Why Major in Political Science?

Why Major in Political Science?

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  2. So I have a future, my parents pressured my in getting a Bachelor in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. I wasn't interested a ten of a percent, after 2 years in hell hole I had enough.

  3. I want to major in political science but I’m afraid to because I want to be a lawyer and since there are so many of people those majors applying it will be extremely hard. And also if I choose I don’t want to be a lawyer there are not many options for jobs. Only a select few pretty much restricted to Ivy League students. Any advice?

  4. I can't believe how unenthusiastic these students were during this lecture. This is Duke for Christ's sake. Given the point of the lecture, it's likely that they're freshmen and hopefully experiencing one of, if not there first lecture in political science. You have to hope so, otherwise they're in the wrong room.

  5. The left MSM needs more political science skills. They still are playing as if they can't figure out Trump's strategy to alter birthright citizenship. They either really can't and they are incapable of seeing him as able to legally do it or they are hiding his best strategy because they don't want to make the information public. They should have made it public before the midterms. They should have hit the panic button. Trump can alter 'jurisdiction' without changing the 14th amendment. He can change how the SCOTUS interprets the amendment for certain people with an executive order that amends the rules in the Code of Federal Regulations. Prior cases don't really matter.

  6. How does political science address the fact that Americans only constitute, less than 5% of the world's population, but, consume 25% of the world's oil, and other energy reserves, and create half of the world's solid waste? Quite a paradox, right? How does political science bridge the gap between the have and the have not or the globe? The plain truth, is that it cannot. History just repeats itself, generation after generation. The global problem is bigger than human capability or political will.

  7. Beautiful! Wish this man be my teacher with such clear arguments. I would love to learn from him and then debate, because a debate is also a way of learning.

  8. By far the best introduction of political science I've ever encountered…. and trust me, I've heard many… 👏🙌 Man is exceptional hands down

  9. I want to study in your university and in the political science department
    'I hope that you will send me ( help me) the details of acceptance

  10. No! No! No! Adolf Eichmann would not have been killed if he had found a different job. In fact, that was why the judge presiding over the case, Judge Landau, gave Eichmann the death penalty: It wasn't that Eichmann had the job he had but that he made no attempt to get another one, which he could have done. Eichmann, according to the Israeli psychiatrists who examined him, was not an antisemite. As Yale professor Shapiro put it, "Eichmann was only interested in getting an A." No introspection or ethics.

  11. Lamo this guy majored in Econ for undergrad, masters, and phd (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Munger)

  12. This was used for my first day of poli sci 101 to prepare me for the class. This was a wonderful video; Michael Munger teaches well and holds a subdued passion for his craft.

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