy keep up the good work. When you mentioned male feminist it reminded my of the Cuddle fish (think it’s the cuddle, damn memory) were they use bioluminescence as a form of communications . The males tend to swim in the near surface of the ocean while females are at the bottom. When looking to mate the female will change to a curtain colour pattern and signal she’s ready. And the head cuddle fish, that has been taking on challengers above , will descend and mate. But there is a male feminist cuddle fish that use their bioluminescence to imitate a female and lays in wait among the female, when the male starts naming the impersonator will stay very close to the mating fish and when the male is done the moment he starts to leave the imposter will jump right on tricking the female to think it’s the same fish she mated with. They are literally rapists fish using trickery to mate. Aka male feminists

  23. Male feminists pander as a form of manipulation, usually in a pathetic attempt for sex or as a quisling for victim power status. You left out what male feminists do to the rights of other men (normal men) when they get into power.

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    Too small to complete with the larger males so while the larger males are distracted by competing for the females attention, the smaller male acts like a female to slip in and get close to the female in order to mate with it.

    Either one can't be trusted.

  25. "I'm not like other men."
    "I'm not like other girls."
    This is what happens when uniqueness is pushed so much in society that it becomes a complex. The bane to our society. We also live in a s- Epstein didn't kill himself.

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  28. Wait, discrimination? A world free of discrimination would require everybody to fuck with everybody who wants to fuck with them no questions asked. Otherwise it would be discrimination. Let that sink in for a while.

  29. Thank you, Daisy. First one of your videos I have experienced. Good show. I will enjoy a few more shortly and subscribe if they are as entertaining as this one. Male Feminists all have that same Manchurian Candidate (and we all know how that ended) stare – as though they are trapped in their bodies and being forced to mouth someone else’s words. If I saw one live or on TV I would be looking for signs he might be trying to signal Morse code for help through his blinks. They’re like Stepford Wives or puppets who have the hand of post Modern Feminism stuck firmly where the sun don’t shine. It really is a rather transparent ploy to ingratiate themselves to Women when they are more like puppies begging for table scraps. No surprise they can’t maintain their frame when they are around Women. Still bemused at how Teflon Trudeau managed to squirm his way out of the Blackface scandal – that was some Clinton-esque wriggling right there. Looking forward to your next.

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    Remember it's only wrong when a conservative does it.

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  34. This is just like when queer eye for the straight guy came out and suddenly all these boys I went to school were gay or bicurious. Oddly they were perfectly straight when they got into a room alone with a chick who fell for that shit and thought for some reason it was adorable.

    Daisy you are one of my favorite activists, keep doing awesome!

  35. greetings mangina weirdo's! what's it like to have a woman wear your balls around her neck in a leather satchel? why do you all have soy-boy face? I can't even imagine being 20 and having a testosterone level of a girl. like 100. you whiteknights creep everyone out. we suspect by your over the top proclaimations of support for females that you are disturbed young men who best disguise your true nefarious intentions, by trying to get in and orbit females you incels

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    She turned shocked and their guy friend came near me…confused… I asked if he would like to be fondled as well….LOL… Just got a Dumb look and my friend had to come and take me a way…. I was just thinking about the theory of evolution….oh well.

  38. Yeah just like that one time in the bus, some guys was preaching how everyone should respect women. He was demanding all men to give up their seats so that women could sit and insulted men if they refused. He was very annoying and agressive, and then some woman came up and told him to mind his own bussiness and that she doesn't need his help cuz if she wanted to sit she'd ask. What that dude said to her shocked everyone on the bus, he told her "women should be quite when two men are talking" there goes his respect towards women.

  39. Male feminist aren't very Alpha and try to make themselves look good just get brownie points from the opposite sex. One thing for sure, its never gonna get them to go out on a date let alone getting laid.

  40. You're my favorite kind of British girl, Daisy. Smart & sweet in a awesome mix. Please never stop doing your awesome and important work. Greetings from Germany. You just earned yourself a new subscriber.

  41. It's nice to hear that my perspectives on various topics are not unique to myself. Unfortunately I am typically told my views are invalid because of my biology.
    In college I was told that I was not allowed to dislike the phrase, "Boys will be boys" because I was male.
    Similarly when I asked a woman if saying that "women were being oppressed by men because they are too weak to resist" sounded as mysoginstic to her as it did to me that once again I was not allowed to voice an opinion because I was a male lacking a deep permanent tan.
    I marvel every day how people embrace hypocrisy as fact like a child clinging to a security blanket. It's mind boggling that people would rather believe lies than to acknowledge their own finite understanding of the world.

  42. Trudeau is an embarrassment to actual men. He's 'posing' his way into wrecking Canada; the repercussions of which will last a long, long time.

  43. These simps are acting like they are feminists in order to get into women’s pants period. Nothing wrong with that goal except this a devious con that women generally see right through and lose all respect for these guys and they always end up going for the men who are unashamedly masculine.

  44. I liked it, but not sure I actually understood it. But heck, I'm just a married white guy with three kids living what I grew up to think of as a 'normal' life. Not sure I want to know…

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