Why Jordan Peterson is filling the void | Modern Masculinity

Why Jordan Peterson is filling the void | Modern Masculinity

It feels really funny saying this as, like,
a ‘Guardian journalist’. We’re just aware of the stereotypes. Half Muslim, half white,
young and millennial, gone off here to do
a Jordan Peterson video and I’m like,
it’s not what you think! Women know what they have to do. Men have to figure
out what they have to do. And if they have nothing worth living for,
then they stay Peter Pan and why the hell not? Is modern masculinity in crisis? As a journalist,
I’ve covered many different stories from terrorism to football, to knife crime and in doing so, I often find myself
in male-dominated spaces. I’ve seen that there are many issues
affecting men today, that we’re not properly focusing on
and I want to do more to address these. You’ve got a lot
of men who have no idea who they are, none whatsoever. As soon as you mention men and masculinity online,
the discussion becomes extremely partisan and really polarised. Post MeToo, it’s even harder to
talk about these things but more necessary than ever. I’m not saying we’re going to get all of the answers
to the big questions in this series, I just want to open up the debate
to some new voices. We did a callout to our readers, asking
them what they thought we should cover and their answers were very telling. ‘I think that normal emotions such as anger and frustration aren’t considered normal by many people.’ ‘Do we all have a right
to express solidarity with our gender?’ ‘MeToo has blurred the lines
between genuine romantic approach vs harassment. ‘Where is the line?’ ‘Where are the real options
for mental health support?’ ‘Do not begin the conversation
with a finger-wagging lecture …’ That doesn’t sound very Guardian. ‘… this will immediately alienate a huge chunk
of the intended audience ‘and you’re immediately back to square one.’ I do think that’s a fair point,
I am laughing … Just because he told me not to start
with a finger-wagging lecture and it sounded like a finger-wagging lecture. So … I’m starting this series at the sharp
end of the debate, looking at the people who are following one of the most
popular thinkers and polemicists of our time: Jordan Peterson. In what sense is our society male-dominated? Now, Peterson is an interesting character
in his own right. He’s written a book, 12 Rules for Life,
which has been a bestseller around the world and his videos often go viral online, especially when he’s being interviewed
by female journalists. But that’s not what I want to focus on today, I want to look at why Jordan Peterson is
so popular and what it is about his message that has resonated with so many people The west has lost faith in the idea of masculinity. That’s no different
than the death of God. It’s the same thing. Peterson’s outspoken views on things like
gender pronouns and the role of men and
women in society have sparked huge debate but there’s more to his message. He does a lot of work around philosophy and religion and the idea of responsibility and purpose for people. This is interesting because in a way,
it’s a form of self-help or life guidance. And his audience is
predominantly made up of men. I can’t imagine I was the only woman
who was kind of wondering, what’s going on? I’ve come today because he’s very, very provocative
and then I know there’s lots of things I won’t agree. He has a question and I like
the way he thinks about the question. I don’t agree with most of his views
but I like the fact that he’s got all these opinions. And he’s got an opinion. His messages are different,
he has talked about the meaning of responsibility which no one else is talking about. I think women should have opportunities
and I don’t believe he thinks any differently. Where would you say are your political leanings? I’d very happily vote for Jeremy Corbyn. I’m broadly a socialist. Culturally, I’ve been bought as a lefty, marxist. I’m not expecting to learn new stuff tonight, I am expecting to say, well thank you,
I appreciate what you’ve put … And say, yes big man Jordan, yes!
Well done. OK. So, I am in the auditorium now with Bruno and Noah. It’s pretty full and I’m kind of surprised at just
how many women there are. So I’m looking to see if any of them
will ask any questions. Unfortunately, we can’t film in
here whilst he’s speaking and it’s about to begin. 12 Rules for Life tour. Peterson only touched on masculinity but
spoke at length about gender and hierarchies. In many ways, the most interesting moment
was the cheer he got when he pointed out how he was unwilling
to bow to political correctness. This is a really big deal for his audience. I think a lot of people have really … in society now we’re almost too PC. and the way that we think about things. He’s absolutely challenging what …
particularly Guardian readers, I should think, a lot of what they think and say. He expresses his ideas without any
worry about whether he’s PC or not and that’s refreshing. So political correctness is a really
important point for our readers as well. In the callout that we did,
many of them expressed their concern at not being able to say what they really
think around issues like MeToo because they feel like they’re not going
to be listened to. There is a bit of a witch hunt happening. As a woman and as a millennial,
and a minority who’s written about identity issues, I think there would be a preconception that I firmly
sit in a camp of political correctness but that’s not strictly true. I feel like we need to have uncomfortable
conversations if things are going to move forwards and the most important thing
for me in a conversation is truth. So truth always trumps political
correctness with me but you have to couple that with respect
and listening to people and these are all things which
go completely out of the window when we’re having conversations on Twitter
for example. Now, there are other caveats. For example, you can’t incite racial
hatred or violence but Jordan Peterson
doesn’t do that in what he says. He is provocative
but he creates a space where there’s dialogue, debate, discussion and
that’s really why he’s popular with his audience. And do you think we have a crisis
with masculinity? Yeah, I think there is. I think that there has been a feminisation of masculinity for a long time now. at least as long as eight years. What do you mean by feminisation
of masculinity? I think what’s been seen as traditional masculine traits, so the show of strength, has been discouraged, So I think there’s been an outpouring of the …
to embrace everything so much that the essential traits of masculinity
just become forgotten. I think also the crisis of masculinity
isn’t just down to … Well, the feminist movement, which I
think Peterson would say it is largely. It’s also down to the abundance of lad
culture which has popped up. to the abandonment of responsibility to that essence when masculinity is defined mainly by
how much you can drink, how many drugs you can take,
how many women you’ve slept with … And that has come about because of lad culture. So I think it’s a crisis
just from that respect as well. How man define themselves. So this was a really interesting place for
me personally to start the debate because I’ve had some of my own
preconceptions challenged and really interesting conversations with people. One person in particular
stood out, Neil, not just because of his face tattoos but
because of what he was saying about Jordan Peterson’s message. Neil owns a bunch of barber shops
in the north of England, and I decided to continue the discussion
with him in one of his barber shops in Leeds. Like, comment
and subscribe to our channels so you can catch up
with the next episode and let us know what you think
we should be covering. There’s always a stigma that men
can’t be vulnerable and men can’t have emotions or men can’t cry. Throughout the series,
we’re going to hear from lots of different voices, including some famous faces. Men tend to make up
their minds pretty quickly and then act on it. Women are much more subtle. When I see my friends,
especially when approaching a woman, and they turn on this certain amount of bravado, it’s like, that isn’t you. When we are talking
about role models for kids, be careful that in 40 years time
you’re not telling them, ‘No that’s wrong now’, or 30 years time. We’re giving them role models now what we think is a good role model
and then suddenly, ‘No, no, no, ‘we don’t believe that any more,
we don’t do that.’ I feel like masculinity is
misinterpreted these days and people just go for stereotypes
as in strength and protection. Being a man and being masculine
is being able to be caring and have self-awareness of the people around you
and the world around you as well. There comes a point
and I think we’ve gone way past this point now where your feelings and your emotions become counterproductive to you making progress.

