43 thoughts on “Why Israel is a Tech Capital of the World

  1. Israel didnt creates some of the most succesful tech… they buy it with stolen money from humanity!

  2. You left out the real reason. The average Ashkenazi jew has an IQ 15 points higher than average leaving all other countries in the dust!

  3. Stealing American technology? The Rosenburgs? Espinage against the United States? The United States being stupid enough to give Israel technology?

  4. Secret : Americans are behind them..

    Israel is nothing but a covert command and control centre of Americans..

    The main reason for implanting Israel in the centre of Arabs is to protect the oil resources of the middle East from the hold of Russians..

    Astonishingly.. Russians has reached upto Syria.. but were stopped there by using Israel…

  5. Jews being well educated and able to find foreign investors that also happen to be Jewish? Color me shocked, Israel is only a tech capital due to the remaining Jewish diaspora outside Israel in rich countries like the US. All the other factors that are just bonuses that Israel isn't even the best at (according to your own words) which only really swing their way due to intense investment interest in the region to begin with, rather than the other way around tbh

  6. I would say a company has to spinoff from Huawei, and make a startup in Israel, that way the US could be up to date to a 5G Network.

  7. Israel is a terrorist,virus colonization which started like the poor dog wanting for her filthy Zionists a country to live and boom!! Congratulations, here is those small headed fags who wants to be the owners of this land and with the help of your good servants :
    In the past "england", " rochald family" and now "trump" you are trying to have all the Palestinian land but you won't fags cuz all the Muslims from all the world and I'm one of them , will get you out from this holy land and pray in the aqsa mosque which is in Jerusalem, remember my words!!!!

  8. How Israel became the tech capital of the world? By stealing all the technology paid for by the American taxpayer! BD fk'n S

  9. Israel focuses on mass patenting using loop holes in US intellectual property laws to secure a steady money flow

  10. 9:00 Get a job in IT the day after graduation…. I have a PhD in Gender and Women's Studies with a minor in Lesbian Dance from Columbia. Anyone hiring?? I have $150k in student loans to pay off!

  11. Easy to spend 40% GDP on R&D when the US provides you billions in money and some tech for defense….and then you steal the rest, like with their nuke technology.

  12. A white pale face blue eye devil ,with a god with no atom= total bullshit = (nothing ) EXIST without a ATOM /2 -exception the Rule a UNIVERSE law ( light gravity ,heat or energy ? 3 element that comes in 3 stages solid liquid gas, 3 element (exist) without a atom ,matter weight & takes up space = god suck dick =,bullshit lie = white devil bullshit
    get your head out your ass and find out the meaning of NOTHING

  13. The future of tech isn't in startups. The future of tech is with Amazon and Microsoft– at least in the west. Investors aught to be looking into traditional businesses for more realistic returns. It's dumb to assume that something like Uber would actually take off in any truly significant scale. Traditional businesses conducting relatively traditional business, but coupled with cloud infrastructure, is what the rest of the half-century will be about. The auto and energy markets will chug along and there won't be serious market shares up for grabs until the 60's or 70's.

    I'd look out for Dell, too, in the next few years.

  14. Do you know how to turn Israel into a third world country in few years? Give it "back" to Palestinians.

  15. Israel is the best for high technology while arabs' countries are doing nothing …they only produce oil ….

  16. they pretty much dictate US politics so I think it based on nepotism. I only hope there will be no war between US and Iran

  17. Missing factors, average IQ is high enough for it to matter, religion a force that binds society and creates trust necessary for working relationships to thrive, a national unified purpose, and of course religion again to raise fertility rates.

  18. All this success that Israel have right now is just from the biig support from usa to make Israel look like the great country around and make a stupid kings and presidents all this just to love this fake rapist country learn the history of this country and everything about it will take the real place make a great country to cover the rapist how did this fake country to Palestine ( stay bad in English 🙆 )

  19. We should really lean on congress to STOP ALL foreign aid to Israel, other wise US citizens are supporting state sponsored terrorism & BDS is also a really a great idea… just do it

  20. Thanks Germany, we couldn't of done it without your WW2 yearly "suffering payment fee".

    And most of all thank you Jewish AIPAC buddies running the American government, Without American tax payers Billions of dollars for weaponry and military technology, we will never of been where we are. There are only so much Billionaire Jews can donate you know.

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