Why Japan Refuses Multiculturalism

Why Japan Refuses Multiculturalism

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42 thoughts on “Why Japan Refuses Multiculturalism

  1. Miranda (Kandajin3) has blocked me, thus you cannot see the responses that I levied at her. I basically took apart her argument, so she took her ball and went home. She blocked me, so that people could not see what a complete illiterate she is on this subject and others. She also deleted her other comments directed at me, to make it look as though I haven't replied nor did we have a conversation where she was destroyed.
    After I read about what she did to her ex-friends, I now kind of understand her deficient worldview, and in a way feel sorry for her. She is, without a doubt, mentally ill.

  2. This is why millions of Westerners have been moving to Asia over the last 10 years. There are hundreds of thousands of Western expats living in every major Asian city and it will only keep increasing as Western countries become more and more crime ridden. Whereas the cities in Asia are virtually crime free. Asians value the Western intelligence and innovation and respect them as equals since they have similar values. This is shown in every major Asian city where Westerners and Asians live together in harmony with zero crime and zero conflict – it's all about cooperation and productivity for them. That is why even in the US, Australia or Canada where there are a lot of Asians, Asians are still the highest paid group because they cooperate with the Westerners to run their biggest organizations.

  3. Why  there will be a Japan in fifty years while the Leftist agenda will destroy the U.S.A. and its Euro-culture before long. Teach your kids Spanish and beware of the increasing violence and diseases.

  4. I studied Japanese culter and language to only hear now my dream to live in Japan needs to die. Because Japan hates me… I f I knew this when I was younger I probably would have took my life. I never knew my my skin color was bad. I'm sorry I was born. 😞

  5. I do suports japan's idea that no welcome migrants. Its safety of japan current and future weldone japan.

  6. How fake you talk, there is a continuous increase in the muslim population in japan. Get away with your sick mentality towards a particular religion

  7. Diversity is just like Communism. Sounds good on paper, but will destroy everything you know and love about your own country once executed.

  8. Undying loyal-minded, though realist, oven-hot allegiance pledged to all my fellow Whites till death do us part! Share positive interpersonal interactions with your fellow Whites! Help a stranger. Wave to an old lady across the street. Listen patiently to someone you'd rather not. Envoke primordial law. and enjoy a higher quality of life throughout the day, every day. Primordial law is the empowering realization inequality creates opportunity. Repeat after me, inequality creates opportunity. It applies in the alchemical sense, economic sense, and individual sense…The reason inequality creates unapologetic self-assured vibrant psych-growth, affirmations of a positive nature.. Why? Because you are not equal to yourself on Monday as you were on Tuesday. You are not equal to person A. in a particular area, but that person A. exceeds you or surpasses you in another area. Liberals mistakenly equate this to equality of outcome, or performance, either way it's neither. All life is physiological(chain-reactions internally that determine bodily health, the genetic outcome for a predisposed character trait, etc.). Therefore primordial and physiological truths are empowering revelations/resources for daily perspective.

    These days, life is great, I secretly try to implicitly red-pill everyone I meet with a big ole smile on my face! Non-whites themselves would benefit from less 3rd world entry into developed societies. Population capacity, hello, doesn't anyone realize this? Don't require rocket-science. Well, at least our (Neanderthal strain carrying) allies the Republican Asians recognize the merit of right wing values( ie. Less extravagant fiscal spending, trad family values; social order conservation, restrain, small government, pro gun rights, religious view toward life, etc.) Never forget Confucius is a right wing thinker by default. If you disagree, fine, but I would happily point numerous citations to support the claim that Confucius was basically far-right, bless his heart.

    Best way to spead WN is become the biological billboard. You are a living breathing promotional counterproposition for preserving fair beauty and excellence. Just by refusing to die out, or suffer displacement. In the words of Jared Taylor, the tactic is; talk about it without talking about it. That's how you spread it through positive interpersonal interactions with your fellow whites (and to some degree non-whites, since outwardly promoting our importance has value, I think) Just today I made serveral new White friends, one of whom shared a conversation w/ me about post-collapse survivalism, which is recommended to flag fellow WN underneath superficial exteriors, I say. Every thing that is beautiful about Mother Nature itself is, I believe, inherently hierarchical and nucleus-oriented within zoology biological groupings of social mammals. Most mammal groups when natural in the wild, basically imitate the metaphoric counterpart to Nationalism among humans, each in their own weird ways, of course, within a greater food chain. Or rather. Nationalism is the metaphoric counterpart to Natural Law, to Mother Nature.

