Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics with John Mearsheimer

Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics with John Mearsheimer

30 thoughts on “Why Leaders Lie: The Truth About Lying in International Politics with John Mearsheimer

  1. so True,
    We Iranians thought everybody is honest, we learned this the hard way, not to trust US deals.

  2. 00:06:25

    Unless the loss of international prestige is a delicate part of an arcane US grand strategy (versus classical supremacy), the characterization of a decision as 'boneheaded' p r o b a b l y points more towards a domestic factor of the US invasion of Iraq:

    approval ratings of the controversial Bush administration in the context of an ill-defined 'war on terror' lingered at 50 percent until the terror attacks of 9/11, rose to almost 90 percent shortly after 9/11 and were slightly hopping from, again, hardly 60 to a mere 70 percent of approval at the beginning of the invasion in March 2003.


    A simple set of data that offers the conclusion that deceiving the UN Security Council , the central institution of international relations and a stage of iconic statements (Cuba Missile Crisis!), was certainly not worth the resulting lasting damage to the trans-atlantic alliance or the professional image of US intelligence services.

    The rest of the talk is refreshing due to the absence of Wilsonian 'speechification'.

  3. I just finished my International relations class and I had to do an extensive paper about this. My mind set completely changed about the government. It's sad because I was just six years old when 9/11 happened and that traumatized me.

  4. They call it wheeling the # of the beast against humanity
    We see it through the eye of knowledge and is our forbidden fruit the knowledge of good (truth)and evil (lies)through the power of distribution and transformation it is the power and face of God and in mankind's hands gives rise to the beast and the flames of Hell because we are not selfless enough to balance the power of God It has been the cause of the rise and fall of civilizations over many millennium
    It is how energy works in everything constant distribution and transformation

  5. deterrence is an example of a big lie to the public that is a transparent falsehood. the lie is that nuclear weapons prevent others from launching theirs on you, but the truth is deterrence only results in more countries seeking their own weapons, which has increased accident risks, incites more risk of war and armageddon. Everyone knows that deterrence has only forced other countries to acquire their own nuclear weapons. Deterrence only fosters arms races.

  6. strategic lying "to benefit the country" is false. First, you should never go to war to "benefit" thereby. You should only go to war to defend the country. Second, If war with Iraq was justified for defense, then present those justifications. There was no need to lie if it was supported by evidence.

  7. I love Mearsheimer. He believes in the US being the Superpower, but believes in a much more realistic and pragmatic foreign policy so the United States can remain the Superpower for as long as possible. Stupid decisions like the Iraq War will ruin us. We should all be worried about the situation with Iran in the coming years with this new Administration coming in.

  8. Interesting, however in 1939 when Germany and Russia were allies and both agreed to attack Poland, on the last minute Stalin did not attack, why???? Because Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt were already buddies. They knew very well that they wanted to attack Germany, since they did not like the fact that the German economy grew without tyranny. That's why in 1933 we can see in newspapers "Judea declares war on Germany". Until this chosen nation crap is not sorted out lying will continue, innocent people will die just for one group, JEWS! The world eyes are closed by their stupid sand religions and they are programmed only to think about themselves. Is this fair and honourable to wage war against a country because you want the sole control of their resources, thus you lie????? I love it to see how people eat paper money and gold when the world is destroyed by their stupidity and greed! Fuck Jews and the chosen nation doctrine crap, the earth is for all to live in, what makes them special is just the BS they wrote on paper and so is their 6 "gozillion" figure BS written to play people ages ago for their own GREED!

  9. what a waste of time watching this, I'm sorry university of Chicago for being negative, I was just being honest of what I think, but if this is what universities are coming to, I'd rather run to the mountains. It's like poor kids still stuck in grade school, except these kids aren't kids anymore. But I feel sorrow for everybody here, like they are a bunch of lost kids, and it's tragic for a parent to have their children all over the world, lost. It's sad. This guy speaking, is just too afraid to speak the truth, either that, or he has selfish gains, or both, or at this point who should care to listen any further.

  10. this is like listening to a sixth grade essay, it's a slap in the face to anyone who gives their time to hear the truth. "my book," "my references," "he said, she said," "here and there," for goodness sake! There's such lack of knowledge and truth telling here, it's like a whore that steals your earnings, and wounds your soul, and leaves you behind as a fool in the world. No wisdom in these words at this establishment, even these questions are …I'll refrain from commenting, there's no use to waste anymore time here in this domain. And these poor kids asking questions, it's like they're star struck. Alright I'm out, I need a break.