100 thoughts on “Why Jordan Peterson is filling the void | Modern Masculinity

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    But it's fine if women are ambitious and driven, like Rosie The Riveter.

  8. Interesting series however I'm not sure how your comfortable working for a paper that labels him Right Wing. Jordan Peterson is a very interesting guy who talks sense and funny enough destroys all journalists who try to debate with a left slant in a 1 2 1 situation

  9. Modern masculinity is not in crisis. Western civilisation is in crisis, and by extension most of the world that it has infiltrated with its unsustainable cultural and economic norms. Peterson's just come along now to say 'yeah, it's catastrophic, soldier on.' But nothing can halt the catastrophe itself. Do like the super-rich and make plans to emigrate, as far off the capitalist grid as possible.

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    Every guy I know that idolizes this guy has not changed or improved their lives whatsoever.

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  25. The state prejudices are strikingly overt -92% of single parent families are one gender* 92% of Applications for child contact in the UK are from the other gender **. A loud and clear authoritarian message of 'keep out!' This exclusion for common good or special interest group?

    Also culture- the subversive undermining message from advertising, newspaper articles, soap operas, the BBC etc etc. How parenting is constantly represented,- effectively an ignorant view that genitalia is the 'progressive' way to assign responsibility to parent children. A view empty of any scientific credentials or worth.

    Feminism knows and values parenting yet it subverts it's own message of equal opportunity. Instead it undermines and removes the role of parent from half the population with it's own form of prejudice. For these Box people a question- into your view is a gay person, you look at their genitals, as you clearly need to do. Does he represent good parenting material or should he be removed by our Family Courts?

    *4 million children live in single parent households, 95% of these are women led. (Gingerbread stats). In 1971 the proportion of single gender households was 7% and today it is 30%. (O.N.S)

    **Family Courts researched by Dr Maebh Harding (university of Warwick) on behalf of the Nuffield Foundation:-

    17,800 men apply to Family Courts for child contact every year, 750 women do the same. Half of these Applications result in the the child/parent relationships being removed by the Family Courts.

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    The reason to why Peterson is popular is that he ACTUALLY bases his ideology and opinions on FACTS. – The Guardian should try that as well!

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    I’ve got infinitely more respect for my 5 year old who states boys DO have more value different for her, to say not is to hate boys. Peterson you sellout narcissist. You’re not pro nature pro Logic Pro boys superior in masculine value as we gals feminine value. We no longer support you.

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