  9. is not about ideology..is about human connection…Japan can do whatever it wants but will grow shallow,empty,close minded withing their own bubble…..

  10. Except it’s not impossible to immigrate to Japan at all. Anyone can immigrate to Japan if they get a working visa and apply for scholarship after a few years. They do not ban all foreigners.

  11. Japan don't want people they deem dangerous something European and American countries should do

  12. Japan has never enslaved or colonised Africa so they have the right to do this. I’m black and I have a lot of respect for the Chinese and Japanese, I will always look up to their hardworking culture, they’re slowly influencing countries like Nigeria and Angola to become as hardworking and focus as them.

  13. The problem is not really immigration. When a country brings in high IQ immigrants it actually benefits the country. The problem is low IQ immigration from third world countries. It is a IQ issue not a cultural issue. No asylum seeker immigration. No chain immigration like with siblings and stuff. Family okay. Must be merit based immigration. Japan has geography on its side unlike the US and Europe so they are less likely to get illegal immigrants. The US has it the worst. All those low IQ third world immigrants want to come and have like 5+ kids and get welfare and lower academic standards with their offsprings and basically in the process of turning the US into the shit holes they are escaping from.

  14. Your video doesn't make much sense. You start talking about multiculturalism and then you drastically change subjects to automation ? That does not make sense at all. If your video is going to focus on changes in jobs your title should match that.

  15. Just look at what it's done to Europe, it's become a continent of beaten down, self hating white people completely disconnected from their own culture and are told that unless they cow to the EU and allow their countries to transform beneath mass 3rd world immigration that they have no future. They won't even defend their own women from foreign rapists who see them as easy meat because they're too afraid of being called racist. That'll be Japan's future if they listen to the SJWs and embrace multiculturalism

  16. Hey, Pigeon, I hope you see this

    I hate having to hear that immigration is the solution to declining birth rates. I’m a Japanese studies major so this bothers me pretty personally.

    The issue of the declining birth rates hinges on what we call the dependency ratio. This is the ratio between the working age population and senior citizen/pensioner population of a country.

    The UN released a report in 2001 iirc studying 8 industrialized countries with declining birth rates. I don’t recall the other 4 but the other 4 are Germany, Sweden, Japan, and SoKor. The report basically crushes immigration as a solution. It’s projections include;

    • Immigrants are not a solution because IMMIGRANTS ALSO AGE;

    • Using the dependency ratio of 1995 as a benchmark for countries with declining birth rates, these countries will have to immediately import an extreme number of people. Furthermore, they will have to take in an increasing amount of people every year with an increment of a few million to a few hundred million people. It is projected that by the year 2050, South Korea will have to take 5.1 billion people, which is more than half the entirety of the population of the earth which is currently around 7 billion (that’s just Korea, what are you going to do about the 7 other countries and the countries of origin of these immigrants??)

    • The immigrants and their descendants in these countries starting from 1995 to 2050 will constitute to 59% to 99% of the population of the host country. The ethnic natives of these industrialized countries are under the threat of being a minority in their own home, or being wiped out completely.

    • The usage of people as mere numbers and demographics is disingenuous because it doesn’t factor in the possible effects mass immigration can bring to the social and cultural structures of the receiving countries. It’s equally dangerous to not consider their professional skills, ability to learn the language, ability to assimilate, etc.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against immigration. However, it is ignorant to blatantly suggest throwing a motherfucking-assload worth of people when it’s not a feasible solution.

  17. I am sadden to report that it is not the case anymore, recently a huge amount of immigrants from mainland China have moved in Japan, taking states hang out. Same thing happen here in Hong Kong.

  18. Any nation population will have a better chance and better lives by reducing the number of population because every nation has limited resources of every-things. I am with Japan and its living styles so immigration should be limited to each nation’s decision to manage.

  19. there is no such thing as japan or Japanese
    people who knows nothing about japan
    should first study KOREA

    here is your guide to it


  20. By your accent I'm guessing your American and probably white and if so then go back to Europe you immigrant. If your black then go back to Africa either way unless your Native American go back to where you came from.

  21. The other times Japan's population fell it was not due to low fertility rate. It is known that after a war or disaster fertility rates increase, after WW2 there were the baby boomers, due to the there being more resources per person than before and other reasons too. Japan is not short on resources, it's thriving but still has a fertility rate of 1.4. They need to start making more babies otherwise their on track to extinction.

  22. Im not a libtard but some ppl and nations are extremely prejudicial and hatefull to other people from diff. nations even cities…

  23. Since the black ship arrived, they just have their own way as always! No matter what problems lies ahead, they just take it and fix it in their own way. That's JAPAN.

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