  11. spinning, concealing, lying; it's all still a lie; it's all deception. Everyone races to make these glorified speeches. Let's all get to the point without story telling (it'd be better to skip all that nonsense and start discussing over and over about what projects of rebuilding we should engage in) of how we all shouldn't delay standing a change due to the comforts we hold from the conditioning we've all been accustomed to by man made standards created by decieving, self-worshipping sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, call it in whatever pontificate term to your liking, but, all in all we don't need such complex, excessively long novelty speeches about good and evil, lies and truths. Speak the truth, only if you truly know it, and expose the lies where they are. We don't need leaders, we need God, we don't need man's word, only God's word, "let God be true, and every man a liar." Look, we can all be so proud of ourselves as human beings, but we can only go so far without a guidance much higher than our own strengths and supposed "intelligence." It's simple, but evil always creeps in, and we all tragically choose to not listen to truth till it becomes crippling for everyone. Philosophy is also garbage, and far from truth. If people truly loved each other and see something more important than their earnings and comfortable speech sessions, they'd go all out by gathering a while city with a microphone and concert speakers and speaking nothing but truth, whether it's good or evil. I, on the other hand, live in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and I only make $1,000.00 a month, and I do not have the rescources, or even this man's wealth or given opportunities to speak about truth, it's rediculous, what do you have to lose by telling the truth? If anyone wants to make a change, let me know, (505)503-9552.

  12. interesting talk…. incidenally, on fearmongering, if you look at the definition of "terrorist" in older dictionaries you will find that a "fearmonger" is one of the definitions of terrorist.

  13. Saddam had deployed a devastating WMD in 2000 against the US. Saddam had begun selling Iraqi oil for Euros not US petro$s. Such a Weapon of Monetary Destruction had to be countered. I don't know if John Mearsheimer is lying but if he isn't he's totally incompetent.

  14. At 13:57: It's "bald-faced lie," not "boldfaced [sic] lie." The adjective "boldface" (not "boldfaced") refers to a type of text, printed or otherwise. It has no other uses.

  15. so easy for usa tax payers to say sorry after killing a millions…. This kind of books are just to make it appear as if lying leading to millions of death is a NORMAL thing when it is actually not.

  16. American universities
    american educational system
    who has money studies
    who doesn't can't reach anything unless he is super-super smart and wins a scholarship
    ver high costs to go to any university
    Ridicolous country – Not democratic but oligarchy-based , because the poor have little possibilities to rise
    ridiculous educational, health-care, and judiciary system
    I am proud to be euro-mediterranean
    Even tunisia is giving to poorer classes more educational possibilities than the U.S.A. …

    You have pure capitalism, we have socialized free market…
    IRAK for the oil-for-food program..
    America, why should I pay 20.000 a year when in europe with a small tax I can study the same faculties…
    Why do your policeman come out while civilians are tortured in abu-graibh and guatanamo ??

    How come the chief of ISIS smiles to bush in many photos ??

    Why don't you undercover the governmental secrets OF the U.S.A. which no-one could ever access and who managed disappeared…

  17. there is enough evidence the iraq war was about oil and other reasons. So I have to dis agree with him about it being a strategic lie but rather a selfish lie. I can't say the same about vietnam. But its still a lie and breach of trust.

  18. Kennedy had to lie to the American people, because he didn't think they could handle the truth about the Jupiter missile deal.

  19. I think it goes way beyond political 'leaders'. The bankers want their wars, and the puppet politicians do the lying on their behalf to fool the masses into perpetuating the narrative of war. Our entire existence is all about us being compliant with the system, which is there to manipulate the global community into carrying the elite on our backs. Wars are just a tool, as is money, which motivates the masses into doing very strange things such as running all day on a treadmill and giving lots of money to the elite. Terrorism is a lie, the war on terror is a lie. 9/11 is a lie. Until we wake up to it, it will continue into further madness. The current paradigm needs ripping apart from its core.

  20. The masses love the lies – they embrace them because lies make people feel warm and connected to each other. That's why so many choose to believe the official story of 9/11, even though the entire event was told to us as a lie.

  21. "If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."
    "I was not born in Kenya." 
    "I did not have sex with that woman, Monica Lewinsky."
    "It's a vast, right wing conspiracy!" 
    "All the emails I erased were personal in nature."

  22. WAS this before SNOWDEN or after ,this makes a big difference.REMEMBER Honesty best POLICY. REMEMBER your parents said never lie or stop lying.Now why can we not be what our children can see, remember that one. Lying noble lies WHAT GARBAGE is that or this. Lying is bad useless waste of time Truth always grows through time and ALL LIES FAIL IN TIME. SHAME no self dignity shame on those that justify lies, SHAME on all of you nothing but idiot liars. No wonder USA most hated nation on Earth they are Habitual pathological LIARS never can trust the USA never. LOOK AT you USA, NDAA drone kills police abuse torture report, spinning concealing half truths YES YOU USA are dangerous LIARS.

  23. Lying is fine. So long as they are competent enough to see the big picture and realize that lie will play good in the longterm. But unfortunately, there are cases where people lie for petty reasons. We elected the leaders to lead, which means they will have to make us do things we may not necessarily like for greater good so they lie and do things that must be done.

  24. many politicians are lawyers, that is the problem.  Lawyers tell lies every day and will do anything for money.  The slime of the earth.

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